All Work At Home and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy

All Work At Home and No Play Make Jack a Dull Boy

by: Mal Keenan

Weกve all done it!

We sit for hours in front of our PCs searching, submitting and scrutinizing, while the very freedom we are building a home business to achieve, dwindles to stolen moments in between search engine submissions.

I can be almost certain that from the very moment you got your first check in the mail that you became hooked on the idea of working entirely from home. So much so that everything else in your life has had to take a back seat while you build your dream.

Having a dream and pursuing it is a very noble concept but when our home and family life suffers because of it then it can become a big problem.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a number of points that may help you in keeping a balance.

1.Discipline yourself When it comes to the amount of time you spend building and running your online enterprise. Set a time limit and don’t stray over it.

2.Don’t drop or cut down on family activities because of your business. For instance don’t stop taking your kids swimming because you want to learn how to build a website.

3.Help in the house chores when they need to be done. The last thing you want to do is alienate your husband/wife when they are probably already very sceptical of your new found enthusiasm in all things cyber.

4.Get the family involved where possible. Show them what exactly it is you are doing and explain to them that your ultimate goal is to earn enough money working at home to be able to spend more time with them.

5.Don’t forget to splash out on the family when you eventually start to earn some cash from your online ventures. My wife soon became a believer when she saw some extra money on the table. Well who wouldn’t:)?

In closing Iกm hopeful you have gotten the gist of this article, get your priorities right and ensure that everyone is as happy and enthusiastic in your striving for financial freedom as you are.

I wish you every success in your business dealings.

Copyright 2004 Mal Keenan

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This article was posted on September 17, 2004

by Mal Keenan

If Content is King, then surely Relevance is Queen

If Content is King, then surely Relevance is Queen!

by: Jason Hulott

There has been a lot of toing and froing in the search engine world of late and there are lots of conspiracy theories as to why these things happen.
It is easy as a webmaster to get caught up in these webs of intrigue.
You get email notes about them, you view socalled experts’thoughts on bulletin Boards hey you probably even read things in newsletter articles!
Well I hope so anyway….
The big driver for webmasters currently appears to be content and link building.
While link building is important I don’t believe it makes Queen. Maybe a Prince. Content and links DO go hand in hand but, without relevance, the Kingdom is doomed. Sorry I will stop the analogy now! 🙂
If your site is about finance, then finance content is best supported by finance link exchanges. Relevance!
If your site is about finance, then finance content supported by casino link exchanges from a PR8 site while in the short term may help,…but all the signs are saying this is not a long term strategy.
Okay,so what is the best strategy?
Keep EVERYTHING relevant. It is that simple.
Make sure that you only swap or link to sites that are relevant to the content on your pages. Yes I am suggesting link exchanging on pages of your site not a links page.
Links pages seem to be being abused. There are rumours that pages called links, resources or partners are not passing page rank. You could be wasting your time building links that are not giving you any benefits!
Delivering relevant links from relevant content is the future.
Look at sites such as or News sites have the right idea. They have 2 or 3 relevant internal links to other articles on the same topic or links to internal tools that are related. These usually can be found at the right hand side of the article.
They also then have weblinks or external links to sites of interest that are related to the topic. These are relevant!
Another benefit of this is that with a content rich site you can add hundreds of links quite legitimately and really add some value both to your Rankings and your users.
With a contentpoor site it is difficult, you have to add link pages or create a links directory. A five page site will need to add 10 or 12 good link pages to compete and even then with algorithm changes, this may not be prudent.
Having a site with 400 pages means you can easily add 3 links per page, so you have 1200 link options straight away.
Hopefully this explains that relevance runs a close second to content.
Always bear in mind when writing content that relevant links will not only boost your search engine rankings, but you will also add a service to your visitors.
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Jason Hulott is Director of J2 Squared, leading specialists in Internet consultancy whose specific aim is to drive more revenue to websites. Their main area of focus are the insurance,finance, and automotive industries.

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This article was posted on June 16, 2004

by Jason Hulott

Tips To PowerUp Your Sales Copy

Tips To PowerUp Your Sales Copy

by: Anthony L. Davenport

We are were guilty of it at one time or another. Getting too caught up in our website design.. making sure the links work…checking our site in different browsers and resolutions etc.

We see cool templates we want to use to make our site more กrazledalzeก….and cool animation scripts, etc. (Yes, I my self am guilty on multiple accounts ^_^ )

Then we get caught up in writing/finding quality articles to put into our autoresponder sequence..and so on and so on.

Now don’t get me wrong ALL of these parts of eBiz are EXTREMELY important….

But, what ultimately makes the sale?…

letกs see:

WebSite: This is your store front yes, and first impressions are IMPORTANT, so no, you don’t want to skimp on the professionalism of your site. However what your website does is direct your visitorto purchase your product.

eZine: Your autoresponder is an INVALUABLE part of your eBiz…ultimately this will be your way to make more sales…

But what MAKES the sale all the time?

We all know…itกs your Sales Copy.

If you’re experiencing a slump in your income streams/sales, and youกve tested and tweaked your advertising..and your getting a better response..but your sales are not rising…

..then this is the time to check your sales copy.

Below is a check list to ensure your sales copy pulls the maximum sales possible:

Know your market

Yup, good กol research..ya I know, bummer. But if you want your sales copy to be successful you need to truly know who you are targeting… Then write specifically to them.

This is probably the hardest of things to do for your eBiz, and it is human nature to be lazy and put things off…However, you want to succeed right??

Sorry, but in order to do that , your gonna have to กput in workก

Now there are many ways to do this. 1if you already have a list: simple survey them and ask them:

why they didn’t buy your product

what don’t they like about your sales letter

what do they like about it, etc.

by simply doing this, you can immediately evaluate your copy and optimize it, to pull in more orders.

But if you have yet to build a responsive list…well thatกs where newsgroups come in… Itกs the กsameosameoก..check around, see what everyoneกs problems are… then rewrite your sales copy to emphasize how your product solves that problem..

Get the reader on your side:

You have to build a certain level of rapport with your readers, they have to trust you/ like you if they are going to buy from you.

A great way to do this is by educating them…on why you created your product…what you went through to produce it, the problems your product solves.. things of this nature.

Answer The visitorกs question: กWhatกs in it for me?ก

Nothing builds credibility more than YOUR willingness to provide valuable, fr~e information to your visitor. By doing this in your sales copy, you will establish yourself to them as someone who genuinely wants to help them.

Make sure your copy is easy to read.

This is so important…really, if your visitor can’t follow your sales copy, they will not bother sticking around to finish it.

So make sure to get straight to the point. Focus on what your product is about Use, easy, simple everyday language in your writing, and above all ensure that your message is crystal clear. Always use the words กYou, Your, You’reก ALOT in your sales copy..

กGet Your copy todayก

ก…This product your about to ownก


So make sure to limit the use of too many colors, bolds, italic, etc. These are all very powerful tools…but try not to use them all on the same word…that tends to leave an eye strain on the reader. If that happens, be sure they will clicking press the กxก button at the top of their window.

Another Thing..make sure your copy has LOTS of white space…this will make it easy to read..and for those who กskimก throughthis will make finding the vital information easy.

So use bullets, lines, all caps, larger fonts, etc. to signal a new segment or benefit.

Make your Sales Copy Irresistible:

Include bonuses related to your offer. A fr~e eBook, software or report. Great thing with eProducts, we all can do this at a very low cost to us.

Use fun words to excite your reader: Fr~e, Easy, Love, Safe, Save, New,Value,Proud,Fast, Magic,Suddenly,Healthy,Comfortable,Gain,Power, Discover,Proven,Secret,Incredible,Automatic, Perfect,Win,Fr~edom,Independence,beautiful, First, etc.

These are just a few examples. With a little brainstorming, you could easily think of more creative words.

Next, to make your copy irresistible, you must provide a powerful money back guarantee.. take all the risk away and ease your visitors troubled thoughts.

With so many scams out there on the internet, you can’t blame your visitor for not trusting you. So providing them the opportunity of taking away all their financial risk, will go a long way in making their decision of buying from you.

Consider using guarantees that are longer than 30 days, this way your customer will not feel rushed to evaluate it. The longer your guarantee, the more sales you will get. Because, if your guarantee is for a long period of time, the visitor will see you REALLY stand behind your product, and they will feel confident in buying it from YOU.

In closing these tips for making your sales copy sell better, let me recap

1Know your market do your research and find out what they want, and give it to them as your product.

2Build Rapport with your reader. Answer กWhat’s in it for meก Be sincere in your willingness to help them.

3Make your copy easy to read Use lots of white space, and write for the กskimmersก

4Make a great offer Offer irresistible bonuses, and offer an กiron clad guaranteeก.

So if your eBusiness is in a slump, test your ads, test your offers, test your copy… ..remember in internet marketing itกs: กadapt or dieก

Again thank you for reading. I hope you found this informative..or, I hope this writing atleast enforced what you already know.

In anycase, I wish you all the success you deserve.

To Your eSuccess, Anthony L. Davenport ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may Republish this article in your own publication, just make sure my กsig fileก and all information within remains in the article ^_^

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This article was posted on July 12, 2003

by Anthony L. Davenport

A New Look For Business In The Future

A New Look For Business In The Future

by: Paul Marsland

Multilevel Marketing, commonly called MLM, Network Marketing or direct sales is one of the highest potential income sources anywhere, but particularly on the Internet. It has been claimed that in the last 10 years more people have become millionaires through MLMกs than in any other business or profession.

I don’t know how true that is, but I do know a lot of people have made a lot of money through MLMกs.

Multilevel Marketing is also known as Pyramid Schemes and a number of other lessthancomplimentary names. This is unfortunate because MLMกs have a lot of potential.

There are some things you need to know about an MLM before you join one though:

You need to be selling something. It can be selling a product or a service, but it must be selling. If all the MLM does is recruit new members, then it is what is called a กPonzi Schemeก and itกs illegal.

They have to have a good product. You can send all the traffic in the world to an MLM website, but if the product they are offering has no appeal, it won’t sell no matter what you do. If it doesn’t sell, you won’t make any money. Simple as that.

They have to have กstaying power.ข That is, they have to be good enough to last for a long time. Many MLMกs are gone in a year or two and no matter how well they were paying you, once theyกve folded, you won’t get any more money.

Plan on working at it for a long time to realize any significant income. MLMกs don’t usually build quickly, so you have to be very persistent. Once they do start to build though the growth is exponential and the income unlimited.

You have probably heard of some MLM companies, and maybe youกve even been a member of one or more of them. Odds are, if you were a member, you dropped out after a while because it was just too hard to promote these systems successfully.

One of the worst parts of promoting MLMกs is the rejection you will face. Try to think of this differently. I like to think of myself as the miner prospecting for gold during the gold rush. I sift through tonnes of dirt to find my one or two pieces of gold. All I am doing is prospecting, the more กdirtก I can sift through the closer I am to finding my กgoldก.

If you have done the research on your MLM company then you will have chosen one with a product that has an attraction to a mass market so you are not limited to one demographic of the community. Look at the economic environment, what are the trends or กboomก industries?

Research has shown that health, weight management and antiageing are some of the fastest growing industries worldwide. A huge market is starting to unfold as the กbaby boomerก generation ages and increasingly becomes more concerned with staying healthy and youthful.

If nothing else, being involved with an MLM company can teach you business and personal skills that can be used in any walk of life. Most MLM companies are very proactive in the area of personal development and from my experience it is this that is the key to a persons success with an MLM business and maybe in life generally. Taking a close look at ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. We can blame multilevel marketing, the company, the products or even the weather for our demise but lack of personal development would definitely be one of the main causes.

Are MLMs Ethical?

Many people question the ethics of MLM. They claim that the people on the top get all the benefit from the people working below them while the people below don’t get much if anything at all. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Think about where you work. Isn’t it true that the boss is getting paid out of the money YOU are making for the company? And what about the Chairman of the Board? What is he producing that makes him so valuable to the company? Did he make any sales? Did he build any of the products? No, YOU did, but heกs raking in the big bucks for it.

With an honest MLM, you can easily make more than the boss if you put the effort into it. He gets a little bit from your sales, but you get the lionกs share not like a conventional job where you sweat on the assembly line while the CEO sits in an airconditioned office getting milliondollar bonuses!

But isn’t this just a big กpyramid schemeก? Yes and no. Anyone who works a conventional job is in a pyramid scheme. Every company, army, and government in the world is built on the pyramid concept. However, with multilevel marketing, you aren’t held back by the people above you like you are in a conventional job.

With an MLM, you can build your business as large and as profitable as you want it to be.

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Paul Marsland is an independent distributor for a network marketing company trading in 59 countries and 25 years of experience behind them. Along with his wife Annette they run their MLM business, full time from home.

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This article was posted on October 25, 2004

by Paul Marsland