Computer EWaste Recycling Now Fueled By Lack Of A

Computer EWaste Recycling Now Fueled By Lack Of Australian Legislation

by: David Allman

Motivated by the lack of Australian government legislation and limited options available concerning the disposal of computer ewaste, IT Recyclers has initiated a much needed computer recycling service aimed primarily at Sydney business who wish to play an essential part in reducing computer landfill.

Due to an affluent lifestyle and a growing population, Australia is the world’s second largest waste creator after the United States, according to the Federal Department of Environment. Compared to countries such as the US, Japan and parts of Europe, Australia is yet to introduce significant national legislation that would help reduce the amount of computer waste ending up in landfill. Australia’s emerging computer recycling industry, such as IT Recyclers, can’t remain solely responsible for managing ewaste, state and federal governments must also take an active role.

ขThe rate of technology is moving so fast, businesses as well as consumers tend to update their computer equipment on average every 3 years,ข said David Allman IT Recyclers business founder.

ขWe’ve discovered that many businesses throughout Sydney just aren’t aware of computer recycling, nor the increasing problem ewaste is to Australia’s environment. They tend to dispose of their equipment straight to landfill.

On the other hand we’ve found many concerned business owners taking interest in the way they treat the environment, but don’t know what to do. Until we approached them with our service, they’ve reluctantly been disposing their unwanted computer equipment straight to waste. The fact is there hasn’t been a convenient or viable recycling solution on offer until nowข, David Allman said.

Estimates by the Australian Federal Department of Environment say that by next year, 1.6 million obsolete computers and associated equipment will be sent to landfill, 1.8 million will be sent to storage, and 16 million will already be sitting in storage awaiting an undetermined fate.

For further information, contact David Allman at IT Recyclers on:

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Formed in September 2004 by David Allman, IT Recyclers offers Sydney based companies a cost effective, convenient and environmentally responsible service for recycling their obsolete computer equipment.

For further information, contact David Allman at IT Recyclers on:

+612 0432 937 452, or visit

This article was posted on January 10

by David Allman

How To Fail Online, or Alternatively, What To Avoi

How To Fail Online, or Alternatively, What To Avoid In Order To Succeeed

by: Dr. David Lowenstein

“One click and you message gets to 100/200/xxx million websites a day” “Make $1,000/5,000/xxxxx straight to your paypal/stormpay or mailbox just by emailing this or mailing that to X of your friends” “Here is how you get 20 million subscribers/affiliates…”

Sounds familiar? Haven’t we all (yes, me too..) thought “Hay, this is Exactly what I need/want!” and, signed for free or, God forbid, paid Money and…a few days later…

I do hope that you are reading this article a minute before you intended To join such a “blabla” offer. It will save you some hard earned dollars.

Question – Who’s to blame? Should we all blame the one offering us These programs? I am certain that your immediate response is “Yes!” Well, you’re wrong! We are the ones to be blamed! We so much want To believe this “magic crap” that we act as their best salesperson.. Who doesn’t want overnight success? I’ll be more blunt – who doesn’t Want an immediate success without putting any work? (lotto…?)


To be totally honest and straightforward, these offers should also mention

That: “sign with us and..

work hard for 23 years

invest a lot of time in building trust relations with people “The Best Vitamin For Making Friends Is B1”

you’re about to have rough times during which you’ll be certain that nothing works for you (“everyone seems to have something to offer/sell. How can I get through and succeed selling my product/program??!!”)

IMPORTANT, Never Ever Give Up!

Would they be online if they wrote it (The Simple Truth!)? Of course NOT!

They are simply after your money and that is all there is to it.

But there’s hope. The hope lies in your common sense and determination –

NEVER GIVE UP! Tell yourself:

1. The Opportunities are there. I can make it online.

2. I know I’ll have rough times.

3. I’ll NEVER go for what appears to be “magic” because if it doesn’t

Work (and it NEVER does) I’ll get frustrated and give up. Remember –

It’s The START that STOPS most people!

4. Prior to every purchase I’ll make, whether an ebook, a service or a

Program, I’ll positively answer the following:

4.a. Will this purchase really move my knowledge/business onwards?

4.b. Will it result in more potentially successful contacts/leads?

4.c. Will I be able to use it, within a reasonable period of time, to Increase my profits?

4.d. Am I willing to invest work in it and give it a fair chance?

4.e. If someone else offered it to me, would I go for it? (This is critical because the answer will indicate whether you’ll be able to offer it to others).

Sorry it sounds like a nightmare, it is NOT. It Is Reality. The route to success Resides in yourself – BE DTERMINED, DON’T GET DISTRACTED, Keep Looking straight ahead to your final goal AND YOU’LL GET THERE.

You can achieve a level of success online which will significantly increase Your income. Opportunities and customers are there (and growing every day By outstanding numbers). Let time and work determine what is going to be Your money making opportunity. Just Avoid “Magic Crap”!

And one last advice – No One Can Help Everybody, but Everybody Can Help Somebody. Use this advice to build trust.

Wishing You A Pleasant Journey,

Dr. David Lowenstein

About The Author

Dr. David Lowenstein is an Internet Business Development Consultant, Author and Speaker. David publishes a unique, advertismentfree, newsletter titled กHBIPTก Home Business Instant Profit Tips & Tricks. If you’re looking for the BEST RATED home business ideas, tips, กHow Toก exact steps and tricks along with opportunities and helpul support from an honest friend in the business, go to Davidกs web site and grab your FREE subscription TODAY or email your request and you name to

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in Print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A Courtesy copy of your publication including the article would Be appreciated.

This article was posted on July 18, 2003

by Dr. David Lowenstein

Some O. H. & S. For You To Consider

Some O. H. & S. For You To Consider

by: David Berghouse

Clicking a mouse isn’t exactly vigorous exercise, so I thought we might consider a little Occupational Health and Safety. If you’re like me, you spend quite a few hours each day กslaving over a hot computerก and itกs probably one the most sedantary things you can do.
As well as some exercise, there are several things you should pay attention to concerning your workspace.
Your chair.
Often in home offices, we sit on any spare chair available that probably isn’t really the right height relative to the desk we are using. These mismatches accelerate the onset of fatigue as we work with a bad posture. Ergonomic chairs have height adjustments to match you to your desk you can adjust the height so that your elbows are at a comfortable height relative to the desk top. This makes typing more effortless than it would otherwise be.
Your posture
You should not slouch when working at your desk. This produces a restriction in the diaphragm movement as you breathe resulting in shallower breathing and hence less oxygen in the blood and to the brain which can make you drowsey. Good posture allows for deeper breathing, helping to avoid drowsiness.
Your eyes
As you work with your computer you should look away from the screen regularly. When you are looking at the screen constantly your eyes are focussed at a fixed distance. Over an extended period the little muscles that control the lens in your eyes become tired of holding that fixed focus and can start to ache. By looking up into the distance regularly you give these muscles the chance to move and focus on different distances. Gazing out the window is healthy !
Three tips to make you more alert and productive.
David Berghouse.

Helping Small Business use the Internet since 1995.

About The Author

David Berghouse.

(Copyright 2004)

Helping Small Business use the Internet since 1995.

This article was posted on July 11, 2004

by David Berghouse

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips

by: David Chew

I am going to talk about how to improve your emails open rate. Everyday, count how many emails you receive and did you open all of them? I guess your answer is กNOก. We are all become more selective, we choose what we want to read based on the sender and the email title.

So, your challenge is to get your email recipient to open your email. Your job does not stops there by sending your email to your recipient inbox. If your emails do not get opened, all your efforts in preparing and sending the emails become wasted.

Here are some tips where you can apply immediately to improve the likelihood that your emails will be opened by your recipients.

(1) Make your title compelling

The email title is the most important part of your email because it determines whether your emails get opened or not. So, put some efforts to come up a good title. The title is your headlines.

(2) Your กFromก line must be recognizable with either:

your name

your web site name

your ezine name

Do not use email address that carries no identity. I normally delete all these no identify emails. For example,, or

(3) If possible, use personalization

Use your recipient name in the headline. This creates attention and provoke relationship between you and your recipients. For example:

David, your weekly marketing thoughts and tips newsletter.

Kevin, discover how we can help you to build a residue income at home

(4) Do not write a hype subject line

I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning of my Internet carrier even though it is true and not hype. This is true when the claims are too far from facts. Ask yourself, do you open emails with following headings:

Earn $5000 in one month, Risk Free

You can become millionaire by following our system

Earn up to $80000 without selling

Without further thinking, I just press the กDeleteก key.

(5) Make your first paragraph attractive

Once your recipients open your email, the next thing they will see is your first paragraph. Make it compelling, motivating and make them want to continue reading.

These are strategies you may use immediately to increase the response rate.

About The Author

David Chew is a professional marketer and He is the editor of QuickRetirement Newsletter. Valuable weekly featured articles and tips that you can practice to properly manage your life style, to get you out of debt faster and help you create a long lasting passive income. Our Ultimate objective is to help you Retire Quickly. Subscribe at

This article was posted on March 02, 2004

by David Chew

10 Ways To Improve Your Print Ads

10 Ways To Improve Your Print Ads

by: David Coyne

1) Include a coupon in your large ads. This can increase response from 25 to 100 percent. Your coupon could offer the prospect your brochure or catalog.
2) Use a benefit headline on your coupon that affirms the prospect is getting valuable, needed information. E.g. ขYes, I want to reduce my inventory costs by 50 percent.ข
3) Include a picture of your brochure or catalog in your ad.
4) Use a sidebar in your ad packed with tips that your prospect will find useful. E.g ข10 Ways To Reduce Your Phone Bill.ข
5) Concentrate your copy on the prospect, not on your company. Tell your prospect how your product or service will solve their problems. Use the words ขyouข and ขyourข frequently and ขIข and ขWeข less.
6) With a smaller ad, you can ask the prospect to tear out the ad, attach their business card and mail it to your company.
7) Consider converting your ad into an advertorial. This format looks more like an article and contains valuable information. It attracts people who normally skip over ads because advertorials look like editorial content. If the publisher will allow it, use the same typeface as the publication the advertorial appears in. To see advertorial samples, visit the ขPortfolioข section of my website
8) Put quotation marks around the headline. This can draw 28 percent more attention than a headline without quotation marks.
9) Consider running your ad in black and white if you’re using mostly text in the ad. Without colour, the ad looks more like an article.
10) The headline is the most important part of an ad. Spend time creating a powerful, benefit packed headline. If you don’t stop the reader in their tracks with a good headline, few will bother to read the rest of the ad.

About The Author

David Coyne is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Need help writing your brochures, ads, web pages and other marketing materials? Contact David at his web site:

This article was posted on July 24, 2004

by David Coyne