Get All the Traffic You Need With Blogs and RSS Fe

Get All the Traffic You Need With Blogs and RSS Feeds

by: Craig Desorcy

Are you a small businessman setting up a brand new website to advertise your products? Maybe you already have an active website, but desire to make it more interesting. Either way, you’ll want to investigate blogs and RSS feeds to give your website some aweinspiring zing!

Even good, hardworking marketers come up against a brick wall sometimes. How many times have you grabbed your head in frustration, wracking your brain for innovative ideas to liven up your website and get more public interest? Don’t fret! Blogs and RSS feeds have taken many small marketers’ websites and blown them skyhigh with additional traffic and revenue.

Bruce, like you, was a hardworking businessman. Now Bruce is also a successful marketer, but he hasn‘t always successfully marketed his products. Several years ago he set out try his luck as a virtual salesman. First, he thought of his hobbies and decided to make a video about his most favored hobby bodybuilding. After months of preparation and spirits high, Bruce’s webpage was designed and his product online. ขAllright!ข he bragged to his good buddy, Jeff. ขI’ve got my website up and running. Now I’m going to make big bucks online.ข His optimism quickly died after three months when he had only sold five of his highquality workout videos , Twenty Minutes a Day to a Fatfree Musclebound Bod!

How did Bruce solve his problem and become successful? Simple! Bruce put a blog onto his website that he updated every few days. He gave his personal account of trimming his figure. Bruce also used RSS feeds to announce new products that complemented his video, and was amazed at the increase in traffic and sales his website began bringing in. Within a week, his sales had skyrocketed past his wildest expectations!

Bruce’s story is wonderful! It lifts the spirit and encourages the weary marketers. ขBut how are blogs and RSS feeds going to help me?ข you might ask yourself. With blogs you can show that your product works. What better way is there to sell an item than to let the entire world know that the product has worked for you? Yeah, you can place pretty, attractive pictures and have witty advertisements, but with no proof that your product works, people aren’t going to buy your merchandise.

ขOkay, so I see how blogs can help me gain traffic, but how will RSS feeds help?ข you wonder. It’s quite simple really. RSS feeds are syndicated, in other words they are broadcast throughout the World Wide Web rather than to individual emails. Basically, RSS informs the whole world that you are out there and what you’re latest information is in one easy feed. WOW! How simple can you get?

Go ahead and join others who are sitting there scratching their heads and thinking, ขThis sounds great! It’s actually so simple. But how on earth do I get started?ข One visit to will have you ready to incorporate blogs and RSS feeds in your own successful marketing plan…

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Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time on the internet running his blog and websites of interest.


This article was posted on February 05

by Craig Desorcy

Rid Your Computer of ITD Internet Transmitted Di

Rid Your Computer of ITD Internet Transmitted Diseases

by: Bruce Cramer

Spyware or malware has become very prolific in the past year but there are some things you can do to limit your infection by it.

Check to see if the malware has installed itself to startup when your computer starts up. You can do this by using Microsoftกs built in configuration editor. Click on Start, then Run then type in msconfig and hit enter. Click on the startup tab on the far right. Look to see if there is anything out of the ordinary or suspicious in the startup file. For more information on this procedure check out

Once you have cleaned up your startup files you want to reboot your computer and go into the control panel, select the Add/Remove Programs icon and look for any malware that has installed itself in your system. Again, look for any unrecognized entries in here. Some of the common applications that you will want to delete are Kazaa, Savenow, erebates, esaver, Bonzi Buddy, My Search Bar and esearch to name a few.

Ah, now the fun part. Simply start up your favorite antimalware application and click the kill button. Unfortunately this isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the proliferation of malware there is also a proliferation of antimalware applications. As with anything else in life do some research, get some recommendations. There are some decent and free applications out there and there are some that are worth paying for too. Some of the more recognized malware removal tools include AdAware by lavasoft, Spybot Search and Destroy by Patrick Kolla, Pest Patrol, by Pest Patrol Inc. Both AdAware and Spybot have fully functional free versions as well as pay versions. Pest Patrol has an evaluation version and it will find the bad guys but it will not remove what it finds unless you pay.

The bottom line is that malware has become a serious issue bringing computer users to their knees in a way that the virus problem has not. If you are using Windows XP some relief may be here with the release of Service Pack 2. Service Pack 2, which wasn’t released when I composed this article, promises to bring with it some malware defense. Computer users must be suspicious of programs that try to install themselves, keep their antivirus definitions up to date, regularly scan their computers with an antimalware application, use a firewall application, and ensure that they are current with Windows Critical Updates. While this sounds like an arduous task think about what you do to take care of your automobile and letกs face it some of us have become almost as dependant on our computers as are automobiles. You wouldn’t drive your car with having gas and oil in it, making sure you have insurance and making sure it was safe to drive, i.e., brakes, headlights, tires properly inflated and so on.

Stay safe and happy computing.

PC Pro Computer Services

About The Author

Bruce Cramer, A+, Network+, Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows XP).

Bruce is retired from the Army and is the owner/operator of PC Pro Computer Services, in San Antonio, Texas where he provides inhome/onsite computer services.

You can visit the PC Pro Computer Services website at for more information about spyware prevention and removal as well as other helpful tips to make your computing experience a more enjoyable one.

This article was posted on January 20

by Bruce Cramer