Starting an OnLine Home Business

Starting an OnLine Home Business

by: John Baker

When looking for a business on the internet you should consider a number of things. One thing is stability with many scams on the internet you should look for a business that has been around a few years. Another is to see how many members they have. Is it free to join, or how much to join, before you invest to much time and money? Also will they offer free support and training?

Next, you will want to invest in your own website. There are many businesses that offer domain names, websites, and hosting accounts free, or for a small fee. Once you have your site up and running, you will want to submit your website to a search engine.

Then you will want to add link pages to your site, this will help your rank with the searchengines. This will take some time, but it is free. You will want to exchange links with at least 100 sites that are similar or related to your site. This will help you move up the searchengine page ranking, giving you more traffic, which equals more signups and more sells. Most websites have a link to us or similar page making it fairly easy to do. Also articles like this, related to your business, will add content to your site. The search engines love content, thus sending visitors directly to your article pages. Those visitors may then visit the rest of your site that makes you money.

You may then want to signup with an affiliate program, like ClickBank or Commission Junction, so that you have more than one source of revenue. Be careful to balance the affiliate programs without taking away from your main initial business. Be patient. Youกll work the hardest the first few months. Nothing great happens overnight! With some work, planning, and learning, you are on your way to success.

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This article was posted on March 06, 2004

by John Baker

Home Based Business Success and the Power of Belie

Home Based Business Success and the Power of Belief

by: Nick A. James

There was well over one million searches last month on the internet for home businesses. This means numerous people either aren’t happy where they’re at – they need more money or they want to be home raising their kids.

Think about it – people are either working so hard to pay the bills that they can’t slow down and enjoy life or they struggle to pay the bills and thus their life is stress and endless worry. Look at all the home foreclosures each month – it’s unbelievable.

However, while most people really want what a successful home business has to offer they usually aren’t prepared to make that a reality.

Let’s talk here about belief – all great accomplishments start with a seed of belief. But for that seed of belief to grow into a great accomplishment it needs a lot of water and nourishment – especially at first.

The key is to nourish that seed of belief so it grows – that seed of belief is very vulnerable at first – it can easily die as it has no roots.

Right after someone has started a home business is when it’s most vulnerable. Your brother in law Butch will say – are you some kind of moron – those home business things don’t work – my cousins Clem and Jethro didn’t make a dime in the entire 2 hours they spent working. Of course who’s to doubt a business giant like Butch – after all he just advanced to the rank of assistant night supervisor at the Quickmart after 7 short years.

Are you on fire? I heard a preacher once say – are you on fire? Or are you trying to put out someone else’s fire.

If you’re not on fire – I mean a raging fire what happens to a tiny flicker of flame – it easily goes out with the first wind.

However, a raging fire doesn’t go out with the first wind – actually when the winds blow it just serves to make the fire grow even hotter. You can go away and that fire will continue to burn where you planted it.

Actually we are all one of the following three types of people, which one of these are you.

People that make things happen People that get on board with those who make things happen and People like Butch that wonder – what happened.

As a kid why did you never have trouble getting up on Christmas morning? Two reasons really – because you knew that something really good was going to happen to you. But two you had an unshakeable belief that there would be presents under the tree. Hence the great excitement and anticipation thus creating a great positive attitude.

The secret is extraordinary people are excited to get up everyday and so should we. By believing something great will happen each day we bring together unseen forces to help us. Plus this attitude attracts the right people to aid us in accomplishing great things.

Anybody can get excited over something good that’s a sure deal – like Christmas. However, what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary are those who have the vision to see what others can’t see in the future and take action.

There are two roads in life. One is a very broad and paved road and the amazing thing about this road is that you don’t have to look for it or have directions to find it. By simply doing nothing it will find you and in 40 years or less on this giant freeway it will take you to the twin overpopulated cities of Regret and Failure.

On the other hand there is another much harder to find road as it’s simply a bare unmarked trail at the beginning and many people walk past it everyday without noticing. But once in a while to the weary, searching traveler it opens up a glimpse of the great vision it contains waiting at trails end.

The great thing about being on this second road is you meet other travelers who make traveling easier and considerably much more fun.

Everyone on this road sees something fascinatingly different ขon down the road.ข Walt Disney saw Disneyland and Epcot Center on this road. Orville and Wilbur Wright could see the future of air travel. Henry Ford could see a nation of automobiles. Our founding fathers could see a land of free men in a country that was the greatest land of freedom of opportunity the world had ever known.

So if you dare we invite you to take this path on the ขJourney of No Regrets.ข Where the hardest step is always the first.

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Nick A. James offers informative tips and information on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of Internet Marketing expertise puts him in unique postion to help others starting a home business ( For free newsletter, free reports and amazing info contact him at:

This article was posted on April 09

by Nick A. James

Children in the Home Business Environment

Children in the Home Business Environment

by: Stone Evans

Operating a home business is seldom easy and interruptions come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

Between the family, friends and neighbors who call or come by, and the telemarketers who insist on ringing your number off the hook, getting through the workday can be a real challenge.

When you introduce children into the home office environment, your productivity and patience can be seriously tested.

For example, right now my threeyear old daughter is pulling on my shirt and begging me to read her a story. Clearly, Im in the middle of something important here, but how can I say no to those eyes? Ill be right back…

Ok, that wasnt so bad was it? Shes happy, Im happy (having bonded with my daughter) and now Im back to continue my conversation with you 🙂 Whats the lesson here? Flexibility is a major key to balancing your home business priorities with your familys needs.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that maintaining a deep level of concentration on work in a home business for long periods of time is next to impossible. Naptime does offer some reprieve, but any break from the kids is usually short lived.

Even with older children, summertime introduces new challenges with kids running in and out of the house all throughout the day.

I would like to share with you some of the tips I have discovered to help manage your home office with children in your midst. Since children of different ages pose different challenges, I will present my tips in terms of age groups.


We will look at older children first since they pose the least challenge to our work productivity.

Children, who are old enough to understand the idea of schedules and chores, are old enough to understand the needs of your home business. Explain to your children that you do your work at home so that you can be near them when they need you. But also be sure they understand that you must do your work so that you will have the money necessary to keep your house, feed the family and to provide them with money for entertainment.

Once your children understand the necessity of your work, then outline a work schedule and explain it to them. Do make sure they understand that emergencies are definitely an acceptable reason to interrupt your work. Then make sure they understand that between hours x and y, you will be doing work and then hold them to respecting your schedule.


Infants will never understand your needs for work. But fortunately, babies do well under a schedule or routine. Instead of expecting your child to work around your schedule, schedule your work around the needs of your baby.

It is simple. Babies eat, sleep and poop. Sometimes they play. Fortunately, babies sleep more than they do anything else.

Naptime offers the best advantage for getting your work done. Get your baby into a routine of eat, sleep and play, and you will experience unexpected levels of productivity.


If you have a toddler running around the house while you are operating your home business, then you may find that your hair turning gray or disappearing altogether. But, gray hair is a sign of character, right. 😉

I am venturing to guess that the person who devised the door lock for the inside of the house did so because he had toddlers in his own home. Inside door locks should only be utilized when you are making that important phone call and your toddler is screaming for your attention. At all other times, your door should remain unlocked with your door open.

Develop a routine with your children for meal times, naptimes, and play times. Work these times into your work schedule and adhere to them. If you fail to keep appointments with your children, your children will have less respect for your work and do more to prevent you from the completion of your work.

Don’t be afraid to let your children sit in your lap while you are working. It helps them to feel wanted and it helps them to be a part of your daily life. There are times when it is okay for them to be sitting in your lap while you work, and at other times you need them out of your lap. Don’t be afraid to tell them to get down and go play or read a book so that you can resume your work.

Permit your children to have their toys in your office. Often they will sit contently and play while you work. Just knowing you are near is enough to keep them happy.

Be prepared to take an hourly break to deal with your toddler. Try to do potty breaks at your hourly break and to do drink refills. This can help your child grow into a routine that will work well with your home business. At each break, spend a few minutes with your child giving hugs and kisses and talking with your child about what he or she wants to talk about.

Toddlers don’t always do well with the routine, so be prepared to take a few minutes when needed to give the attention that your child so desperately needs in the moment.


I hope these tips serve to help you in the challenge of operating a successful home business.

My home business permits me to fulfill my financial obligations *AND* see my children grow up. I would never contemplate trading my home business for another kind of business. Even with the added challenges of dealing with toddlers in my home office, the upsides far outweigh the downsides.

Growing my own home business with children around has definitely given me a new respect for all people who successfully run a home business with kids in the work environment. I tip my hat to you… You deserve it!

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Stone Evans owns the Home Business Resource Directory where you can find everything youกll ever need to start, run and grow a home based business at:

This article was posted on March 19, 2004

by Stone Evans

Marketing Your Website Inexpensively

Marketing Your Website Inexpensively

by: A.M. Wilmot

There are a number ways you can go about marketing your website, many of which are quite inexpensive. Effectively marketing your Home website is vital to your ultimate success. In fact, the key to growing a business, and particularly a new Home Business, is marketing. Once you have a domain name (which can be bought for as little as $7 these days) and a reliable host (as little as $5 a month for reasonable one), you can get going on promoting your business on the Net. This can be done for free in some cases if you are willing to spend the extra time on the project. If you are unwilling to do this, you can pay someone to optimize your site and promote it for you, which is generally cost effective.

It is possible, however to promote your business online with no marketing budget. The key is to market it aggressively, guerilla marketing style. This means using every free marketing resource at your disposal, such as free classifieds, newsgroups, search engine promotion, niche directories, freeforalls, blogs, email signature lines, message and bulletin boards and free mailing optin lists and ezines, to name just a few. Just don’t spam, whatever you do. There are many free resources throughout the web covering these free methods. You can sign up for their free newsletters or look for their websites using your favorite search engine. Speaking of search engines, most of the traffic on the internet still comes from the free engines such as Google, despite a recent influx of pay per click or pay per performance search engines such as Overture.

Offline methods includes distributing newsletters with your product or service and contact number listed inside, trade shows, brochures, flyers, stationary, advertising in either local or regional newspapers and/or กfree shoppersก, and passing out audio cassetes about your product or business to others who might be interested. The potential marketing techniques are almost limitless and it may be best to look to your กstarter kitก or starter guide as it will probably go into great detail about which offline marketing methods have been proven to work best in that particular product or line of business. The bottom line is, action always beats inaction, as you gain experience and create a synergy that push your Home Business to your goals.

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A.M Wilmot is a writer and researcher on a number of topics and has been marketing on the internet since 1996. For information on a quality home business go to

This article was posted on October 26, 2004

by A.M. Wilmot

Wealth is in the Eyes of the Prospect

Wealth is in the Eyes of the Prospect

by: Craig Friesen

If you do any browsing of online home business sites or Internet marketing, you will surely have seen this message is some shape or form: กquit your job and become wealthy working from home…let us show you how!ก In fact, most of the people who will read this article may have promoted a product or home business opportunity with a similar sales line or a variation.

What many do not understand is that wealth can be defined in different ways. A dictionary definition of wealth is: 1. riches; large amounts of money or worldly possessions; 2. an abundance of anything.

Your typical advertisement promoting an online moneymaking opportunity focuses mostly on the first definition a large bank account and luxury items to your heartกs content.

Home business opportunities, on the other hand, tend to focus more on the 2nd definition. Here are several examples of how wealth is used as กan abundance of everythingก in online marketing:

quit your job / fire your boss (wealth = more independence and control)

work at home / work from home (wealth = more time for family and self, with flexibility of schedule)

earn extra income / need help paying the bills? (wealth = more discretionary income).

The implications of this observation for us marketers are that you can promote the same opportunity in different ways and by doing so expand your market. Letกs say you have a home business opportunity that involves selling a health product. The 2 most obvious ways to market the opportunity is to interest persons who use the product as well as those people just looking for some kind of home business. Your promotional material will be different for the 2 types of recruits one that promotes the opportunity primarily, and the other that says, กyou use the product, why not earn some money selling it to your friends?ก You could also promote the opportunity as a means to luxury the first definition of wealth. Design your promotional material to highlight the possibilities of residual income.

The point is, no matter what the opportunity, you can widen your prospective market by designing variations to your promotional material. Splash pages are a great way to accomplish this. Optimize the keywords and graphics to focus on one segment of your marketing instead of trying to attract them all. You might also want to prepare matching landing pages so tha tyour prospect doesn’t think they ended up in the wrong place.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then wealth is in the eyes of the prospective recruit. Understand what your prospects are looking for and promote your business opportunity accordingly.

Copyright 2005 Craig Friesen

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Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and Internet marketer, living in rural Saskatchewan. Visit for business opportunities, webmaster resources and to sign up for the free business newsletter.

This article was posted on March 09

by Craig Friesen

Offline Promotions For Your Home Business

Offline Promotions For Your Home Business

by: Dirk Wagner

Promoting your home business is obviously one of the most important aspects in terms of becoming successful. The internet is full of opportunities where you can advertise your business. But, what about offline advertising?

Offline advertising is often one of the most overlooked ways of advertising for internet based home businesses. Let’s examine some ways you can use offline promotions to better advertise your home business.

Create Flyers

This is a great way to get the family involved in your home business! Using your computer, you can create attractive looking flyers that you can get your kids or spouse to help you hand out at the local mall, post on billboards at the shopping market or place on car windshields in parking lots. You just have to be creative. This is a very inexpensive form of advertising for your home business, and can be fun when you get the family involved.

Business Cards

This is a relatively cheap way of promoting your home business. You can find companies that can make your custom business cards for you, for very little money. Some companies I have dealt with will give as many as 250 free (excluding shipping charges), the only draw backs are they use the back of your cards to put there own business logo and usually the selection is limited compared to paid or premium business cards. Still a very good way to promote. You can leave your business cards around for people to find, leave a stack by payphones, in restaurants, in mailings to your customers. You can even save more money creating your own business cards with your home computer.

Bumper stickers/TShirts

Another very inexpensive way to promote your home business offline is by making up bumper stickers and/or tshirts. This is a great way to get the word out about your product and/or service. Just give them away to everyone that wants one.


These are great to give away as free gifts to potential customers. Other promotional items may include coffee mugs, key chains, magnets, pens, etc.


Sponsor a youth athletic team, or give away free prizes at a golf tournament. Every organization is looking for sponsorship of some sort, create a plan of what you are willing to do to sponsor a organization.


Using the media is a great way to promote. If you can afford it, doing a radio or television spot can bring in a ton of potential clients to your product and/or service. Classified ads in your daily newspaper is also a great way to promote your business. You may also consider sending out a press release to the editor of your newspaper about your home business.

Direct Mail

You can purchase or rent mailing lists to send out promotional material about your product and/or service.


Unless you never leave the house, networking within your community is a great way to let other’s know about your business. You can join in community groups, chamber of commerce, kids school functions etc.

Word of Mouth

Still one of the best ways to let it be known that you have your own business. Talk about your business and website as often as you can. Encourage other family members and clients to do the same.

There are many ways to advertise your home business both online and off. For best results you really should be using both forms to advertising.

Copyright 2004 Dirk Wagner

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Dirk Wagner is CEO and owner of and the free, easy to install #1 home business toolbar with automated updates. A website dedicated to helping the homebased business entrepreneur start and succeed with tthere very own homebased business.

This article was posted on March 20, 2004

by Dirk Wagner

Home Business Success 5 Things You Learn From Yo

Home Business Success 5 Things You Learn From Your ExBoss

by: Gobala Krishnan

In the past, everyone could take pride in working for large, multinational companies. The current trend of downsizing and outsourcing, however, has brought major changes in the employment landscape. One thing for sure, as job security becomes a thing of the past, many are turning towards starting their own home based businesses.

Job security has its merits, and a home business is, arguably, not for everyone. But for those who are interested in making this shift, a change in mentality is absolutely important. There are many bad habits that lie dormant in all of us. You need to change these bad habits and develop new good habits to survive as an entrepreneur. And in many cases these can be กborrowedก from your existing or former corporate work environment.

Here are some new disciplines that you can borrow from your working life, to develop and to practice:

1) Ownership and Decision Making

In corporate culture, you are responsible only for what your job requires you to do. In most jobs however, you are hardly responsible for the survival of the company. Your contribution, as compared to the whole, is only marginal. You can make mistakes and get away with it. Your job is easily replaceable.

As an entrepreneur, however, you may find the world to be less forgiving. A mistake can cost you your entire business. It is vital for anyone who wants to start their own home based business to think about this fact. You have to realize that success in a home based venture is directly tied up to your actions, and you need to take responsibility for everything that happens.

In your own business, you need to go beyond your capacity at times, stretching yourself more than you would as an employee. Taking responsibility also means being able to make the correct decisions as and when needed. When you work from home, YOUR decision is final. Although it may a little scary for an entrepreneur at first, these habits practiced over time becomes second nature.

It sure beats having to put up with corporate redtape!

2) Developing a Creative Mindset & Taking Risks

Companies hardly, if ever, reward you for being creative. They do, however, reward you for showing up on time and completing your daily routines. You are rewarded not for being outstanding, but for being average.

As an entrepreneur, you need to shake off the bad habit of doing things the usual way, the กway itกs always been doneก There is nothing wrong with using standard procedures and methods. In fact, sticking to the กrulesก can help you make a decent living. But if you want the big money, like I do, you need to start thinking กOutside the Boxก. A little bit of ingenuity in your business can save you a lot of money and time.

Ingenuity involves finding solutions to a problem. You may, at any stage of your home business, realize that you just don’t have an abundance of resources. Resources in this context can be money, time, expertise or just about everything else that you need, but just don’t have…

As you might have figured, creativity comes with risk. Doing something new is more risky than doing it the old way, but the payoff is incredible. Thinking outside the box might result in failure, just as well as it might lead to amazing success. But risk is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it is studied, anticipated and even welcomed.

So what do you do?

Most home business challenges can be solved, even if you are not a genius or have thousands of dollars to spend. If you can just use your ingenuity, you can find a solution to these challenges.

Figure out how to make the best of your advertising dollars. Figure out how to save time and automate your business. Figure out how to complement your skills using the skills of others. Small steps like these can go a long way in determining just how successful you will be.

3) Making Your Own Rules & Organizing Time

Imagine you arrive at work one day and find that the punchcard machine has been removed. The company also fired your boss, and the new rules say that you can come in at any time you want, bring your wife and kids along, and take as many breaks as you want. Shorts and a Tshirts are now the standard, accepted work attire.

What would you do?

I know what I would do absolutely nothing at all! I would take advantage of the situation, and do absolutely no work at all. As days go by, I get lazier and eventually become a total slob.

A home business environment is not much different from the scenario above. In the absence of corporate rules, you must develop your own self imposed กhome business rulesก. Set a time for work, for play, and for household activities. If you just decide to กgo with the flowก, you often get no where at all.

I used to think that money was the most important asset of my home business. Being quite naive, I thought that with more money, I could be successful faster. After all, money is king. With more money, I could buy more กbig timeก advertising, hire assistants and equip my business with the best software systems.

It didn’t take me long to realize that time is more important than money. Money simply cannot buy time. But with more time, I can all make all the money I want. Put in another way, I would say that MORE TIME is more important than just MORE MONEY. But none of us, not you, nor me, can have more than 24 hours a day at our disposal.

So, as a home business entrepreneur, we need to ultimately learn how to make the best use of the time that we have. This easy to say, but it will take discipline to see it through. Discipline is not easy to achieve, but it CAN be done. Just focus on doing a little bit every day, and stick to the timeline you had laid out, and you will get into the productive rhythm that comes with discipline.

4) Continuous Selfimprovement

The home business arena is highly competitive. As an entrepreneur you will need to keep up with any event that will effect your business, for better or worse.

Corporations usually have mandatory training courses for all employees. If you are someone who attended these courses just to get away from doing work, or just to get some extra sleeping time in the class, then you need to change your attitude.

As an entrepreneur you must to find ways to enrich yourself with more knowledge. Take that accounting class, attend that local business seminar and read related books. Don’t see these as additional expenses, see them as long term investment. An investment in knowledge, after all, yields the best return.

Every type of business is subject to slowdowns. If you do not continuously improve your skills and knowledge, simply throwing in more money or hiring more people when that happens will not solve the problem. The only way to move forward, to get to ‘the next levelก is to acquire new knowledge. New knowledge opens up more opportunities for your business.

5) Commitment to Your Goals & Deadlines for Success

กI want this on my desk by 2.00pmก.

Sounds familiar? Most of us seek a home based business because we want to escape the pressures of a 95 job. The word กdeadlineก may send a shiver through your spine.

The irony, however, is that deadlines are EXACTLY what you need to succeed in just about anything. As an entrepreneur, these deadlines always are, and must be, selfimposed. There are many book on how to set and achieve goals (my recommendations at and I suggest you read as many as you can.

Having family around you can be used to your advantage. Communicate your goals to your wife or husband. Promise your kids a vacation when youกve finished a major task. Soon, you will get little กbossesก running around telling you to stop watching TV and get to your work. Well, at least they are กadorableก bosses!

An excerpt from the book ‘think and Grow Richก by Napoleon Hill (pg. 15):

…a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He… gave the order to burn the ships that carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle he said กYou see the boats going up in smoke? That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice We win or we perishก.

They won.

And no matter what YOUR goals are in seeking selfemployment and an entrepreneurial life, with commitment to your goals and determination to meet your deadlines, you too will win. Take the positive aspects of your current of former work environment to build a healthy and productive home business mentality to ensure that you are heading towards success.

Hereกs to your success. Cheers.

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

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Gobala Krishnan is an internet marketer and home business owner. Visit his site at to start your own Internet based home business today, and get a free kickstart package, oneonone coaching and a clear, proven system to earn a six figure income.

This article was posted on January 16, 2005

by Gobala Krishnan

The Internet Marketer

The Internet Marketer

by: Rauf Kuliyev

The internet marketer is really a perfect profession. This profession allows you to gain many positive characters. You become more responsible, you learn how to earn money in your home business, how to make it professionally and treat your customers in a way you wanted them to treat you. We have to keep in mind one very important thing that marketing on the internet is different from marketing in real world in some aspects. You may ask why? So, the difference is a little hidden and can’t be seen at first.

Most people when they start their journey on the internet think that money are flying here. Ok.. just think, if money are not flying in the real world why should we think that they are flying on the internet? To make money on the internet in your home business is not easier than making them in real world. It is even a little harder. In real world if you have a shop and visitors coming every day you need to make some advertising campaign to attract them and build your customers list from month to month, from year to year. Once you attracted them and they visited your shop, you don’t just watch them whether they buy from you or not. You try to be polite, helpful, answer all their questions to the extent that they start to know you, trust you and then they buy from you. In short, you try to offer them professional service. If they buy from you and happy with the purchase they start to trust you even more. And you start to be even more helpful and professional to keep the trust between you and your customer. Thatกs the way we market in real world. It is just described in a few words, clear to you without wasting your time.

On the internet, in home business it is a little different. The customer comes to your website and he can’t see you, he can’t speak to you either. The only thing that he has in front of him is the document in html, i.e. your webpage. At this time he needs your guidance and help as if you were near him. If he can’t see any kind of help or answer to his questions then he simply leaves your website and go somewhere to another website where he will find what he is looking for. So, as I said, your customer can’t see you, just only your กcoldก website. You should know that internet surfer is looking for information, information and information. Not pictures. First of all is information. Your sales directly depend on how professionally you give info about your product. Fail to do this you will fail to make any purchase. As I said, if you have unique product it is much easier to make profits. If you sell someoneกs product you must choose the cheapest one and advertised professionally.

Thatกs the key point which many marketers don’t care in their home business projects and loose their visitors instead of converting them into a buyer.

If you don’t understand it then you lost your 90% of internet profit which may possibly generate your future website or any home business. You have to prepare your website in a friendly way for your customer ( design and interesting content). You have to describe your product in the best way possible. You should describe all the benefits of your product why it is different from other products. You have to describe all the advantages your customer may have if he buys your product. You even should read all your website message addressed to a customer a few times to make sure that it is really helpful and clear. You have to feel that you described your product in the best way possible so when a visitor comes to your website he may have all questions answered even if you are not near him. If you don’t do that, you lost your customer forever.

The best and easy product you can sell on the internet is info product or any downloadable product. It may be ebook or software. It is also advisable to have your own product because if you sell someoneกs product then keep in mind that you are not alone doing this. An internet surfer can buy it from any other place. But if you have your own product then he can buy it only from you and it is a serious advantage in your favor.

If you want to have good sales of your product then you first need to create your product. You need to study your industry and you need to study your competitorกs products similar to your product. Once you have this information you start to understand what is happening in your specific industry, you start to know your competitorกs product. After that, try to create your own product.

Finally when you create your website or webpage you need to write a good presentation of your product, show all advantages and difference from other products and you must do it step by step like on my webpage. If you fail to do this then any internet surfer who may visit your webpage, will find you incompetent and will never buy from you. Especially when you write your presentation you must be clear and honest with your customers/visitors. Never exaggerate your product value or features. Don’t give false promises about your product in your presentation letter on your website. If you do this then you will never have repeat sales and any internet marketer knows that if you have no repeat sales from the same customers then you will not be able to have your customers list/subscribers list and if you don’t have it then your home business will never grow. Remember, giving false promises is not ethical and additionally it will destroy your success.

When you prepare your product information, i.e. presentation on your website home page you must use the correct words which may really reflect your product true features and convince your visitor to make the purchase. But if you don’t have a great product or fail to create such a one which means you can’t compete with other products then I am sorry to inform you that you will not be able to make good presentation of your product.

Once you prepare your message youกd better reread it again and again and look at your message from the view of your visitor and make sure that your message is really convincing. Not false convincing but true convincing. If you can’t study your industry, competitorกs products and prepare true presentation youกd better spend more time until you collect enough knowledge. Never try to hypnotize your visitor or cheat him. Avoid hypnotic words like: ก I am going to reveal to you neverbeforerevealed secretsก and กinstant formulas.ก If you stay sincere with your visitors they will trust you and buy from you more. If you can’t prepare such a kind of your product presentation and just try to sell something like others then it is hard to make much sales. In this case you need from 1 to 2 years to get most of your website or maybe longer.

If your product is not in high demand, your presentation letter is weak and not convincing then you may have some little sales. Or even you may have even good sales but in this case you need to bring huge traffic which requires some time, up to two years for full exposure or maybe even more.

You must understand that there is no any secret behind internet millionaireกs tactics. It is very simple. The กsecretก means:

Having a great product.

Great and professional presentation of your product.

The right traffic tactics.

If you don’t have a great product or product in high demand then even if you can bring huge traffic you can’t make serious money.

If you have a great product but don’t know how to bring traffic to your home business, you fail again.

Note that the key of success is in great product which is high demand. If you have it and bring decent traffic even in this case you will get a good number of orders. There is no any secret. It is so simple.

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Online Home Business Guide Tips

by Rauf Kuliyev

This article was posted on March 06

by Rauf Kuliyev

How to start a home business.

How to start a home business.

by: Patric Chan

Do you know that it’s possible for a housewife or a ‘onemanshow’ around the world to start a home business for full time income?

It’s possible. And Iกm going to tell you what you need and how to do it.

First you need to get an extra phone line, fax and a computer in your home. This should be different from your existing home phone line or computer. That was easy to get started, wasn’t it?

The secret to start a home business quick and profitable is to be a ‘middle man’ between the prospects and the products or services they are looking for. It’s that simple! Of course you can create your own products or services to sell, but why go through the hassle in the early stages of getting started? By being the ‘middle man’, you can get started immediately.

Then, you have to determine whether you want to be a ‘middle man’ for a product or service oriented business. Both will give you the same benefits. Even if it’s product oriented, you are not be producing it. You are just merely getting it from someone and passing it to the customer. Therefore, you should not have any inventory. However, I’ll prefer to be involved in service oriented home business because it’s less ‘sticky’. Products may have more issues such as delivery, order fulfillment, product return and so on.

Here are 3 ways you can immediately start a home business by being a ‘middle man’ for a service oriented home business:

1. Human Resource ‘Department’

Do you know that many companies are hiring and many people are looking for a job? This is one of the best opportunities that you can get started immediately. It’s low cost, almost zero in cost. Go to all the offices and factories in your city and tell the human resource manager/department that you want to help them find reliable staff. They will have a list of vacancies. Get all the details. Compile it and start announcing to the public what vacancies you have to offer! You can make money from either the company or anyone who gets a job from your help. You decide how much commission you want. If the company already has their own commission scheme, you can just earn from there.

2. Real Estate

Youกd be surprised that many people are actually buying houses each day. And many people are selling houses as well! Don’t believe me? Go to your local real estate dealer’s office and youกll see there are plenty of requests from people wanting to buy or sell houses. You can just be a ‘middle man’ to get the deal. In fact, all real estate agents are ‘middle men’ in reality. You can just tie up with a few real estate agents and negotiate for a commission from them if you help them to get the houses their customers are looking for, or to help their customers to sell off their house.

A few deals a month will land you in big commission checks because houses price can vary from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00! However, you do want to set a certain criteria of amount that you will not participate. Example, you might not do any deals below $25,000.00 (or whatever figure you choose) because youกll need to put in the same effort and yet the return is too minimal.

3. Seminar business

Do you see seminars conducted in your city or state? It can be any type of seminars. Doesn’t matter what seminar it is. Pick up your phone and call the seminar organizers. Tell them youกll find participants to fit in their room and ask them how much commission they are willing to pay you per head. If the company is smart, theyกll pay you good commission because they no longer need to invest their money in advertising. And secondly, they cannot lose because they are paying you for results only.

Once you have experience of it, you may even consider engaging your own speaker one day and organize it. This can be your quarter year project for quick, instant cash.

There are so many other ways to start a successful home business. Iกve not even covered on how to start a home business by using the internet (If you want to learn that, go get a copy of ‘5Step System To Make Money Online VCD Package at ).

So don’t give excuses for yourself that it’s too much work, you need a lot of money to get started, and so on. Those are all excuses you create for yourself because of unconscious fear of failure. Or your own limiting beliefs.

It’s your life. It’s your decision. Sit on it, and there is no way you can expect to start a home business. Start it today, and maybe youกll start making money in a few months and generate a full time income in a year or 6 months.

All the best.

Patric Chan

Copyright 2004 Patric Chan

About The Author

Patric Chan is an internet infopreneur, and author. He had jointventured with many famous internet marketing experts in product creations and selling online.

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This article was posted on November 06, 2004

by Patric Chan

An Opportunity Called Home Business

An Opportunity Called Home Business

by: Arun Pal Singh

Opportunity has strange ways of presentation. While you may search heavily for it everywhere, it will stand there silently, waiting to be found. It will not knock your door or pat on your back to grab your attention.

It will stand there; appear in disguise waiting for you to recognize it and lift the veil from its face. It demands action from you, yet it won’t give the slightest hint of its existence. Why?

A man who seeks opportunity will eventually find one. When, how and where entirely depends on the sharpness of the seeker. Opportunities are already there. If we are not conscious, we don’t see one. Only when we start becoming conscious , we start finding one.

Recently a friend of mine critically asked me ขIf home business on the net can bring so much wealth and freedom to oneself how come everybody is not sitting at home and earningข.

He was trying to negate that money can be earned by online business. I tried to explain him about online earning but he was not ready to accept the reason.

ขI think that is wastage of time.ข He completely rejected me.

He was not conscious of the fact and he could not be subjected to reason.

Well! Then home business is not for him.

First step to find an opportunity is to believe that it exists. One must accept that it is there. Then one must become conscious of home business’ money earning potential.

When you become conscious of something you start noticing that in abundance. If you are not conscious of something you can’t see that even surrounding are full of it.

That is law of nature.

Nature has designed things in this fashion to avoid the revelation to the unprepared and thus unworthy.

The opportunity can only be used by able. One who can recognize the opportunity and acts to tap it is an able man. Other kinds either will not find the chance or let it pass without utilization.

Home business on the net has produced millionaires. Countless people started with limited resources and now earn unlimited wealth. What did they do?

They recognized an opportunity and took action. They had eyes for the opportunity and audacity for taking an action. That is what makes them stand apart in addition to the wealth they have made.

They were able.

Taking an action is second step for tapping the opportunity. Action taking is must if you want to get yields from opportunity. Otherwise the opportunity is as good as no opportunity.

Opportunity for home based business would always remain. With internet expanding at such a fast pace, potential of home business is much more than ever.

But only those seek with conviction and vision would find one.

Moreover, only those who are courageous enough to take action would find their way to enormous wealth.

People who lack conviction, courage or both will not find any wealth in the home business or for that matter anything.

Copyright 2004 Arun Pal Singh

About The Author

If you are an action taker in search of home business, here is an opportunity waiting to be revealed

Arun Pal Singh runs a successful business from home at He is also publisher and editor of Home for profits’ income course, a free newsletter with hundreds of tips for home business which can be subscribed by mailing to

This article was posted on December 29, 2004

by Arun Pal Singh

Home Business Success: What It Really Takes!

Home Business Success: What It Really Takes!

by: Nathaniel Balcom

These words are heard again and again by people attempting to build a real home business on the internet.

The real question should not be about winning because obviously, ขeveryone wants to winข, but should focus on the question of กHow do I get to where I want to be so that I consider myself a success in my home business?ก

Obviously, there is no roadmap that you can follow to reach the level of financial security that the majority of home business people would consider a success.

It is apparent though that the majority of people that are considered financially secure have some common qualities that they each possess, such as, almost all of the individuals that are financially secure appear to be selfmotivated and willing to commit.

Now, the reason that this is important as it relates to each person attempting to build a home business on the internet is because without a doubt most people join programs to make money, and improve their standing, at least in their own eyes, on the ladder of success.

The problem is that most people are not motivated enough from within to really commit to making the personal sacrafices needed to truly build a real online business and therefore earn the money and live the lifestyle that they desire.

I am of the opinion that there are two real solid reasons why this situation exist.

I shall discuss the first of these reasons in this article since I feel this is the reason that actually prevents most individuals from really going forward and reaching for their dreams.

I think that the majority of us, no matter whether we admit it or not, are limited in our ability to see ourselves at the level in life that we personally would consider successful. In most cases, we see ourselves as not being capable of reaching the level of success that we would truly like to reach because of the mental picture we have of ourselves.

In my opinion, this is the result of our having tried to achieve smaller goals in our lives at some point and having failed to reach those goals, for whatever reason, whether we admit it outwardly or not.

I know that if you talk to most people they will tell you that กI could be this or do that if I could get a breakข or ขif I had just a little luckข or ขif I could just get a helping hand.ก

This is so untrue.

Getting a กbreakก or กa helping handก in business is not about กluck.ก

กBreaksก in business are a matter of persistence and perseverance.

The number of people that actually make a substantial amount of money from home businesses is not large because the majority of people that have the selfmotivation, commitment, and discipline it takes to persevere to the level in which any big money is being made is small.

I can demonstrate this fact just by examining the statistics from a program that I am currently researching:

1. Currently only 17% of the total group has completed the basic requirements for understanding the program.

This program requires no commitment other than reading.

2. Of all the members in the group only 7% are qualified to earn all available means of income from the program.

This 7% represents 100% of the income and activity that is being produced within the group at the time of this article.

As a business owner, you should always set an example of how well your business products or services are by using them yourself.

3. Last month 68% of the income and activity produced by the group was produced by group members that have been members less than two months.

This occurs because these members still believe that they are capable of ขmaking it happen!ข

There are members of this group that have been onboard less than two months and have earned more money than other members that have been members for over a year or more that haven’t earned a cent.

I mentioned these facts only to demonstrate that home business success is a matter of selfmotivation.

Those members that are making money believe in themselves and therefore are motivated to take the initial actions to achieve, and, each achievement provides reinforcement that they can achieve the next step thus creating a perpetual belief that they can achieve whatever their desired goal might be in a stepby step goaloriented manner.

On the other hand for those that are not making money it is because of a deepseated doubt, I think, not of belief in the system, but of a lack of belief in their own abilities.

The failure to take even the first step demonstrates a lack of selfmotivation.

As a result the opposite affect is instilled and the perpetual doubt is reinforced each time that a desire to go forward is not followedup by any action that results in even a small amount of positive reinforcement that leads the individual to believe that they are capable of reaching the desired goal.

Success starts with an individual perception of ones self.

Action is a result of the motivation from within.

Selfmotivation is the key that must be turned in order to start the engine of success.

About The Author

This article was written by Nathaniel Balcom, the director of NVB and Associates, a internetbased home business group that provides assistance to its members as they attempt to build online businesses. He invites you to visit the following site if you are considering starting a business from your home:

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This article was posted on January 01

by Nathaniel Balcom

Is a Home Business Right for You?

Is a Home Business Right for You?

by: Jeff Casmer

Every morning as people wake up and make the commute to work, many dream of the day when they will finally work for themselves. Every time the boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people contemplate the benefits of being the owner of their own business.

Are you one of these people?

If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very important questions before you make the uncertain leap into selfemployment.

Many dream of the benefits of home business ownership, but few take into account the sacrifices that must be made to bring the dream to fruition. Please don’t make this mistake yourself.

You must approach home business ownership with your eyes wide open. Ask yourself the important questions, and more importantly, answer your own questions openly and honestly.


Are you the type of person who relishes every chance to gather around the water cooler for social interaction?

If so, then home business ownership may not be the right decision for you.

Instead, if you feel that you can be quite content sitting alone at your desk; speaking only to clients and really minding your own home business, then you might have what it takes to succeed as a home business entrepreneur.

If you feel at ease with your own company and don’t need a dozen coworkers milling around your desk, then you, too, could savor the freedoms that will allow you and your family, to live the lifestyle you know you want and deserve.


Selfmotivation is the key to success when you start a homebased business. You need to possess the ability to push yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be reinforced with every new sale.

The level of success that you will achieve greatly depends on the time and effort you are willing to plow into your new home business. Your organization, planning and marketing skills, will all be put into practice when you embark on your liberating journey from employee, to being your own boss. In fact, you will be the wearer of many hats and gain a wealth of business experience along the way, when you finally make that commitment to work at home.


You will now be the boss. Are you truly able to work independently? Do you have the drive; the tenacity, to persevere with your home based business? Will you be able to invest the necessary time to nurture it, to watch it grow and see it through, from germination to full, glorious bloom? When you’re the boss, you are responsible for the success of your home business, from A to Z, from disappointments to victory.

When you work at home, it will empower you to achieve many things you were unable to do when you were stuck working for that tyrant boss. Remember him? Heกs the guy that wouldn’t let you take time off when your baby was sick…the same guy that called you in to work on Thanksgiving Day.

A home business means that you can take good care of your family and make money from home, simultaneously. You will have the best of both worlds! Just thinkno more dirty laundry piling upyou can do it while you work. No more scurrying around at the last minute searching for a babysitter either. And no more worrying about getting fired; youกll be the boss!


Stay positive and focused on your home based business, even if, when sales aren’t up to par, you get occasional negative remarks or derogatory comments from people with stuffy, deadend jobs. Ignore their cutting words and bear in mind that success is the best revenge! Keep your admirable, positive attitude at the forefront and show them what you’re made of!

About The Author

Jeff Casmer is a successful online business coach and the owner of

Jeff Casmer, The Wealth Guy can help you launch your very own money making website today thatกs 100% ready to take orders and pull in massive profits for you right now…guaranteed! Visit:

This article was posted on July 13, 2003

by Jeff Casmer