People Are Not Interested In You Or Your Company

People Are Not Interested In You Or Your Company

by: David Rosam

Does your Web site talk about your company? Yes, I know, itกs your company Web site! But the last thing it should talk about is your company.

Yes, Iกm sure you’re all cool, interesting people, with fantastic skills, but trust me, thatกs not what you need to lead with on your Web site or mailing or brochure.

*The bigger the corporate, the less likely they’re even going to blink an eyelid*

Thereกs a lot of truth in the picture of corporate person under siege. I probably don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to get through to people in companies any more. But they’re not just hiding behind voice and email because they can. They’re often just too busy to respond.

So the same applies to your mailshot or brochure, or when they visit your Web site. They don’t have time to wade through reams of material that doesn’t tell them how you can *ease their pain*. How you can solve their problem or the one their boss has placed in their hands.

*Tell your readers something they need to hear*

Telling people กwe’re the leading Megacorp Platinum Reseller in the South Westก, doesn’t cut the mustard. Hit your prospects with what they need to know right away. What problem can you solve? How quickly? And *if* itกs relevant how your product or service does it.

I was taught to think of most prospects as being like car buyers. They want the glamour and good feelings, but aren’t interested in the gudgeon pins!

So you should be clear in your own mind how much you have to say to move the sale along. Later on, if they’re really interested, theyกll want to know about your company. So put corporate information near to last.

Your prospects will read about you and your company when the time is right.

About The Author

Hijacked some time in the 80s by a Parisbased advertising agency, David Rosam cut his teeth on writing for IBMกs EMEA division. Since then, he has written copy for small and medium enterprises through to global brands such as Microsoft, Oracle and Hewlett Packard.

Davidกs direct mail experience rolled itself on to the Web a decade ago, and now he writes online copy, Search Engine Optimized copy, direct mail, brochures and newsletters as well as consulting to a number of individuals and companies.

He now publishes Technology Marketing Tips see

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This article was posted on September 08

by David Rosam