You Must Learn For Your Business To Earn

You Must Learn For Your Business To Earn

by: Arun Pal Singh

Are you aware of the reason why most people fail in their online ventures? It is because most of them don’t know and more importantly are reluctant to command the language and gadgets of the web. Put it simply, they are uncomfortable with the technology the internet uses.

Just floating a website and starting a business is not enough. This is crucial first step, no doubt. One has to work further on his business to succeed. The lack of web knowledge might prove to be a handicap.

Please allow me to be clear. Let me be heard loudly and oppose those who say the opposite. To succeed online one must equip himself with technical knowhow.

If one does not know the technological part experts can be hired but they come at a price which is almost always unaffordable by a starter of the small business. So this choice is always out. There is no other option left than to know how to do it yourself. Earlier you realize it better it would be.

When I started my online home based business I was a novice on the net. Plethora of new terms like HTML, FTP, POP3, email aliases, bandwidth, cgi, php etc. etc. etc. did not make any sense at all.

I tried working by approximation but that made me uncomfortable. I could not make the small change in my site that I always wanted to. Every now and then a new or old term would appear again and I was left in a state of confusion.

Because I was uncomfortable I could not concentrate on my business. I could not focus where I should have been. Lack of vocabulary and technical knowledge always held me back. I was a businessman who was not confident of what he was doing. I kept incurring losses until my slumber was broken.

Then I realized I got to learn my basics. I could not always bother others about ขhow to do this and how could I do thatข. Even if somebody is kind enough to reply, the fear of unknown always diminishes the confidence to take the bold step.

Moreover when you get over one, there is something waiting again to be stumbled upon.

Earlier you know your gadgets, better it is. Especially the ones which will be needed frequently. Among these the most important is HTML. It is easy to learn and makes you confident enough to bring those small changes in your site or putting up additional by yourself.

So is setting up of auto responders or email aliases, how to transfer files between your computer and website server, how to use soft wares for making extra profit.

Sooner or later you would need to put your business on autopilot. Knowledge of knowhow would make it much easier

You are the master of your ship. To sail smoothly you must know the tools. Get a fair idea of how the internet works. For example what happen behind those graphics when you click or type a URL? It is not necessary to master everything but having an idea is must

Get a good grasp over the web vocabulary. You will emerge more powerful, more confident.

It calls for some work but time spent on this would bring rewards in future. There are many good books available. Internet is itself a good source to search for everything. Programmes or softwares also come with inbuilt help. That too enhances the working knowledge. Find ‘the how to’ wherever you can get.

By and by you will find that you have accumulated a wealth called knowledge which gives you a cutting edge of many others who don’t possess it.

Copyright 2004 Arun Pal Singh

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This article was posted on December 21, 2004

by Arun Pal Singh

Fuel For Your Business Success

Fuel For Your Business Success

by: Arun Pal Singh

May I ask a question if you do not mind…?

What does your business mean to you? Please choose an honest answer.

Making a living.

Freedom from job

Realization of your dreams.

All of the above

I hope you chose the right option.

Everyday million of people get up and think ‘Oh no! I have to go to office again.’ It is something they dread. Whether they realize this or not is a different issue. Have you noticed how excited people are over their weekends as they will be off the work and can enjoy.

That reflects they do not enjoy what they do. But they continue with that. Yes, they have sufficient reasons mortgage, seniority, children and security to name a few. There is another good reason worth mentioning – lack of willingness and lack of initiative to start their own venture.

A lot of people dream about working for themselves. Dreaming is easy. It costs nothing.

But that is end for many. Moving beyond that involves risk. Their security is too precious.

Nevertheless with advent of internet, home business things have been made simpler and easier.

You do not need to leave your present job and still can start a home business that you can manage in your part time. Initial struggle period is buffered by your job. You can manage your investment capital better and there is job to fall back upon.

Things could not be simpler. Nice paradigm. A surge in home businessmen and businesswomen proves this.

But then people still fail in their ventures. There could not be better time. There could not be a better platform. But people still do not capitalize the opportunity to its full extent. What could be the reason?

No. Please do not say that internet saturation has occurred. The net is not to be blamed. Internet is wonderful medium of communication. It has made millions pursue and achieve their dreams. It is not saturated. Not yet and not for a long time in near future.

On the contrary it expands day by day.

It may appear a bit complex owing to its virtual entity but it is not saturated.

But internet is only a medium. It does not run business for you. It makes it automated and easier once you understand what is what. Still the person who does the business is responsible for outcome.

So what sets a successful businessman apart from an unsuccessful one hypothesizing that both have equal knowledge?




I know an entrepreneur who would get up early and work till his eyes would droop with sleep again, socialized minimally and never cared about what he ate.

‘Why don’t you ever take a break and enjoy sometimes?’ Many including me asked.

‘I enjoy my work. Why should I take a break?’ He would always respond.

That man is millionaire now. Still works like crazy.

Though that state is an extreme for most of us but that does leave a lesson. To be a success one needs to work with passion.

When you bring passion to your business (Of course for that you need to like what you do). it reflects everywhere. It reflects in your website. It reflects in your sales letter, you promotions. You come across a genuine person. Your words start delivering the better message. Your results start improving and success prepones its appointment with you.

There could not be better key to success in home business. It is easier to admire a successful person’s working. But when we want the same success, the input has to be of similar nature.

Let me come back to my original question.

What was your response?

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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This article was posted on March 27

by Arun Pal Singh