Explode Your Internet Traffic With Blogs and RSS F

Explode Your Internet Traffic With Blogs and RSS Feeds

by: Craig Desorcy

What would you give to see your web traffic increase drastically? Now let me do my best salesman impression, and say that not only can you watch your net traffic explode, but you can do it today! Why wait? Okay, you’re probably wondering how much this bunch of hype is going to lift from your wallet, right? The answer is that you can employ a simple strategy, sit back and watch the fireworks as your web traffic goes through the roof absolutely free of charge. That’s right totally free and we’re not talking no payments until…..we’re talking about no payments ever!

Now most of us know that ขfreeข things usually have a catch. Adam felt that way too. The first time he heard his friends talking about getting their sites indexed on Yahoo! within hours and without paying any fees, he secretly rolled his eyes. After all, he’d heard quite a few of their hairbrained schemes that had led nowhere. This time he was a bit surprised when his best friend Nick’s web traffic went absolutely wild. Nick’s unchecked gloating finally got Adam’s goat, and he grudgingly admitted that, ขHey, maybe there was something to it.ข

Adam spent some time actually researching RSS feeds and was quite surprised to see how wide open the idea was. Less than 100,000 web sites across the globe were employing the use of blogs and RSS feeds. He began madly calculating that number when compared with the more than 6 billion web sites, and decided he’d get busy learning all about these new marketing tools. The harvest was ripe, and the reapers were few!

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RSS feeds and blogs are indeed the latest rage in marketing techniques for the Internet. Simple and easy to use, their appeal is doubly enhanced by the fact that they virtually provide free advertising. Search engines love RSS feeds and blogs because the information changes often. They will return again and again to your web site to soak up the latest information.

So what if you’re technically challenged? You don’t have to be a web designer or marketing guru to employ these tools! The ability to type is the most necessary skill for implementing RSS feeds and blogs. In fact, if you use the hunt and peck typing method, who will know? You simply need to supply your readers with a few paragraphs of material periodically, and let the search engines do the rest.

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Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time on the internet running his blog and websites of interest.


This article was posted on February 05

by Craig Desorcy

How To Become A DataFeed Super Affiliate

How To Become A DataFeed Super Affiliate

by: Konstantin Goudkov

I am not going to describe what a product feed (or a datafeed) is. There is a lot of information out there about how to use one to build sites. Instead, I want to talk about how you can actually make more sales with datafeed sites.

The program that I manage offers a product feed, and I get a chance to see a sad picture of many good affiliates wasting their potential.

Here is my advice from the affiliate managerกs perspective.

Whenever you join (or think bout joining) a program, you need to look for two things:

Temporary or permanent opportunities

Flaws of a merchant

Here is an example of an opportunity that was created by an outside factor.

Recently, we got removed from the Yahoo index because of a penalty. I have no idea when (or if) we will get included back in, but I do know that it makes one decision much easier for our affiliates.

Judging by the numerous posts on various SEOrelated message boards, it looks like Google and Yahoo use very different algorithms to rank pages. So for any given site, you have a choice to make. You can optimize for Yahoo, for Google, or for both.

Since Yahoo and Google use different algorithms, it is going to be hard to optimize the same set of pages for both of those engines at the same time, unless you employ heavy cloaking. And the way I see it, for an affiliate, it is better to appear high on one search engine than to appear low on both of them in an attempt to optimize for different algorithms at the same time.

Imagine that you are one of our affiliates. Given the information I just told you, shouldn’t you concentrate on Yahoo for that datafeed site that is being used to promote our products?

Why spend (at least) half of your time and resources on optimizing for Google when you know that we are nowhere to be found in Yahoo?

You have to have an extremely well linked and optimized site to get ahead of the merchant for the exact productname search terms. The merchant is your biggest obstacle when it comes to the search engine traffic. So if there is a route that lets you get around that obstacle take it!

Most of our wellperforming affiliates did just that. Either intentionally or unintentionally, they ended up making much more money by appearing high in Yahoo results, while not being ranked high in Google.

So on a practical side of things, here is what you should do.

For your existing merchants, check if they are removed from the index in any of the major search engines, and if they are, then start reading and implementing SEO tips for that particular engine.

And if you are thinking about joining a program and can’t decide between several merchants, then check if any of them is not in the index of either Yahoo or Google. If you find a merchant like that drop everything else you are doing and jump on that program.

As far as theory goes, this was just a simple, but specific example of what you should look for to make your efforts pay off. There are many different opportunities to get ahead in existing programs with datafeed sites; you just have to look for them.

Now, letกs talk about flaws of merchants and how you can exploit them to make more money and help consumers at the same time.

I will give another specific example, but you should be able to apply this concept to many different programs.

Our site has one huge structural flaw: we only list products by productoriented categories.

In other words, there is no way to navigate our site by a specific occasion or by the purchasing intent of a visitor.

You can follow a path like:

widgets > wooden widgets > red wooden widgets

This setup works fine for some type of shoppers, but is a complete turnoff for others.

And the problem is that most affiliates simply mirror the catalog structure of a merchant according to their feed.

But if you structured your site to list widgets as:

widgets for birthdays

widgets for girlfriends

widgets for those who are over 50

the Independence Day widgets


then you would attract different type of shoppers. You would no longer compete with the merchant, but instead you would complement them.

A visitor who is looking for a gift for his 50something friend and has no idea that a red wooden widget would be perfect, will not travel down the path laid out by our catalog. So if he gets to our home page, we simply lose a sale. And if your datafeedbased site follows the same structure you lose as sale as well.

Also, since the visitor does not know that he really wants a red wooden widget, he we not use those keywords while searching for a present on the search engines.

But if you attracted that visitor to your site, presented him with ideas for older friendsก birthday gifts and guided him to that specific widgetกs page then we would make a sale, you would make a commission, and the visitor (turned customer) would get his present with much less searching around. Everyone wins.

Such approach takes more work than simply cloning the merchantกs site with a feed, but affiliates who actually do something to complement merchant instead competing with them make a lot more money. After all, if you create a copy of a merchantกs site you are not only competing with the merchant, you are also competing with all of their affiliates that use the same feed in the same way.

About The Author

Konstantin Goudkov manages an affiliate program with a merchant that carries 2500+ gifts. If you enjoy working with companies that treat affiliates like valued partners then be sure to check us out.

You can find more information about our program at: http://www.genericgifts.com/affiliate_program.jsp


This article was posted on January 05

by Konstantin Goudkov

Should I Be My Own Boss?

Should I Be My Own Boss?

by: Chris Brown

You may have been drawn in by a web site or perhaps it was a commercial on television that first got your thoughts focused on starting a home business. No matter what it was, when you realize that you can work from home and be your own boss, it is almost impossible to not feel excited.
How about those frustrating work days; is it a coworker that gives you those negative feelings or is it something that the boss says or does?
Do you realize that you can feel great about how you earn your living?
How does it make you feel when I tell you that anyone can be their own boss?
Keep that excited feeling…
Don’t run out and quit your job just yet.
To be straightforward, Iกd like to make it clear right now that starting and running your own business from home will require you to invest your time and hardearned money, but, this pays off. If you work hard, it will pay off BIG.
Are you the kind of person that never finishes what you start, or do you frown upon hard work?
If so, then a home business may not be right for you. To successfully become your own boss, you are going to have to get motivated, set goals and follow through with the goals that you’ve set. Hard work is the key to your success.
When you own a home business, your income will be a direct result of your own hard work. Your success will always reflect your efforts…don’t ever forget this.
Every time you make a sale, the immensely exciting feelings you get will pay off more than the money you make from the sale it’s self.
When you can choose your hours, choose your days off, choose your vacation length and choose your salary…this is when your home business has truly paid off.
Being straightforward again, generally, you will start out making a little bit here and a little bit there. Your first month is one of the hardest. As you keep a positive outlook and continue to work on building your business, you will begin to see more sales and you will most likely begin getting feedback from your subscribers and customers.
At six months, if you have been working hard, you will be surprised with how well you are doing and solid ideas will be forming.
After a year of working from home, you will be impressed. Now, this is the time that you are realizing, all of the effort, time and capital that you are putting in is completely worth it.
I’ll keep this short. Be positive, stay motivated, set goals, work until your goals are achieved and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you. Be proud of your accomplishments while you feel the feelings and reap the benefits of your selfbuilt success.
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Chris Brown runs SuperiorIncome.com, an informative site, dedicated to those of us who work from home or really want to make money. If you are interested in *top quality* home business opportunities, tips about making money online and help from a straightforward friend that works from home, Grab a subscription to the F`R`E`E newsletter today at: http://www.SuperiorIncome.com

This article was posted on May 16, 2004

by Chris Brown