You Must Learn For Your Business To Earn

You Must Learn For Your Business To Earn

by: Arun Pal Singh

Are you aware of the reason why most people fail in their online ventures? It is because most of them don’t know and more importantly are reluctant to command the language and gadgets of the web. Put it simply, they are uncomfortable with the technology the internet uses.

Just floating a website and starting a business is not enough. This is crucial first step, no doubt. One has to work further on his business to succeed. The lack of web knowledge might prove to be a handicap.

Please allow me to be clear. Let me be heard loudly and oppose those who say the opposite. To succeed online one must equip himself with technical knowhow.

If one does not know the technological part experts can be hired but they come at a price which is almost always unaffordable by a starter of the small business. So this choice is always out. There is no other option left than to know how to do it yourself. Earlier you realize it better it would be.

When I started my online home based business I was a novice on the net. Plethora of new terms like HTML, FTP, POP3, email aliases, bandwidth, cgi, php etc. etc. etc. did not make any sense at all.

I tried working by approximation but that made me uncomfortable. I could not make the small change in my site that I always wanted to. Every now and then a new or old term would appear again and I was left in a state of confusion.

Because I was uncomfortable I could not concentrate on my business. I could not focus where I should have been. Lack of vocabulary and technical knowledge always held me back. I was a businessman who was not confident of what he was doing. I kept incurring losses until my slumber was broken.

Then I realized I got to learn my basics. I could not always bother others about ขhow to do this and how could I do thatข. Even if somebody is kind enough to reply, the fear of unknown always diminishes the confidence to take the bold step.

Moreover when you get over one, there is something waiting again to be stumbled upon.

Earlier you know your gadgets, better it is. Especially the ones which will be needed frequently. Among these the most important is HTML. It is easy to learn and makes you confident enough to bring those small changes in your site or putting up additional by yourself.

So is setting up of auto responders or email aliases, how to transfer files between your computer and website server, how to use soft wares for making extra profit.

Sooner or later you would need to put your business on autopilot. Knowledge of knowhow would make it much easier

You are the master of your ship. To sail smoothly you must know the tools. Get a fair idea of how the internet works. For example what happen behind those graphics when you click or type a URL? It is not necessary to master everything but having an idea is must

Get a good grasp over the web vocabulary. You will emerge more powerful, more confident.

It calls for some work but time spent on this would bring rewards in future. There are many good books available. Internet is itself a good source to search for everything. Programmes or softwares also come with inbuilt help. That too enhances the working knowledge. Find ‘the how to’ wherever you can get.

By and by you will find that you have accumulated a wealth called knowledge which gives you a cutting edge of many others who don’t possess it.

Copyright 2004 Arun Pal Singh

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This article was posted on December 21, 2004

by Arun Pal Singh

What Holds You From Starting a Home Business?

What Holds You From Starting a Home Business?

by: Arun Pal Singh

Before I started my home business I searched the web for almost one year looking for ways to earn money. One year! It is lot of time. I absolutely wasted that period when I think about the money I could have made if I had started earlier. Are you committing the same mistake? Do you keep surfing and searching, hopping from one site to another to look for ways to make money? Have you come across an opportunity but failed to take action.

What holds you back?

First and foremost is the realization that you can earn money from your online home business. This is biggest doubt that lurks in the mind. Internet is virtual world. It is quite faceless. To begin with it is very difficult to comprehend with the fact that real people are actually making real money on the net.

It is easy to grasp that big companies are doing real business. But one does not recognize himself with those big guns. You will promptly agree that Yahoo is in real business but doubts are raised when someone says I am working part time or full time from home and earn few thousands every month. You want to believe but still your logical mind finds it difficult to absorb. Why?

May be because we are not aware of the possibility or wish it to be true but fail to realize. There is difference between having an idea and realizing the idea. But whether we realize or not people are making money everyday, every month, each year.

Do you lack confidence in digital transaction? Does it appear to be of complex nature? Do you have a doubt like Will this payment processor (read Paypal, Stormpay etc. etc.) send me actual money when I request. Is it safe to leave my credit card details with them?

Payment processors too are in a business. Why would they risk their business by doing such petty things? This realization has to come before you take a step. Moreover when you start using them they are much easier to use than real life banks.Iif you take basic precautions they are very safe too.

Is your budget a reason!

If you already have a computer and internet connection you can start your business in less than $100 dollars. This will provide you the basic platform including your website cost and promotional gadgets.

Is that too much? If you consider the returns it is negligible.

You can cut down your expenses where you can. Be it liquor, cigarettes, cloths, movies or any other thing where you can. It is a very small price for the fortune.

Are you held back by inertia of inactivity?

Change your attitude then if you want to make wealth. One who acts will get the yields. Stop believing them who point to the empty half of the glass. Be positive, act and you will be on your way to success.

Is time your major consideration?

Home business on the net can be managed by working 23 hours daily. If you can’t work more on the weekends. With little squeeze here and there one can mange your business very well.

Do you think you lack the technical knowledge?

It is true that you need to understand how to do things if you want to start an online business but if you posses basic knowledge to operate the computer everything can be learnt on the way. Remember action is the first step. You cannot learn if you do not start and understand what to know. Most of successful businessmen started from scratch.

There are plenty of resources available. But until you start you cannot learn. You learn by doing. Don’t worry about failures. By and by everything comes to you. Starting is the most crucial step.

It is time for action now. Search your product or affilaite products, arrange for gadgets and go. Work and build your business. Be patient and persistent. Seeds you sow today will bring you good harvest if you nurture and give it time to grow.

Don’t be tempted to leave in the middle for fear of failure. Whenever you feel distressed or overburdened just focus on what it can bring you a healthy lifestyle, good bye to daily grind at the job, spending enough time with your family and a lot others.

It takes time to build and be productive. If you endeavor success is sure to come.

So! What holds you back now?

Is that too much work?

I don’t think you are serious about making money then.

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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This article was posted on February 03

by Arun Pal Singh