Double Your Revenues with Joint Ventures

Double Your Revenues with Joint Ventures

by: Glen Hopkins

The best way I know of to multiply your online results, such as doubling the size of your optin email list, or increasing your sales, is through the use of joint ventures.

Joint ventures are partnerships created with other reputable business people that create a winwin situation for not only you and the person you partner with, but also your customer!

A great example of a joint venture that can be used to double the size of your optin subscribers overnight, is to partner with another publisher who publishes a newsletter for a related, but not competing, product or service as yours. This is called co registration.

Hereกs how you do it. Create a subscription page for your newsletter. Once the visitor subscribes to your ezine, have them automatically forwarded to a ‘thank Youก page that offers your partners ezine along with a recommendation. The recommendation will greatly improve the response you get so give your partner a good one.

Now all you have to do is have your partner do the same thing. Provided you are both generating approximately the same amount of new subscribers per day, you will DOUBLE your subscription rate!

This technique can be done with simple programming or the use of a popup window. You can find the script for a popup window at: To see a sample of how I use this technique check out: You will notice, I have modified the technique a little to suit my needs. What I have done is forward the subscriber to my contentrelated, ezine subscription page, where other publishers pay me to collect thousands of subscribers for them every month. To learn more about this service visit:

The second type of joint venture is in the form of a personal endorsement that each partner sends out to his respective ezine readers. This technique will yield you amazing results.

What you want to do is work out a deal with your joint venture partner whereby you can offer his subscribers a special offer or discount for your product or service. By doing this, your partner wins because in the eyes of his readers he is making them an exclusive offer (and therefore, the subscriber wins too). Your partner may also reap the rewards of any referral fees you might give him. And you win because of all the new business that is generated for you for free!

Below is a sample of my latest joint venture endorsement letter that a partner of mine sent out to her entire subscription list. I in turn sent out a similar letter to my subscribers. The letter will give you a clear picture of how you can implement this technique right away.


Dear friend,

Why would a publisher of a Joke Ezine write to you about a subscriber acquisition service?

Itกs because I felt it was so important that you find out about The ListOpt List Builder Service. You know there aren’t too many businesses nowadays that meet your expectations, let alone exceed them. But ListOpt Publications has done just that.

And thatกs why I wanted to personally introduce you to Glen Hopkins, the owner of ListOpt Publications.

For 4 years now, Glen has collected tens of thousands of opt in email addresses for my ezine and has been an absolute pleasure to do business with.

And since Iกm always on the look out for great deals for my valued subscribers, friends, and fellow ezine publishers, I asked Glen if he could let me do something special for you. After a bit of กfriendly persuasionก he agreed!

So hereกs the deal: When you join The ListOpt List Builder Service and forward this letter to Glen, youกll get $5.00 added to your account credit. Iกve attached information below so you could see what Glen has to offer.

Take a look at it and then contact Glen at [email protected] right away. Youกll be glad you did.


Your Name


Can you see the potential in doing something like this? Iกm sure you can. So get you wheels turning and think of who YOU could create a profitable joint venture with, and set it up today.

Of course, if you are interested in creating a joint venture with me, please send your suggestion to [email protected]. I am always looking for new business partners to multiply results with!

You have permission to reprint this article provided you include the following resource box:

About The Author

Glen Hopkins is the director of ListOpt Publications Inc. If you’re looking to build your newsletter subscriber base quickly, easily and inexpensively, visit and learn what hundreds of other publishers are saying about ListOptกs amazing List Builder service.

This article was posted on October 14, 2004

by Glen Hopkins

How To Build Your Sales

How To Build Your Sales

by: David Coyne

You may have heard of joint venture marketing, It’s used frequently by savvy entrepreneurs to increase profits and add loads of prospects to their customer list.

So what is joint venture marketing (or j/v)?

Speaking at the Information Marketing Boot Camp (, Joint venture expert and entrepreneur John Alanis describes it as ขa mutually beneficial agreement to sell similar products or services to customers or prospects.ข

You approach another entrepreneur and ask them if they’ll endorse your product and allow you to mail to their customer list.

In exchange, you give the entrepreneur a cut of the gross profits, usually anywhere from 5 to 25 percent. Or you could arrange a list swap.

J/V marketing allows you to quickly add hundreds or thousands of names to your customer list.

The first step is to find a suitable joint venture partner.

Where do you look?

Try your own customers first. Send out a letter or email announcing you’re looking for a j/v partner. Be sure to tell them you’re looking for a partner who sells similar products to your own. And ask how many customers they have on their list. Obviously, the more, the better.

Another way of to find j/v partners is in trade publications. Look at the advertisers. You’ll probably find a few that sell similar products to your own. Contact them by phone or letter and explain you’d like to create a joint venture with them.

Also look in the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) ( This directory has every commercially available mailing list, the list owner, etc. Most larger libraries will have a copy of SRDS, although it may be a year or two out of date.

As well, check out the Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters ( It’s an excellent source for potential customers from newsletter subscriptions. It’s an expensive directory to buy, but ask your library if they have a copy.

YOU MUST BE ENDORSED The most important thing is you must have your fellow entrepreneur include a letter of endorsement.

He has already established a relationship with his customers. You haven’t. If his customers are satisfied with his product, then they’ll much more open to receiving information from him about other products.

Without the endorsement, the customer response will drop significantly.

You can also ghost write the endorsement letter for your j/v partner and then have him sign it.

APPROACHING A J/V PARTNER The best way to approach a potential joint venture partner is to send a letter and then follow up by phone. Be prepared to phone at least a couple of times before your partner agrees.

When sending out the letter proposing a joint venture partnership, be sure to do the following:

Offer to do all the work. You’ll handle all the mailing, marketing documents, and product fulfilment.

Collect the customer money yourself and then send your j/v partner his cut for each sale.

Stress the fact that your partner will be ขgetting money for no work.ข This is a strong incentive for an entrepreneur to become your j/v partner.

You will deduct your mailing costs and other expenses first and then split the balance with the partner.

Always get your j/v partner to sign your letter agreeing to your terms.

Include an ขexit clause.ข This allows you to cancel the j/v agreement if you find your partner is a headache to deal with.

By following these steps to a joint venture, you’ll be able to quickly add hundreds or thousands of potential customers to your database that normally would take years to accumulate.

And, most importantly, you’ll increase your sales.

About The Author

Dave Coyne is a copywriter, marketing consultant. Start A High Income, Low Risk Home Business And Never Create A Product, Write An Ad or Talk To Anyone. Get this free report. Send a blank email to [email protected]

This article was posted on February 25, 2003

by David Coyne

ข7 Insider Tips To Joint Venture Successข

ข7 Insider Tips To Joint Venture Successข

by: Ewen Chia

Most marketers miss out on huge chunks of available profits by not doing enough joint ventures.

It’s the easiest way to leverage on resources you wouldn’t otherwise have.

There’re probably two reasons why joint ventures are not used fully. These are the fear of work and fear of failure. But do you know, you’ve failed in the first place by having this mindset?

While I’m not here to preach, I do want to emphasize, no marketer is ever an island. You’ve got to leverage your time and resources with fellow marketers to improve yourself and to maximize your success.

The magic word here is leverage.

Leverage everything you do, including joint venture, which is one of the most powerful forms of leverage you can ever tap on.

Carry this mindset as you read the rest of this article and apply the 7 basic tips as revealed…

These are the things I learned from my own joint venture experiences and I want to share them with you. It’s not just airy talk. I’ve done it.

For example, if you want to discover how I got 19 top marketers on my side for a product like ขResale Rights Secretsข, keep your eyes to this article as mentioned.

If you’re all set to create profitable joint ventures, here are the top 7 insider tips to get them going:

Tip 1: Be Sincere And Build Relationships

I live by the principle that basic courtesy and sincerity is a must in any relationship, especially with your joint venture partners.

Be sincere. Be courteous. Be honest.

Trust begets trust.

Don’t look at your potential partner as just someone you can tap on, builf the contact with sincerity and friendliness.

This way you can build a relationship to last a lifetime, as opposed to a onetime partnership.

Tip 2: Think LongTerm

This follows closely to the above setting of building relationships.

You can joint venture continuously whenever each one has a beneficial product or promotion. The key’s to create joint ventures for life, not just once off.

Tip 3: Don’t Give Up

I know it’s disappointing when you don’t get responses from potential joint ventures partners. But don’t forsake the cause because of a few failures, you may never know when you hit the goldmine.

It’s the same as looking for a job. While you won’t get every interview you sent out for, getting the one good one is what’s important.

Spread your eggs and just do it. Contact as many potential partners as you can and you’ll surely get results.

Tip 4: Always Be On The Lookout For Opportunities

Another way to make joint ventures work for you is to participate in them instead. Like yourself, many marketers are also looking for partners to work with, the problem’s where do you find them?

Forums. Forums are the absolute best places to network and seek likeminded people for potential joint ventures.

There’s no advertising cost and you can be on the frontline of new opportunities simply by scanning forums in your niche.

Here’s a list of high traffic marketing forums you can tap on:

Or simply join the internet marketers’ inner circle group called the Warrior Forum. The exposure and benefits you can get from there are tremendous.

While it’s a private forum, you can get a complimentary secret pass through ขMoney & Power: An Interview With Allen Saysข.

Allen’s also the founder of the Warrior Forum and you can find him actively moderating the forum there too:

Tip 5: Be Clear In Your Communication

When you’re approaching potential joint venture partners, it’s very important not to beat about the bush or sound overly hypedup.

Tell them the basic proposal and what they can gain, and leave out the big details unless they request for more information.

The phrase ขShort, Sweet And Simpleข couldn’t be more relevant here.

Tip 6: Be Different

In order to get profitable joint ventures set up, you need to be different.

This is especially true if you were to approach the big names. They get tons of joint venture proposals daily, and what’s to make them accept yours?

Be different. Give them something others are not offering.

I really personalize my proposals and lay out the biggest benefits they can get…out of a onetime effort.

For example, one major benefit out of many I gave was master resale rights and 100% p.rofits for ขResale Rights Secretsข

No one was doing what I did, so it became unique.

Tip 7: Be Irresistible

The last thing I learned was the importance of packaging irresistible offers, even for joint ventures partners.

Treat them like the customer. Create irresistible deals to get the joint venture going. Provide a host of benefits and be responsive. Every one enjoys being treated well, especially valued joint venture partners.

Well I’ll be rounding up here, hope you found these tips to be useful. Now go for those joint ventures!

Copyright 2004 Ewen Chia

About The Author

Ewen Chia is a successful information publisher and Internet marketer who spits out marketing secrets with fiery passion! Learn how you can instantly get more traffic, sales and increase your profits by visting his various websites:

This article was posted on May 04, 2004

by Ewen Chia

Leverage Your Way to Profits With Joint Ventures

Leverage Your Way to Profits With Joint Ventures

by: Russ Shearer

You can’t conduct business on the internet for very long without hearing the term กJoint Ventureก, but do you really understand them or how and why a Joint Venture works?

In broad, simple terms a Joint Venture is partnering with others to create a win/win situation for everyone involved.

But just what does that mean? How do you identify a good Joint Venture situation? How do you structure the partnership so that everyone wins? How do you approach a potential Joint Venture partner? There are tons of questions, and Iกll try to answer them all.

At the very heart of Joint Ventures what makes them work, and why they are more effective than other marketing strategies is something called leverage. At the end of this article, you should understand leverage and have a number of ideas about how you might incorporate Joint Ventures into your own marketing strategy.

Joint Ventures are a way to leverage someone elseกs money, customers, optin lists, marketing muscle, credibility, products, influence, whatever to create benefit for both. The most sought after benefit is probably immediate revenue and profits, so the first few examples will concentrate on those. But, your aim might be to:

increase your subscriber base, increase brand awareness in a new market, reduce or share certain costs, gain valuable information or skills, etc. so later, Iกll explore some of these, too.

The examples are just intended to spark your imagination. Whatever you do, don’t be limited by them. They are just examples!

Most joint ventures are unique, and the best joint ventures will be created by applying your own imagination and creativity to form the best win/win situation for you and your JV partners.

First, letกs look at the most common Joint Venture opportunity on the internet.

Affiliate Programs :

Some will debate that there has to be some exclusivity, some limited number of partners to qualify as a Joint Venture. I would direct you to the definition I gave above and contend that an affiliate program satisfies that definition.

Besides, affiliate programs provide us with a very well understood example of the relationship between the partners. If you choose to limit the definition for your own purposes .. fine but letกs make use of them as a common frame of reference.

With the typical affiliate program, there is a single benefactor and as many promoters as possible. The owner of a product (benefactor) sets up an affiliate program in order to leverage the customer and optin lists, and the recommendations of the promoters (affiliates) to sell more of the product.

The merchant benefits through sales to web surfers, newsletter subscribers, etc. that he would otherwise have no way to contact through the direct marketing efforts (including recommendations) by each affiliate.

The affiliate benefits by letting the merchant supply the sales copy, order fulfillment, and customer support and, of course, through commissions on each sale made as a direct result of their promotions.

Those are the immediate, tangible benefits. There is more.

The merchant also collects contact information from each buyer, as a part of the ordering process. This allows the merchant to build their list of responsive contacts, so they can market to them directly in the future. They might even upsell additional products at the back end of the ordering process.

The affiliate also strengthens the relationship with their readers, past customers, etc. by virtue of having recommended a worthwhile product to their leads.

So both have leveraged the assets of the other to their own benefit.

Now letกs look at a variation of the affiliate program. Letกs say a merchant is readying a new product for the market. They have built the basic sales and order pages, but want feedback from others (a review) and need testimonials for the sales page to help convert leads to sales (even the gurus face this no man is an island).

Product Endorsement :

Youกll realize very quickly that the Affiliate Program is just a form of the Product Endorsement Joint Venture that weกll talk about now, so hopefully we have taken a commonly understood form of internet marketing and will begin now to expand the scope, and your understanding.

In the Product Endorsement Joint Venture, the merchant might approach a กsmallishก list of known marketers with a Joint Venture proposal that provides them a free copy of the product to use and review, and an opportunity to be one of the first to recommend the product in the marketplace (once everything is ready for product launch).

The Joint Venture between the merchant and these marketers can be structured in many ways (in fact, each may be unique), but letกs just play out a typical scenario for the purpose of an example.

First, the merchant is going to want maximum exposure and the most professional marketing he can get so the กsmallishก list will typically be a list of กsuper affiliatesก that have demonstrated their ability to get their prospects to กclick thruก to the sales page. For the most part, the merchant is also going to want his testimonials to come from recognized names so this same list of กsuper affiliatesก probably meets that criteria, as well.


The merchant approaches his list of potential JV partners with a free copy of the product, and gets the badly needed testimonials for his sales page in return. The JV partners will get additional exposure from having their testimonial on the sales page for the merchantกs product. Not a bad deal for either, so far but the whole package carries a lot more value for both.

Everyone who reviewed the product is also now in an ideal position to give a recommendation to their list, and (assuming they have the trust of their past customers or readers) should be able to direct a significant amount of traffic to the merchantกs sales page. But why would they do that???

Well, besides making sure he is offering a worthwhile (and in demand) product the merchant can offer premium commissions for any sales that are the direct result of the JV partners recommending the product, and can let them promote before the product is released to any other affiliates.

The merchant probably has to give up a larger percentage of each sale to get these recommendations, but they will produce many more sales than an affiliate simply pasting a banner on their web site. Thatกs not a gamble, itกs a certainty!

In return for the personal recommendation, the JV partner gets a higher commission, and early promotion rights (before the market is flooded with competitors making the same offer).

You could be either party in this partnership (many of the product gurus also make a fair amount promoting othersก products).

So, now … letกs assume the merchant is YOU! กBut, I don’t know any super affiliates!ก, you say. Weกll come to that later.

Or maybe you don’t see yourself creating unique products and dealing with order fulfillment, customer service, etc. If you are satisfied marketing othersก products, maybe all you need is to get in on some of those กsuper affiliateก deals so you get some of those first promotion rights.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to check this out later.

The above example is one of the more common ways to structure a Joint Venture, and product promotion brings the most immediate return but you can partner with others in many other ways.

Copyright 2004 Russ Shearer

Russ Shearer teaches multiple income stream generation. Ordinary people are making extraordinary money working from home with

Your own website and ready made newsletter setup free in 24 hrs!

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Russ Shearer shows how to leverage the powerful resources of the bigwigs with Joint Venturing.

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This article was posted on March 01, 2004

by Russ Shearer

50 Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing

50 Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing

by: Andrew Cantrell

What Is A Joint Venture?

A joint venture is an agreement in which two or more businesses work on a project for a set period of time. Joint ventures can be longterm, like promoting a product together, or some can be shortterm, like bartering (trading) products and services. Joint venture ideas are virtually endless.

The Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing

You can build long lasting business relationships.

You can increase your credibility by teaming up with other reputable, branded businesses.

You can get free products and services.

You can construct most joint venture deals with little or no money.

You can gain new leads and customers.

You can get discounts on products and services.

You can save m.oney on business operating costs.

You can beat your competition.

You can gain referrals from other businesses.

You can solve your business problems.

You can save valuable time.

You can get free and low cost advertising.

You can offer your customers new products and services.

You can survive a depression, recession or a slow economy.

You can save m.oney by sharing advertising and marketing costs.

You can target other potential markets.

You can expand and grow your business quickly.

You can gain valuable information or skills.

You can increase and protect your cash flow.

You can find new profit outlets.

You can become rich and wealthy.

You can start almost any business at little or no costs.

You can get rid of your extra inventory.

You can reduce and eliminate your debts and avoid bankruptcy.

You can afford to sell your products at a lower price.

You can increase your in or ezine subscribers for free.

You can get your web hosting and design for free.

You can save money outsourcing your workload for free.

You can find hidden income streams.

You can exchange useless products for profitable ones.

You can create new business funding and credit lines.

You can reduce your taxes.

You can find and create new distribution channels for your products.

You can give your employees more raises, bonuses and benefits.

You can even trade non business stuff to improve your personal life.

You can i.ncrease your sales and p.rofits.

You can send your ad to huge, targeted email lists at no cost.

You can eliminate employee hiring costs creating barter outsourcing deals.

You can build your customer or optin list for free.

You can build profitable alliances with other businesses.

You can learn insider information from other experts at no cost.

You can test your product for free.

You can outsell other affiliates much easier.

You can increase the number of affiliates that sign up to your reseller program.

You can offer more bonus products and incentives to buy.

You can get highly credible endorsements and testimonials from other experts.

You can quickly i.ncrease your ezine subscribers.

You can offer your products at lower prices than your competition.

You can easily find new up sell and backend products to sell.

You can create products faster and with less effort.

These are only some of the benefits. They’re endless!

Warm regards,

Andrew Cantrell

Best Selling Ebook:

About The Author

Andrew Cantrell, the owner of has helped thousands of ordinary people succeed with their online business. He can help you today! Visit:

[email protected]

This article was posted on January 24

by Andrew Cantrell

4 Rock Solid Reasons For Building Your Own Website

4 Rock Solid Reasons For Building Your Own Website

by: Robert Evans

What is the point of having a website, you may ask, when the affiliate programme you have joined has provided you with your own web page to promote? This is a fair question. The answer has to be that with your own site and of course your own domain name you will have a lot more control over your business. Here are four reasons why you should be grabbing your piece of internet real estate right now.

1) To begin with, it serves as the focal point for your business. Once you have it properly set up you can have all sorts of pages leading off from it, effectively creating an entire network of interlinked pages. Adding fresh, unique content to your site on a regular basis, can also help take your site from obscurity to top rankings on the major search engines in a relatively short space of time, resulting in high profile exposure for whatever business you are operating.

This is not a pipe dream that only top level search engine optimisation experts can achieve. Anyone can do it. Believe me. Try to remember this simple process whenever you add something to your site:

build a page with fresh content relating to the theme of your site. This can of course be on the subject of the product you are promoting, whether it is your own or someone elseกs.

optimise it with appropriate title and description tags

make sure it is linked to the home page

give the page itself a descriptive name

2) Another rock solid reason for having your own website is so that you can take advantage of some really neat scripts and features you can add to it, such as a classified ad service, a pay per click service, a search engine, even a web hosting service. Some of these features can also make you a healthy income.

3) You can use a web page as the gateway to an automated followup system that is activated whenever a visitor submits his contact details via a form. Why would your visitors give you their details? Because you have something they want. And you are going to give it to them in exchange for their name and email address. This can be a free report, ebook or other product.

Once they submit their details, the first of a series of emails is sent to them containing whatever they requested together with an ad for the product or service you are promoting. You should also set the system up to send them further emails over a period covering about a month.

By setting up such pages and systems you are leaving yourself free to concentrate on developing your business and bringing in new visitors. Which brings us to the fourth rock solid reason for having a web site.

4) Joint ventures. This is another excellent reason to have your own site and either your own product to sell or one which you have the resell rights for. Don’t be put off by the thought of approaching other business owners with a joint venture proposal. Just go to your favourite search engine and do a search under กezine directoriesก then contact a handful of publishers whose ezines fall into the same category as the product you are selling and offer them a (sizeable) percentage on any sales they generate.

You supply them with the ad copy, or work with them to produce something that their readers are likely to respond to then sit back (but not for long) and wait for the sales to start coming in. If you have found the right partner and he or she has a sizeable subscriber base, this could result in quite a healthy return.

In order to enter into a joint venture arrangement you would, of course, need to set up a special page that your joint venture partner will send their subscribers to. Make sure you insert their name or Affiliate ID into your payment buttons. This can easily be done in PayPal by simply adding it after the name of the product.

Copyright 2005 Robert Evans

About The Author

Bob Evans has been doing business on the internet since 2000. He builds web sites and writes fresh unique content on just about any subject for use by both novice and experienced webmasters.

This article was posted on August 22

by Robert Evans

3 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Joint Venture

3 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Joint Venture

by: Jinger Jarrett

A joint venture can be one of the most profitable and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. It can also destroy your reputation, get you ignored, or worse, accused of spam if you if you don’t take the proper care to create a valuable offer.
There are three things you should NEVER do when creating a joint venture proposal for a potential partner. Below are three things NOT to do, with several tips to help you do it right.
1. Fail to Plan.
Before you send out any emails to potential partners, you need to plan your offering, decide who you are going to send it to, and what you expect in return.
First, create your offer. Ask yourself these questions:
What am I going to give the potential partner to make him/her want to joint venture with me? i.e. Are you going to give the partner a copy of the product, do you have bonuses available, whatกs the commission you are paying, are you offering a large one time commission, or a recurring monthly commission?
My rule of thumb is to never offer less than 50 percent. What you want to do is make the partner an offer that is not only fair, but more beneficial up front for him/her than it is for you.
Once you know what your offer is, you want to create solo ads, a review, or something that the partner can plug his/her information into so that you have something to give him/her when you make the offer.
Include the affiliate sign up link, and make it as easy as possible to sign up. Also include the link to the product, as well as tell the partner how to get the download, the membership, or whatever you are selling.
The point is, make it easy. My joint venture partners are busy people. They don’t have time to write ads for me, or spend a lot of time getting prepared. They need something they can set up in a few minutes, send it out, and move on. Remember, your potential partners are probably the same.
2. Forget to Target Your Market.
I get over 500 emails a day. Mind you, they aren’t all joint ventures although I get a lot of those too.
The point is this: research your market. Find products, services, memberships, etc. that complement yours. Then you have a market.
3. Send Your Offer to the Wrong Person.
No one wants to read offers that say, กDear Publisherก, กDear Friendก, or anything like that.
The first, and most important thing about creating a joint venture is to make sure that you send it to the right person at the right email address.
Although I don’t recommend it, you can send your joint venture proposal to someone you don’t know provided you have properly targeted your market. This doesn’t mean you can send your message to 100s who just happen to be in your target market.
What I recommend you do is this: build a relationship with the person. Build a lot of relationships with a lot of people. If you have something relevant to say about someoneกs newsletter, write him/her.
I get so many bogus offers that when I get something I appreciate, or I enjoy, I always write the publisher a complimentary email. If thereกs a survey, I answer it. If the publisher needs help, and I can, I answer.
This is how great business relationships are built online. You would be amazed at how much others are willing to help you when you take the time to get to know them.
Finally, unless you know one of the กgurusก, and very well, I wouldn’t advise sending them your offer. Most of them already have joint venture arrangements in place and aren’t really willing to work with someone they don’t know, or who hasn’t made it to กguruก status.
There are plenty of potential partners out there with nice sized mailing lists who are hungry for more ways to make more money. With millions online, you have a wide range of potential partners to choose from.
Remember, it really doesn’t matter if you sell gardening tools or ebooks, or anything else for that matter, a joint venture can quickly and easily add to your bottom line.

About The Author

Jinger Jarrett has partnered with Russ Moore to create the Killer Marketing Arsenal, a membership site offering all the tools you need to market your business for maximum traffic and sales. To celebrate, they are helping to sponsor a monthly contest where you can win over $10,500 per month. Enter today. Itกs free. *****************************************************************

This article was posted on May 01, 2004

by Jinger Jarrett

Joint Ventures Revealed

Joint Ventures Revealed

by: Adam Waxler

There is a great deal of talk on the Internet about joint ventures and how they can lead anyone to a rapid increase in profits.

Is this true?


You see, the best part of doing a joint venture is that it gives small businesses the opportunity to benefit and profit from the traffic of a large business.

And, joint ventures work regardless of your niche market. For example, the first web site I created sold (and still sells) my ebook on teaching strategies. However, there are literally thousands of highranking, hightraffic teaching web sites. How in the world was I going to compete with them when I was just starting out?

Well, the good news is, I don’t have to compete with them. Instead, I can use these web sites to my advantage. That is what Joint Venturing is all about and that is why it works so well for small Internet businesses.

Instead of trying to compete with major web sites, simply have those sites sell your product for you. Of course, you will have to give them a nice percentage, but it certainly is worth it.

First thing you will want to do is set up an affiliate program. Setting up an affiliate program is simple. Clickbank is just one a several companies that will handle all your affiliate needs for a very small fee. However, you can also purchase software such as AssocTRAC 4.0 that is an allinone affiliate management solution (

You will also want to make your product as easy as possible for your JV partners to promote. For example, you will want to create premade classified ads, articles, graphics, banners, ecourses etc. that your JV partners can simply copy and paste and add their own affiliate id.

Once you have your affiliate program all set, you will need to flush out highranking, hightraffic sites within your niche market.

One way to find joint ventures online is by subscribing and participating in online forums that deal with your target audience. If you are involved in Internet marketing the Internet Warrior Forum is a fantastic forum for finding joint venture partners:

Of course, you could also do a simple Google search for keywords in your target market and then do a little research on the top web sites. However, you want to make sure you find web sites that have a great deal of traffic.

There are a couple of ways to go about this. I would suggest downloading both the Alexa toolbar and Google toolbar. Both these toolbars will give you an idea of how much traffic the sites you visit get. Google gives sites a Page Rank (PR) from 110. The higher the better. Alexa gives a number rank…the lower the better.

Then, for each web site you visit as a potential JV partner, you need to do a little research. See if their web site is promoting other products. If they are then they will likely promote yours as well.

However, even if they do not promote other products on their site, they still may promote other products through their ezine or newsletter, so don’t count them out just yet.

Try to build up a large list of highranking, hightraffic sites that could possibly promote your product.

Once you have your list (the larger the better), you want to send a carefully written email explaining the advantages of doing a joint venture together. Tell the business owner the benefits of the joint venture. Explain why it would be a win/win situation for both of your businesses. Make sure to explain the benefits of your product (just as you would in a sales letter) and make sure to let your prospective JV partner know that this will be an easy way to increase both of your profits. Your email should have a link to your affiliate page that clearly explains how to sign up for your affiliate program and provides simple copy and paste promotions for them to use.

Basically, you want to make it so easy and profitable for them that they can’t say กnoก.

Oh yeah, but keep it fairly short 🙂

Using all the methods above will greater your chance of constructing a profitable joint venture.

Of course, the above methods take time. Fortunately, there is also software available that will help you put together powerful joint ventures faster and more efficiently by taking out most of the legwork. Here is a great example of such software:

Either way, using software or doing the work yourself, joint ventures are the best way to skyrocket your profits. And remember, joint ventures work for all niches and are great even for small businesses.

Copyright 2004 Adam Waxler

About The Author

Adam Waxler owns and operates The Money Teacher web site and publishes The Money Teacherกs Home Business Tips Newsletter teaching others how to reach online success. To get your free newsletter subscription send a blank email to: [email protected] or visit our web site at

This article was posted on December 20, 2004

by Adam Waxler

The Truth About Joint Ventures

The Truth About Joint Ventures

by: Jason Mangrum

This is a กSharewareก Article (whatกs that? read on…)

This article is shareware. Give this article away for free on your site, or include it as part of any paid package as long as the entire article is left intact including this notice.

Copyright © 2003

Iกm sick and tired of getting hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Joint Venture proposals per week, all claiming the same thing…

กWe assure you that our product is not in direct competition with yours…ก

My only reply: กWho cares if it IS?ก

Now, I know that this article may go against almost everything youกve ever been taught about Joint Venture Marketing, but I think itกs high time someone laid out the truth about JVกs. By the time you finish reading this article, youกll understand that in MOST cases…

‘there is NO SUCH THING as Direct Competition!ก

Whew… There. I said it. 😉

Think about it.

Letกs say you’re selling an eBook on กMake Money with ABCก and the other guy is selling an eBook on กMake Money with XYZก. Normally, to most people it would seem that these two are in direct competition with each other.


Hereกs why:

Because unless Mr. ABC and Mr. XYZ had wordforword, lineforline, pagebypage the EXACT same content within their eBooks, (which is quite unlikely) they could both sell these eBooks to the exact same market, and most likely would be able to sell to the exact same customer.

Ok ok, now I can hear you saying กBut if Bob bought the ABC eBook before he found the XYZ eBook, he probably wouldn’t buy from Mr. XYZ because heกd already have what he was looking for from Mr. ABC!ก

Sorry, but WRONG again…

To prove this statement, look no further than your own computer.

How many Internet Marketing related eBooks do you have?

Ok, letกs get more specific…

Letกs say you’re interested in Search Engine Positioning.

Are you going to only buy ONE book on SE positioning?

Or are you going to try out several different books, knowing that you just might find different information, or even a different perspective or view on SE positioning?

Another example…

Letกs say you’re interested in Copywriting.

Now, are you going to only purchase one book on copywriting and consider yourself กwell versedก on the subject after youกve read it?

Didn’t think so.

This little กruleก applies to virtually any information product, UNLESS you’re selling the exact same thing. (i.e. youกve bought reseller rights, you’re an affiliate, you run the same service, etc…)

So, now that youกve realized that direct competition is only a กmythก, youกve unknowingly opened the doors to unlimited possibilites with your own products and services.

Stop being an enemy of your กcompetitionก and become their friend!

If you own an infoproduct, (as long as you’re the only one selling it) research your closest possible กcompetitionก, and offer them a Joint Venture. You may want to enlighten them to the fact that you’re not really in any competition since both of your audiences are extremely targeted to each other. Then, simply do a crosspromotion.

Iกll give you an example.

Letกs say, I just created an eBook on Joint Ventures.

Then, I search for the closest competition I can find. Once Iกve found what I was looking for, I would email them (or phone them) and let them know that I would like to sell their JV eBook as a backend to my JV eBook.

I could simply place it under a กHighly Recommended Readingก Column, or just send a mailing to my customer list about it.

(notice Iกm telling them what I would like to do for THEM before I ever mention what I want them to do for ME…)

I would then continue by telling them that any time someone purchases their eBook from my efforts, THEY would keep 100% of the profits.

This would be 100% FREE advertising for them, and thatกs REALLY hard to say กnoก to. 😉

I would then ask them if they would be willing to do the same thing for me, except I would let them use an affiliate link, so they can still profit from MY eBook when they make a sale from their efforts.

This may seem crazy at first, but if you try to see this JV through the eyes of your potential partner (or กcompetition) youกll understand that Iกm placing their needs and wants FAR above my own. This shows them that I am willing to lose a little on the deal for THEIR benefit. And more often than not, theyกll not only accept the offer, but theyกll insist that I use an affiliate link for their product as well. 🙂

There you have it.

Iกve just eliminated my กcompetitionก by becoming their friend, and in doing so, Iกm getting FREE advertising from extremely lasertargeted PAYING customers who are definitely interested in what I have to offer.

Now, go use your imagination and think of some JVกs you can do with your กdirect competitionก to befriend them. Youกll soon realize you never had any REAL competitors in the first place.

About The Author

Jason ‘the Marketing Machineก Mangrum is known to be the one of the most innovative experts on Joint Venture Marketing. If you need help with JV ideas, Jason has created a killer software product that automates the entire Joint Venture writing process in less than 30 seconds. You can get more information (and a free eCourse) here:

[email protected]

This article was posted on April 10, 2003

by Jason Mangrum

A Unique Joint Venture Twist: Make Huge Profits Ev

A Unique Joint Venture Twist: Make Huge Profits Even If You Have No Money, No Products, and No List

by: Rick Miller

Would you like to jumpstart your online or offline business without spending a ton of money?

Without a doubt, joint venture marketing is the most powerful secret to making money online or offline.

In its simplest form, you partner with someone else: You either sell their product to your customer base or they sell your product to theirs.

The true power of this lies in the fact that itกs much easier to sell a product to an existing customer, rather than going out and trying to get another customer.

Hereกs the twist:

What if you could use joint venture marketing without having a product, very little money, and little or no customer list?

Letกs see what one of the foremost authorities on joint ventures has to say about this unique use of the joint venture idea …

Marc Goldman is a worldclass authority on joint venture marketing, building a website that ranks in the top 6,000 mostvisited websites. Thatกs quite an accomplishment considering the millions of websites in existence.

Whatกs more important though is that heกs been using joint venture marketing since his first day in business in 1994.

In a recent interview, he offered this simple formula to quickly profit from joint ventures.

(Note: To access Marc Goldmanกs complete audio interview for free, see end of article)

You simply perform the role of a Joint Venture brokeryou bring together partners who can add value to what the other party offers.

For a great online example of this technique, suppose you find a great product on the Internet that you love …

You could hook up the owner with other Internet marketers who have an existing customer base, and get a commission from the sales.

If the product has a twotier affiliate program, you simply sign up as an affiliate. You automatically get commissions from the sales of the marketers you convinced to promote the product (who sign up under you).

If you’re hooking the product owner up with marketers who have a huge customer base, try to negotiate a higher commission than the normal second level commission.

If the product owner currently does not have an affiliate program, simply approach the ownermake a proposal to get a specific commission on any sales from the partners you bring to him.

Having purchased Marcกs Joint Venture Brokering Mastery Seminar, I can testify to the effectiveness of his techniques.

The broker idea works equally well offline …

Just one case in point:

I joined up an owner of three dilapidated rental houses who just wanted to get rid of them with someone who wanted to buy some land to build a gun shop. Each party got what they wanted and, at closing, I received a check for $8,835.92 … definitely a nice commission for only several hoursก work and no money down.

With that in mind, go out today, have your best day ever, and keep your eyes out for people who you can help by bringing them together with someone else who can help them.

Of course, make sure you remember to get your slice of the profits …

Copyright 2004 Rick Miller

About The Author

Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting. To learn Internet Mind Control, go to: Weกve also arranged for 20 of our readers to get the entire audio interview with Marc Goldman for free, along with 26 weeks of free training from Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, John Gray, Robert Allen, Shawn Casey, Brian Tracy, and other top Internet marketing experts and selfimprovement gurussimply visit:

This article was posted on November 08, 2004

by Rick Miller

The Domino Theory

The Domino Theory

by: Phil Basten

Most of us know what dominos are and many of us have seen those amazing demonstrations when a massive number of dominos are set in a somewhat magical array and the creator pushes one domino over and they all fall down in harmony one after the other.
Itกs called the domino theory and if you do it just right it works and looks spectacular.
Wouldn’t it be great if online businesses worked this way?
It would be terrific if you could set up all your business dominos (strategies) and have them fall in just the right direction, wouldn’t it?
Guess what?
You can, and itกs easier than you think.
Ken McArthur and Sid Hale, two seasoned marketers, have put together a brilliant program that allows you to do this easily and quickly.
The programกs called JV Alert.
It allows veteran and inexperienced marketers alike to get together with other marketers and do the kind of Joint Venture deals we all dream about.
When this site first opened over a year ago, My partner Jane and I jumped at the chance to be involved. It was a decision that has proved fruitful many times over.
We had one goal in mind at that time and that was to connect with someone who could help us sell an ebook we had written called กJoe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?ก
Because of JV alertกs unique service and reach, we were able to put out a call for a joint venture partner instantly.
In walked a joint venture partner who help us get the now wellknown Joe and Mable show off the ground.
In its first major Joint Venture, our company, JPE Advertising was able to meet other influential marketers such as Joe Vitale, Shawn Casey, Mike Glaspie, Mark Joyner, Ken McArthur, Jim Daniels and then continue to do exclusive deals one after the other.
It only takes one successful joint venture to open the doors to many others.
If you have a great idea and some talent, itกs not that hard to get yourself firmly entrenched into the exciting world of Joint Ventures and the dominos will soon begin to fall your way.
Where do you start.
AT JV alert.
Jane Mark and Phil Basten run a successful ad agency online and have been helping internet marketers succeed for 8 years.
You can talk to them in person about JV alert and their experiences in their online office at:

About The Author

Phil Basten is President of JPE Advertising. This well known Online Ad Agency has been operating since 1997.
He has 35 years of advertising experience working for some of the worldกs most prestigious ad agencies, Ogilvy and Mather, Fortune Advertising and Leo Burnett,
He is known as the AD Man called on frequnetly to write persuasive, direct response, ad copy for literally thousands of clients offline and online.

[email protected]

This article was posted on June 26, 2004

by Phil Basten

Joint Venture Your Way to Extraordinary Sales!

Joint Venture Your Way to Extraordinary Sales!

by: Kimberly Stevens

You know what makes me really happy? Drinking a Starbucks latte while doing my grocery shopping at Safeway. Getting my Godiva fix at Barnes & Noble. Cheap thrills, I know!

Ever wonder why McDonald’s is inside many WalMart stores? Or why you can buy the board game, Cranium, inside most Starbucks locations?

These are not just lucky coincidences. They are very wellplanned, structured, and negotiated marketing strategies. They are implemented by companies that get creative with their marketing by focusing it around who their ideal customer is, where they spend their time, and what they do.

These kinds of joint ventures, or distribution agreements, deliver convenience to the customer while generating profits for both the company that manufacturers the product as well as the one that distributes it. It is a winwinwin.

Joint ventures are likely one of the most profitable ways for you to invest your marketing time. If you can identify ways to team with someone who already has the attention and respect of your target market, you will multiply the results you get from your marketing campaigns.

Think about it what could be better than someone who already has the respect of your ideal clients telling them all about you and what great work you do?

That is all a joint venture really is, afterall. One person or company putting their seal of approval on another. In simple terms, they are saying ขThis guy is okay. You can trust him. I have seen his stuff, and he knows what he is talking about.ข

Smart business owners take the time to identify who else has contact with their target market and approach those people to ask if they would recommend them to their clients.

Some arrangements might involve a referral fee. Others might just be reciprocal agreements – you send me people, I will send you people.

That is why your printer might be able to recommend a good graphic designer, your pediatrician can recommend a nutritionist that specializes in working with kids, and your web hosting company can recommend a web designer or two. They have developed relationships with other professionals with a natural crossover with the service they provide.

Perhaps they met at a networking function, stumbled across each other during the regular course of work, or took a more proactive role to seek out joint ventures. It does not matter how it gets done – just that it does get done.

So, how can you get started? It is easy. Just sit down and really take some time to think about your ideal clients. What are they like? What kind of business are they in? What kind of life do they lead? Where do they live? What do they read? What organizations do they belong to? What do they do during work hours and offhours? Where do they spend their time?

Once you have a clear understanding of them, ask yourself – based on what I know about my clients, who might already have a trusted relationship with a group of them?

Some common online examples are ezine editors who have a subscriber base of your ideal clients, other companies who have a client base of your ideal clients, or discussion group owners who have a member list made up of your ideal clients.

In the offline world, you might approach associations whose members are your ideal clients, other businesses who sell complimentary products/service to their client base which consists of your ideal clients, or print publications whose subscribers are your ideal clients.

Once you have identified some potential joint venture partners, just contact them with an offer. Decide ahead of time if you are going to offer a financial incentive or simply reciprocity.

The referral mechanism for reciprocity could be as simple as displaying one another’s business cards, adding the other organization’s logo to your materials, or sending out an endorsement of them to your clients and having them do the same.

The opportunities are endless once you begin to think in the right terms. So, take some time this week to really understand your ideal clients. Who are they, what do they want, and how can you best deliver it to them in a way that is convenient for them and makes money for you as well as your joint venture partner?

About The Author

Kimberly Stevens is the author of the ebook series, *The Profitable Business Owner: A StepbyStep System for Starting & Running a Successful Service Business*. Download Sample Chapters & get her free MiniCourse, *The 10 Most Common Mistakes Business Owners Make & How To Avoid Them* at:

[email protected]

This article was posted on February 07, 2003

by Kimberly Stevens