Starting an OnLine Home Business

Starting an OnLine Home Business

by: John Baker

When looking for a business on the internet you should consider a number of things. One thing is stability with many scams on the internet you should look for a business that has been around a few years. Another is to see how many members they have. Is it free to join, or how much to join, before you invest to much time and money? Also will they offer free support and training?

Next, you will want to invest in your own website. There are many businesses that offer domain names, websites, and hosting accounts free, or for a small fee. Once you have your site up and running, you will want to submit your website to a search engine.

Then you will want to add link pages to your site, this will help your rank with the searchengines. This will take some time, but it is free. You will want to exchange links with at least 100 sites that are similar or related to your site. This will help you move up the searchengine page ranking, giving you more traffic, which equals more signups and more sells. Most websites have a link to us or similar page making it fairly easy to do. Also articles like this, related to your business, will add content to your site. The search engines love content, thus sending visitors directly to your article pages. Those visitors may then visit the rest of your site that makes you money.

You may then want to signup with an affiliate program, like ClickBank or Commission Junction, so that you have more than one source of revenue. Be careful to balance the affiliate programs without taking away from your main initial business. Be patient. Youกll work the hardest the first few months. Nothing great happens overnight! With some work, planning, and learning, you are on your way to success.

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The author, John Baker, is the editor/owner of A website dedicated to making money and starting a home business. For more free info please visit:

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This article was posted on March 06, 2004

by John Baker

The Write to Link Popularity

The Write to Link Popularity

by: Nicholas Dixon

Using writing as a means of boosting your link popularity can be a turnoff for many webmasters, when in fact it can lead to a wealth of links.

I first learnt about link popularity while researching about many different methods that I could use to market a Geocities site I had. After emailing countless webmasters and receiving some dismal results, I realized that it was hopeless to get people to exchange links with my freebie website.

Then I discovered writing. At first I was skeptical at using this concept but after trying it for some time, the results began to show. What was wonderful is that it only cost me some of my time.

With the help of article writing I was able to achieve a Pagerank of 4 for my Geocities website. The more webmasters that archived my articles the more links I had pointing to my site. As a result of my growing link popularity I began to see my site show up on the first or second page for some relatively competitive search terms.

Using writing as a marketing tool can save you thousands in advertising dollars. Imagine a website or ezine that costs hundreds to advertise in and you have the feature article which didn’t cost you a dime to produce. You can easily see which generates more profit in the long run.

Through the power of the written word you can be able to get free publicity for your business. Providing quality and profitable and sometimes inspiring information can help you to achieve that goal. Many top marketers have used writing to good effect.

Developing your own writing style is important. As there are many others doing the same thing you what to differ from them. How can you stand out in a crowd if you are just like everyone else.

Practicing and researching helped me to put pen to paper for my first articles. Some of your first creations maybe a bit tacky but as long as you keep going you can improve.

Writing can be a task at times. There are moments when I have written the first two paragraphs and just get stuck. The inevitable writer’s block can be a challenge to overcome. Taking a break and getting into the right frame of mind can be helpful.

Can anyone become a writer? Well the answer depends on how much effort you put into it. I have had some wonderful experiences since I became a writer. At times when there are criticisms and negative feedback, they can help you to better your skills if you use them the right way.

Many people don’t like writing. But sometimes it is the things that we don’t enjoy doing that are most beneficial to us. Try your hand at writing, if a guy from a Caribbean island can do it then so can you.

Copyright © Nicholas Dixon

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Nicholas Dixon is a writer and webmaster from Jamaica. Visit his website for articles, free courses and information about a cool island town.

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This article was posted on December 10, 2004

by Nicholas Dixon

Testimonials Can Increase Your Web Traffic

Testimonials Can Increase Your Web Traffic

by: Elizabeth McGee

Weกve all seen and read product testimonials. They’re a very valuable tool for merchant sales and can often tip the scales in determining a customerกs decision to buy. But testimonials offer another superb benefit. Itกs the benefit to you and your marketing strategy.

When Iกm on a site offering a product or service I like to click on customer testimonials because they are generally short and easy to read. People typically point out exactly what they like about a product and how they used it to their benefit. Testimonials come from real users, they’re not some ad written by the company.

Now, letกs take the testimonial concept and think about it as a marketing strategy for you and your business.

Website testimonials describe how buyers feel about the products they have purchased and used. If you, as a buyer, offer your testimonial with your name and website address this now becomes a very valuable marketing tool for you. It will expose you and your business to everyone looking at that merchantกs website. If the merchant site happens to be a wellknown site offering a high demand product, this could mean huge exposure for you.

Note that many merchant sites will display your website address but will not put an actual link to it. While itกs ideal to have a link to your site itกs not always necessary. I often investigate sites of testimonial givers whether there is a link attached or not. As long as your website address is displayed, that is good enough.

Testimonials can also double as a great linking strategy as well. If your testimonial includes your link and is displayed on the front page of four or five high ranking merchant sites this can increase your link popularity tremendously. By doing this you have also just eliminated the concern of linking to competitor sites and youกve avoided the hassle of reciprocal linking.

Testimonials don’t only need to be addressed to merchants you buy from. You should also send your testimonials to ezines or free online services that you use. Send them in the form of complimentary notes. Compliment their products or services and describe how you find them useful. Websites interested in boosting sales will often use them and you are much more likely to get printed if you are delivering a compliment.

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Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry. She has moved her expertise to the world wide web helping businesses find trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and increase sales. You can contact Elizabeth at [email protected] or visit her website at

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This article was posted on October 20, 2004

by Elizabeth McGee

A Successful Link Exchange

A Successful Link Exchange

by: Michael McLaughlin

Interested in boosting your link popularity, raising your Google PR, and improving the amount and quality of your traffic? Then discover the ancient secrets of a successful link exchange!

The practice of effective link exchanges has nearly been extinguished by the extensive amount of spam email. I plan to help webmasters who are interested in real effective and professional link exchanges reach there goal.

What is going to make you the most amount of sales if you are trying to sell fishing equipment? A link from an outdoor hobby website or a link from a bubble gum corporation? I think the answer is straightforward, the outdoor hobby website. The trick is to know your market and understand your customer. What age group would your customers be, and what other type of website would they look at if they were interested in your product?

Now, put yourself in your customer’s feet, what would you search for if you were interested in your product? Type that search phrase into a search engine now and look at what results come up. Disregard the competition and look at the other websites.

I suggest you rate these websites in your head on the following criteria: relevance, design, content, and navigation. I ordered them by how heavily you should consider them. I already discussed relevancy; because of course you want to bring customers to your website instead of clickhappy people.

You may be asking yourself what a website’s design has to do with a link exchange. Well over the years I have noticed one trend, which is that websites with a very nice design tend to prevail faster than others. Know one wants to visit a website and have to wince to read the text. Content on the other hand is what brings the readers. Content can substantially improve the quality of your website because the internet is about information and if you have what people are looking for they will find you! Not the other way around.

Content is king, how many times has that been said? And it still holds true, content is what get websites links back to them, which in turn raise a websites presence on the internet. So why not have a link from a content website, in opposition to just another website trying to sell something?

And of course a websites navigation must be search engine friendly, because you will prefer to have the location of your link to be indexed by search engines.

Basically you should try to pick your link partners by first eliminating the irrelevant links, and then choose a website that is search engine friendly and has the potential to grow! And remember look for quality websites not high PR websites.

One of the first signs of maturity in a person’s life is to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. For example you hit a car in the parking lot and don’t leave insurance information, you later feel bad because you know if that was your car that got hit you would be angry about it. Get the point? Good now apply that to writing emails; put yourself in your reader’s shoes.

Do you want to open another email that is titled ขlink exchangeข or would you perhaps prefer to read something a bit more refreshing and alluring entitled ขour partnershipข or ขlink opportunityข be creative but don’t stick with the old link exchange title that is highly overused.

The content of this email, however you entitled it should be very professional and businesslike. Use proper punctuation and complete sentences, also remember to compliment part of there website that is distinguishable so they identify that you actually visited it instead of simply finding there email address in cyberspace.

Don’t trust what mom says ขit’s what’s on the inside that counts.ข True content does help a website grow, but rarely do I trust a websites content if its design is pitiful. Remember be picky when choosing a link partner, personalize your letter, and be professional. As a final point do not partake in spam email!

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Written by: Michael McLaughlin at – webmaster forum, for more articles by this author please visit:

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This article was posted on February 27

by Michael McLaughlin

Five Step To A Successful Online Shopping Business

Five Step To A Successful Online Shopping Business

by: Linda Quinones

Before you set out to explore the online shopping market you should do some planning, take a piece of paper and pen and write down the steps that will help to bring in traffic to your website.

And once they have visited you must have something to entice them to remain and do some shopping, in our website: We try to mix our affiliate, we have some highly recognizable name and some not so well known.

One frequent complain we get is the cost of shipping, people are willing to pay for convenience but they do not want to pay for shipping, so we use the free shipping banners when available.

And the great savings the affiliates are offering, this is a lure to catch their attention, after all when people are saving money and are provided with theconvenience of shopping from the comfort of their home they are happy.

Step (1). Mix your affiliates you want some well known names, but remember the well known retailer pay the lowest commissions and are the most demanding.

Don’t settle for the first affiliates that accepts you, you may start with a few, but if you build your site right some of the affiliates that turn you down will revisit your site and approve you.

Make sure to keep good records, and stay on top of the affiliate emails to be able to use the incentives they provide to induce people into buying the products your affiliates are offering.

Develop a program where shoppers will provide their email address so that you can inform them of future promotions and savings available to them.

(2). Links are a way to have search engines give your site a high ranking, reciprocal link exchange are a good way to get started , many businesses are in the same position you are in and are looking to link to somebody.

The more links you have leading to your site the better the search engine will rank you. You may choose to pay for links and here again make sure they are giving you good companies to link with.

If you a have a family oriented business you don’t want to be link to an adult site. You want sites that related your business or are complimentary.

A example would be if you have a site that sells only clothing you would like to link with a site that sells jewelry or footwear.

(3). Keywords: key words play a crucial role in your internet business, people must be able to find you. Keywords are what people search for on search engines.

People who have never heard of your company are not going to look for youby name but they go on the search engine and type in keywords to be let to a site that matches the keywords provided.

If the keywords type in relate to the keywords on your site then you will getcustomer to come and visit your site, and hopefully buy something.

You will want to have as many combination of keywords as possible in order to drive web traffic to your site, Make sure you have the most popular search terms and use as many as possible.

Keywords is the key to traffic and traffic the key to sales, when your web page comes up near the top ten in response to a searches on searche engines , your traffic will increase and so will your sales.

(4). Contacts: everybody knows somebody so start using the those contacts to promote your business, but do so in a tactful manner so that people are not turn off by your aggressiveness.

Giving somebody a business card and asking them to checkout your website might be a very soft sell that might lead to conversation about your business and help you gain a potential customer.

Just think of all the people that you come in contact with on a daily basis, by themselves it will not be enough to make a fortune but added to the other marketing results it could make your business venture a profitable one.

(5). Incentives: Offer businesses incentives to continuously use your site for their purchases, businesses expend thousands of dollars every month on office products and other essential items for their businesses but get nothing in return, so offer them some kind of rebate or free items for purchasing through your site.

Offering a free gift for individual is also a good policy but make sure that it is contingent on purchases being made so that you don’t attract all the freeloaders.

Everybody shops the question is where? Your job is to make sure they do it on your site. Or preferably at

About The Author

Linda Quinones has been active in promoting her own site while helping others to succeed in the Internet marketing field. Previously she was involved the financial sector for several years. Her website is:

This article was posted on August 12

by Linda Quinones

Who Else Wants a Shot at 16,000+ Links Partners?

Who Else Wants a Shot at 16,000+ Links Partners?

by: John Gergye

Sick and tired of wasting hours tracking down link partners?

Sure links can work wonders for search engine ranking. But after awhile all the dead ends can get to you, right? Maybe even leaving you ready to chuck this whole link trading thing right out the window.

I know the feeling. Then I discovered link trading directories.

Now if you believe the hype you may begin hyperventilating. Or feel you’ve died and gone to linking heaven. I know I did since these directories are basically lists of eager link traders. Which should cut the time to find tons of sites to trade links with. While landing you lots of links. Especially since all of these directories tout the quality of the sites listed.

Okay to me high quality to means higher page rank (PR) and decent traffic. But is that what these directories deliver?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Mostly I found a few cherries hidden in a bowl of pits.

Yes, you will find decent linking partners.

Yes, you will pick up some PR.

But this is probably not a shortcut to a PR 6 web site. That causes traffic to pour over you like maple syrup. While bringing your server to it’s knees.

But hold on. Let’s not throw this idea under the bus just yet. Because it might be just the ticket for newer sites looking to get into the linking game. As long as you’re willing to put in some time to eliminate the riffraff.

Anyway having duly alerted you to the downsides, let me give you a list of the five best link trading directories I found. Along with a game plan to tease the best linking candidates from each fairly quickly.

The Directories

After compiling a list I eliminated those with sparse listings. Or that let people submit multiple times to any category they felt like. Or charged for submission. Which left me with 5 keepers totaling over 16,000 potential link partners.

Link to Links Page: Yes

# of Listings: Over 1300

Shows Date Added: Yes

Link to Links Page: No

# of Listings: Over 450

Shows Date Added: Yes

Link to Links Page: No

# of Listings: Over 10,000

Shows Date Added: Yes

Link to Links Page: No

# of Listings: Over 800

Shows Date Added: Yes

Link to Links Page: No

# of Listings: Over 4,000

Shows Date Added: No

Now you’re ready for

The 6Step Game Plan

So hitch up your wading boots and wade on in.

Step 1) Know Your Site Types

You have to know what types of sites you’re looking for. So come up with a list of the types of sites you’re willing to swap links with.

Step 2) Set Minimum PR.

I’d recommend you ferret out link partners that can give you at least a PR 3 link back. Since most run of the mill webmasters can offer that with just a modest effort.

Step 3) Engage Tools

Access each directory in Internet Explorer with the Google toolbar activated.

Step 4) Pick Your Poison

Pick a category matching one of your target link partner niches.

Luckily one directory,, links directly to the site’s links page. At least most of the time. Just run through those listings looking for PR 3 or better.

With the rest click to the site. Typically sites that have at least PR 3 links pages have PR 5 or better home pages. So click as fast as you can seeking sites that come up PR 5 or higher. Just don’t expect to be overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Another trick? If the directory shows the date added go for the older listings first. Reason being older listings are more likely to have more PR. Assuming the webmaster has done more than sit on her hands.

Step 5) Attempt to Link Up

If it passes PR muster find the Add URL page or an email to send your linking info to. I use the linking info found in the link exchange directory as their linking info to put on my site.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all appropriate categories.

Step 6) Add Me

Finally you can add your site. With the five directories I gave you the price of admission is a link back. Otherwise I wouldn’t pay to play. Just don’t think it’s worth it. Because most of the requests from your listing won’t have at least PR 3 links pages.

Anyway there you have it another way to find linking partners. Use the five link exchange directories, follow the game plan I’ve laid out, and you should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff fairly quickly. Making link trading directories another tool in your linking tool box.

Copyright 2004 John Gergye

About The Author

John Gergye shares more ideas like this in his recently updated eBook ‘traffic From Google in 35 Daysก. Find out more here: Or test your search engine IQ by taking his seo quiz and get the free special report กComing Out On Topก.

This article was posted on December 21, 2004

by John Gergye

Pizzazz Prevents Piracy of your Articles

Pizzazz Prevents Piracy of your Articles

by: Darby Higgs

Writing articles for the web is an effective way to bring more traffic to your site. You write the article, you include a link in the authorกs info box, you submit it to article distributors and it gets reproduced with a link back to your site. You get traffic from the link as well some kudos from the search engines which will eventually build even more traffic. Bonza!

But what happens if someone just grabs your article and reuses it without the link? You get nothing for your effort in writing the article!

Before you can do anything about it you need to know how to find the culprits. Enter stage left our friends at Google. Google has a wonderful service called Google alerts which will send you an email if and when a page containing a keyword or keyword phrase is found by its busy little spiders.

Access Google Alerts by going to Then you can enter your keyword phrase inside double quotes, select Web for Search Type and decide on a frequency of report. You can come back to change any of these details later, experience will guide you to the best settings for your situation. Easypeasy. Every time the spiders find your phrase you will get an email telling you where it was found.

The alerts will tell you how successful your distribution method has been and it will also tell you if people are reproducing your articles without including the link. Then you can do something about it.

What has this got to do with pizzazz? Distinctive keyword phrases are needed to make this monitoring work. If you use a phrase like web promotion or like traffic building you will get lots of false positives, webpages with the phrase but not your article.

So you need to spice up your articles with some unusual words in unusual combinations in other words pizzazz. Use two or three word phrases, just ignore any punctuation, Google will treat it as spaces. Don’t forget to put your key phrase into double quotes. Google will then find just your page or copies of it and you can easily check that everyone is playing cricket. Pirates will be quickly detected.

For this item I could use any of these as my keyword phrase false positive webpages, pizzazz distinctive, traffic bonza, cricket pirates All in double quotes). None are likely to appear elsewhere on the web, but if they do Google Alerts will pick them up, and I can edit the alert to ensure only this article is reported.

Writing articles with pizzazz (use a thesaurus) is more fun, and your articles will stay in the mind of your readers mind a little longer.

About The Author

Darby Higgs is editor of OzArticles at a clearing house of articles with Australian content.


This article was posted on March 27

by Darby Higgs

How to Get Your Web Site Ranked High in Search Eng

How to Get Your Web Site Ranked High in Search Engines with Free Link Exchanges

by: Barry Stein

Free link exchanges got my web site to the first page of Google and free link exchanges can do the same for your web site.

A couple of weeks ago one of my web sites, http://www.BarrysBeanies, was ranked number 33 on Google for one of my most important keyword phrases กBeanie Babies.ก

I was determined to get my web site on the first page on Google searches for the keyword phrase กBeanie Babies.ก

There are basically two options to get a high rank on Google for your web site keyword phrases.

Option #1

Do free link exchanges with other web sites that have the same theme as your web site. You can target any keyword phrase you want to improve your rank with. It is very important that you make the title text link you exchange with other web sites the exact keyword phrase you want to target.

What I also like about the free link exchanges is that you can target one web page for many different keyword phrases. So once you get the rank you want for one keyword phrase then you choose another keyword phrase to target and use this new keyword phrase in the title text link that you now exchange with other web sites.

It is also important to try and do all your free link exchanges with web sites that have a high Google Page Rank (PR). Go for link exchanges with sites with a PR3 or higher. Web sites with a higher Page Rank are viewed by Google as being more important and links to your web site from these high PR sites will help you more than doing link exchanges with a site with a PR1 or PR2.

You can download the free Google Toolbar at, which will display all the Page Ranks of the web pages you visit.

Also, if you go into the Google directory,, and locate the category of the sites you want to do your free link exchanges with, the web sites will be listed with the highest Page Ranks at the top. Most of the sites near the top of the list will be PR5 or PR6. These are the web sites that you will want to start doing your free link exchanges with.

Here is a copy of the email I send to other web site owners to request free link exchanges with.


I wanted to see if youกd do a free link exchange with me.

Many of the top search engines use reciprocal linking to rank your web pages. In order to have high ranking web pages you need links back to your web site.

Here is my information:

Title: Beanie Babies

Description: Youกll find over 500 different styles of Beanie Babies at Many at up to 59% off retail. We also wholesale Ty

Beanie Babies.


Please send email to [email protected] after you place my link on your web site with the URL address of where it is located along with the information for your listing on my web site.

Your information:




Once I receive your information I will place it on my Links Page and Iกll email the URL address where youกll be able to view your link.

Thank you,

Barry Stein

Option #2

Optimize your web pages for keyword phrases. Youกll want to target one keyword phrase per web page. If you have great content and have targeted a keyword phrase then eventually Google will index your web page and rank it higher.

You should really use both these options, but of the two I like the free link exchanges best because I can quickly see the progress Iกm making.

Do free link exchanges work?

Well, as I stated above, my web site was ranked number 33 for my most important keyword phrase, กBeanie Babies.ก

I then started doing free link exchanges. Prior to that time I only had about 10 link exchanges on my web site with other web sites. Now I have about 100 links and my rank on Google for กBeanie Babiesก is number 5.

So free link exchanges do work!

Search engine ranking is one of the most important parts to your overall Internet success if you have a web site. In fact, it may be the most important thing you can learn how to do in order to have a successful Internet business.

About The Author

Barry Stein is the owner of where he offers cuttingedge tips on all aspects of Internet business. To find more advice, tools and resources to help you succeed in online business, visit:

Send a blank email to [email protected] to receive the free aWebBiz Newsletter. It’s all about Internet Business.

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This article was posted on September 30, 2003

by Barry Stein

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal Linking

by: Jason Blackston

Reciprocal linking is considered by many people the most effective way to increase traffic to your website. You often get hits from the web sites that you have exchanged your links with, and reciprocal linking also helps boost your search engine rankings.

What is a reciprocal link?

A reciprocal link is a link to a website that carries a similar link back to your own website.

A reciprocal link is a common thread between you and another website owner. You both likely share similar websites and content, and you are oกkay with the possibility of a viewer leaving your site to take a look at your linking partnerกs site.

What a reciprocal link is not…

A reciprocal link is not a cure all! Many times webmasters have a ton of links. The problem is that many of those links are broken or out of date. I will share a resource to help you find those broken links in a minute. But first you need to find sites to link to!

A great way to find sites that might like to link to your site is to use Link Finder at Here you can check for links to your competition or other sites that are related to yours.

*Getting back to finding those broken links…

You can find broken links, spot bad HTML code, check browser compatibility, find slowloading pages, and check your spelling at

By utilizing reciprocal linking strategies, you can enhance your web presence. Take advantage of these tools and start climbing to the top!

About The Author

Discover proven methods of converting website visitors into paying customers! Pick up your free epackage at And be sure to utilize the resources page for free articles, ebooks, and other information, that can help enhance your marketing campaigns.

© Jason Blackston

This article was posted on January 27, 2004

by Jason Blackston

Publishing Great Content To Boost Your Link Popula

Publishing Great Content To Boost Your Link Popularity

by: John Taylor

Before we get started, thereกs a couple of things that I ought to point out…

1. You really should have a fairly good knowledge of your subject material and enough time to write high quality articles. Alternatively you should be able to invest at least $40 per month to pay someone else to research and ghostwrite some articles for you.

2. You will also need to have sufficient time to submit your articles to the main article directories or alternatively be prepared to pay at least $40 per month to have someone else distribute them for you.

Writing and distributing articles, while not especially glamorous by any means, it’s a very effective way to get links back to your site.

The proven system:

1. Decide on a topic for your article and either write it yourself or, as mentioned above, get someone else to write it for you. I prefer to use to hire good writers, simply because they have an escrow system that allows the payment to be held until the work is finished. Take plenty of time to write a detailed project specification to make sure that you cover precisely what you expect the writer to provide. You should also pay particular attention to the individualsก feedback score before choosing a writer.

2. Once you have a completed article, or set of articles you need to buy a subscription to one of the article distribution services such as: (Highly recommended!)

If you don’t want to pay for the distribution of your articles, then you will need to invest your time in submitting them manually. Once you have done that a couple of times, itกs virtually certain that youกll find the cash to pay for one of the above services!

3. Make sure that you write a compelling signature line with the landing page URL that you want these new links pointing to. You need to decide in advance where you want all your articles to link to. Your home page will give you the best results if you are looking for Page Rank and a dedicated optin page will generate the highest subscriber sign up rate. Set clear objectives for your campaign before you start.

4. Once youกve completed your signup, submit your first article through the Submit Your Article service. Generally, the article will post out from the system within 72 hours. From this point, submit at least one new article each and every week, more if possible.

6. If your article is well written many publishers will pick it up and publish it to their newsletters and online databases.And, if your signature line contains a compelling call to action you should also enjoy lots of targeted traffic.

You can be sure of one thing, once your article has been distributed you will enjoy lots of incoming links to your chosen URL.

About The Author

To learn more information about Link Popularity I strongly recommend that you visit

Copyright John Taylor PhD August 2005 All rights reserved.

[email protected]

This article was posted on August 11

by John Taylor

Are You Guilty of Stinkinก Linkinก Thinkinก?

Are You Guilty of Stinkinก Linkinก Thinkinก?

by: John Gergye

Do you know what kind of sites are suitable link partners for your site?

If you do give yourself a gold star since many seem not to. At least based on the questions I get.

You see most think small. Too small. And limit the potential universe of perfectly good linking partners.

In fact many seem to think relevant means กsites exactly like mineก. So if they had a site about กjuggling midget circus clownsก the small thinkers would say they could only trade links with other juggling midget circus clown sites.


I call this stinkinก linkinก thinkinก and frankly it drives me crazy! Because there are any number of related sites that have little to do with juggling midget circus clowns that are still perfectly good link partners. Because their visitors are just like the ones the owner of the clown site covets.

Remember too you typically get three things out of any link trade

PR (pagerank)


Link Reputation (from the link text you use)

Almost any link trade should give you PR and Link Rep. While trading links with relevant sites will get you traffic. Some more than others naturally.

But Here’s the Big Idea: When you think relevant you really want to think in terms of related families of sites.

In the case of juggling midget circus clowns that would include

personal clown sites

clown training

balloon sculpting

face painting

clown costumes

Broadening the scope a tad …

circus companies

family circus

ringmaster schools

circus books and videos

A bit further afield would be …

juggling sites

juggling suppliers

juggling training site

plus if any such sites exist …

lion tamers

trapeze artists


fire eating

But I’d even go as far as …

kids entertainment

birthday party sites

or magicians even.

All of which says the juggling midget circus clown site owner has a whole world of potential link partners that would be able to deliver up appropriate traffic. And even if one didn’t flood her site with traffic getting two out of three (PR and Link Reputation) still ain’t bad.

Okay but say you’re drawing a blank when it comes to related sites. Here’s a short cut that can light your linking efforts on fire. Since it gives you a quick feel for appropriate types of sites to approach for links.

Type กYOUR KEYWORD resourcesก (with the quotes) into the Google search box and hit enter. Obviously replacing YOUR KEYWORD with your focus or theme keyword phrase.

This search will return all sorts of links pages and directories. Clicking on the listings returned will quickly reveal related types of sites others are using as link partners.

For instance entering กclown resourcesก returned among others this site By itself this one alone would give the owner of the juggling midget circus clowns all the relevant site ideas she’d ever need. Plus it can turn up some decent linking partners too!

So banish stinkinก linkinก thinkinก from your mind right now. Don’t handcuff your linking efforts by thinking small. Instead think big. Expand your linking universe like this and soon you’ll expand the number of links you’ve got to ride to higher Google rankings.

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This article was posted on November 04, 2004

by John Gergye

How To Test The Body Of Your Sales Copy For Weakne

How To Test The Body Of Your Sales Copy For Weaknesses

by: Rich Hamilton, Jr

Your sales copy is the life source of your business. If your sales copy isn’t pulling in a decent conservation rate, then your business is suffering.

In this article, we are going to go over an effective way to test the body of your sales copy for weaknesses. If there are any, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where they are. Once you are able to identify the weaknesses in the body of your sales copy, then you will know where to make the necessary improvements and workout the weak areas of your sales copy.

How It Works

The only way to know if the body of your sales copy is weak is to test it. The conventional way of testing your sales copy is to have multiple copies and test them individually, or you can use software like split hit, which will divide your traffic up and send it to multiple sale copies at once.

Eventually you will be able to determine which sales copy pulls more, but you won’t know exactly where the weaknesses are in your other sales copies. Especially, if you have a long sales copy. Moreover, conventional ways of testing your sales copy will not identify where the weakness actually is, until now.

A good sales copy will have several links throughout the body of it, to display examples and ordering purposes. Since the links are already in the body of your sales copy, you can take advantage of them by tracking all of the links. Why? By tracking the links you will know what your visitors are clicking on and what they’re not. By using this technique you will know precisely where your weak spots are, so all youกll have to do is tweak them.

Applying It To The Body Of Your Sales Copy

Applying this technique to the body of your sales copy is very simple, but first you will need to have a dependable tracking system. If you do not have a dependable tracking system, then I recommend that you use Adtrackz. Once you have a dependable tracking system, then you want to track every link on your sales copy. You want to have your links set up in a numerical order, such as, link 1, link 2, link 3, etc. That way you have your links set up in an organized fashion, making them easier to recognize.

If you don’t have this technique set up correctly, it won’t do you any good, thatกs why your links need to be in numerical order. Let me give you an example, letกs say that you are receiving clicks on your links in the body of your sales copy up to link 4. Then, all you have to do is tweak your sales copy after link 4, because you already know you had your visitorกs attention up to link 4. In this case, you know what your weakness is and that is after link 3, because your visitors haven’t been clicking on link 4. So, link 4 is the best place to start making some improvements and test it again.

Let me give you another example, so that you can clearly understand this technique. Going back to the previous example, letกs say your visitors where not clicking on link 4, but where clicking on links 5 & 6. In this case, if the number of clicks on link 3 are equal or close to the number of clicks on links 5 & 6, then you will find that the weakness will be after link 6. If you are wondering why your visitors are not clicking through link 4 it is, because the link may not be captivating enough for them.

If you find that your visitors are not clicking on your first few links, than it safe to assume one of two things. One is, your headline, subheadline, and/or opening statement may be weak. You probably haven’t grabbed your visitorกs attention or established their interest enough by compel them to read on. The other is, the traffic going to your web site is untargeted, therefore, you should concentrate on generating traffic that is more targeted.

Test And Repeat The Process

Once you are able to identify where the weakness is, then all you have to do is tweak it and test it. Testing is the only way to know if the changes you have made have increased or decreased your visitors clicking patterns. In other words, did your visitors clicking patterns increase by surpassing the previous link number they have been clicking on, or did the click throughs decrease because the traffic didn’t click trough beyond the previous link number.

After you are able to determined that the changes you have made have either increased or decreased the clicking patterns of your visitors. You will need to repeat the complete process until you have a strong click through rate through the entire body of your sales copy.

About The Author

Rich Hamilton, Jr is the CEO/President of and the Author of Inside Internet Marketing. His book will show you how to ignite your sales by unlocking the absolute truth to internet marketing and how you can aggressively promote your web site without paying a cent for advertising.

This article was posted on December 17, 2003

by Rich Hamilton, Jr