Add Wow! To Create A Buzz, Online!

Add Wow! To Create A Buzz, Online!

by: Steve Nash

Why is any web site special?

Is it special because the site is unique? Is it because the site loads quickly, has fresh content, and is easy to use? Is it special because the site contains the best content (or range of products)?

Is the site great because of the other people that visit?

Or is the site so useful or so much fun that people SIMPLY CANNOT stop talking about it, cannot stop revisiting it?

You guessed it, itกs all of the above (and more!).

Making any website a กwow!ก takes time, and there really are no quickfix solutions. But it is possible to make your site special a site that visitors bookmark without you asking; one that they willingly tell ALL their friends about.


Use your brain!

Your brain is *the* single best resource you have when trying to create a website with wowappeal. It is vital you use your brain to be creative, to be inventive, to be original!

(I mean just how interested are you in yet another version of (the brilliantly simple) ?)

So, to get your creative juices flowing, take a look at the following websites. (I visit these sites on a regular basis, you might too!) Find out what you like (and what you dislike) about these sites? And see what can you กborrowก?

(Personalisation, product choice and recommendations)

(How does the UK version differ from ?)

A simple, but powerful site

Access to pop3 email accounts. Simple, but effective

Great web developer resource, with informed forums

A nicely designed shopping guide, offering cash back

Guide to free sms text messaging, worldwide

Yes, that last site,, is my site. I built it in a week or so, a couple of years ago, from content I found via Google. I built it, because it was a site I wanted to use (but didn’t exist yet!).

And now the site gets OVER 5000 unique visitors per day, and is very much appreciated by its visitors


The point Iกm trying to make is that anyone can build a site with กwow!กappeal, anyone that uses their brain!

== Aside ==

If you have yet to build your website, then can I politely recommend that you take a look at an allinone suite of tools that goes by the name of Site Build It!

Site Build It! (SBI) lets you use your brain, lets you explore your passion, and provides you with the tools to convert that passion into a profitable website. It allows you to build (and promote) a site that pleases both the search engines AND site visitors. So you concentrate on your business (or passion), and SBI does the rest!

== Aside ==


Intelligent and imaginative use of these excellent services WILL also make your website a compelling place to visit, a website with กwow!ก

Add a web log (blog) to your site

CGI and WebMaster Tools

Create a community

Put other peopleกs content on your site

Offer free SMS on your site

Offer free stuff

Add search to your site

Offer a prize or competition

Let visitors play games


The web is literally brimfull with free website building tools that can really improve your website.

Again, you are only limited by your own imagination (or creative combination of other peopleกs imagination!). I recommend you visit all of these sites, and get thinking… (script called Birdcast)


Think for a while about the sites that *you* really like, and think why it is that you like them. And always be on the lookout for good ideas, both online and offline.

For more กadd wow!ก ideas, why not read my article: 21 Reasons Why The Next Site I Visit Could Be Yours. You can get your free copy here:

Make your site a กwow!ก, and get everyone talking about (and visiting) your site. Sounds simple, doesn’t it! It isn’t, but there are lots of tools and resources on the Internet to help you. Just add your brain… then create a buzz!

Copyright 2004 Steve Nash

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STEVE NASH is the author of the ebook: ก3 SuperTips To Build, Promote And Profit More From Your Website.ก Download your free copy now!

HIS BEST TIP? Use Site Build It!, and use your brain, to develop a profitable business online! Learn more, at my free guide here!

This article was posted on April 05, 2004

by Steve Nash