Expert Guide to DVD Camcorders

Expert Guide to DVD Camcorders

by: Kennny Hemphill

Thinking about a mini DVD camcorder? You’re not alone, itกs a rapidly growing sector of the camcorder market, with Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic all making more than one mini dvd camcorder.

These camcorders differ from regular digital video cameras in one important way they record video onto mini DVD discs, rather than DV tape. This has a number of advantages. DVD discs are more robust than tape and won’t get chewed up in the camera. Although this is thankfully a rare occurance, it scares me every time I here a strange noise coming from my camcorder, so itกs with bearing in mind.

The second advantage is that DVD discs are random access, compared to tape on which everything is recorded sequentially. This means that thereกs no need to rewind and fast forward to find the clip you’re after, just select it from the menu. Some cameras even allow you to perform basic editing functions oncamera. An additional sidebenefit is that a mini DVD camcorder doesn’t have tape heads to get worn or dirty as happens in regular mini DVD cameras.

And thirdly, you can easily watch your home movies by removing the DVD from the camera and playing it in practically any DVD player.

However, there are negative factors to. The most siginificant one is that video is encoded as MPEG2 on a mini DVD camcorder, as opposed to DV format. This means that it needs specialist software to edit you can’t just use your regular video editing program (unless it specifically supports MPEG2). And if a Mac user you’re out of luck, as there are no MPEG2 editing applications for the Mac.

Also, mini DVD camcorders tend to cost more than similarly specified mini DV cameras. And the media is also more expensive. However, if you don’t intend editing your movies and don’t mind the extra cost, a mini dvd camcorder does offer extraordinary convenience.

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This article was posted on November 16, 2004

by Kennny Hemphill

The Apple Mac mini It Fits Anywhere And It is Th

The Apple Mac mini It Fits Anywhere And It is The Most Affordable Mac Ever!

by: Bonnie Archer

Mac OS X, the worlds most advanced operating system! Just connect, plug, and your playing. The Apple Mac mini will work with either Mac or PCcompatible peripherals, this makes it easier than ever to upgrade from and older Mac or PC system. All you have to do is connect your USB mouse and keyboard, then hook up your DVI or VGA display (our adapter is included). Then just plug it in, turn it on and your ready to go.

Now this is power packed into a small package Apple has outdone themselves! Under the sleek anodized aluminum styling of the Mac mini is a G4 processor, room for up to 1GB PC2700 main memory, a Radeon 9200 graphics chip, and a large enough hard drive, up to 80 GB, to store todays digital media.

With the mini connections you can hookup your digital devices like cameras, iPod, printer, camcorder, and your keyboard. There is even a audio/headphone jack. You can customize this Mac with some great extra options after you select your Mac mini.

You have the choice to use your own keyboard and mouse or choose the Apple Wireless keyboard and mouse and free yourself from the clutter of cables. You will need the Bluetooth module and with it you will also be able to have wireless access to printers, cell phones, PDAs, input devices and other peripherals. Or add a AirPort Extreme Card and have the freedom of wireless networking from anywhere in your home. Although you must have these features added when ordering your Mac or they will have to be added by an authorized service provider because they are not userinstallable.

A slotloading SuperDrive added will let you play and burn both CDs and DVDs. So be sure to check out the most advanced, convenient, and affordable Mac in history!

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by Bonnie Archer

ข7 Incredibly Simple Ways To Profit Wildly From Pu

ข7 Incredibly Simple Ways To Profit Wildly From Public Domain Materialข

by: Ewen Chia

If you’re in the business of marketing online, a major portion of your income will come from your ability to deliver quality content and products to your market.

Now, besides creating these yourself, one of the quickest and cheapest way to acquire all the content and products you need is in the public domain.

Whatever your requirements, you can find almost anything in the public domain. Examples include texts, audio, images, stock video, music and software…which you can flexibly use in whichever ways you want!

A word of warning though…

While a large portion of this material is กfair useก, not all the works entered into the public domain database are clear of copyright restrictions.

A true public domain work is information open to the public for use, including copying, distributing and modification at no cost. Currently works published 75 years ago are considered to be public domain, while those published from 19241963 may be public domain IF the copyright was not renewed.

I would highly recommend reading the public domain FAQ pages at these websites first before you use any material:

However if you desire an easier and quicker method of monetizing the public domain, you will be amazed at what you can do at ==>

Assuming you now have all the public domain content you want, the million dollar question is:

กHow do I truly monetize them to create longterm profit streams?ก

The answer is in these 7 simple methods:

Method #1: Kick Start An Information Empire

How many mini sites in a week can you set up to sell infoproducts that has already been created for you? Itกs a nobrainer.

Public domain provides the perfect opportunity for creating an empire of super profitable mini sites that can each make money on autopilot for you. Itกs really a numbers game…

If one mini site generates a conservative $300 per month, ten of these would mean a nice income of $3,000 every month! What if you just concentrate on getting the formula down to a science and duplicate these mini sales machines every day? Think about it.

Apply this concept to auction listings and you can also create a fortune with public domain and eBay.

Method #2: Churn Out Complete Niche Websites

Split up public domain material and use them as pages of targeted niche content for your website. Itกs a simple idea but hardly anyone exploit it.

All you do is select relevant public domain books and break them down into instant content. With a little SEO skills, planning and targeted keywordbased public domain content, you can spit out new websites that ranks highly in the search engines overnight.

This is a better solution and enhancement to automated site creation tools, which being essentially carbon copies of each other, have high risks of being banned.

While it takes work, this is one quick way to develop new niche sites on demand. You can then profit from them using Google Adsense, affiliate programs and advertising revenues. This method can also be applied to blogs.

Method #3: Get Traffic With Viral Lead Generators

A proven way to generate free and highlytargeted traffic is to create lead generating mini ebooks and make them viral. This is a strategy I reveal in detail in ขMini eBook Secretsข at ==>

Basically public domain material can be fully or partially used as content for your mini ebooks, which you simply create and give away to bring back traffic to your site. Adding a viral marketing effect to your mini ebooks will explode your traffic for life without any cost to you.

Not many people are using public domain in this way and itกll be highly profitable for you to do so.

Method #4: Followup For Maximum Profits

Itกs a proven fact that following up with your prospects through an autoresponder sequence or ecourse is bound to increase your sales. This is where you can use content from the public domain to great effect.

If you can cut and paste, you can create a quality ecourse with public domain works. Itกs as easy as it gets.

Method #5: Achieve Instant Recognition And Credibility

This one is good split the public domain bookกs content into hundreds of articles with YOUR name and resource box on them.

Then simply submit these กinstantก articles and sit back. Your personal branding and name recognition will skyrocket beyond belief! Youกll also receive credibility and expert status with your articles, provided they’re good.

By the way, get this free report to populate your articles on thousands of sites and ezines:


Method #6: Create Multiple Products At Lightning Speed

Have you thought about repackaging and creating different products out of public domain material? Just changing the format can vastly increase the perceive value and worth of the product.

You can take a public domain book and split it up into modules, create audio recordings or market it as a paid subscription newsletter for tons more profits than just selling it as a single ebook. Just changing the format can vastly increase the perceive value and worth of the product.

Another idea is to combine a few books with a common topic as a themed package. You can then sell resale rights to it and generate instant backend cash. Or create a highticket item by combining manuals, audio and dvds together.

The possibilities are huge!

Method #7: Use Them As Special Bonuses

Public domain material make excellent bonuses for your main product when you’re looking for increased value. Other uses of bonuses include:

As extra incentives for your affiliate promotions; as incentives for publishing articles; or even for a simple purpose like clicking to a site. You get the idea 🙂

Apply these 7 methods and your traffic, sales and income will surely surge.

If you’re ready to profit wildly from public domain material, check this out now ==>

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