Getting Noticed!

Getting Noticed!

by: Sue and Chuck DeFiore

One of the best ways to get your name out in your local community is to become a sponsor. A few hundred dollars gets your company name on little League caps; a little more, perhaps an ad at a roller rink. Donate money or materials to the local parade or a float. This buys goodwill and is great selfpromotion. If you provide a service donate that. For example, when we operated a word processing business we offered to do resumes for free for those out of work. If you are a hair stylist, offer to cut hair free to senior homes, or for children. If you run a pet related business offer some free products or service. Every business has something they can provide for free,even if it is only your time.

Be sure when you do something of this type to alert the local media. They love talking about what local businesses are doing for the community. However, do this sparingly. Don’t over use it or it loses its effectiveness.

In todayกs business arena setting up a web site is a must. For most businesses you don’t need anything fancy just a couple of pages which includes contact information, location and what your company policies are. For example, some background information on you (associations you belong to, educational background, qualifications). If you have some testimonials, this helps also. If you provide a newsletter, let folks know how they can receive it. You can also provide directions to your business, put specials on your website that you are running for the month, week or any time period you choose.

Brochures are another excellent way to get your name out there. Highlight your businessกs benefits to create copy that sells. Be sure however to make the content interesting and draw the reader in and motivate them to do business with you.

When you combine effective content with an easytoread, eyecatching design, your brochure will become a hardworking partner that will help you win the customers you need to start your company out right.

Another great way to get your name out and to tell your customers what you do is to use a Newsletter. Newsletters can be wonderful tools for communicating with your customers or prospects. Because of their format, they’re often infused with more credibility than traditional brochures. If your newsletter is little more than blatant selfpromotion, however, itกs likely to hit the wastebasket before it hits your targetกs desk.

We have given you a number of ways to get your name out there so start promoting yourself!

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This article was posted on September 09, 2003

by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

The Mountain Highs & The Valley Lows When Starting

The Mountain Highs & The Valley Lows When Starting A Home Based Business

by: Kirk Bannerman

The emotional aspects of starting a home business can have you experiencing high highs and low lows. In addition to the immediate luxuries of being your own boss, setting your own working hours, and avoiding a stressful commute, there are also significant things on the other side of the ledger…starting and building a home business is not just an automatic trip to the promised land. The need for self discipline is important…since you don’t have a boss and a place to report for work, it is now up to you to schedule your time and perform productive tasks on your own.

Set actual work hours. Decide what hours you are going to work each day and stick to it as much as possible. This is one of the beautiful things about a home based business…you get to make this choice based upon your own personal situation for that particular day. Make ‘to doก lists for each day. Then, as you complete the items, check them off the list. You can transfer anything you don’t get done on a particular day to the next days list and make some notation so that you can see that it is a carryover from the previous day…however, remain constantly aware of the procrastination trap which leads you to keep putting things off until tomorrow. Hopefully, this will help you to stay organized and on task and allow you to make some real progress in developing your home based business.

In the early going, one of the most difficult things about developing a new home based business is dealing with the emotional roller coaster that can result from the highs (successes) and lows (temporary setbacks) you are almost certain to experience. Once you have done the research and decided on a particular home based business opportunity, you really need to focus on PERSISTENCE and realize that any real business will not just automatically become successful in days or weeks…you should be prepared to give it your best effort for at least 6 to 12 months in order to begin to build a solid income base.

Highs and lows were something that I began to notice when I first started a home based business. I have many years of top level management experience in ขtraditionalข corporations and have experienced lots of business cycles (corporate ขups and downsข), but the natural ขups and downsข that occur in a home business (particularly in the early stages) can be emotionally brutal if you don’t prepare yourself in advance for the fact that it is a basic law of nature…it will be a rocky road until you have spent enough time and effort to build your business to a level that sort of smoothes out the peaks and valleys.

The impact of the high and lows you will probably experience in developing your home based business is amplified by the fact that you are now in business on your own You are the boss and get to make all the decisions, but you are also on your own in dealing with the frustrations that will occur along the way while you are developing your business.

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Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at

This article was posted on September 25, 2003

by Kirk Bannerman

Home Based Business; Quick, Easy Money…And Pigs

Home Based Business; Quick, Easy Money…And Pigs Will Fly

by: Kirk Bannerman

Here come those flying pigs!

Does it ever end? Iกve been involved with Internetbased home businesses for some time and I continue to be exposed to a seemingly endless barrage of offers (all costing me money, of course) claiming to be ‘the secretก for making a fantastic income, in a very short time, and with very little effort involved.

I must admit that I may have a slightly selfserving reason for addressing this topic. My articles are published on my homebased business websites for the purpose of trying to give prospective team members a true sense of what is really involved with starting and developing a successful home based business. The selfserving part, I suppose, is that I want people joining my team to have the straight scoop going in so that we don’t waste each otherกs time. I admit to being selfish in this regard (I don’t want to waste time working with people that have unrealistic expectations), but it is also very efficient for both parties involved, so it is not a totally oneway thing.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Thereกs no magic here, folks. Once you have selected the home business that you are going to pursue, there are no substitutes for time and effort in developing your business. A dream of being an กovernight successก is just that, a dream.

I can tell you from personal experience, that once you กpay your duesก and begin to have real success with a home based business, it is really terrific. Think about Nirvana or Valhalla, take your pick, but in any event itกs really sweet.

When I started developing a home based business, making a good income was obviously an objective, but I also had other subobjectives. One of the most important things was to have nearly total time flexibility (I mean, if I was willing to continue to wear the 95 MonFri collar I could just have just stayed in the previously ‘traditionalก work force).

Time flexibility was (and still is) a กbiggieก for me. Many people working at home have the same need for various reasons. For work at home moms, a home business can be a real godsend to accommodate the hectic time pressures, particularly when the kids are quite young and mom is also spelled ‘transportationก.

In my own particular case, the reason is not quite so noble…I just want (need?) to be able to pick up my fly rod and go fishing at a moments notice (sometimes Iกll be gone for a week or two at a time, but now the business has enough momentum that it keeps on operating just as well as if I were here tending to it on a daily basis).

Bear in mind, I am only able do the breakaway thing now that I have put in all the upfront time and effort and now have developed enough kinetic energy in my homebased Internet business to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at

This article was posted on March 22

by Kirk Bannerman

Home Based Business Opportunity: Secrets Of Succes

Home Based Business Opportunity: Secrets Of Success In Home Based Business Opportunity, Exposed

by: Ikey Benney, CEO

Do you have a home based business opportunity or program?

Are you doing any affiliate program?

What type of home based business opportunity are you doing?

Are you a shining success in the home business opportunity that you’re doing?

Are you making enough money to feel financially secured?

Most people rush into a home based business opportunity for various reasons.

Some people are tired of working in jobs and desire a home based business opportunity as away to escape from the 95 job rat race.

Some other people desire a home based business opportunity so as to earn extra incomes to supplement the money they make at their jobs.

Other people desire home based business opportunity because of the comfort and freedom of working from their homes and the power it gives them to control their financial destinies.

There are some people who have gone into a home based business opportunity because they are retired and need something to keep them busy.

When the internet gold rush happened about 6 years ago, millions of average people all over the world rushed into different types of home based business opportunities because they bought the internet hype of get rich fast.

Millions of companies were born overnight and they began to offer free affiliate programs.

Millions of people signed up with the mistaken notion that just by signing up and getting a free website to promote a home based business opportunity that they will get rich over night.

This gave birth to various internet promotions and marketing.

One of the most annoying internet promotions was spamming.

This in turn gave birth to antispam activism which has almost wiped out spamming.

After 1 or 2 years, most of these millions of people who rushed into home based business opportunity had to admit failure because they were not making any money.

Their dreams of fast internet wealth were shattered.

As a way to console themselves, they started branding all and every home based business opportunity as scams.

Most will buy a home based business opportunity and after they download or receive it will claim the home based business opportunity is scam (even though they have not tried it yet and have no proof) and apply for a chargeback and a refund so as to eat their cake and have it also.

By so doing, they ripped off the sellers of these home based business opportunities.

While some of the companies that promote home based business opportunity may engage in deceptive advertising, it is not true that all home based business opportunities are scams.

Most home based business opportunities are valid and can make the buyer a lot of money.

The problem is that most people that buy home based business opportunity are not capable of doing them.

Most don’t have a clue about marketing and promotion.

Most of them buy the programs or sign up in free affiliate programs and after they get the website they don’t do any serious marketing.

A lot of these people don’t even know the difference between selling and marketing.

I have known some of these people who don’t even know how to write a simple business letter or email.

They write an email without beginning it with a salutation and at the end of the email, they don’t include their names or phone number or physical address.

When they phone you and leave a message on your answering machine, they don’t even know they have to state their names, the reason why they are calling and their own phone number and the best time you may call them back.

Most of them don’t even know how to create a folder or save a document or upload a file or install a software and yet they have signed up in 100 different affiliate programs and home based business opportunities and dream of making a million bucks overnight!

Is it any surprise that these people fail miserably?

The least that any serious business person should know how to do should be how to write business letter.

Most of the people that fail in home business opportunity have no discipline.

They have the mistaken notion that working from home and doing home based opportunity program means that they can wake up anytime they like and that they can choose whether to work or not and when to work or not.

They fail to realize that doing a home based business opportunity can be more demanding than doing a regular job.

Doing a home based business opportunity requires more discipline and competence than a regular job because you may have to do many different chores all by yourself since at the beginning you probably will be working alone may not be able to hire helpers.

This means that you may have to play many roles and do so many things all at the same time.

You may be forced to become a website designer, a copy editor, a sales person, a customer service, a spokes person, an attorney, a book keeper, an accountant, and a publisher all at the same time.

This is one of the biggest reasons why most people fail in home based business opportunity because they are unable to play all these roles at the same time.

Another reason why most people fail in home based business opportunity is that they don’t spend enough money to promote it.

To attain success in any home based business opportunity may require that you spend thousands of dollars.

It may require that you do different types of marketing.

You may have to do both online and offline marketing.

You may have to do many press releases in order to get free publicity and generate free traffic to buy your home based business opportunity.

Above all, depending on the type of product or service that you’re promoting, it may take time for you to start seeing a return on your investment and to become profitable.

Unfortunately, most people that get into home based business opportunity lack patience because they are looking for quick ways to make money.

For that reason, they don’t do enough marketing and promotion and don’t network and don’t spend enough money to generate traffic and so consequently they fail.

But when they fail, they are unable to admit that they are at fault.

Instead they blame the home based business opportunity and the company who sold it to them and label all home based business opportunities as scams.

I have not done many home based business opportunities or programs or affiliate programs because I had been lucky to discover a very easy way to make money by investing in foreign currencies (Foreign currency trading or forex trading)

Foreign currency trading is the most profitable and attractive home based business opportunity because you can do it from home or office and from any country in the world.

In foreign currency trading, you don’t need to do any marketing or selling or internet promotion to succeed.

In foreign currency trading, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do any promotion.

In foreign currency trading, you don’t need any stocks or warehousing.

In foreign currency trading , all you’ve to do is open an account with one of the brokers with as little as $300 or $2000.

Then follow simple instructions to buy and sell the currencies.

When the price of the currency is low, you buy.

In a few seconds of minutes, the price will go up, and you sell and make a profit.

By so doing , in a day, you can easily make $500$1000 just buying and selling and trading for about 3 or 4 hrs!

And get this:

You don’t even have to be stuck behind your computer.

You can enter all your buy trades and specify the sell prices you desire and then log off.

Whenever your selling prices reach, the currencies will be automatically sold for you and you make money!

And you can do foreign currency trading and at the same time keep your day job, because in foreign currency trading, there is no work to do.

In the future when you have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, you may then quit your job and just keep doing foreign currency trading forever and go on permanent vacation!

Picture this:

In the morning, you get up from sleep at 6am.

You go to your bathroom and have your shower.

At 7am, you hurry and eat your breakfast.

At 7.20am, you login into your foreign currency trading account on the internet and spend 10 minutes to buy about 3 or 4 different currencies, [for example British Pound, Euro, CHF (Swiss Currency) and Yen (Japanese currency).]

You specify how much you wish to sell each currency.

You log off.

By 9am, you’re at work in your office or business place.

You do your job as usual and by 5pm, you’re finished and heading home.

When you get back home around 6.30pm, you login into your foreign currency trading account to see how much money you’ve made.

Holy Molly, there in your account it says you have made $750!

ขIs this for real?ข, you wonder…

$750 in a day for just clicking your mouse twice and doing no work?

(Whereas at your job, you work 8 hrs, but make only probably $160..)

This is how easy it is to make money from foreign currency trading.

But before you use real money to open a live foreign currency trading account, you have to open a free trial (demo) account and practice first, to understand how it works and to acquire the right skills.

This free demo (trial) foreign currency trading account will help you to reduce a lot of risks that can lead to loss.

In foreign currency trading, you can choose how much to invest, how much to make and when to make it.

In foreign currency trading, you can choose what type of risk you can manage, when to invest and when not to invest.

When foreign currency trading is compared to other investment programs such as stock trading, bond trading, mutual funds, real estate and regular business, it is evident that foreign currency trading is the fastest and greatest way to make money in the world.

Foreign currency trading is a 2.5 trillion dollars daily business and it is larger than all the stock trading in the world combined.

These are some of the reasons why I believe that foreign currency trading is the best home based business opportunity.

Perhaps from reading this article you’ll now come to know why foreign currency trading is the secret behind the greatest wealth on earth and why it has been kept hidden from the average people of the world and therefore little known by the masses.

May these home based business opportunity insights open your eyes to the possibility of infinite wealth and success that can be yours.


Ikey Benney, CEO

About The Author

Ikey, a Millionaire CEO from New York City is the creator of กMscsrrr: Foreign Currency Trading Programก, a home based business opportunity program, which has helped thousands of ordinary people from all over the world to attain financial security and shining success during the past 2 yrs.

Mscsrrr Foreign Currency Trading Program ( helps you to generate $1,500+/Week for life, from home or office, part time or full time.

No large investment or hassles. Win $1000$2000 free ขcashข…

This article was posted on March 24, 2005

by Ikey Benney, CEO

Selecting Your Work At Home Business Opportunity

Selecting Your Work At Home Business Opportunity

by: Kirk Bannerman

I started looking for viable work at home opportunities back in 2001. It was a time consuming process, but in retrospect, I give myself a pat on the back every month when I cash the check from my home based business. The purpose of this article is to perhaps help others make their selection with a little less time and effort than I had to expend.

Having spent many years running traditional กbricks and mortarก type businesses, I didn’t buy for one second the numerous heavily hyped, or worse yet, scam operations that touted the instant and fantastic riches that could be achieved (often with little or no effort required). While doing my research as to which business I would eventually pursue, this type of claim became an instant trigger for me to move on to check out some other กopportunityก.

I mean, give me a break, if those claims were close to being true, why would they share their กsecretก with anyone else? They would just execute their กmagic systemก and in short order would have made all the money that exists in the world…yeah, right!

In the course of my investigations, a few other natural filters surfaced to help me narrow down the realistic and legitimate opportunities from among the far too numerous unfounded offers. Early on, I determined that the กget in on the ground floorก offers were essentially smoke. After all, if I wanted to take a chance on the lottery, I would have purchased a ticket. Because of my business management experience, it soon became clear to me that three of the primary factors that would influence my choice would be:

* successful longevity (how long has this particular company been successfully doing business?)

* reasonable income expectations touted by the top management of the company offering the opportunity.

* support systems and training resources available to help the participants succeed.

One thing that really struck home with me was a statement made by the founder of the company that I eventually selected for my home based business. It went something like the following:

กHardly a day goes by that I don’t hear from an affiliate questioning why he or she is not seeing a big check yet. More times than not, the person asking hasn’t even been involved for more than 90 days and is only barely beginning to even understand how the whole system works. And frankly, even if the number was six months, it’s still much too early to be expecting a significant income stream to have developed.

I always say that if you’re not willing to give a business at least a year, don’t even bother getting involved. You need to understand that it takes time to get to know all the nuances of the compensation plan. It takes time to determine which products you want to lead with. It takes time to develop a game plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing activities deliver the biggest bang for the buck. Anything worthwhile takes sustained effort. If you’re not thinking long term, you’ve set yourself up for failure.ก

To sum it up, the selection process should focus on reality (there is no กmagicก in home based businesses) and reject any socalled กopportunitiesก that seem too good to be true.

About The Author

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at

This article was posted on January 02, 2004

by Kirk Bannerman

Where Do You Find Time for a Home Based Business?

Where Do You Find Time for a Home Based Business?

by: Gobala Krishnan

I am very often asked this question by affiliates in my home business network, and almost every time it happens, I just shake my head in pity and disbelief. They just don’t get it…

Where DO you find the time to run, manage and promote your home based business? I honestly don’t know. I know one thing for sure; you can never really กfindก time; you must กmake timeก.

Many who are new to the concept of running a home based business suffer what I like to call the กIndecision Syndromeก. They have not made up their minds that they WANT or NEED a home based business, and my friend let me tell you, until you have made a decision you will never have time on your side.

You will never be able to devote even 1 hour to building a business for yourself if you don’t have the sense of urgency, and if you don’t understand what a home based business can do for your life and your family in the long term.

Hereกs what the people who claim they can’t กfindก time do; they put the least priority on their business. Everything else in life seems more important to them and they generally place their home based business last in the in the order of daily importance, such as this:

Spend 45 minutes in a jam

Go to work and slug for their boss

Hangout with friends a local pub after work

Spend 45 minutes in a jam

Get home and cook dinner

Do all the domestic chores

Watch a few hours of TV

Get ready for the next day of work

Sit on their PC and read sports news

Devote the rest of their time to their home based business

If you’re one of those that feel you have กno timeก for your home based business then I challenge you to tell me this is not at least somewhat true. Prove me wrong. Make me eat my words. Chances are youกll find that difficult to do…

Guilty as charged, right… 🙂

If you prioritize your hours in such a way, how do you even realistically expect to กfind timeก? How do you realistically expect to กBe your own bossก and have กFinancial Freedomก?

The truth is anyone who REALLY wants to build a home based business must make a conscious decision that they are going to do it no matter what it takes. After that lifechanging decision is made, there has to be sacrifice…

I can almost hear you say กHuh? Sacrifice? Sacrifice what?ก

You have to sacrifice the time you spend doing nonproductive and nonincomegenerating activities everyday, and replace the gained time to do the really important tasks. If you’re serious about making time for your business, there is no other way. Youกll be amazed at how much you can achieve.

Stuck in a jam?

Hereกs what I do; I always have some educational or selfmotivational cassette or CD in the car. I even have Internet marketing CDs that I listen to dayin and dayout for 90 minutes (actually mineกs not that long). Thatกs a whole 90 minutes of learning new things every single day, and improving my interpersonal and technical skills constantly. Don’t I like to listen to music while driving? Yes, I do. But the sacrifice has to be there. I now listen to about 15 minutes of music only if I really feel like it.

Chill out with friends?

Hereกs what I do; I tell them not to bother me during the week because I am busy, but I make it a point to get together at least once a fortnight with some really close associates. Because of my attitude, I get curious enquiries like กWhat is it that you’re so busy withก?

And guess what I tell them? I say กLook John, I have found a way I can be financially free in 23 years and I am dedicating my life to it. I know for a fact that I will achieve it, and Iกd like to have you as my partner. If you’re interested to find out more, let me know. Otherwise, don’t stop my progressก.

Excellent prospecting line too, don’t you think?

What about all the household chores that you have? Hey, I have them too. But I know that there are better ways to make use of my time, so I กoutsourceก my laundry, car maintenance and almost everything I can. I know I will probably spend more money than I usually do, but I am intent on กmaking timeก for my home based business.

I stopped watching TV years ago, and even went almost a year without one. However I do go to the cinemas and watch the news, but I just can’t be bothered with watching every season of CSI or the American Idol because I know there are more productive things I can do with my time. Now you may be wondering ‘that’s radical. Do you mean I have to sacrifice my entertainment when I start my own business?ก

No… not really, but you MUST learn to control it. Go to the local bookstore and try getting a book on profiles of really rich and famous people. I guarantee you that youกll find out most of them don’t watch much TV either. The theory of Delayed Gratification states that in order to have any amount of success in life, you must learn to postpone your pleasures until you have achieved your goal. Isn’t it worth sacrificing your TV time for 2 years, and after that, be able to watch your favorite shows on a 56 inch plasma TV, with all the time in the world?

You tell me…

Don’t let the little things rob you of great opportunities. Time is the only common denominator between the rich, the middleclass and the poor. In other words, the only thing the rich and the poor share is that they both have 24 hours a day. Itกs how we make use of our time that will determine how far we go towards achieving our dreams.

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

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Gobala Krishnan is an author and home based business entrepreneur. Get his free ebook called กMy Internet Dreamก and 10 FREE training lessons on Internetbased network marketing at today!

This article was posted on April 14

by Gobala Krishnan

How To Make Money With Your Own Home Based Busines

How To Make Money With Your Own Home Based Business Niche

by: Dean Phillips

Want to know how to make money with your own home based business niche?

First of all, forget about what everybody else is doing. Forget about what everybody else is saying. Forget about what everybody else is selling. Who cares? From this moment on, none of that has anything to do with you. Iกm going to show you how to make money with your own home based business, by sneaking in the back door. In other words, by creating your own home based business niche.

I want you to think about the one thing in life that you’re truly passionate about. I mean, if you could do anything in the world that you wanted, what would you do?

Once you figure out what it is that you’re truly passionate about, Iกm going to show you how to turn that into a money making home based business niche for yourself.

Whatกs a niche? A niche is a narrowly defined group of potential customers. Why should you bother to establish a niche market? Because of the great advantage and potential of having your niche all to yourself. Other small businesses may not be aware of your particular niche market, and large businesses probably won’t want to bother with it.

The trick to capitalizing on a niche market is to find or develop a market niche that currently has enough potential customers to make it worth your while, and that is experiencing reasonably rapid growth. Itกs also important that your niche is not already being dominated by one established business.

Once you decide on your niche, go to the library and learn everything you can about it. For example, if your niche happens to be doing voiceovers for new car dealerships; then read every book you can find about the voiceover industry.

The next step is reprogramming your mind for success. In that regard, there are two books I consider absolute MUST reads, if you are at all serious about making money with your own home based business.

The books are, ‘think and Grow Richก by Napolean Hill and ‘the Magic of Thinking Bigก by Dr. David Schwartz.

Your local library or bookstore should have both books, since they’re alltime classics. If not, try But whatever you do, get those books!

By the way, when you get those books, don’t just read them and forget about them. Keep them nearby and refer to them on a daily basis. This is critical, as far as keeping you focused and on the right track.

So, why is it so important to prepare yourself mentally for success? Because quite frankly, you’re bound to experience some extremely difficult times with your home based business. We all do. Thatกs just the way it is. Success rarely comes easy and despite some of the socalled overnight success stories you occasionally hear about, outofthebox successes are actually few and far between.

Another thing, if you’re married or living with someone, don’t expect a whole lot of support or kisses and hugs, during those inevitable tough times.

Unfortunately, most people are conditioned to the ก9 to 5, retire at 65,ก way of thinking. Many of them dream about starting their own business, but just can’t seem to find the courage to do so.

Instead, theyกll observe you with a critical eye, secretly hoping you fail, so that they can justify their own fears and insecurities about being entrepreneurs.

So, if you’re expecting support and encouragement from your family and friends, you’re probably going to be disappointed. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket but, thatกs just the way it is. Most likely, youกll probably hear a bunch of negativity and comments about getting a real job.

Thatกs the point when you’re going to have to look deep inside yourself and stay strong and focused. Because chances are, you’re going to be going through this alone. Thatกs why the mind reprogramming is so important. Itกll help you stay focused and positive. And if by chance you do happen to have family and friends who do support you, so much the better!

You also need to learn how to write effective ads for your business. Powerful copywriting is critical. I highly recommend you read the following books: กScientific Advertising,ก by Claude Hopkins and กHow To Write A Good Advertisement,ก by Victor Schwab and กAdvertising Secrets Of The Written Word,ก by Joseph Sugarman.

Hereกs some advice: The number one reason why most businesses fail is because they’re undercapitalized. You can’t conduct business online or offline without any money. Now, Iกm not saying you need thousands of dollars. However, you need to at least have two or three hundred dollars in the bank to work with.

In closing, if you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed at any point in the process; don’t be afraid to seek help. Consult with an expert, to help you sort things out and gain a new perspective on things. Itกs the smart thing to do, and it just might save your business!

About The Author

Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. Questions? Comments? Dean can be reached at mailto:

Visit his website at:

This article was posted on November 11, 2004

by Dean Phillips

A Home Based Business Who, Why, When and Where T

A Home Based Business Who, Why, When and Where To Start?

by: Kanaga Siva

Everyone loves a Home Based Business Opportunity. I love mine and you cannot be an exception I guess! So let us start from the beginning and explore as to Who ,Why, When and Where you could start this Business Opportunity using the Internet.


Anyone with a desire or urge to start a Home Based Business can venture into this field. All you need is a computer and who has not got one or access to one these days? An elementary knowledge of the working of a computer and the Internet is sufficient to get started. Many things can be picked up as you progress. This is what most of the people do.

The beauty of this Internet Home Business is that Age and Sex, Race and Religion are no barriers. It is sans borders. Entrepreneurs living in any part of the world can participate in thousands of Affiliate programs that are either Regional or Global in nature.

There are many programs that are Free to join! In fact there are several Affiliate programs that provide Entrepreneurs with Free Websites and Tools too. You could have your own personal website if you are prepared to spend a few dollars.


This is a pertinent question indeed! Some of the reasons for starting a Home Based Business are:

A desire to earn an Additional income to supplement the monthly income.

A desire to run your own home business and not depend on your Bossกs pay packet

Dissatisfaction with your present Boss or your employment.

Being out of work or laid off.

Circumstances forcing you to be with the family or ageing parents.

A Childhood ambition to have your own business.


You can start a Home Based Business at any age, It can be at twenty, fifty or even at seventy. What matters most is that you have to be sufficiently motivated and have the urge and desire to do it.

Allocating two hours a day for your cherished dream should not be difficult to start with. In fact about twenty hours a week would be useful and advantageous. I am aware of people who have retired from active work but are keeping themselves gainfully occupied by doing an Internet Home Based Business.

To be successful in life you should have a Plan, more so for your Internet Business Opportunity. Draw up a short term and a long term plan for what you intend to achieve. Initially draw up a Plan for the first three months to start with and try to stick with it, come what may.

While you are at the computer, Pop ups and other advertisements can and will divert your attention from your objective. Do not run after the goose that is going to lay the golden egg for you and waste your valuable time.

Top Marketers are brilliant people who spend much time and money in researching how to divert your attention and I can tell you, they are not going to fail! I should know! I have been in the marketing business for several years though not in the internet field . Hence you should remain completely focused on your work.


Unlike in a brick and mortar business, to operate a Business from home, the Home Based Business Entrepreneur needs no separate building. Your physical place of business will be your very home and no high start up fees is necessary. The computer can be set up wherever you like so that it is convenient to work with and free from noises and distraction. Your success will to some extent depend on the support you receive from the members of your family. The spouse can be of great assistance by reading and researching resources and articles and doing a lot of other preliminary work, which can substantially reduce the number of hours you have to spend on the computer. In other words your spouse can be your partner in your Home Based Business.

The greatest benefit of this Internet Business Opportunity is that it works twentyfour hours(24/7) a day and is Portable. Wherever you travel, within the country or to any part of the world your Business travels with you. You have to carry your lap top along, thatกs it. Otherwise find access to a computer. It is as simple as that.

Why wait? Start working on your Home Based Business seriously. Work at Home, Work from Home or Work away from Home and reap the benefits the Internet Revolution has showered on you, the Internet Entrepreneur.

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Kanaga Siva has been a Marketing Manager and Business Manager and has a wealth of experience in Marketing. He now operates his own Home Based Business. For Articles, Resources, Tips and Ideas to start a Home Based Business from anywhere in the World Visit his Website,

This article was posted on April 24

by Kanaga Siva

Itกs Not Brain Surgery, Itกs Just An Online Home B

Itกs Not Brain Surgery, Itกs Just An Online Home Based Business

by: Kirk Bannerman

Back when I first started my online home business I didn’t have a clue concerning how to go about it. I had never done any Internet marketing, and didn’t know anything about websites or search engines or any of that other online business stuff…in short, I was a complete rookie. In retrospect, the two major things that really helped me was that I refused to be intimidated and I kept a realistic perspective (both in terms of initial financial results and the time frame necessary to become successful).

I know from my own years of experience that relatively few business ventures are started on the Internet by people with the experience, motivation, determination, backing, and support that it takes to even have a reasonable chance of success.

Real online business people are those who work hard, who immerse themselves deeply in marketing and advertising, and who put in long hours in the beginning in order to see their Internetbased businesses succeed.

Achieving success in an online business is not difficult to comprehend. There is indeed a learning curve, but itกs not brain surgery. The process of learning isn’t as much the issue as are the personal traits of motivation and determination.

Develop your marketing plan and execute it. Thereกs no magic in this online home based business stuff. We’re talking real world here. Itกs not nearly as romantic as winning the lottery, yet many of the thousands of people I have helped to start up their home businesses on the Internet clearly came in with what I have come to refer to as the กmagic/lotteryก mentality. Many of those folks went off to chase another rainbow after a few months, but some of them also came to their senses and buckled down to develop very successful home based businesses.

Run, don’t walk, away from all of those people that offer you กshortcutsก or กsuccess secretsก (probably in exchange for some of your money). I mean, if they had it all figured out, why would they sell this กmagic answerก to you for a few bucks instead of just keeping it private and then making tons of money for themselves? (Iกll leave it to you to connect the dots)

A key point to always keep in mind is that…business is business. Regardless of whether you are on the Internet or operating a business in a shopping mall. The same fundamental principles apply to both businesses.

You need to have a product, or products, to sell.

You need to advertise to get customers to buy your products.

You need to provide support to your customers who buy your products as a result of your advertising efforts.

You need to build a loyal customer following, so you can maintain a profitable business over a period of time.

Many people fall into the trap of believing that because they are doing business on the Internet, some of these steps can either be skipped or they need to overemphasize one area or another.

The bottom line regarding an online business is that you will need to advertise and you will need to take care of your customers.

Run your online home business just like a real company because it is, in fact, a real business and you have a real opportunity to either be successful or to fail. The primary difference between an online business and a traditional business is location (no traditional กstorefrontก). Nearly everything else is essentially the same. You have products and your objective is to sell those products to people who want/need your products.

Remember, building a business takes time, determination, and patience. Far too many people seem to think that the traffic is just going to pour in once they have put up their own website on the Internet. As anyone who has had a website for a while knows…this simply is not true, but it is often the reason people get frustrated and quit. The fact of the matter is that you need to diligently promote/advertise your website in order for your online home based business to flourish and prosper.

One of the most important bits of advice that I can pass on to you is that you must be patient. Most people start their online home business with great enthusiasm and high expectations. Often, after a few months, they become disappointed and frustrated because they are not already making a large amount of money.

These impatient home business entrepreneurs then often start to jump from one program to another every few months (never allowing themselves enough time to succeed at any of them) and, finally, throw up their hands in frustration and declare that they just can’t make money online.

Stick with your business and don’t give up. Dogged persistence (much like the tenacity of a pit bull) is an absolutely vital key to your eventual success. Don’t give up when things become frustrating and you are not achieving the immediate success you expected. Give your online home based business sufficient time to develop and you realize the success you are seeking.

There is nothing magical about running an online home based business. It should be run the same as any traditional กbricks and mortarก business and it will succeed or fail depending on the time and effort you put into it.

There are many very ordinary people working at home and making a very good living on the Internet, will you be the next one?

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Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. Visit his website at for more details.

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by Kirk Bannerman

What to Look For In A Home Based Business

What to Look For In A Home Based Business

by: Nick James

Home Based Businesses are a lot like nutritional products everybody claims they have the best so who do you believe. Well here are 10 tips to guide you through those murky waters.

1. Look for a home based business in the hot areas like nutrition where there is the huge base of baby boomer customers with income to spend on your product. Don’t be fooled by some startup company with some new idea and you think you’re going to get in on a groundfloor opportunity. It ain’t an opportunity if no one wants the product. Analyze what the market is there is a reason why heavy hitters are heavy hitters they are able to accurately judge the market. 2. Check this out the home based business you’re looking at may be in a hot area like nutrition but they may be in a stagnant subarea of nutrition. You want to look for the subareas of nutrition that are the fastest growing the fastest growing is the nutritional drink or health beverage area. Most likely due to the ease of just drinking your nutrition fast and easy. So following this model the company you select in the nutritional field should have a flagship nutritional drink product.

3. Is it as startup, or established home based business company? The problem with startups is they way too often don’t live up to their obligations, go out of business, or both. Often with an established company you may have missed the best timing to get in with them. The opportunity is over so to speak. What to look for is an established reputable company poised for explosive growth.

4. Look for the credibility behind the home based business company lack of established credibility often dooms the company to go under and you’re left holding the bag and also your reputation suffers.

5. Discover a hot product before the masses do This one is big this ingredient is what often establishes the big money earners and allows people who have never made money before to make some nice incomes. Find a hot product destined to be a megaseller before virtually anyone has heard of it. Get in early and ride it for all itกs worth. This one factor alone is how most heavy hitters became to be heavy hitters in this industry. Itกs not that they are much better networkers than others, you could essentially say they were in the right place at the right time and took massive action. However, itกs a little more than that their persistence and determination in the industry has allowed them to make some nice contacts so that when the right opportunity comes along they can pull key players on board and go from there. Also this heavy hitter person usually has a keen sense of the market which allows them to pick the right opportunity and avoid all the pitfalls and fools gold of the startup companies. Nobody follows someone even if they are กกfinally rightกก about something if they have used up all their credibility on programs that never panned out.

6. This can be almost as important as a hot product The Marketing or Compensation Plan. Things to look for does the plan provide extra rewards for the upline helping those underneath them? Like with matching enroller bonuses where the upline can enroll people under individuals in their organization and earn a percentage of that persons check in bonuses. This is much better than a forced binary plan, because in a forced binary plan, people that don’t want to work get in the way and drag down others.

A bonus system like this will allow you to help the people who want a successful home based business and bypass those who are lazy and not interested.

More things to look for in the compensation plan. Does the plan pay a number of levels deep or does it stop after a few levels and the levels below this are infinity levels based upon sales volume? Also how many legs are required to maximize the pay plan? Does the plan require you to have numerous legs to earn the maximum bonuses? The point is this, a plan that only pays a few levels before infinity bonuses and/or requires numerous legs really limits the amount of upline help you will receive in other words you’re virtually on your own.

7. Get with the right distributors at the right time Years ago my wife and me sold a house. We had several options but they came down to listing the house with this relatively new agent down the street or the hotshot million dollar sales earner. We went with the latter big mistake he was so busy with his big deals he didn’t have time to mess with our little house. The house sat month after month before selling and we had already moved out of town. The lady down the street would have pushed it to the max. The point is don’t just sign up with some big name distributor because of their name they could be semiretired or too busy to give you the attention you need. The best scenario for you is to find some experienced heavy hitters who because of a hot product have just recently started marketing that product and are rapidly building their organization. This essentially allows you to not only get in on the ground floor with a hot product but also with very experienced people looking to build huge organizations. This is a case of being at the right place at the right time. All that is required of the individual is to take a lot of action.

8. Does the company have an emotional product? the point here is people talk about two things to others things that interest them and things that leave an emotional impression on them. Certain types of products like nutritional products can much easier cause an emotional reaction in people than other products. If someone feels much better health wise from taking a nutritional product they are much more likely to tell others than they would about some insurance or laundry product for example. And face it, you want people talking about your product word of mouth advertising is the most effective form.

9. Does the home based business company have exclusive products you can’t get elsewhere and/or expert marketing to justify their winning products as superior products and actually a better value than similar products?

10. Reusable products It kind of goes without saying but any product or service, which someone uses and reuses on a monthly basis is best because you continue to earn on that person month after month.

Bonus Tips: To monitor the strength of a business opportunity here are a couple things to look for:

Are there plenty of excited people on the conference calls along with numerous calls absence of these items can indicate a กกdeadกก business opportunity.

Also find out whatกs been going on in the last 6 months 2 years are a number of people advancing up through the ranks if not once again you could be looking at a กกdeadกก business opportunity.

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Nick James offers informative tips and information on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of internet marketing experince he uses to help others have a successful home business. Visit him and some amazing info at

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by Nick James

Make Your Home Business Choice Carefully And Then

Make Your Home Business Choice Carefully And Then Really Work It!

by: Kirk Bannerman

Once you have made your choice, the two most important things are to stay focused and not to get discouraged…it takes a long time to become an overnite success!

Iกve had many active and enthusiastic business team members that were their own worst enemies because they exhibited the classic กflea on a griddleก behavior pattern and jumped around chasing one business opportunity today, and then another one tomorrow without ever putting in enough sustained and focused effort to reasonably give themselves a chance to succeed at any of them.

I can really relate to this situation since I briefly fell prey to this same กdog in a meat marketก syndrome when I first started my own home based business a few years ago. I caught myself trying to chase several different opportunities at once and not being very successful with any of them.

There are so many home business opportunities (some real, some not) that it takes real personal discipline to avoid the scattergun approach…you know, throw enough against the wall and something is bound to stick. In the early going, it is really important to resist this temptation and to stay tightly focused on a single business.

Some will argue that กI don’t want to have all my eggs in one basketก. To those people I say, diversification is fine, but only after you have achieved solid success with your initial business. A premature attempt at diversification will quite likely cause a loss of focus and actually slow down your success rate.

If your main marketing vehicle is a website, you can fairly easily leverage your initial success and effectively promote a few other complimentary and closely related home based business propositions from the same website.

However, it is important not to go overboard and offer too many choices to visitors to your website. If you do, there is a good chance of confusing your visitors to the point where they will take no action and you have, in effect, diluted the effectiveness of your website.

Whatever you decide to do, you will need to stick with it for a reasonable length of time (give it at least one year) and put in a solid and sustained effort. Stay focused and don’t get discouraged. As much as you would like it to be, starting and developing a real home based business is certainly not an instant gratification situation.

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Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at

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by Kirk Bannerman

Starting and Running a Home Based Business

Starting and Running a Home Based Business

by: Darrell Knox

The allure of a home based business is very strong these days with uncertain economic times and the pressures of working long hours for less pay. More and more people are exploring the home based business world to see if it is right for them.

More women are seeking home based businesses as the corporate life and pay just don’t seem to justify the time away from home and children anymore. Men tired of working for others and also loosing their entire lives with their families to a job that requires more than 40 hours a week just to survive, are learning more and more about the internet and working at home.

There are many ways today to start a home based business. The internet offers the easiest, least expensive way to start a home based business ever. Never before have people been able to start up an entire, legitimate business just by signing up for a hosting account and selling information or other products from their web site.

Even the least internet savvy person can start an online home based business even if all they know how to do is retrieve and send email. In fact, one you know how easy it is, you will be amazed that you hadn’t started sooner.

Any home based business is hard work. But ask yourself this question: Will your current job pay you more for working harder? In most cases the answer will be no. Your current employer will not only happily pay you the same amount whether you work hard or not, they will profit from the work you do because they own the business you work for.

The key to true wealth is to own the business, not work for it. A home based business owner is the top dog in their small company. That means any windfalls a new product or service you create or resell belong to you! That also means all the overhead and other expenses belong to you too. With the power of a home based business comes the responsibility too.

This is why you should thoroughly research a home based business opportunity to make sure you have all the bases covered and you are approaching working for yourself in a responsible manner.

Below are a couple of home based businesses that are very profitable and hot right now:

Virtual Assistant: A person that hires their time out to busy executives to complete various tasks like appointment setting and other things busy power brokers don’t have time to do. Executives like doing this because they can hire a virtual assistant for shortterm projects and not have to pay for insurance or any overhead since the VA is a private contractor.

Information Sales: This is what I do and I love it. I am an affiliate for several topselling products that people want and buy everyday. My job is to promote my website and recommend products to my visitors. With a little training and guidance from people I have met online, this kind of home base business is a snap and can be very profitable.

Copyright 2004 Darrell Knox

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by Darrell Knox