Online Business Brain Dump!

Online Business Brain Dump!

by: Richard Grady

This week I have several points that I want to mention and because of the fact that they are not directly linked (other than being related to running an Internet business), this newsletter is going to be a bit of a กbrain dumpก. Bear with me….. 🙂

Ok, first things first. I think it is fair to say that the main reason that the majority of people are not successful with their online (or offline) business is because they fail to take action.

Taking action is THE most important thing you can do to get your business off the ground and to continue to grow it. You can buy all the eBooks/videos and other infoproducts you like but if you don’t take note of what they tell you do to AND actually DO IT, then you will fail.

I get a lot of emails from people that tell me they have purchased every single eBook there is about Internet marketing but they are still no closer to finding the กsecretก and starting their own business. Truth is that there is no secret and the reason that so many eBooks and other products repeat the same thing over and over again is because this is what works. You don’t need to be searching for the latest กbest thingก because the vast majority of the old กbest thingsก still work and this is what you should be doing.

If you are not prepared to take action, then stop buying products save your money! Infoproducts will only help you if you actually do what they recommend.

Of course, there are also plenty of places that you can learn completely free of charge!

One example is my forum: There are over 20,000 posts on the forum and it really is a goldmine of information. In fact, I am sure I could create several saleable eBooks from the content of the forum alone. Don’t ignore it it is a valuable resource.

Ok, the next thing I want to cover relates to traffic. I was doing a bit of checking on some of my competitors this week and I noticed something which may well apply to a lot of online businesses. I noticed that several of my competitors appear to rely solely on paid advertising to drive traffic to their websites. Now this is fine when you first launch a site and it is usually the quickest way to build up a few visitors but as a longterm solution, it is not ideal.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t use paid advertising but it should only be a part of your overall traffic generation strategy. The cost of advertising (for example pay per click etc) online has increased considerably over the past few years and this will continue as the Internet gets more and more competitive. Therefore, all webmasters should be using other methods to bring traffic to their sites.

A few options (all of which I use myself and have done for several years) include optimizing your website so that you gain free search engine listings, writing articles that are published on other sites and that have your link at the bottom, exchanging links with websites that have relevant content to your own, using an affiliate program to get other people to send you traffic and arranging joint ventures with other website owners.

Some of these options will take many months before they are generating any worthwhile traffic but once they are, the traffic is regular, relevant and free. Any good business person always has the กlongtermก in mind….

And while I am on the subject of longerterm planning hereกs another point that I have mentioned before but I think is worth bringing up again. As with so many things, it is important not to put all your eggs in one basket with your online business. By this I mean, don’t rely on one single website to generate all of your income…..

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a website owner that I have known for some time. He has one website which generates his entire income and it has brought in a very good income for two or three years now. However, over the past six months or so he has noticed a dramatic drop in sales. Of course he is doing everything he can to turn this situation around and I am sure he will succeed but it has been a worrying time for him.

Now imagine if instead of having one website that generated 100% of his income, he had ten websites that each generated 10% of his total income. Even if two of the sites stopped earning altogether he would still be bringing in 80% of his original income.

Spread the risk don’t rely on one business website build ten or even more!

Think about this for a moment:

If you can build one small website that generates an income of $300 a month (which is actually not that hard), then why can’t you build ten small websites each making $300 a month? And if you can build ten, why not twenty…..?

Copyright 2005 Richard Grady

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Richard Grady has been helping ordinary people earn online since 1998. He writes a free newsletter which is published every two weeks. To subscribe (and claim your free gifts), visit:

This article was posted on February 08

by Richard Grady

Web Store Why Do You Need One?

Web Store Why Do You Need One?

by: Nowshade Kabir

Internet has opened a new era of business opportunities. Each day, thousands of new consumers are joining the Internet. More and more companies are adopting Internet as their primary sales and distribution channel. According to Forrester Research The survey of 130 U.S. companies indicates consumers spent $76 billion shopping online in 2002. This represents a 48 percent increase over 2001, and projections for 2003 come close to $100 billion, representing 4.5 percent of total retail sales.

As a business you probably understand that in order to stay competitive you must integrate ecommerce to your present business strategy. A little research will show you that there is an extensive array of technology and solutions for enterprise and web store building available in the market. You also perceive that ecommerce sites can cost you from a mere couple of hundred bucks to hundreds of thousand of dollars. How to choose something from so many options that will exactly fit your present need?

Although, this might look like a daunting task, a little preparation will definitely help you taking the right decision in your quest for an appropriate ecommerce solution. To understand your requirement better and create a proper ecommerce strategy, you have to ask yourself a number of questions. Below I jotted down some of the questions that, hopefully, will spur your imagination.

What should be the look of my web store?

Do I need a database for my product catalog?

How should the purchase order generate on my web store?

Do I need to handle different pricing system for dealers, wholesalers and end customers?

How do I bill my customers?

How easy can I make my web store to navigate?

How many search options should we have?

Can I show my customers a product comparison table?

What should be my merchant account gateway system?

Finally, how much should I invest to build my web store?

If building an ecommerce site from scratch feels too overwhelming to you and you are a small business, my suggestion is to build a web store with one of the providers similar to Yahoo, Bigstep, Rusbiz etc.

The web stores that you can build directly on the Internet have all the necessary features like shopping cart, product catalog and payment gateway as any regular ecommerce site. In most of the cases, you construct web store online from templates and easytouse editor and you hardly need to know html or other script languages.

You can order your Web Store from Rusbiz right now.

The benefits of using a web store that you can build online are enormous.

Quick to build: If you have all the materials handy, you can build a web store within a day.

Easy in use: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to build a fully functional ecommerce site. Step by step procedures of making pages from templates allow anybody to create a professionally looking web store in no time.

Affordable: Although, some of the providers charge commissions on your sales, as Yahoo does, in most of the cases your expenses are less than US$ 100 a month to have a good web store.

The only disadvantage you have with this kind of web stores is you might not be able to give the customized look and feel to the site as you intend to. Then again, once you start generating enough sales through your web store, if you must, you can always build an ecommerce site by hiring web design companies.

If you are still hesitant in starting online business using web stores I would suggest you to read the following eventual benefits that you may have from ecommerce.

Increase your sales & profits

If you are a brick and mortar company, online commerce will definitely increase your sales and with it profits.

Enhance your company image

Today, even small companies understand the importance of having a website. Planned, sophisticated and professional website creates positive image of the company and help building brand name.

Reduce costs and save money

If required features are available on the website practically all business processes are possible to carry out on the Internet, which allows you to reduce overhead costs, costs incurred due to documentary mistakes, document processing costs, etc.

Improve customer service

Frequently Asked Questions pages, forums, Internal Messaging Service, chat lines, etc. all these features help you effectively running your customer service.

Become a global player

Thanks to the reach of Internet you are no longer confined to a certain geographical boundary any more. You can sell products to any place of the world 24 hours a day.

Add sales channels

By joining emarketplaces and B2B exchanges you can significantly increase the number of sales channels available to you.

Reduce supply chain cycle

If you automate supply chain processes through Internet, you will be able to shorten the entire cycle from months to days. You will be even able to eliminate certain phases of your supply chain process.

Market products and services

There are numerous ways of getting traffics on your site and popularize your products. In fact, you can get more people in your web store than it is physically possible to accommodate in a bricksandmortar shop.

Compete with large companies

On the Internet you may successfully compete with the behemoths of your industry and even curve market shares out of them.

Low startup costs

Normally, starting a brick and mortar business requires significant cost involvement. On the Internet opposite is true! To start a business online you hardly need any major investment.

No entry barrier

As you know, many businesses in real world are tightly controlled by certain groups. On the internet there is no such barrier! Anybody can start any business of his choice.

No need to close existing sales channels

By adopting Internet as a sales channel you do not loose anything as your web store only complements existing sales conduit.

If you are new to ecommerce world, I would advise you to go slow! First create a plan with long term and short term objectives. Try implementing your plan gradually. Make sure that you do not spend too much money on your initial ecommerce project. Remember! Over 80 percent of all software projects do not finish in time within the budget; and do not work as planned!

About The Author

Nowshade Kabir, Ph.D., is the founder, primary developer and present CEO, of, a global business to business ecommerce portal with feature like storefronts, aggregated catalog, emarketplace, trade leads, internal messaging system supply chain solutions, etc. With a doctorate in Information Technology, Dr. Kabir has worked an advisor to government projects and has over 12 years experience in International Trade. An author of many B2B and business related articles; he publishes a biweekly Ezine for online business community. You can subscribe to his newsletter free of charge from

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This article was posted on July 11, 2003

by Nowshade Kabir

Did You Ever Wonder How The Big Boys In Internet M

Did You Ever Wonder How The Big Boys In Internet Marketing Build Lists Fast?

by: Ryan Blake

Iกm pretty you know by now that building a list of subscribers is one of the MOST important parts of your online business if you want to make any real money.

If you don’t know that, let me remind you that the MONEY is in your LIST thatกs why your credibility and relationship with your subscribers is vital.

Iกm not going to explain why and so on, because I don’t want to lose focus. What I want to share with you is one of the best listbuilding strategies Iกve personally used and it build me over 1500 targeted subscribers in less than 1 week!

If you want to build a list quickly with targeted and responsive subscribers, I strongly urge you to use the coregistration jointventure list building strategy.

Damn now thatกs a long name for a strategy!

Hereกs a great example of a coregistration joint venture which takes up a bit of time and effort but is really worth it in the end you could setup a free giveaway site. A bunch of people get together to offer their best products to everyoneกs subscribers all they need to do is fill out a form to get them.

I know it works because Iกve done it with one of my previous campaigns.

Here are the details on how I did it so that you can copy it in whatever niche market you are involved in:

1. Contact 10 Joint Venture partners or any number of partners you want to have. The more JV partners you have, the more subscribers youกll gain but you risk getting less targeted subscribers.

Hereกs why:

If a subscriber subscribes to 10 lists, itกs a very high possibility that he (or she) will unsubscribe because of too many subscriptions. But if you have 5 JV partners, heกll be receiving emails from 5 people only. The only problem here is that youกll only have 5 people to promote the promotion for you.

2. When you contacted your potential JV partners, you MUST state very clearly:

i. What are the benefits that they can expect. Can they make money? Can their list grow? ii. What they are expected to do. If you need them to email to their list, tell them so. Don’t do it at the last minute.

iii. What do they need to offer to be in this promotion? Normally, each of the Jv partners will offer a product to entice the subscribers to subscribe to their mailing list.

3. Prepare all the necessary materials. These will include:

i. Creating the webpage where anyone who is interested in getting the products offered for free can subscribe to the contributorกs (your JV partners) list.

ii. Programming script to make sure that itกs working perfectly that each subscription will go to your JV partner.

iii. Email templates for your Jv partners to send to their subscribers.

iv. Email support for the new subscribers. Sometimes, they might face challenges like failing to subscribe or trouble with downloading the products. Itกs your responsibility to manage all of these.

4. Thanking your Jv partner. Youกll probably agree with me that you managed to build a list quickly with targeted subscribers is because of the help you get from your Jv partners. Tell them how much you appreciated their help and if possible, offer an extra incentive to them. You can promote their products to the new list that you have built from this promotion to show your appreciation for your Jv partners contribution.

Now that youกve got yourself a great targeted list of Subscribers the next step is to keep them coming back, for A loyal list will bring in the money in future.

One of the best places to find cutting edge information on the latest Internet Marketing techniques is a website called the Affiliate Classroom. They have a multitude of Ebooks and libraries for hours Of reading pleasure. Hereกs a link to join their very helpful free mailing list.

To your success in the future.


Ryan Blake.

About The Author

My name is Ryan Blake and I run my own Internet Marketing company from home which pays all my bills and I am able to go on holiday every 2 or 3 months or so. So hereกs an artice which hopefully will teach you something new and guide you through the first step… which is by far the hardest and get you off to a good start. So why not check out my latest amazing find below.

Regards and good luck.

Ryan Blake.

This article was posted on September 12

by Ryan Blake

Ten Basic Steps For Building A Web Site That Works

Ten Basic Steps For Building A Web Site That Works

by: Lee Traupel

1. Assemble a web site development plan that is integrated with your overall marketing processes; the content should be consistent with offline materials, the graphics/images don’t have to be identical with traditional media, but should be consistent with your overall branding, style guide, usage of colors etc.

2. Hire a web site design firm that understands your market position and one that won’t get กgeek crazyก meaning they are so in love with their own design capabilities, your site gets bogged down with graphics, plug ins, GIF garbage, etc. But, conversely, check your ego at the door when you work with your design firm Iกve see so many good web site designs get ruined by clients who can’t or won’t listen to what we tell them!

3. Pay attention to กload times,ก how long it takes a web site to load on a 56 KBPS modem (this is an industry average), if its more than 1218 seconds you may experience the กclick of deathก the site doesn’t load quickly and the surfer is gone. Of course, if your targeting broadband customers who are reaching your site via ISDN or DSL then you can build a site that incorporates multimediaready content that may include streaming audio or video, or Shockwave or Flash capabilities go ahead and let those digital geeks get carried away with cutting edge content!

4. Dare I say it, กkeep it simpleก make your site easy to move around in, build a menu structure that is consistent with industry standards, local menus (for a page or section) on the left and global menus (overall site navigation) at the top and/or bottom of each page, keep as much information กabove the foldก (above the cutoff point at the bottom of a monitor), don’t make people use horizontal scroll bars unless absolutely necessary.

5. Inculcate กdigital speedก into your overall site design, your client/customers should be able to get to their desired area of your site within one or two mouse clicks; they will quickly get frustrated if they have to clickthrough multiple menus to find information they are seeking.

6. Develop content that is webenabled, people don’t read web site content like they do offline media, keep your paragraphs short no more than two to three sentences, build in white space with your content, include links in your pages don’t try to tell your whole marketing story on your site get people to call you (hello the telephone still works!), email or fill out a profile form (see below).

7. Make your site permissionbased marketing ready I love Seth Godinกs กPermission Marketingก book,, and we recommend it to all of our clients he champions building a long term relationship with a customer by asking their permission to continue to market to them and incorporating value/information in all marcom processes.

8. Ensure your site is optimized for Search Engines by identifying 812 keywords that people will use to find your site, then incorporate these keywords in your site content (to drive relevancy with s/engine spiders/bots) and then manually submit your site to the top ten search engines. We don’tก recommend most of the free or $19.99 specials available; yes, all will get your registered with the s/engines, but getting listed on page 75 of 350 pages (for example) won’t really drive qualified traffic to your site, you need page 13 listings on the top ten engines to really drive qualified traffic.

9. Delve into your log server files to uncover กdigital tracksก made through your web site your log files are raw files that show how and from where (in most cases) people accessed your web site, where they went on your web site, how long they stayed, etc. Web Trends is the defacto industry standard,, but we use and recommend a marketexperienced firm in Europe, Fantomaster, Ltd. to our clients they have a suite of Search Engine products that can be downloaded for free or purchased.

10. Think global in your overall site design the greatest Internet growth is occurring outside North America, so it is essential to build a site that can be accessed easily by people around the world. What issues do you need to look at? Load times are very important (again), develop content that avoids colloquialisms that may not be understood by others who may not speak the same language, you may want to make your site content available in diverse languages, there are a number of emerging applications that will facilitate this process, ensure your ecommerce capabilities can be utilized by all.

About The Author

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc.,, a resultsdriven marketing services company providing proprietary services to clients encompassing startups to public companies. [email protected]

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This article was posted on July 25, 2002

by Lee Traupel

Not An Affiliate? Why Ever Not?

Not An Affiliate? Why Ever Not?

by: Marianthi Iatridou

If the idea of pursuing a living on the net has repeatedly crossed your mind but you still haven’t found a way to implement it, then affiliate programs are going to break the ice for you.

Affiliate programs are a lot like learning how to swim in a pool before you go to the open sea. Anyone can try them at least once without having to worry about the consequences.

The good ones are usually safe and do not require a great commitment of time and money from your part. Of course, at this point, some people would argue that this is the exact reason why most people fail. But that’s another issue.

Besides, in many cases, signing up for the right program can be as rewarding as launching your very own enterprise. But above all, it’s a good start.

You see, good affiliate programs are ready to share a wealth of information with you in order to make you successful. They provide resources packed with vital information, give you access to proven online strategies and techniques and teach you how to begin correctly exploiting them. They also save you from making too many mistakes.

Some companies have ongoing seminars that last for months or even longer. The lessons cover all aspects of internet marketing and in your early days as an internet marketer they prove to be part of an invaluable training.

But, in case you’re still wondering what is so great about being an affiliate when there are thousands of them out there, here’s another way to look at things :

1.Each affiliate is unique.

When you sign an agreement with a company to become their affiliate and promote their products you are requested to follow basic guidelines. These primarily deal with things such as privacy, business ethics and general company policy.

Apart from these issues, a company can supply you with resources and business strategies, as mentioned before, but they cannot determine the actions you are going to take in order to promote your business. In a word, you are free to choose any way you like (as long as you’re not breaking any law) to build and promote your business.

If, for instance, you want to use a weblog to talk about your product when no one else in your field is doing it, then you are free to do so. You can use any number of options and techniques to make yourself stand out and draw people to your offer. Again, you and only you get to decide which ones.

2. There is no real conflict of interests.

Now, imagine that you decide to create your business in the real world. Let’s say that you’re opening up a store selling mobile phones and other hitech stuff made by a well known company.

Yours, of course, is not the only place in town where you can get these items. You are not an exclusive dealer. Just like an affiliate.

But unlike an affiliate, you have to do everything in your power to make people come to your store and buy from you instead of going to another store that sells exactly the same products.

Why? Because, if you don’t make the sale then there’s absolutely nothing in it for you. Not to mention the cost of running a business which in the offline world can be a nightmare.

I am not saying here, that if you are an affiliate for a company you’ll be making money without making any sales. I am just pointing out that there are great affiliate programs that will reward you with a small amount of extra cash generated by other affiliates.

So, there’s really no reason to get upset when other people make sales. This is good for you too. Think about it for a moment, you could actually be helping others making sales and still help yourself growing revenue at the same time.

3. The more affiliates the better for you.

How do you think your competitors would react to your opening up a new store and tightening the competition? Well, they’re not going to be thrilled, that’s for sure! They have a lot to loose and nothing to gain.

But what about you, the affiliate?

Let’s face it. The internet is a huge place. Credibility and trust are hard to come by and a lot harder to build.

New affiliates being added to a program everyday helps build a reputation. It means that the program works and the company’s plans are sound. (More details on how to choose an affiliate program can be found here : )

You could have an unlimited number of affiliates under you or above you and you would all be working to spread the word. Wouldn’t you yourself feel more comfortable signing up for a program that you’ve stumbled upon more than a few times already?

A constantly growing number of affiliate sites stands as proof to potential earnings. They are the best kind of publicity for the company behind them. They benefit and so do you.

So, it all comes down to this : don’t discard affiliate programs so easily when trying to build an online future. They can be an excellent way of earning and learning at the same time.

About The Author

Marianthi Iatridou is the owner and webmaster of , a site which offers legitimate opportunities to work at home.

[email protected]

This article was posted on March 30, 2004

by Marianthi Iatridou

How to Build Your Party Plan Business Online

How to Build Your Party Plan Business Online

by: Jeanine Byers

Are you like me?

You’ve joined a party plan business but you’d really like to build it online? If you’d rather concentrate most of your efforts on the Internet, there are a lot of resources available and strategies that will help you succeed.

Here are some ways to automate meeting your monthly minimum purchase requirements, finding partners to join you in the business and attracting customers to your website…

(1) Use online parties to build your businessthis is a great way to invite people from all over the country. Here are a few tips for a successful online party…

Set a date and invite your guests, but leave enough time to send each one a catalog and a couple of email reminders.

Plan some games that they can do online by exploring the corporate website or your own personalized one. Customers can race each other to find out whether or not you have a cucumber melon shower gel or how many different gourmet soups you offer. You can even offer a prize to the person who answers the most questions right.

Here is a website that offers free online parties…

(2) Join groups or clubs to take care of monthly minimums. These are groups where consultants agree to buy from each other to help each other build their businesses.

Some switch months and everyone buys from the ขconsultant of the monthข, and some are designed so that each person has her own group of people buying from her each month.

Here is one example…

(3) Join coops or leads groups to build your team onlinenetworking groups can work really well offline and now, this same principle is being used online.

These coops are created so that when someone comes into the system, she indicates what she is looking for and gets referred to the appropriate person in the coop.

For more information on referral coops, go to

(4) Generate curiosity and provide information to bring more people to your website. One great way to attract people to your website is to create online quizzes that makes them curious about the results. You capture their email addresses, send them the results and make recommendations based on them.

For example, if you sell skin care and cosmetics, you could create a quiz that helps them identify what their skin type is. Then, you can recommend the appropriate skin care system. You can even offer a free consultation, in case they have any questions.

If you’re interested in quizmaking software that is reasonably priced, try the Assessment Generator, at

Another good way to get your name out there and bring people to your website is to write articles. You can make them related to your business, or not.

Similar subjects that support using your products may help, but you’ll be putting contact information at the end of whatever you write, and as long as they like it, and find it helpful, they’ll want to know more about you and what you do.

Here are a couple of websites that accept article submissions (find more by doing a search on Yahoo or Google)…

About The Author

Jeanine Byers is an elemental home style consultant and a certified healing coach who helps women create homes for their souls. Take her elemental home style assessment and sign up for her free 7day ecourse so that you can create a warm, welcoming, nurturing sanctuary and retreat. Go to

She is also a founding presenter with Northern Lights at Home, building her business online with the methods described above. Visit that website at

Reprint with Resource Box intact

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This article was posted on October 25, 2004

by Jeanine Byers

The ONE Thing YOU Should Focus On Right Now

The ONE Thing YOU Should Focus On Right Now

by: Lynn Terry

Let me just start out by saying that I cant tell you what that กone thingก is. It is for you to choose, and for you to do.

Thereกs a lot of talk out there among the กexpertsก about how to get rich, how to become successful, how to do this or how to do that. Itกs very easy to get distracted, and even easier to become overwhelmed. กInformation Overloadก, they call it.

The truth is, there are A LOT of viable business ideas out there. There are MANY ways to become successful or wealthy. There is TONS of potential in online marketing. And thereกs still PLENTY of room for you to step in and claim your fortune.

The question is: What are you going to do?

You could:

write a book or an ebook

promote affiliate programs via PPC

sell products on eBay

create & optimize contentrich sites in niche markets

build an empire of minisites

become a public speaker

be a web designer, copywriter or VA

That list could go on and on… and on. What I see all too often is that many people try to do ‘the whole listก. Or at least several at once. And that can be okay if your focus is one and the same in all things that you are doing. Or it can be disastrous. A recipe for failure.

Maybe you can relate to this scenario: You set out to do something, and it takes longer to earn the amount you had hoped for… and then you see another option. You try it out, it does pretty well, so you put some time and energy into it. Something happens rules change, markets fluctuate, algorithms change and you’re moved two steps back. You’re introduced with something new, more stable, and you focus on that instead.

This is a familiar story. If you haven’t experienced it yourself youกve certainly heard about someone who has. And theyกll tell you that the business idea they started out with originally was a failure, or that there was กno m0ney in itก or ‘too much competitionก.

Youกve probably heard that you shouldn’t have all of your eggs in one basket. That you should create 10 microniche websites that earn $1,000/month instead of one larger website that will earn you $10,000/month. In less than one hour of surfing the กnet, you might be told to do this, do that, promote x and build z. All of it sounds good. All of it could work. Try to do all of it at once and you’re going to be in trouble.

The key is to have a FOCUS.

Choose one thing and do it WELL. For example, if you have a contentrich website, you can also offer an ebook on the same topic. You can capitalize on affiliate sales, or Adsense clickthroughกs. You can build a highly targeted 0ptin mailing list. You can incorporate an กupsellก and backend sales into your shopping cart. You can set up your own affiliate program.

Basically, you want to build on the foundation you already have and make it stronger, make it bigger… make it more profitable! Sure you can implement all of these new methods and strategies that you learn. But don’t set out to do something completely NEW when you have already invested the time and energy into a project you haven’t yet completed. Instead, focus on making it the BEST.

Once it is running smooth on its own, and completely automated, you may want to build another or focus on something entirely different. But if you’re trying to build on 10 things at once, or find yourself working in entirely too many directions… itกs time to take stock, go back to the foundation, and decide how you can best finish building on that original idea of yours.

And thatกs it. Thatกs the ONE thing that YOU should be focusing on right now.

About The Author

The author, Lynn Terry, offers a free brainstorming resource for those that want to turn websites that cost money into websites that make money. Join Lynnกs interactive newsletter & discussion forum where you can Learn Internet Marketing, free:

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This article was posted on February 15

by Lynn Terry

Persistence is Tops

Persistence is Tops

by: Dan J. Fry

To take the online road to success is not, contrary to millions of internet and email ads, the short road traveled. There is enormous revenue potential through online channels, predicted to top $8 billion by 2005. We all would like our piece of the pie, but unfortunately some don’t want to work to get to it.

This appears to be a relatively widespread misconception about online marketing.

ก5,000,000 visitors to your site in 24 hours.ก

ก$10,000 in 1 week, working only 2 hours per day.ก

ก$1.67 = massive profits!ก

And the list goes on and on. These are a few of the ad headlines that I have seen recently that prey on peoples craving desire to make riches quick with little or no work. Don’t tell me it ain’t so?!

Well, in short it ain’t. There is a little secret, the one that nobody really does want to tell you, that makes these headlines true persistence. You see, leading internet marketers didn’t build their business overnight. It is well known them all that the permission email list is what makes ก$10,000 in 1 week, with working only 2 hours per dayก really possible. The information left out is that it happened after the list was constructed of highly targeted subscribers, and after building a relationship with each and every one of them. only after this process did the repercussions mean large returns on investment.

O.k., so build the stinking list. Well, itกs not that easy. You have to be patient. And patience is something that we all probably need to practice more diligently.

But think of it this way. While you are taking the time to build your list, try to learn about what your current subscribers would like to see offered. Create a short online form asking a series of questions related to your site or product, and email your subscribers asking them to simply go and fill out the form. This way you can deliver more relevant information, build trust with the members of your list, and learn how to tailor your periodic newsletters.

Use the time to understand market trends. What is currently working to bring in more site traffic? Are there particular strategies others are using to convert more sales? Any changes in search engine protocol? What can you do to bring in more subscribers?

Take the time to investigate and learn, while building your list. Then, once you have several hundred subscribers you will be set to reap the rewards. It doesn’t come before, but only after you have built and cultivated a list of people who trust your judgment. Do it right and success is waiting for you!

About The Author

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free EZine on home business resources at mailto:[email protected] or by visiting his site at He can be reached at mailto:[email protected].

This article was posted on April 10, 2004

by Dan J. Fry

The Quest for Passive Income

The Quest for Passive Income

by: David Parton

Passive Income, residuals, royalties three ways to get paid multiple times for a onetime effort. You write a song in 1970 it gets covered by many artists. Each artist sells many albums or radio stations play your tune and Presto! you get a royalty check in the mail, even decades after you first published the song. Hereกs another example:

The Bestselling author, Robert Ludlum was an extremely popular spythriller writer. Espionage based fiction was at its peak during the Cold War Years prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. Two of his titles, The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy were written in the midseventies, roughly thirty years ago.

Both books became recent smash hits starring Matt Damon. Mr Ludlum gets royalties from the box office,VHS and DVD and (I am assuming) merchandise sales from these films. Not only that, the movies have stirred up an interest in all of his books. They have been reprinted and released again to the bookbuying public. All of this from two books he wrote 3 decades ago! Can you say Kaching!

That is the power of residual income. I intend to write a bestseller one day. It has always been a dream of mine. My Father was a writer and I come from a family of devoted readers. I have a passion for books and that is what impels me to write. The idea of royalties is just icing on the cake. But such enticing icing!

Building a passive income is also one of the main reasons people get involved in Network marketing. You can build a Network that continues to grow even after you have retired from the business. Take a month off checkกs in the mail. Take a year off to backpack through India thereกs a check coming in every month you are away. Try to do that with your job. Or harder still: Try and leave your employees to man the helm for a year and see what happens. Maybe, not so good.

There has been a lot of talk lately that MLMers are only interested in feathering their own nests. That their primary interest is sponsoring new distributors and not promoting products. To make a decent income you have to build your downline. To create a passive stream of income you have to build a network.

I don’t know how wide spread this is but I do know that Tahitian Noni International is approaching $4 Billion in product sales ( if my stats are current ) and there is a bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice sold every 1.2 seconds somewhere in the world. I also know that there are many TNI distributors building massive downlines.TNI is expanding into brand new markets every year and that allows you to take part in many groundfloor opportunities. The Juice is on the move.

So, it seems to me it is not an either/or situation. You need to promote the products in order to promote the opportunity. The sales figures speak for themselves: a 20% increase over last quarter.

I can’t speak for the rest of the Industry but if you are looking for a chance to build a residual and income and wish to represent a briskly selling product then I suggest you look into the Tahitian Noni International opportunity. Click on the link below and explore the Home page. Your dreams may be closer than you think.

David Parton 2005

About The Author

David Parton:

Helping others and myself Improve their income and boost their health and energy levels with Tahitian Noni Juice.

Distributor of Tahitian Noni Juice

This article was posted on April 15

by David Parton

The Power of Personality

The Power of Personality

by: Terri Seymour

Owning an online business and publishing an ezine can be very frustrating, AND rewarding! There can be 100กs or even 1000กs of websites and/or ezines that are almost exactly like yours. What can you do to make your online business stand out from the rest?

The number one answer to this question is add your own personality to your business and in your ezine.

I subscribe to probably over 100 ezines and most of these I do not even read. The ones that I like to read are the ones that contain some personality. I like to know that there is an actual person that I can identify with or get in touch with if I have any questions.

You are the main thing that makes your business unique! Use this to your advantage.

* Connect with your readers. This is the whole purpose of your ezine. By doing the following, you will make that very important connection.

* Let them get to know you. Have a section in your ezine where you talk to your readers and open up to them. I am not talking about pouring out all your personal problems to them, but share the part of yourself that makes you who you are. Share little tidbits of your life so they know that you are a real person and they can connect with you.

* Treat everyone with respect and courtesy. This is one that unfortunately some people forget these days. This one goes both ways for readers and publishers. You have to remember we are all in this together, so let us treat each other as we would want to be treated. Yes, the Golden Rule, which I believe in strongly!!

* Be as helpful as you can. Offer your expertise, advice and support whenever possible. Learn to understand what your readers/customers want and need. This will help form a strong bond.

* Let your passion and spirit come through. This is very important also. By letting your love for your work shine through, you will be กcontagiousก! Your readers will get caught up in it and they will become passionate as well.

* Include some original content. Always write some of your own content so there is a part of your ezine that is in no other ezine. If you write your own articles, (yes, you should) this will help give your ezine its own identity. Subscribers will look forward to reading each issue because of the original material. If you are not ready to write articles, even writing a short editorial or introduction to each issue will make a big difference in originality.

* Build Yourself to Build Your Business In essence, you need to build yourself and your reputation in order to build your business. Show your readers that you are someone who knows what they are doing and that you can help them succeed as well. You want to prove that you are dependable, trustworthy, capable and definitely unique!

Publishing an ezine might be simple, but creating a unique, powerful, and personalitypacked connection with your subscribers is a bit harder and much more effective!

About The Author

Terri Seymour owns and operates

Learn to publish and promote your own ezine. mailto:[email protected]

For a complete list of my articles available for reprint please email: mailto:[email protected]

ATTN: Ezine Publishers, save hours of your valuable time!

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This article was posted on November 1, 2002

by Terri Seymour

Build Your Business Success one Step at a Time

Build Your Business Success one Step at a Time

by: Michael Richer

You want to be rich fast ! You want to grow your business in less than 3 month ! Think again !

Even the most dynamic, highestearning entrepreneurs in the industry took MONTHS to begin seeing an income of any real significance. And the real wealth, the $100,000+ income we all strive for, took an average of almost 3 YEARS to achieve!

Do you think ANY of these gentlemen don’t think the ends justified the means? Do you think for an instant that the months and years invested hasn’t been rewarded a thousand times at least? You don’t even have to think about it, do you?

So now you know ! It takes an average of 3 YEARS to build a significant income on the internet.

Every house is build brick by brick. Every hour goes by minute by minute. So is your business !

Of course we all want to go faster. But we have to start at the base first. Itกs a basic law. We are subject to time and circumstances.

We have to learn. We have to experiment. With learning and experimenting we get experience. And with experience we become an expert.

We have to set goals. The goals will guide us one step at a time. It will will pave the way to our success. You cannot go on a road trip without knowing your destination. You need a map. You need time. You need to rest. You need to eat. And sometimes there is roadblock.

When we hit a dead end we turn back and take another road. But we keep going to our destination.

Itกs the same thing with your home business. There is bumps and jumps and sometimes we crash. But we always keep our eyes to the goal. That is what give us the drive. Itกs our paradise. The goal become our existence. And it is.

By never, never giving up you will reach your goal one day. One mile at a time. Itกs impossible that you won’t reach it. Unless you die.

Thatกs the only secrets to success. One client at a time. One step at a time. 100 client at a time. Until you reach thousand like me and make your $100,000 a year and +.

To make $100,000 a year start by making $100 per month. After $200 a month. And after $500 a month. And after $5000. And so on and son on.

Day by day, your on your way to succeed, week by week your on your way to succeed, month after month your on you way to succeed, year after year your on your way to succeed.

Until you reach your goal in 3 YEARS. (Maybe less, Maybe More.)

We reap what we sow, but the harvest is never in the same season as the planting! Today you are planting…and will be at least for the next several months. Your harvest will come in time. Be persistent. Be patient. Think long term. Take action every day, (no matter how small) to build your business and you cannot fail.

Great success will be yours if you follow this simple formula.

Copyright © Michel Richer

PERMISSIONS TO REPUBLISH: This article may be republished in its entirety free of charge, electronically or in print, provided it appears with the included copyright and authorกs resource box with live website link.

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Michel Richer, The Internet Business Specialist Can Help You Build A Successfull Internet Business That Can Generate Massive Profit !!! So Start Your Own Internet Business for FREE >> Visit Now ::

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by Michael Richer

How To Find The Top Keywords Relating To Your Them

How To Find The Top Keywords Relating To Your Theme

by: Jeff Schuman

Have you ever wondered what people are searching for online? More specifically have you ever wondered what people are searching for as it relates to the theme of your website?

Letกs say you have a website built around the theme of music downloads. Here are 2 easy ways to get a list of keywords you can use to build your home page and then build more pages around each specific word.

1. Do a search by typing in music downloads here:

As of November 2004 the keyword phraseก music downloads was searched 1,068,310 times. We can also see that กfree music downloadsก was searched 1,169,992 times.

As you look down the list you will find all kinds of combinations of keyword phrases with the words กmusic downloadsก included in them.

You can build specifc web pages centered around each keyword phrase. You will find that lesser searched keywords have less competition and therefore will be easier for you to make it to the top of a search engine and generate free traffic.

For example the keyword phrase ก free mp3 music downloadก was searched 22,360 times. This would be a great keyword phrase to target in comparison to the more generic phrase กmusic downloads.ก

2. Take a look at what people are willing to pay for a keyword here:

When typing in กmusic downloadก it brings up the keyword, number of searches, and the top 5 bids. It also brings up a complete list of possible keyword phrases and what people are paying for them. You can use this information to find affiliate products relating to each specific keyword phrase and then build additional web pages relating to each specific one. You can add these keywords to your home page and then join 7Search as an affiliate and add pay per click text to your pages.

Then get paid by 7Search when someone clicks on an ad relating to that keyword. I do this to generate hundreds and thousands of dollars each month. It is a great way to make some money on your site for generating traffic to it. Here are examples on 2 of my websites. You will see the text ads for the Top 10 websites at the top of each page.

If you are looking for top keywords being searched in a broad range of categories then subscribe to the กKeyword Reportก here:

Click on the link for Keyword Report and you will receive the top 500 keywords people are searching for delivered to you by email every week. Then use the Overture and 7Search keyword tools to find more specific keywords you can build websites and web pages around. This is a great strategy and a great way to get started making money with your own theme website and web pages around that theme.

Remember this simple point. People go to the internet to find information. They will type in all kinds of keyword phrases and variations of those keywords. The more web pages you can build targeting those specific keywords the better off you will be when it comes to increasing your website traffic and making more money online.

Copyright 2004 Jeff Schuman

About The Author

Jeff Schuman is using this strategy to create new websites around specific keywords relating to a theme. You can see his Top 10 Make Money and Top 10 Small Business Websites here:

This article was posted on December 21, 2004

by Jeff Schuman