Getting Started to Get Started

Getting Started to Get Started

by: Alan Huff

So you want to make it BIG online? You want to start an internet business. You register your domain, sign up with a hosting company, design or pay to have a website designed, go live online, and bingo, the money will soon start rolling in, right? Wrong (unless you have a ‘lucky’ horseshoe  ).
That’s basically how I started my own internet business but, I soon realized that much more is involved if you want to stand a chance at succeeding online. There are no ‘secret’ formulas to success. If you know of one which really works, please send it to me .
You must know how to do business online., and in order to that, you need to learn how. I know you don’t have time to learn, however, if really want to do it right, you’ll take the time.
Do yourself a favor. Before you start an internet business, read articles, ezines, ebooks, etc., written by those who have already made it. Write a marketing plan (sound familiar?), plan your website design and layout and content.
Bottom line; before you start an internet business, learn how to. You don’t have to do it the ‘hard’ way.
Focus on getting started to get started.

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This article was posted on July 03, 2004

by Alan Huff

Capturing Leads on Free Traffic Exchanges

Capturing Leads on Free Traffic Exchanges

by: Michael Lawrence

There are 3 basic components to capturing leads on free traffic exchanges that need to be understood. Lead capture pages, Autoresponder follow up systems, and Ad tracking URLs.

The lead capture page can be hosted anywhere but it needs to have at least one thing on it to be effective… a way to capture a personกs email address.

Why waste your traffic exchange credits sending userกs to your sales page where they only have 15 seconds to decide whether they are interested in your product or service? It is too easy just to let your website rotate to the next causing you to lose a potential prospect.

If you set up an incentiveladen lead capture web page (by incentive I mean a contest or freebie for providing their email address) that has a short tag line about your product or service combined with a 2 line form consisting of name and email address you have a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing tool.

In fact what would stop you from advertising 5 or 10 different lead capture pages on several traffic exchanges for each product or service you are promoting?

Ok, so you have a personกs email address and name.

What now?

Let me explain the purspose of an Autoresponder before I do that. An Autoresponder is a script that sends out timed follow up messages to anyone in your Autoresponder email list. If you connect the form on your lead capture page to your Autoresponder you have a virtually unlimited opportunity to advertise to your now กopt inก subscriber.

Your only real job becomes promoting your lead capture pages. The Autoresponder system once set up requires little or no maintenance on your part.

Now when a person sees your incentive laden lead capture page on a Free Traffic Exchange they can quickly scan your opportunity and provide a minimum of information (nobody likes filling in forms, especially when they only have 15 seconds to decide on your offer).

Freebies work well, free downloads, contests, giveaways. People like free stuff and this gives you a nice way to build up credibility with your customer.

To take this a step further you can track your campaigns by replacing the URL for your product with an Ad tracking URL.

This will tell you every time someone clicks on a link within your email message or lead capture page allowing you to weed out ineffective ad copy.

Make sure you set up a different ad tracking URL for each lead capture page or email message and you can truly see how well each of your campaigns are performing in real time.

So get busy creating your lead capture pages, connect them to your Autoresponder follow up system, and start promoting and tracking your campaigns. You should see improvements in your sales and recruiting efforts immediately.

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Michael Lawrence is the webmaster for a free autosurf traffic exchange. He also publishes a web promotion related blog at

This article was posted on August 14

by Michael Lawrence

How To Build Website Seven Steps For Building Op

How To Build Website Seven Steps For Building Optimized Websites For Affiliate Programs.

by: Alexandr Marlin

The web has developed in such a mass marketing arena, that many offline advertisers are now coming online.

This is the first sign that selling online will be a trillion dollar media in a couple years.

Research has proven that online buying has been on a steady rise and more and more businesses are starting up every day.

Google indexes about ten million sites daily, yes, ten million per day.

In short, you will only see a bigger bloom and that mean that the best medium for earning online will be with affiliate programs.

Yes, affiliate programs earn cash for you even if you don’t have your own product.

How Can You Learn To Make Affiliate Programs Earn Cash For You?

The key to making any kind of money online is to master these seven steps:

1) How To Build Website That Are Optimized For Search Engines.

As far as I am concerned, you must learn to build your own website, because the online world is like a giant real estate market. If you can’t build enough websites, you won’t own enough real estate to build enough income to survive online.

Even if you have your own product, you must learn to use other peoples products and make backend sales. That is what affiliate marketing is about.

2) Master Keyword Research, using the number one tool online.

If youกve been online long enough then you will obviously know that anyone building successfully optimized websites are using, wordtracker. So, your task is to learn exactly how to perform keyword research using wordtracker.

3) Where To Get The Cheapest Hosting Online.

There is no excuse for not doing your own due diligence when it comes to discovering where to find a reliable web host. The online medium has grown so huge, that any kid out there can start his own hosting company.

But, the question remain, is he really technically gifted enough to cope with the issues and problems faced once his business starts blooming.

No one pays $100 monthly to host a site anymore, the prices range from as low as $5 up to $25 to host one site. so look around and don’t jump at the first host.

4) You Have To Design Your Own Site, Or Else Pay The Price.

I know, this sounds a little strange, but many marketers online pay $1500 or more just to have someone design their site. Well, the sad part is a well designed site without the right words won’t sell anything.

Searchers online are looking for information, they want you to be able to solve some problem they have. Don’t get fancy, with a nice looking flashy site, just get started and grow slowly while learning how to do everything that is needed to be successful.

Once, you get going, then you can learn where to get free lance workers to do those simple things you did while getting started. But It Is great practice to learn and just keep on learning all you want to know, online education isn’t expensive.

5) How To Use Ad Tracking, To Improve Your Business.

Ad Tracking, is the key to success online, you have to know where your visitors are coming form. You need to tweak your website by making small little changes and tracking the results.

There are no shortcuts to this, start with some kind of tracker, there are scripts, tracking software or ad tracking service you can use. Just get yourself something to track, while improving your website conversion.

6) The Secret To Writing Ad Copy, That Your Visitor Will Love.

First to illustrate the secret, if you have a friend out there in the world somewhere that you call your best buddy, then you will understand this. Just tell your buddy something you just learned, and he will sit there listening and devour every word you say.

Now, do you see what the secret is?

The secret is… to just write as if your talking to your best friend and only give sound advice and proven strategies that your using.

There is nothing better than having your visitors believe in what you say that they keep coming back for more, and that is how you will earn online.

7) Master How To Make Affiliate Program Earn Cash For You.

The best part of online marketing is that even if you have no product, you can earn more than someone who has his own product.

How is that possible?

Easy, if they are not using affiliate programs to earn from other peoples products, they are depending on one source of income.

You will earn more by promoting many different products; that’s the magic with affiliate programs.

Anyway, I have shown you the seven steps you need to master, now go out there and build your first web site. Your first will be the most difficult. Get started now, don’t wait another minute.

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Alexander Marlin is an affiliate programs mentor, who believes that anyone online can make affiliate programs earn cash for them by learning how to build website using written effective ad copy.

There are seven steps you must master on how to build website that is fully optimized for getting free search engine traffic, so that affiliate programs earn cash for you.

This article was posted on August 1

by Alexandr Marlin

The 3 Elements You Need For Successful Home Busine

The 3 Elements You Need For Successful Home Business

by: Jim Noel

Product, Leads, and Advertising the 3 most important elements of any successful home based business.

For this article we will focus on leads. Leads are people that are interested in making money from home. How do we know this?

For starters, they have either put an ad on the internet stating they want a home based business, or they have filled out a form with one of the lead generation companies.

Now how do we go about getting these so called leads? Some businesses put a simple questioner out over the internet that people can access to answer some simple questions.

These questions are usually, how much time a week you can put towards your business, how much money can you invest in your business, why do you want to work from home, etc.

These questioners are usually short and to the point. Once all this information is gathered the business then contacts that individual to sell them on his business opportunity.

Another way to find leads is through the lead generation companies that are on the internet. There business is to compile all the information and then sell it to business owners to use.

This is where it gets touchy. Today there are so many of these ขso calledข email list, lead lists etc. How do you know who is legit and who isn’t?

My rule of thumb on this is, a company offering a large amount (over 5000) leads a month is probably not a very good source.

So what makes a good source to find leads? Well what you want to look at is companies that offer what we call ขdouble optinข leads.

What that means is each lead had to fill out one of those questioners and had to put a valid email address on that questioner, so that company could email them for confirmation.

That is double optin, that person filed out the form, and then got an email from the company asking if they filed out the form. If they did they hit a link that would confirm that to the company.

Then you want to look to see if that company also supplies the address, phone, IP address of the lead.

And what I think is most important, does the company offer leads that are spam compliant! This means you will not be accused of spam when you contact that lead! And will this lead be unique to you.

What I mean by unique to you is, once that lead shows up on your list, it will not show up on anyone else’s lead list.

And last but not least price! Please don’t think that the higher the fee the better the leads will be. This is definitely not true; I can vouch for that one.

I have used lead sources to promote my business that cost anywhere from $30 a month for 1000 leads, to $150 a month for 4000 leads. Which do you think I had the better luck with?

You guessed it, the one that gave me 1000 leads for $30 a month was the best deal, and I am averaging about a 28% signup to my business.

It does not sound like a lot, but think, that is 280 people a month, and if only 100 of those do any business for me, that is a bunch of money in my pocket each month. And all that for $30 a month.

So remember when choosing a lead generation company, look for price, double optin lead, spam compliant, unique to you, all pert ant information for the lead, and of course how many leads do you get each month!

Copyright 2004 Jim Noel

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Jim Noel

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This article was posted on October 19, 2004

by Jim Noel

3 Supertips To Build, Promote And Profit More Fro

3 Supertips To Build, Promote And Profit More From Your Website!

by: Steve Nash

Are you happy with your website? (Does your business even have one?)

Does it กperformก as well as youกd like?

Iกm a professional web designer and I always try to influence the design of a client site with the following three socalled supertips. If I apply these tips to a new (or existing) site, I always feel that the site will กdeliverก much more.

So here are three supertips, to help anyone get the most from their website:

Make sure your website has a Most Wanted Response

Use these six strategies to promote your website…

Build trust in you and your website

Tip (1) Make sure your website has a Most Wanted Response

กWhat do you mean by most wanted response?ก

Well, do you know what the main purpose of your website is?

Does your site sell goods? Then which items do you most want to sell?

Does your site offer content, supported by affiliate programs? Which affiliate programs do you most want to promote.

Does your site simply operate a newsletter or ezine? Then do you make it easy for people to subscribe, from any page on your website?

What is the กpointก of your website?

Dr Ken Evoy introduced the concept of Most Wanted Response (MWR) in his ebook called: Make Your Site Sell. In his words, กMWR is what you most want your visitor to do after reviewing your content. It should always:

be reasonable

be measurable

be a good fit

qualify your visitor ก

Tip (2) Use these six strategies to promote your website…

I think you should employ some (or all) of the following six strategies if you want to successfully promote your website:

Strategy 1: SUBMIT to search engines and directories

Strategy 2: BID at pay per click search engines

Strategy 3: SPREAD word of mouth

Strategy 4: PUBLISH a newsletter

Strategy 5: KNOW your visitor

Strategy 6: CONTINUE to learn more…!

Iกll explain a little bit more about a few of the strategies below.

* Strategy 1: SUBMIT to search engines and directories

As you may know, you do not need to submit your site to 10,000 search engines. Simply make sure you get your site listed on major search engines like Google. This link contains กadd your siteก links to major search engines like Google. Use it.

* Strategy 2: BID at pay per click search engines

You must have heard about payperclick search engines like Overture, Espotting and Google AdWords.

Pay per click search engines can deliver guaranteed traffic to your site at pennies per click. To learn more about using payperclick search engines (which ones are worth bothering with, etc.) read my article called กPay Per Click To Guarantee Targeted Traffic!ก

* Strategy 6: CONTINUE to learn more…!

No groaning, please itกs vital that you keep on learning about new ways to promote your website. Quite simply, you must always continue to learn.

These resources can help your กquest to keep abreastก:

Tip (3) Build trust in you and your website

So you want to sell online?

Well it isn’t that easy, Iกm afraid.

One of the first things you must do online is to get people to trust you and your online business. And there are a variety of methods of doing this. Iกll cover one method here:

Offer invaluable (and relevant) information, free, via repeat contact if at all possible.

Or in other words, offer a free ebook, email course or article (a bit like the one you’re reading right now 😉 ).

Hereกs an example

This is one of my affiliate minisites. Usually visitors take a quick look at the site and then head off to the main merchant site (in this case Amazon).

So I offer a brief guide to buying a DVD player online, in the hope that I can build a little bit of trust in my site, and collect my site visitorsก email addresses (that I may be able to use in the future, when they have long since forgotten my minisite).

When done properly, offering valuable freebies can be powerful stuff.

(Just ask Harvey Segal of, who bases much of his online business on providing invaluable freebies like this

Iกve talked enough.

Hopefully, you can use the three supertips in this article(*) to boost the performance of your site. Or I may have given you some extra ideas for your next (or first) site!

Either way, thanks for reading and good luck

(*) Note: this article is an extract from my ebook: ก3 Supertactics Iกd Tell *Anyone* Yes, Even My Mum! To Successfully Build, Promote And Profit From Their Website!ก

It contains more examples, more links and more ideas to help you, and is available, free, by visiting

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HIS BEST TIP? Use Site Build It! to develop a profitable business online! Learn more, here!

This article was posted on March 25, 2004

by Steve Nash