What Company Does Your Business Keep?

What Company Does Your Business Keep?

by: Arun Pal Singh

A man is known by the company he keeps. We have heard that phrase so many times. Our folks have cautioned us often with that in our silly childhood.

Do we heed to that advice in our business? Where do you hang out? What is your business surrounded by?

Have you heard about Christian Huygens?

This genius of early 17th century did something awesome. He discovered a law of resonance. A law which was well accepted in physics later and is now being applied to brain science.

Huygens kept few pendulum clocks on the wall of his room with each clock swinging independently. He discovered that after few cycles of independent cycling all the clocks started swinging precisely synchronized rhythm.

And he gave the world a law that seems inherent law of the nature.

He summarized that waves from clocks produced vibrations in the wall which in response produced waves that synchronized the rhythm of all clocks.

Scientists have now extended that law to working of brain waves and results are very very promising.

Have you ever wondered that successful peoples are surrounded by similar ones? Is it a coincidence that when like minded people are at work the success is more likely!

Let us use this phenomenon to bring success to your business. It may be a home based business, online business or for that matter any venture.

To succeed in your business

Avoid Naysayers

Surround yourself with who have done or believe this can be done.

This is a much overlooked aspect of business. Your company definitely determines the outcome of your business dream.

Naysayers send you negative vibrations like ‘This can’t be done’, ‘You can’t do this’, ‘Oh! It is impossible!’

Your mind reacts to them like walls did to the clock and produces similar waves. Before you realize you already have lost faith in your dream. Naysayers will rotten your business. Keep as much away as possible. Realize your own vibrations and vibrate with belief.

Hang out with the other type, the positive ones. Believe in your business and converse with similar minds. You will be amazed with the difference it makes.

Your mind is the workshop of your success. Every business is first borne in the mind before the mind takes action to shape its vision.

Your mind is the powerhouse of ideas which will make your business a success.

Your mind is the source of your strength that enables you to carry the burden in difficult times.

Feed your mind the good food. Avoid stuffing in the junk food.

When you fall it is important to know and believe that many others have fallen and rose again. That is the attitude which will determine success. One must develop that attitude.

If you hang around with naysayers you will drown further because your own mind refuses to provide the necessary strength.

Success might be on the next turn waiting for you.

If you are negative in your approach you are sure to stop before that turn arrives.

So set your clocks again. It is time to vibrate with right frequency.

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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This article was posted on February 14

by Arun Pal Singh

LED Clocks

LED Clocks

by: Paula Jones

LED clocks are the essence of accuracy and have ability to tell perfect time down to the split second. However Led clocks displays more than just time, are widely used to display time all over the world and used by many industries. They can also receive signals from radio time code signals as well.

This LED timer has many useful applications in manufacturing plants, radio & tv stations, hospitals, trade shows, military installations, science and research labs, and more!

Selfcontained LED (light emitting diode) clock modules are durable and are available in many color and design options. Time format, if the point of considerations, they have different models giving different time formats of LED clock which shows splitting in formats. They are also very bright and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Of course maintaining equipments or accessories are available with these equipments. These are manufactured considering the distance; therefore they give bright outdoor light, readable form and clarity also using the advanced technology.

LED technology ensures that information can be easily readable from any distance. This clock also features a battery backup circuit to keep the internal clock circuit functioning during power blackouts and times when the digital clock is unplugged to be moved to another location.

LED clocks are produced and customized in such a way that any one can program and operate these with no expertise knowledge. They can be controlled through local or remote sources. Moreover they can be controlled from anywhere, i.e. it is least concern about the location of the controlling equipment. The company is successful in giving bright result in LED clocks as well as they are energy efficient. It is possible to have your clocks customized.

Led clocks comes in variety of ranges like alarm clock, reminder clock, work limit clock, wall display, outdoor display and many like these according to the need of the industry and type of industry. Thus the style and size differ accordingly, but all in most affordable outlay.

About The Author

Paula Jones

Jayex Technology Limited, based in London specialise in advanced information display systems. Established in 1978 we have pioneered the development of the LED display market and now have over 18,000 customers worldwide. We offer, probably the largest range of models from small single line signs to big screen Megavision screens that can display live video and action replay in stadia.


This article was posted on September 28, 2004

by Paula Jones