Home Based Business Success and the Power of Belie

Home Based Business Success and the Power of Belief

by: Nick A. James

There was well over one million searches last month on the internet for home businesses. This means numerous people either aren’t happy where they’re at – they need more money or they want to be home raising their kids.

Think about it – people are either working so hard to pay the bills that they can’t slow down and enjoy life or they struggle to pay the bills and thus their life is stress and endless worry. Look at all the home foreclosures each month – it’s unbelievable.

However, while most people really want what a successful home business has to offer they usually aren’t prepared to make that a reality.

Let’s talk here about belief – all great accomplishments start with a seed of belief. But for that seed of belief to grow into a great accomplishment it needs a lot of water and nourishment – especially at first.

The key is to nourish that seed of belief so it grows – that seed of belief is very vulnerable at first – it can easily die as it has no roots.

Right after someone has started a home business is when it’s most vulnerable. Your brother in law Butch will say – are you some kind of moron – those home business things don’t work – my cousins Clem and Jethro didn’t make a dime in the entire 2 hours they spent working. Of course who’s to doubt a business giant like Butch – after all he just advanced to the rank of assistant night supervisor at the Quickmart after 7 short years.

Are you on fire? I heard a preacher once say – are you on fire? Or are you trying to put out someone else’s fire.

If you’re not on fire – I mean a raging fire what happens to a tiny flicker of flame – it easily goes out with the first wind.

However, a raging fire doesn’t go out with the first wind – actually when the winds blow it just serves to make the fire grow even hotter. You can go away and that fire will continue to burn where you planted it.

Actually we are all one of the following three types of people, which one of these are you.

People that make things happen People that get on board with those who make things happen and People like Butch that wonder – what happened.

As a kid why did you never have trouble getting up on Christmas morning? Two reasons really – because you knew that something really good was going to happen to you. But two you had an unshakeable belief that there would be presents under the tree. Hence the great excitement and anticipation thus creating a great positive attitude.

The secret is extraordinary people are excited to get up everyday and so should we. By believing something great will happen each day we bring together unseen forces to help us. Plus this attitude attracts the right people to aid us in accomplishing great things.

Anybody can get excited over something good that’s a sure deal – like Christmas. However, what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary are those who have the vision to see what others can’t see in the future and take action.

There are two roads in life. One is a very broad and paved road and the amazing thing about this road is that you don’t have to look for it or have directions to find it. By simply doing nothing it will find you and in 40 years or less on this giant freeway it will take you to the twin overpopulated cities of Regret and Failure.

On the other hand there is another much harder to find road as it’s simply a bare unmarked trail at the beginning and many people walk past it everyday without noticing. But once in a while to the weary, searching traveler it opens up a glimpse of the great vision it contains waiting at trails end.

The great thing about being on this second road is you meet other travelers who make traveling easier and considerably much more fun.

Everyone on this road sees something fascinatingly different ขon down the road.ข Walt Disney saw Disneyland and Epcot Center on this road. Orville and Wilbur Wright could see the future of air travel. Henry Ford could see a nation of automobiles. Our founding fathers could see a land of free men in a country that was the greatest land of freedom of opportunity the world had ever known.

So if you dare we invite you to take this path on the ขJourney of No Regrets.ข Where the hardest step is always the first.

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This article was posted on April 09

by Nick A. James

The Work At Home Lifestyle

The Work At Home Lifestyle

by: Chas Brothers

When we’re young, we have this perception that we’re totally invincible and for a while, we are. Slowly but surely however, age catches up with us and all the liberties we took with our bodies begin to catch up with us.

Today’s job market particularly in my part of the country, is a young person’ game. I remember working in the factory and you could look in the eyes of the people that had been there for a while and they were empty and lacking hope.

Some had already lost jobs and benefits after 20 plus years of loyalty only to be on the fringe of losing it all again after another 20 years in a different place. When you see this day in and day out it really makes you think – will this be me in 20 years? Will I physically be up to the challenge that my job requires?

I wanted more. More for myself, my family, and our future. Corporate America wasn’t the way to go as it couldn’t give me all I was longing for. I yearned for the independence that only working from home could provide.

The possibilities were endless! We all see the banners, people lounging around on the beach, or sunning beside the pool. Once you get your head out of the clouds and realize that now, you’re actually a small business owner; it really brings you back down to earth quite quickly!

To be a success in the work from home industry you must realize that although different in many ways, this is still a job or chosen profession if you will. You are its President, CEO, Secretary, and on some days, the Janitor. In this business you’ll find the biggest stumbling block is YOU! Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, pretty powerful in their own rite but let me impart this pearl of wisdom success and failure are on the exact same road, it’s just that success is further down the road.

In the end, the only one who can let you down is you. To be sure you’ll be facing a lot of hard work. Overseeing the store, calling all the shots, sales, marketing, answering phones, taking orders and the like but, there’s no feeling like the total sense of freedom you’ll enjoy by owning your business.

The feeling of this kind of freedom can be overwhelming as few get to experience it. A word of caution here – don’t let the euphoric feeling you’re having lull you into a false sense of security. Your schedule must be rigid, you must be driven to succede, and you must not let your defeats get the best of you. Listen to those around you who have succeeded – they have already paid their dues in time and money so, doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

In closing and probably the most important thing for you to have is belief – a belief in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, a belief in your products or service, and a belief in yourself. I can believe in you all day long but if you don’t believe in yourself then my friend, the race is over before it’s begun.

Keep focused on your future, your hopes, your dreams, and what you want to accomplish. Let the nay Sayers have their piece just don’t let it deter you from the path you’ve chosen for yourself for success is at hand and today can truly be the best day of the rest of your life.

Chas Brothers


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Chas is a Home Based Business Owner, Motivational Writer, and an Independent SFI Marketing Representative


This article was posted on August 16, 2004

by Chas Brothers