Link Building

Link Building

by: Mansi Gupta

A web directory is a internet web page consisting of categorized links to other web pages. They specialize in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. One such web directory is Some sites may offer up to 30,000 different categories. Links provided may be pure HTML no CGI or PHP. SEO (search engine optimization), friendly links are considered better then other links and help you increase the popularity of your page, in terms of the page rank. The most critical factor effecting the success or failure of a site is its link building. Most well known sites have an exhaustive list of categories and allow for the best category fit.

What these web sites follow is the most effective way of online marketing Link Building. Link building is somewhat like word of mouth marketing. When a trusted site links itself to yours, it sure acts as a positive recommendation for your site. This is the way linking works. A well synchronized and linking strategy will surely bring in a regular stream of qualified prospects to your site. This not only raises your profile but also boosts your search engine ratings. Linking is another avenue in online marketing, capable of boosting your business without costing you a fortune. Linking can be started from any site, portal, blog etc, and all have a tremendous potential of driving your business to new heights. Though linking can be started through individual efforts, but those looking for sure results in real quick time for their business, they can help themselves by taking the services of professional link building. Linking is not only about having the maximum number of links on the World Wide Web, but rather about the maximum number of effective links, Links that shall bring in more business.

The following categories are the most common for any directory catering to people in general by means of providing links:

Arts (television, music, movies), Business (investing, real estate, employment), Computers (software, hardware n internet), Games (Video games, gambling, roleplaying), Health (fitness, medicine, alternatives), Home (consumer information, Family, cooking), Kids and Teens (teen life, school time, arts), News(weather, newspaper, media) Recreation (humor outdoors, food, travel etc), Reference (libraries, maps, education) Regional (Europe, Canada, UK, US…), Science (biology, physics psychology), Shopping (clothing, gifts, autos), Society (people, issues, religion, and spirituality etc), Sports (basketball, baseball, golf etc).

The working for the web directories is not very complex. Users are guided through a series of options pertaining to every option as given on the main page. For e.g.:

Business: News and media: Book Reviews if as a typical line of search you follow, you shall be taken to the sites shortlisted sites, according to the preferences you have. The above e.g. shall give you results like the following

XYZ News Business Index Business news and commentary articles.

123 Asset Management Information about various asset management categories.

ABC Business Information on setting up in business, managing your money, personal finances and making the right career move.

The above three results shall be links to the sites which the directory feels is most appropriate for you search. Thus similarly, other searches aid you in short listing or reaching the sites for your search.

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