Nobody Reading Your Blog?

Nobody Reading Your Blog?

by: Bolger Redet

So you got a your own weblog. Everything looks great, you have nice layout, some nice pictures and last but not least excellent articles.

You also update your blog on a regular basis but nobody seems to read it ! You start to think where did I go wrong. Well if your blog is really good you just need to be patient. Also make sure you submit your blog to directories specialized in blogs and search engines.But even if you did all this you might get not the amount of readers you wished for.

Get unlimited readers for you blog !

Smart people started to notice blogs are very popular so they came up with a great ideas. is such great idea. The concept is simple, if you read other blogs then other people read your blog. So the more blogs you read the more people will be reading yours. Sounds good you might think. Well it actually is a very good concept. Just register your blog for free and login, then pick a category blogs you would like to read and start reading. You must read each blog for at least half a minute, after that you can select another blog. For each blog you have red you recieve a credit. This credit means one other member is going to read your blog. Again great concept. But there is a downside, first you have to spend of lot of time reading blogs in order to get other people to read yours. You can choose to read only blogs in a specific category (of your interest) but it is still really time consuming. Other people who are reading your blog might do this because they only want other people to read their blog. You can imagine these are not the most interested readers you wish for. But also offers non members to search their directory for blogs. These visitors are potenial quality readers for your blog! Other downside is that you can not only earn credits by reading other blogs, you can also buy them ! If everybody is going to do this then this concept doesn’t do so well anymore.

About The Author

Bolger Redet is webmaster at a free quality weblog hosting service. Bolger is working on the website to provide their users tools to publish multimedia content

This article was posted on August 07

by Bolger Redet

How To Crank Out Killer Web Copy That Sucks In Mon

How To Crank Out Killer Web Copy That Sucks In Money Like Crazy! Part 1

by: Dan Lok

Do you have writer’s block?

Do you have trouble staring at a blank piece of paper and don’t know how to get started?

You’re NOT alone.

Believe me, I know how tough it is to sit down and create killer copy from scratch, especially if you’re green. There are times in my life when my mind is completely frozen and I can’t write squat.

Therefore, I’ve dug around in my Bags of Tricks and come up with 11 battletested ad themes that will help you blast through your writer’s block and crank out brilliant, cashproducing copy in no time flat!

Plus… I’ll give you suggestions on how to adapt these concepts to your own business for maximum effectiveness!



Problem, Magic Solve


This is one of the marketing professionกs oldest and probably most widely used ad themes. It has three distinct sections: you state the problem (usually a pain your target market is experiencing), you stir up the problem, and then you offer your stuff as a solution for the problem.

Here’s a great example…

Case Study #1 Craig Proctor’s Real Estate Success System

กHow You Can Make Well Over $ 100,000.00 Per Year As A Real Estate Agent Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week…. Have A Top Income AND A Life….. And NEVER Have To Make A Call You Dread Or Waste Your Time With Unrealistic Sellers Or Insincere Buyers, Ever Again.ก

The Problem: Most real estate agents are frustrated with the income they’re taking home. They’re working their butts off and they’re totally burnt out. They hate cold calling. And they want to work less and make more.

The Solution: If you buy Craig’s stuff, you’ll never have to make a cold call again. You’ll have dozens of highly qualified prospects calling you. You’ll be able to take weekends off. You’ll be able to get out from under the ridiculous workload. Most importantly, you’ll finally be able to make a 6figure income as a real estate agent.

The Lesson: Most people are looking for a quick fix. John Carlton put it this way: กMost guys would like to eat a MAGIC pill, go to bed, and wakeup in the morning with a beautiful spouse and a million bucks in their bank account.ข

Always keep that in mind when you write. The quicker and easier you can make it for ‘em, the better. (And if you know where to find that magic pill, PLEASE give me a call!)



Tell Me A Good Story, and I’ll Give You My Money.


Remember when you were a little kid? What was your favorite thing? That’s right. You asked your mom, ขRead me a bedtime story.ข

Stories sell. People love to hear a story. A story paints a picture in the mind of the reader/consumer. A GOOD story can communicate your message subliminally, by stimulating thoughts and emotions. And the BEST stories remove the skepticism and barriers that can prevent sales.

Here’s a fantastic ‘tell me a storyก headline example:

Case Study #2 – Grandma Ruby’s Magic Pain Relief Cream

How An 82YearOld Great Grandma From Iowa Accidentally Discovered An Amazing Secret That Will Almost Instantly Erase Your Back And Joint Pain!

The ad goes on talking about how a little grayhaired, 82yearold great grandma named Ruby Zimmerman from remote farming town in Iowa was mixing up a batch of moisturizing cream from her kitchen table… and how she accidentally stumbled upon a formula that ends chronic joint and back pain. And so on.

Does your product or service have an interesting story?



กIกve Got A Secretข


Pssst. Hey, come here…closer. You wanna hear a really juicy secret?


You’re probably leaning in to this newsletter right now, ready to กget the secret.ก The desire to know is a powerful force. Itกs led to the word กsecretsก being WAY over used, but that is why it is used.

People are nosy as hell and they love to feel กin the know.ก Everyone gets a kick out feeling like an insider and getting special treatment because of their กsecretก knowledge.

If youกve got something, don’t FLAUNT IT…TAUNT with it. Make it appealing, alluring, and most of all TOP SECRET…and youกll make the sale.

Check this out…

Case Study #3 GuyGetsGirl™ Guide

ขDiscover How To PickUp Beautiful Women So Easily, and So Fast, You’ll Have THREE Dates By The End Of This Weekend… And a Girlfriend (if YOU want one) Soon After!ข

Uncover Powerful Insider Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Sex Life And Make Wonderful Women Beg You To Date Them – Even If You’re Bald, Fat Or Ugly!

Pretty intriguing, huh? Every Mr. Wrong has dreamed of being Mr. Right and has probably wondered กWhat do THEY have that I don’t?ก

If you can identify an information pocket and then create the กdesire to know,ก in your prospects, you won’t have to overcome any objections they may have…theyกll do that themselves!



Put Your BIG Money Where You BIG Mouth Is Guarantees


If you’re selling stuff that delivers overthetop, measurable results that your customers can see, touch, smell, feel, or count… then you’re in a position to use this amazinglyeffective concept.

Case Study #4 – Marlon Sanders’ Amazing Formula

Your Products Sell Like Crazy Or TripleYourMoneyBack!

Discover the Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy!

ขOh no, Dan. I can’t offer a guarantee. What if people rip me off?ข

You chicken…or should I say กChicken Little.ก The sky isn’t falling!

Listen closely: People WILL rip you off no matter what you do. It’s part of the business. It doesn’t matter what the hell you do, some morons will use your product, return it, and ask for a refund. Period.

You can’t protect yourself from the กbad guys,ก but you can let the กgood guysก know that you’re a กwhite hat,ก too. When you offer a guarantee that you will reach into your own pocket to กmake things rightก… you will flip a lot more customers who would never otherwise consider trying your stuff. That’s because your guarantee has nudged them over the dividing line between ‘trustก and กNo Trust.ก

Think about it: do you seriously give a damn if making a handful of refunds will bring you an EXTRA onehundred more sales? Do the math. Calculate your numbers and you’ll know if this concept will work for you.



ขWhat’s New, Pussycat?ข


Most of us are interested in news of some kind. Thatกs why weกve got newspapers, magazines, and 24hour news channels. And why do we buy ขnewsข papers and watch television ขnewsข everyday? Because new discoveries fascinate us…especially, news that is related to our individual preferences, biases, and personal interests.

Press releases are the most common application for the news headline, but they can also work in many other areas.

Case Study #5 – The AntiAging Super Serum

Amazing AntiWrinkle Breakthrough!

ขDoctors Are Shocked By New 30 Second FaceLiftInABottle That Turns Back The Clock 10 Years In Only 60 Daysข

ขRecent Discovery Reverses Aging Beats WrinkleReducing Retinol By 150% It Surpasses Botox (While Being Safer)… And You’ll Save A Small Fortune! Read The Astonishing Story Belowข

You get the idea?

If you have news to share a new product or a new use for an old product, for example be sure to ขinstallข that news into your headline in a big way.

See you in Part 2.

Dan Lok

Copyright 2005 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

About The Author

Dan Lok is known as ‘the Worldกs #1 Website Conversion Expertก, with a proven track record of selling over $25.7 million dollars of merchandise and services. Dan has resuscitated copy that was previously in กcritical conditionก and helped his clients to double and triple their conversion rates… some as much as 417%!!! More than 200 websites have been กLokedก and loaded for Internet action. Go to:

This article was posted on April 20, 2005

by Dan Lok

2005 Super Bowl Ads… Winners & Losers

2005 Super Bowl Ads… Winners & Losers

by: John Jordan

Well, Super Bowl XXXIX is history. Too bad for the folks who consider themselves the alwayspullinกfortheunderdog type. The Bandwagon team won.

But, as far as Super Bowls go, the losers played well. For those who care, the Eagles actually covered the 7point spread. T.O. is the deal, too. At least on the field, anyway.

They had a chance late in the game, but poor field position and bad clock management did them in. Scoring from 95 yards out with 48 seconds left? Thatกs a tall order.

So is getting/maintaining ad recall 48 hours after the final gun. Whose $80,000 per second ad was worth it? Who wouldกve done better by writing me a fat check for $2.4 million?

Read on, and find out. True to school yard rules: Suckers Walk. Losers are up first.


Sorry, Donovan, but your three picks lands you in with, Quiznoกs, and Silestone. I don’t care if you were ill. had a decent concept that quickly went bad. OK. Boopsie talking to a Senate subcommittee on CSPAN about indecency. Good start if they cut out any hint to last yearกs halftime debacle. But… they couldn’t resist. So the buxom wench wearing a tshirt has a near wardrobe malfunction. One of the craggy senators has to hit the oxygen mask.

This ad was supposed to run again, but Fox pulled it midgame. Good idea. I bet their stomachs were in as many knots as Donovan McNabbกs.

The Quiznoกs ad was mediocre at best. This talking baby concept is tiresome. As cliché as it may be, itกs still 80% less annoying than those whack rodents in pirate hats from a couple of years ago.

The one stinky Bud Light ad was one that the ESPN crowd really dug the parachuteless pilot heading out the door for the six of Diet Bud. Dumb. The desert island one with Cedric the Entertainer was iffy, too.

Speaking of stinky… what was up with Napster’s ad? Ugh! It could wind up doing more to shut them down than the Supreme Court.

This bad concept was in stark difference to their introductory spots featuring Flash animation based around their logo. Those were welldesigned and entertaining. This one was as fat and ugly as the seven shirtless blops they decided to show with a letter on each of their overdeveloped beer guts to spell NAPSTER. It was done in house and, boy, did it show.

The manufactured ขrealityข of the game and its atmosphere was lame and no one bought it. An ad taking place at the Super Bowl should be IN the Super Bowl done real time. And… trying to take on Apple’s iTunes on price? That was the second dumbest decision of this ad. No wonder it finished dead last in likability and recognition.

Now… Silestone. Valiant effort of an ad featuring Chicago sports legends. Voice over was good. It was shot nicely. But, it was a little too jumpy in the cuts to get the whole picture the first time through. The quick cut style hurt the name recognition of the line of counter tops.

Silestone and Diana Pearl are not exactly household names. And Dennis Rodman slurred his line. It sounded like กDinah Pearl, rather than, กDiana Pearl.ก Iกm sure the director or writer got dissed when they said, กUh, Worm… itกs กDiA naก.ก

กSure. Dinah.ก

As a side note, why were only Chicago Bears in it until Dennis Rodman at the end? No Scottie Pippen or Slammin’ Sammy?

On to the good กuns…


This year, the game was nearly as good as the ads, as there were a surprisingly good number of breaking spots. Leading the pack was Career Builder, FedEx, Mastercard, and AnheuserBusch.

FedEx likes to make ads relating to advertising on advertisingกs biggest stage. They did it again patching together 10 ‘tried and trueก Super bowl ad conventions to great results.

Career Builder put a great spin on a stale category with the best work since Monsterกs กI Wanna Be…ก [a brown noser, forced into retirement, etc.] from ก98. Three ads featuring a hapless chump working for chimps managed to put their name into mind share largely dominated by two others.

MasterCard got a bunch of animated branded food icons together for a meal and a nice touch of nostalgia. Ad fans and agency folks dug this one.

AB hit emotional hot buttons with a nearpublic service ad saluting troops retuning home. Yes, they were real military not actors. Their uniforms just did not have any insignias, so the common soldier would be represented. For their light beer category, the ad with the head on the wall and the designated driver spot were the best for Bud Light.

Pepsi’s second year of an iTunes promotion kicked off well. They ran a humorous spot featuring people opening winning bottles for a free song. When the bottles were opened, a song reflecting the drinker’s taste in music would play. Although the spot was humorous and worked, Pepsi could’ve really hit a home run by involving the older ขauthority figureข more into the ad. But, keeping with brand tradition, they kept the focus young.

AmeriQuest had two entertaining spots revolving around the themes of misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions. Their message was, ขWe don’t prejudge.ข The ad featuring spaghetti sauce, a cat, and knife will certainly make some ‘Best Ofข reels this year.

Decent work also included Hondaกs new pickup/SUV product introduction. Good detail with benefit highlights. Left the กHondaก out until the end. Cadillac and Volvo had solid ads. Volvo should have bought another ad, if not two, as many people missed the early run. The audience also may have missed the details on their unique contest. But they did follow up with some net portal ads the day after. Fordกs F150 Biker spot was OK. Their line that กit makes YOU tough,ก really undercut the effectiveness.

About The Author

John is a freelance commercial writer based in Omaha, Nebraska. He publishes a free monthly ezine focusing on branding, advertising, and marketing from his web site Speaking with both agency and inhouse experience, he knows the most valuable asset of a business is its brand.

This article was posted on February 10

by John Jordan

Where Two or More Keyboards Are Gathered Together.

Where Two or More Keyboards Are Gathered Together…

by: Lynne Schlumpf

Napoleon Hill, famous author of an equally famous book, "Think And Grow Rich", discussed a concept you can use to build your websiteกs fortress against failure.
I recommend this book everytime I meet someone who has that "fire" in their eyes, so if you haven’t read it, I recommend it highly!
This concept is one that many website companies use already to ensure they meet all the needs of their target audience.
This concept Dr. Hill wrote about was the "Master Mind Theory". Itกs the "strength in numbers" concept. Many famous men he was fortunate to interview like Henry Ford attributed this practice as being one of the main reasons their companies were so strong.
They were convinced they could not have grown their corporations as large without the power of several minds coming together.
You can use this principle to create alliances that will outlive other companies on the Internet. Iกm sure youกve been watching all those DotComs fall down like dominoes lately!
Some people shy away from alliances because they want to keep their company secrets to themselves. You can still keep some secrets and share a few. There are hundreds in your mind, I am sure!
Seek out other website owners with similar or even not so similar talents and interests. Write ebooks together, colloborate and build new websites together, or just about anything you feel like doing.
Brainstorming will make all of you powerful, and chances are 100 to 1 that whatever you come up with together will be far more powerful than anything you couldกve done on your own.
The Internet was built on community and sharing. Find someone to share your successes with!
Success to you!
Lynne Schlumpf

About The Author

Lynne Schlumpf is the CEO of a very successful ecommerce store, Route 66 Cyber Cafe, and the author of the new book "The Little Website That Could" Win a copy of this new book at this website!

This article was posted on February 4, 2002

by Lynne Schlumpf

The Big Bang Theory Evidence Start of Cosmos and

The Big Bang Theory Evidence Start of Cosmos and Human Evolution

by: Vijay Kumar

What is The Big Bang Theory! What do we mean when we talk of The Big Bang Theory? In Concept The Big Bang Theory would mean something related to the start of the Cosmos… the beginning of the Evolution itself.

The Big Bang Theory came to be accepted by scientists only about three decades ago as an irrefutable fact of Creationism. Does it mean that it is only The Big Bang Theory which gave birth to the existing Cosmos? Yes! The Concept ‘the Big Bang Theoryก explains to us how the Cosmos was created in the first stage.

The concept… The Big Bang Theory can be best understood by the spiritualists of the highest order. It is not merely a Concept or a Theory (The Big Bang Theory) which can be easily understood by the use of the senses alone (as the senses have their own limitations in the physical manifested world).

The Big Bang Theory has its origination in a domain which is much beyond the comprehension of the senses and the mind. It is for the Enlightened beings to be able to understand in absolute order the concept of The Big Bang Theory.

Before we elaborate further… we need to dive deep into the realms of Spirituality. Starting from the basics we need to understand that The Big Bang Theory is deeply related to God the Almighty. For the atheist it may be almost impossible to correctly interpret and understand The Concept of The Big Bang Theory. Why?

Why does The Big Bang occur at all… in the realms of Spirituality the only existence which has any base in the whole of Cosmos is God the Almighty, the Creator himself. Nothing beyond the existence of God the Almighty exists. Whatever exists from the point of view of the senses is ephemeral in nature. Nothing has any permanent significance in the realms of Spirituality. Truthfully speaking it is God and only God which exists and manifests in the whole of Cosmos.

Why so? Understanding the Concept of the basic building block of the whole Cosmos… the Concept and Theory of atoms and molecules… we shall realize that the whole Cosmos is only built up of clusters of atoms and molecules. The total structure of the Cosmos is just a gaseous formation… in which only clusters of atoms and molecules exist. There is nothing solid in the whole of Cosmos.

It is only when perceived from the point of view of the senses and the mind that the solidification of the gaseous formation seems to exist. And beyond the realms of the senses and the mind exists… the World of God, the Almighty! Does it mean that God the Almighty is a cluster of atoms and molecules? In a way yes! Let me explain further…

Assuming that only God the Almighty exists in the whole of Cosmos… then as explained in the Bhagavad Gita… the most sacred document existing on Mother Earth… the size of God in its primordial state before The Big Bang occurs in Theory is of the size of half a thumb. And what is this half the size of a thumb we call as God the Almighty?

The definition of God the Almighty as given in the Bhagavad Gita is the sum total of all purified Souls (Atmans) existing in the whole of Cosmos at a given point of time and these purified Souls combine together to form the size of half a thumb. Imagine the vast cluster of energy this small size of God the Almighty may withhold! And unable to sustain this massive energy for long… this half the size of a thumb what we call as God the Almighty explodes. And it explodes with a Big Bang giving birth to The Big Bang Theory!

This Big Bang… the explosion which is defined by scientists as The Big Bang Theory results in the creation of the Cosmos… a Cosmos consisting of many universes and each universe consisting of many galaxies and Milky Ways… and one galaxy consisting of billions of stars and solar systems… and one star like the sun having a few planets revolving around it. And out of the many planets… Our planet Mother Earth… the moment it has conducive environment worthy of living… the Souls manifest one after another and starts the journey of life on Mother Earth!

The Big Bang Theory… the Concept in itself is irrefutable and undeniable for the basic reason that no other Theory or Concept holds good. The Enlightened masters like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed knew of this irrefutable Concept and Theory (The Big Bang Theory) the moment they became enlightened. For an Enlightened Soul to be able to understand the Concept of Spirituality from the beginning to the end of Cosmos becomes a reality.

The Big Bang Theory has its roots in the Concept that the entire purified Souls combine together to form something we know as God the Almighty. And this God the Almighty unable to contain itself for long because of the inherent massive energy within explodes with a Big Bang and this results in the start of a new Cosmos… a new journey!

Proceeding further we need to understand that these purified Souls (Atmans) which have now scattered all over the Cosmos start gaining impurities on their cosmic journey. And it is only after the dross within is removed from the Souls that they shall become free forever from manifesting further bodies.

As the whole Cosmos cools down gradually… the system gives birth to many planets and out of these planets some of them become conducive for beginning of life with passage of time. And what is this life we are talking of? Are we talking of the insect life, the plant life, the animal life or the world of human beings themselves?

Every Soul (Atman) like the metal embedded in any metal ore cannot separate itself from the impurities contained therein. And to cleanse itself of the impurities… every Soul (Atman) requires a body. And thus starts the cosmic journey of a Soul (an Atman)!

The journey of this Soul (Atman) starts as an amoeba (single cell formation)… The first manifestation in the cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations… ending with the form of a human being (the last stage in the series of various manifestations) finally to gain Salvation and come back to its original pristine form. The moment cosmic journey of all Jiva (life forms) end with the Dissolution of the Cosmos… starts a new Cosmos confirming The Big Bang Theory.

The journey from first manifestation to the 8.4 millionth manifestation explains the Concept of Evolution as detailed by Charles Darwin. A long cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations and a total period of 96.4 million earthly years is necessitated before the Soul can come back to its original pristine form and it is in the last stages as a human being that the Soul shall gain Salvation… liberation from the cycle of various manifestations for ever and finally become free until the start of a new Cosmos with a new Big Bang (The Big Bang Theory).

We need to understand here that once having come back to its original pristine pure form… this purified Soul remains in its purified state until the collapse of the Cosmos occurs. It is at the time of the collapse (Dissolution) of the Cosmos (Pralaya as we call it in Hinduism) that all purified Souls combine together again resulting in The Big Bang (confirming again the existence of The Big Bang Theory).

About The Author

Vijay Kumar… The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains The Big Bang Theory Evidence Start of Cosmos and Human Evolution. For more details on Evolution Spirituality and Creation visit

This article was posted on August 03

by Vijay Kumar

Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

by: Jeff Solochek

There is a common saying that whenever you are presented with a problem or a challenge, you should turn it into an opportunity. Some of the people who have mastered this concept are; the United States Government, Large Corporations, Self Made Millionaires.
Was Y2K really a threat? Loot at all the companies that made a fortune helping you to become Y2K compliant. When it came right down to the wire nothing happened according to the predictions, we all remained on the Internet, our computers did not crash.
Michelangelo virus was yet another example; mass devastation was forecasted, yet few really got hit with the virus, but the software companies raked it in with increased sales for anti virus software to consumers in a panic.
The latest is the creation of email postage, as ridiculous as this concept sounds this is just yet another example of big corporations coming up with more and more ways to get the American public to bow to control. The general idea behind this is to charge email marketers postage on each email sent out. The bill died pretty quickly but now we have yet another bill called the Can/Spam Act just enacted. With this for an email marketer it would mean exorbitant rates just to have the privilege of reaching their recipients. Who is behind this? The answer should be obvious; it is big corporations like Microsoft and AOL. I believe Microsoft is charging approximately a $1400.00 licensing fee to email marketers if they wish to be able to deliver their advertisements with MSN or Hotmail email addresses.
If that is not bad enough check out the latest with Identity Theft issues. It seems as though because of the problem being so huge, Credit card companies are now offering Identity Theft protection, yes you can get insurance now incase your identity is stolen, which of course you must pay for. Lets look at this concept for a minute, if you don’t want to lose a bundle getting hit by an ID thief and you cannot be guaranteed your information will stay private, though the Privacy Act demands it, you must pay for protection.
When you sign up for an account with a Credit Card company and have to give them your personal information, they are supposed to protect that information from leaking out to those who could use it against you. What is even worse is when it really does happen, it involves so many innocent people not just one, that law enforcement officers tend to misunderstand what is really going on and tend to revictimize innocent victims. In some recent cases Victims have actually been accused of crimes themselves and had to defend themselves against judicial systems that are failing to recognize the problem for what it is. They are falsely accused and jailed in some cases for crimes they did not commit, all because a thief took it upon himself to wreak havoc on one persons life.
The character in Mel Gibson’s ข Conspiracy Theoryข would have a field day with this information. So herein lies the proof that every situation has potential to be turned into opportunity given the right attention be paid, and the drive take the steps to make it happen.
Jeffrey A Solochek

About The Author

Jeffrey A. Solochek

AIM Chameleonjeff

Get everything you need for your business all in one location, Hosting for unlimited domains, Unlimited email address and autoresponders, Ebooks with resale rights, wholesale sources, learn whatกs currently working and what to stay away from.
Do you need to prospect for affiliates, JV Partners, customers and suppliers? this software does all that and more.

This article was posted on July 21, 2004

by Jeff Solochek

The Concept of the Paperless Office

The Concept of the Paperless Office

by: Maricon Williams

The concept of a paperless office may seem a futuristic phenomenon. It’s about a workplace originating bulk of information electronically. Everything is packaged in a pc! But is the concept now a reality?

In the article A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Paperless Office Industry Trend or Event OfficeSolutions by Carrie Rivera posted on October 2000, the author said that combining small desktop scanners with high speed network scanners, your office has the potential to become paperless, allowing you to pull documents up at the snap of your fingers as well as electronically archive records.

An article in entitled Paperless Office caught my attention. It writes, ขNow, however, we firmly believe we have reached a point where the กvirtuallyก paperless office can become reality, even for those who don’t believe they have computer skills. Having put these techniques into action myself we have experienced a newfound freedom.ข

When we think of Paperless office, we envision an efficient way of conducting business something that is not compromising on the quality and saves time and effort on our part. Another thing is that all office documents are just at your fingertips. You can carry with you loads of work and documents. Once you have a true paperless office, you can put everything in your briefcase and take it anywhere in the globe. It can also save you a fortune. You can cut back on stationery, ink and mind you taxes! With it you can have a completely taxfree environment without prejudice of course if the law making body enacts taxation laws with regards to the matter.

Another crucial point that people brainstorm about is security. Business documents are the lifeline of every business. It has to be secured and guarded. Analyzing the security threats, two risks must be prevented. First the risk that somebody might stole it, and second the risk of you losing the data.

The first risk can be solved by the use of a special software. You should take an expert for this because this really matters. The second risk can also be prevented by backing up. Tedious as it may seem but it’s a must to do it.

In the article The paperless office Myth or Reality? Posted on Nov. 19, 2001, it says: ขExperts have been predicting over the last thirty years the concept of the paperless office. Yet research from a newly published book, The Myth of the Paperless Office, by Richard Harper, University of Surrey and Abigail Sellen indicates that the use of paper has increased and that this increase is due to the introduction of new digital technology.ข

As for me, we cannot 100% get rid of paper. We are still a paperbased society. The transition will happen gradually and we are in the point of sustaining the transition… While we are in this stage, we must get the best use of both paper and digital media.

About The Author

Maricon Williams

For questions and comments about the Artcile you may contact The Postcard Printing Moderator at 888 888 4211 or visit

This article was posted on January 24

by Maricon Williams