The Only Way To Succeed In MLM

The Only Way To Succeed In MLM

by: Gino Harteel

Let assume you found the perfect mlm business, you did your homework of course, you contacted the head office and the local support, if available, asked some innocent questions and checked how fast and professional they responded.

You also tested your sponsor, finding out, how committed he or she is with the business of your life.

And if everybody passed the test, you finally join the opportunity of lifetime.

Thatกs what I did in 1997. As I am a good talker, I had no problem finding and introducing people to this wonderful opportunity.

I searched around and asked my upline for the perfect way to organize my downline.

To make a long story short, I have come a long way, but let me explain, what IS working very well.

Please review It is a site of my own that I dedicate to new Euro Millions and UK Lotto players, they can become an affiliate and if they find 5 people who join the syndicate lotto, they play for free.

Well, I could register as many people as I could directly under me and receive 20 % commission, this is the first level rewards.

But instead, I transfer the new member to my second level, third level and what do I notice ?

People realize the potential that finally they will play for free and in the second phase, earn a monthly income.

In my own experience, this is the way to conduct your mlm business and youกll succeed !

It is working for me, take my advice and apply it to your own group.

Good luck.

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Gino Harteel has been involved with mlm since 1997 and has been building downlines in different ways. On you can find out how he has been building his downline with success.

This article was posted on October 19, 2004

by Gino Harteel

Do You Have to Be an Expert to Teach Someone in Yo

Do You Have to Be an Expert to Teach Someone in Your MLM?

by: Gobala Krishnan

กHow can I teach others when I am not successful myself? Thatกs ethically wrong…ก

If you’re in an MLM program, you might have heard that question from one of your affiliates. You may even have asked the same question before. I know I have, and I get it all the time too from people in my group.

Many people say this when I mention to them that a big part of being in an MLM program is to help others กduplicateก your efforts. Teach them to fish, instead of giving them the fish. If your affiliates are not able to duplicate your efforts, at least to a certain degree, it will be very hard to see real exponential growth in your organization. So is it wrong to teach someone when you’re not กup thereก yourself?

Well, it really depends on WHAT you’re teaching them.

My father thought me to ride the bicycle, and I have thought others to ride the bicycle. My father was not an Olympic cyclist; he was simply teaching me what he knew. Nothing more, nothing less. And to this very day, I appreciate him for it, for otherwise I would never learn something as easy and as fun as that.

So teaching others what you know is perfectly OK! Itกs human nature to teach. Whether you realize it or not, you do it all the time, with family members, friends and spouses.

Hereกs what I consider ethically wrong…

Itกs wrong to teach people how to be an Olympic cyclist, when you’re not an Olympic champion yourself. Itกs common sense, right? You cannot teach someone to reach the top of the mountain if you have not shed tears and blood to get up there yourself. Doing otherwise IS unethical, for you’re only leading someone down the wrong road.

So even if you have been in MLM for only one day, always remember that you DO have something to teach your downline affiliates. Simply sharing your experience, in most cases, is more than enough. Tell them what you like about the company, the products, the opportunity, etc. Tell them the truth about what you feel.

If the question is technical in nature or beyond your expertise, please say so to your affiliates, and refer the affiliate to your upline leaders, corporate support, websites, or online forums for more information. There is nothing wrong in showing them where they can get more info if you can’t provide that info yourself.

This is ok… after all, network marketing is supposed to be all about teamwork, right?

Don’t recommend anything youกve not personally tried yourself. Don’t teach anything you’re not sure about. Don’t make up stories. Don’t fake the figures. Don’t fake your emotions. Don’t give false hope.

Most importantly, don’t doubt the relevance and significance of your own knowledge. Confucius said that กIf three men walk with me, one can be my teacherก. We can all learn from each other, and thinking otherwise is a mistake. It’s only your way of thinking that stops you from sharing and touching another human being in a sincere way. And you’ll need to change that in order to be successful in MLM.

You cannot, and probably should not, teach someone about the road ahead of you, no matter how many books you’ve read, and how many seminars you’ve attended. However, you can always look back at the road behind you and teach them how to get to where you are.

So share your knowledge with everyone if your team. There is always something that they can learn from you, and there is always a way you can help them to duplicate your efforts.

How many have you helped this week…?

Copyright 2005 Gobala Krishnan

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Gobala Krishnan is a member and a writer for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs, the perfect knowledge tool for network marketers to train and grow their organization. Visit his site at to get more info.

This article was posted on February 20

by Gobala Krishnan

Don’t Get Above Your Business

Don’t Get Above Your Business

by: Fernando Soave

Young men after they get through their business training, or apprenticeship, instead of pursuing their avocation and rising in their business, will often lie about doing nothing. They say, กI have learned my business, but I am not going to be a hireling; what is the object of learning my trade or profession, unless I establish myself?ก

กHave you capital to start with?ก

กNo, but I am going to have it.ก

กHow are you going to get it?ก

กI will tell you confidentially; I have a wealthy old aunt, and she will die pretty soon; but if she does not, I expect to find some rich old man who will lend me a few thousands to give me a start. If I only get the money to start with I will do well.ก

There is no greater mistake than when a young man believes he will succeed with borrowed money. Why? Because every manกs experience coincides with that of Mr. Astor, who said, กit was more difficult for him to accumulate his first thousand dollars, than all the succeeding millions that made up his colossal fortune.ก Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience. Give a boy twenty thousand dollars and put him in business, and the chances are that he will lose every dollar of it before he is a year older. Like buying a ticket in the lottery, and drawing a prize, it is กeasy come, easy go.ก He does not know the value of it; nothing is worth anything, unless it costs effort. Without selfdenial and economy, patience and perseverance, and commencing with capital which you have not earned, you are not sure to succeed in accumulating. Young men, instead of กwaiting for dead menกs shoes,ก should be up and doing, for there is no class of persons who are so unaccommodating in regard to dying as these rich old people, and it is fortunate for the expectant heirs that it is so. Nine out of ten of the rich men of our country today, started out in life as poor boys, with determined wills, industry, perseverance, economy and good habits. They went on gradually, made their own money and saved it; and this is the best way to acquire a fortune. Stephen Girard started life as a poor cabin boy, and died worth nine million dollars. A. T. Stewart was a poor Irish boy; and he paid taxes on a million and a half dollars of income, per year. John Jacob Astor was a poor farmer boy, and died worth twenty millions. Cornelius Vanderbilt began life rowing a boat from Staten Island to New York; he presented our government with a steamship worth a million of dollars, and died worth fifty millions. ‘there is no royal road to learning,ก says the proverb, and I may say it is equally true, ‘there is no royal road to wealth.ก But I think there is a royal road to both. The road to learning is a royal one; the road that enables the student to expand his intellect and add every day to his stock of knowledge, until, in the pleasant process of intellectual growth, he is able to solve the most profound problems, to count the stars, to analyze every atom of the globe, and to measure the firmamentthis is a regal highway, and it is the only road worth traveling.

So in regard to wealth. Go on in confidence, study the rules, and above all things, study human nature; for ‘the proper study of mankind is man,ก and you will find that while expanding the intellect and the muscles, your enlarged experience will enable you every day to accumulate more and more principal, which will increase itself by interest and otherwise, until you arrive at a state of independence. You will find, as a general thing, that the poor boys get rich and the rich boys get poor. For instance, a rich man at his decease, leaves a large estate to his family. His eldest sons, who have helped him earn his fortune, know by experience the value of money, and they take their inheritance and add to it. The separate portions of the young children are placed at interest, and the little fellows are patted on the head, and told a dozen times a day, กyou are rich; you will never have to work, you can always have whatever you wish, for you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth.ก The young heir soon finds out what that means; he has the finest dresses and playthings; he is crammed with sugar candies and almost กkilled with kindness,ก and he passes from school to school, petted and flattered. He becomes arrogant and selfconceited, abuses his teachers, and carries everything with a high hand. He knows nothing of the real value of money, having never earned any; but he knows all about the กgolden spoonก business. At college, he invites his poor fellowstudents to his room, where he กwines and dinesก them. He is cajoled and caressed, and called a glorious good fellow, because he is so lavish of his money. He gives his game suppers, drives his fast horses, invites his chums to fetes and parties, determined to have lots of กgood times.ก He spends the night in frolics and debauchery, and leads off his companions with the familiar song, กwe won’t go home till morning.ก He gets them to join him in pulling down signs, taking gates from their hinges and throwing them into back yards and horseponds. If the police arrest them, he knocks them down, is taken to the lockup, and joyfully foots the bills.

กAh! my boys,ก he cries, กwhat is the use of being rich, if you can’t enjoy yourself?ก

He might more truly say, กif you can’t make a fool of yourself;ก but he is กfast,ก hates slow things, and don’t กsee it.ก Young men loaded down with other peopleกs money are almost sure to lose all they inherit, and they acquire all sorts of bad habits which, in the majority of cases, ruin them in health, purse and character. In this country, one generation follows another, and the poor of today are rich in the next generation, or the third. Their experience leads them on, and they become rich, and they leave vast riches to their young children. These children, having been reared in luxury, are inexperienced and get poor; and after long experience another generation comes on and gathers up riches again in turn. And thus กhistory repeats itself,ก and happy is he who by listening to the experience of others avoids the rocks and shoals on which so many have been wrecked.

กIn England, the business makes the man.ก If a man in that country is a mechanic or workingman, he is not recognized as a gentleman. On the occasion of my first appearance before Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington asked me what sphere in life General Tom Thumbกs parents were in.

กHis father is a carpenter,ก I replied.

กOh! I had heard he was a gentleman,ก was the response of His Grace.

In this Republican country, the man makes the business. No matter whether he is a blacksmith, a shoemaker, a farmer, banker or lawyer, so long as his business is legitimate, he may be a gentleman. So any กlegitimateก business is a double blessingit helps the man engaged in it, and also helps others. The farmer supports his own family, but he also benefits the merchant or mechanic who needs the products of his farm. The tailor not only makes a living by his trade, but he also benefits the farmer, the clergyman and others who cannot make their own clothing. But all these classes of men may be gentlemen.

The great ambition should be to excel all others engaged in the same occupation.

The collegestudent who was about graduating, said to an old lawyer:

กI have not yet decided which profession I will follow. Is your profession full?ก

‘the basement is much crowded, but there is plenty of room upstairs,ก was the witty and truthful reply.

No profession, trade, or calling, is overcrowded in the upper story. Wherever you find the most honest and intelligent merchant or banker, or the best lawyer, the best doctor, the best clergyman, the best shoemaker, carpenter, or anything else, that man is most sought for, and has always enough to do. As a nation Americans are too superficialthey are striving to get rich quickly, and do not generally do their business as substantially and thoroughly as they should, but whoever excels all others in his own line, if his habits are good and his integrity undoubted, cannot fail to secure abundant patronage, and the wealth that naturally follows. Let your motto then always be กExcelsior,ก for by living up to it there is no such word as fail.

Fernando Soave

Editor and Publisher


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This article was posted on December 14, 2004

by Fernando Soave

How To Choose The Best MLM Leads

How To Choose The Best MLM Leads

by: Jeff Schuman

What are the characteristics of the Best Mlm Leads? This is a good question to ask before you spend any money buying leads to build your MLM business. Before we get to that letกs take a look at why you would want to buy MLM leads in the first place.

Over the years the multilevel marketing business has gotten a black eye because of the over hyped promises of money and freedom. Very few people have ever achieved a high level of success in any MLM business. And even fewer have ever been able to maintain the level of achievements over a period of time.

That does not make MLM companies bad. Nor does it make the opportunities they afford the average person as a way to make extra money or even as a way to drastically change your lifetsyle. It can be done and using MLM leads is a great way to do it.

There are 2 big benefits to buying MLM leads.

1. It gets you away from approaching your friends and relatives. If you have been in more than one MLM business over the years you may have already approached them and used up your credibility when you were unsuccessful.

2. This is a duplicatible way to build your business that you can pass on to your downline. Any successful network marketing business will tell you that one of the main components of success is duplication. Anyone can buy leads and work them over the phone or thur the internet with the use of an autoresponder.

If you are unsure of how to work a lead over the phone I would suggest getting the book ‘recruit Your Way To Millionsก by Fred Stegge. After reading this book you will be able to explain what you do and what you offer to a new prospect in 30 seconds or less.

If you are unsure of what an autoresponder is or how to use one read this article I wrote กHow To Effectively Use An Autoresponder.ก This is an absolutely essential business tool if you are going to succeed online with your MLM business.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of buying MLM leads and how to market to them letกs take a look at what are the characteristics of the Best MLM Leads.

1. How many times are the leads sold? Many MLM lead companies sell their leads over and over. You will be contacting a prospect that has already been marketed to. Personally I like eads that are exclusive to me.

2. How old are the leads? Would you rather contact a prospect that has expressed an interest in the past 48 hours or in the past 48 days. Being able to strike while the iron is hot so to speak is a great benefit of a fresh lead.

3. How many leads do you get for your money? Obviously the more leads you can get for the best price the more leads you can buy at a time. This is especially important when you are first starting or when you are helping your downline get started.

4. What is the quality of the lead? Nothing compares to a lead that contains both a phone number and email address along with a few qualifying answers to questions like กHow much can you invest to get startedก or กHow soon do you want to get startedก or When is the best time to contact you?ก If a prospect is answering these type of questions you are getting a much better quality lead than if you just have a name and email address.

5. What is the response rate? This will improve as your skill level at working your leads improves, but the fresher higher quality leads will give you a better response rate even when your skill level is low.

6. Do your leads come with any extras such as an autoresponder, training on how to work leads, prewritten email marketing letters, phone scripts, your own website, flash presentations, etc.

These are the top qualities of the Best MLM Leads. Be careful when choosing a place to get your leads. Not all MLM Lead companies are created equal. It is going to be the single most important decision you make when trying to grow your MLM Business. Make the wrong choice and you will waste your time and money as well as the time and money of your downline. Make the right choice and you can be building your business successfully for years to come.

Copyright 2004 Jeff Schuman

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Jeff Schuman has made over $35 Million Dollars in sales in his 20 year sales and marketing career. His Best Mlm Leads website contains the best mlm leads companies available today. His website contains the best make money, and make money online websites anyone can use to get started making money from the comfort of their own home.

This article was posted on November 01, 2004

by Jeff Schuman

Discover How To Attract The Help You Need To Build

Discover How To Attract The Help You Need To Build Your Network Marketing Business

by: Fernando Soave

Positive thinkers dare to believe that the biggest and best men or woman in the world can be attracted to their cause or project. Try for the best man or woman in the world and you can secure his help.

How do you attract the help of the best man or woman you need ?

1. Be prepared to pay for the help you need.

Watch out for that negative money trap : ขYou probably can’t afford not to spend the money to hire the help.ข Be prepared to pay top price for the top man or woman. The best man or woman are usually worth more then they are getting. It almost always pays to hire the best.

2. Be a team builder, not an empire founder.

Successful man or woman are those who have a ขteam complexข, not a ขstar complexข. Positiv thinkers are team builders, not empire founders.

3. Forget about ขstatusข, credit and glory.

Statusseeking, creditgrabling and gloryhunting executers generate unimaginable jealousy. Instead of inspiring their associates to really produce, they stimulate negative emotions that contribute to a terrible letdown. The smart and successful men or woman finds joy in watching his associates get ahead. They never allow themselves to view their associates as threats to their own proud position. They know that this very thought will be the beginning of their downfall. You can surround yourself with skilled specialists if you will establish a ขsharethecreditplanข. As the proverb says : ขTake good care of your people and your people will take good care of you.ข

4. Offer your people a unique pacesetting challenge.

Promise them the chance to join in creating something bigger and better than has ever been done before. Great men or woman are attracted to great challenges.

5. Give your teammates great freedom.

The greatest men or woman are attracted by a great challenge coupled with the promise of great freedom. Promise them freedom :

to plan

to dream

to imagine.

Great freedom generates maximum energy and extracts unbelievable dedication.

6. Make up your mind not to lose a good man or woman once you have him on your team.

Any man or woman you hire will have his weaknesses. Try to strenghten them where they are weak. If that fails, fill the gap in the job by rearranging and reorganizing.

7. Learn to live with difficult people.

Learn from them and learn to work with them. Some of the people you may need to help solve you problems or develop your dreams may be the kind of people who are not always easy to go along with. These are people who seem to like to argue. Try to keep your differences with them on the plane of disagreement. Try to prevent these disagreements from becoming violent arguments.

Find and hire people who are smarter then you are. Whether your business is building a business empire, your success will be enhanced if you learn how to be a team builder.

Fernando Soave


Free Cutting Edge MLM Newsletter.

This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free to reprint and distribute as needed. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes and to be sure that the web site address and is hyperlinked correctly.

About The Author

Fernando Soave is the author of กCutting Edge MLM News.ก He has been in marketing for 20 years and is helping individuals succeed online. Visit his site to find out how you can get free reports. or Subscribe to the Free Cutting Edge MLM Newsletter and receive your +$585 MLM Value Pack.

This article was posted on September 18, 2003

by Fernando Soave

How To Make Big Bucks With Any MultiLevel Program

How To Make Big Bucks With Any MultiLevel Program

by: Hutoxi Hodiwalla

Multilevel Marketing companies abound by the thousands. A great many wellknown economists are predicting this form of selling to become the prevailing method of selling by the turn of the century.

A lot of people have joined multilevel marketing programs and have made a fortune from their efforts. Anybody with just a smattering of ambition and energy can still join up and attain financial freedom.

However, unless you know what you’re doing and how to do it, youกll probably never make much more than your expenses.

First off, be sure of the MLM company you hook up with make sure itกs all it claims to be, and that it will not only make regular payments to you, but that it will ship the merchandise to your customers and is going to be around for years to come.

Secondly, be sure that the product you’re promoting has mass appeal does it sell itself and will people stand in line to buy it. A lot of wellmeaning advertising writers advise you to select a product, devise a selling plan and then to work on your plan but, this will only put you into the shoes of an EightDaysAWeek Sales Person. The one product that sell itself, and for which people the world over will stand in line for, is กHowTo Informationก that explains to people wanting to get rich, how to get rich.

Thirdly, make sure the program you decide upon can be adapted to sales by mail. Believe me, selling by mail is the least expensive and most efficient method of selling there is.

Look at all the ads in the trade papers and magazines all those trying to sell multilevel programs what are they missing? Can you adapt your program to กhave to haveก advertising?

Amway could go with a direct mail circular starting out with something like: Get paid for cleaning your own home!

Yurika Foods could go with a circular like so: Receive a 25 cents rebate for every dollar you spend on food!

What Iกm advocating is that you make up a direct mail circular to pull in new prospects. Weกve used such a circular for 3 different MLM programs we sent out 10,000 circulars asking for $2 for further details of our program, and in each instance, we pulled in more than 4,000 first line distributors. Get yourself a mailing list of 10,000 or more opportunity seekers; make up an advertising circular that whets the appetite of the recipients; then get these circulars into the mail. When the orders for more information come in, send them a sales letter along with your program joinup brochure.

You can have thousands of these brochures printed and mailed to everyone in your area even to names from the phone book or to people all across the country…but to be really effective, and bring back a profit for you, you should have a complete mailing package. In other words, you MLM Advertising Circular asking for $2 in exchange for further information about the best MLM Program yet devised can be your door opener then, you should include other things that should also interest the prospect in other words, not just a single sheet of paper.

Our own direct mail package usually includes our current MLM Advertising Circular then our current special of the month: sometimes mailing lists at greatly reduced prices or a special book and then a listing of our HowTo Informational Reports. We figure that with this direct mail package, if they the recipient doesn’t want one thing, heกll want the other. In a great many cases, we get orders for the whole package which sometimes runs to several hundred dollars. The thing is, weกve been very successful with this mailing package, most of the time pulling in better than 10% orders per thousand packages mailed out. And, our MLM conversion rate people who send in $2 for further information on our MLM Program and then end up joining the program under our sponsorship has been running better than 30 percent!

How To Parlay Any MultiLevel Program Into Real Riches start with a good product (How To Make a Real Profit With A Current Sparetime Project). Make up a direct mail advertising circular, send it out to everybody in the country with a complete direct mail package; and youกll be home free! I know, Iกve done it with 3 different MultiLevel Programs!

Copyright 2004 Hutoxi Hodiwalla

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Hutoxi Hodiwalla is an affiliate with Plug In Profit Site where you can find everything youกll ever need to start multiple streams of income at: My email is

This article was posted on April 21, 2004

by Hutoxi Hodiwalla

Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

Understanding MLM Compensation Plans

by: Ted Riley


Down lines, up lines, overrides and spill over. Understand? Of course not! But it was exactly these types of terms that I was bombarded with when I was at first trying to learn about the world of multi level marketing. It made it a slow process to say the least, so I thought that I would write an article to help the folks out there that are about to undertake the same journey.

The way that a multilevel marketing company pays the person who invests in it and sells the products or services that it provides is through a ขcompensation plan,ข and there are a great many types of them that are employed.


The first one we will look at is the one that revolves around the idea of matrices.

กMatricesก is the plural form of the word matrix. In the context of multilevel marketing everyone below you in the matrix you have entered ends up giving you a portion of the income they generate in the company. This turns into a commission paid by the company that you have invested in. Alternatively you are in the matrix of the person who recruited you.

The people you recruit into your matrix are referred to as your down line. The people who they also recruit are also in your down line. The people in your down line are the ones who are responsible for the amount of income that you will receive and if you can recruit good sales people into the down line of your matrix you will have a good residual income.

Alternatively people who are above you in the matrix of the MLM that you have chosen are referred to as being in your up line with money going from you and your down line up to them.

Sideline Compression

Another term that is often used is sideline compression. Sideline compression is what happens when a member does not have enough sales. They are then moved down line and a person with better sales is moved up line to take his place. Making sure this does not happen to you is important to say the least, and a small amount of training can go a long way when you are starting a business for the first time. The MLM you join will provide this for you when you sign up if it has any interest in staying in business.

Spill over

There are many other things that the world of MLM that you should be made aware of and one of those things is called spill over. Spill over is the term used to describe what happens when the first line of your matrix is filled up and you need to put the new recruit into your down line. The new recruit can be placed into the frontline members down lines. This can be a big help to the new members having even newer members placed in their down line from their up line. You may think that you are losing money if they are placed further down in your down line but the faster the levels of your matrix are filled the sooner you will get paid and the person is still in your down line anyway.


ขCyclesข is a term used in the context of when a level of the down line is filled and the quota is filled, payment is made by the top level of the up line and a cycle is completed.

Expandable depth commissions

Expandable depth commissions are a way to describe the types of compensation plans that are able to sustain an either infinite or, as the name would suggest, ขexpandableข number of people in the down line. Some are mathematically limited and cannot support high numbers.


The term overrides is used simply to describe the amount applied to the sales volume from the sale of the product.

Copyright 2004 Android Technologies, Inc.

About The Author

Ted Riley is an entrepreneur and educator interested in teaching others on the benefits and rewards of having your own home business. He writes frequently for the web site กA Grandmotherกs Businessก, a web site dedicated to the needs and equirements of the mature woman entrepreneur and jobseeker. To see more articles like this visit:

This article was posted on May 05, 2004

by Ted Riley

How To Find Your Perfect MLM Sponsor In 3 Easy Ste

How To Find Your Perfect MLM Sponsor In 3 Easy Steps Without Going Completely Insane

by: John Stafford

If youกve never had the experience you’re very lucky….

You just joined a great new MLM company and are excited and ready to go, you email your sponsor to find out whatกs next.

Days pass…

No response.

You try again but still nothing.

So, how do you avoid this terrible fate?

Iกm glad you asked, here are the 3 ways you can use to find your perfect MLM sponsor:

1. Find out if heกs active

Nothing drives me crazier then joining a company and finding out my sponsor isn’t doing anything to work the business.

If the company has a scoreboard or ranking site, see if heกs on it. Check out his websites in Google and see how they’re set up.

The important thing is to make sure heกs making an effort 🙂

2. Email or Call him

Take a minute กbeforeก you join up to email or call him with questions.

Ask him whatever you like and see if he responds.

Don’t think you’re bothering your prospective mentor, if heกs the right person he won’t mind.

3. Find out how long heกs been with the company

Another thing youกll run into is finding a sponsor thatกs been with the company a week and has no clue.

Now don’t get me wrong, itกs okay to be new but the กblind leading the blindก isn’t going to help anyone.

When you’re sending him the email from step 2 just ask him how long heกs been with the company and see what happens.


The relationship you’re forming will be lasting a really long time, you want to be sure heกs the right person to help you build your team.

Follow these steps and soon youกll find a sponsor you’re happy with that will help you take your new MLM business to the next level.

Copyright 2004 John Stafford

About The Author

Is your MLM not making you the money you hoped?

Join my team for free and you could be making a few extra hundred a month in just a short time. Iกll work with you personally to get your first reps and youกll get a $97+ marketing package just for trying it out.

This article was posted on October 12, 2004

by John Stafford

What is MLM ?

What is MLM ?

by: Fernando Soave

Multilevel Marketing is one of the fastest growing yet most misunderstood methods of moving products in use today. It has been termed by many as the Waveofthe Eighties.

But, it will go far beyond that. By the 90กs more than 100 billion dollars woth of products and services has been moved through Multilevel Marketing companies. As we are in the 21st century watch out !

What is MLM ?

This question is quite frequently in response to a button we often wear or we have seen wearing by others.

Letกs explain it .

1. Marketing simply means moving a product or service from the manufacturer or provider to the consumer.

2. Multilevel refers to the system of compensation provided to the persons who are causing the product to move or the service to be provided.

กMultiก means more than one.

กLevelก means generation.

There are really 5 basic methods of moving products :

1. Retailing.

ex. the drug store, the department store,….

You go into a store and buy something.

2. Direct Sales.

ex. Tupperware, Avon, …..

3. Multilevel Marketing.

This should not be confused with retailing and Direct Sales which commonly is.

4. Mail Order.

This can be an MLM but mostly is included in the Direct Sales category.

5. Pyramid Sales.

This type of Sales is to often confused with MLM.

The fact is, Pyramides are illegal. The main reasons they may be illegal is their failure to move a product or to provide a valid service.

If a product doesn’t move, how can you even call it กmarketingก, let alone กMultilevel Marketingก. Multilevel it may be, but Marketing they are not !!!

Now, most objections that people have about getting into Multilevel Marketing are due to not realising the difference between MLM, Pyramid Sales and the Direct Sales methods of marketing.

This is understandeble because most reputable MLM companies belong to the Direct Selling Association.

We have been conditioned to think of MLM as door to door direct sales programs because our first encounter with them was when a distributor knocked on our door to sell us something.

Anyway, there are some features that differentiate MLM from Retail and Direct Sales companies and on very significant difference is that in MLM you are in business for YOURSELF but not BY YOURSELF.

Being in business for yourself means you are buying the products WHOLESALE from the company you are representing. This means also that you can use these products for your own consumption at WHOLESALE PRICES.

Since we are buying products WHOLESALE we can, if we wish, sell these products at RETAIL and make a PROFIT.

The most common misunderstanding about MLM is the notion that you HAVE TO sell retail to be successful.

You may sell if you want to or have to due to your particulare program procedure, but in regard to making the larger sums of income, the real success is in building the organisation.

Let your sales come as the natural result of building the organization.

The word กsellingก triggers negative thoughts in the minds of about 95 % of the people.

In MLM you don’t need to กsellก the products in the traditional sense of the word.


When you build an organization, you are actually building a network through which to channel your producths or services.

Retailing is the foundation of Network Marketing. Sales in MLM or Network Marketing come from distributors SHARING with their friends, neighbours and relatives. They never have to talk to strangers. Network Marketing or MLM is building an organization in which a lot of distributors all retail a little.

So, you see, its not going door to door every day calling on strangers.

Another point that differentiates MLM from Direct Sales is the SPONSORING of other distributors. This is called RECRUITING.

When you SPONSOR someone, you are making a COMITMENT to TEACH them how to do what you are doing, building a BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN. Sponsoring is what makes a Multilevel Marketing business so different an makes it grow.

As your organization grows, you are building toward becoming an INDEPENDANT SUCCESFULL BUSINESS PERSON. You are your OWN BOSS.

With Direct Selling companies you work for the company. If you decide to quit that company and move to another area, you end up having to start all over again.

In almost all of the MLM Programs you can move to another area of the country and sponsor people without losing the volume generated by the group you left behind.

In MLM Programs you can make a lot of money by building an organization as your primary function.

A Multilevel Marketing Organization is not a pyramid scheme.

The pyramid is built from the top down and only those in at the very beginning can ever be near the top. And the pirce of the products or services get every step higher and higher, leaving the people at the bottom broke.

In the MLM Marketing everybody starts at the bottom and has the opportunity to build a large organisation, even larger than his sponsorกs organizationif he wants.

MLM Marketing is the solution to the distribution costs of the most companies because there will be nomore channels between the producer and the consumer. And the most part of the benefit can be paid to the distributors.

Fernando Soave

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Fernando Soave


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This article was posted on July 03, 2003

by Fernando Soave

How To Choose a Good Online MLM or Network Marketi

How To Choose a Good Online MLM or Network Marketing Company?

by: Evelyn Lim

Youกve heard many horror stories about MLM /network marketing programs. But what you are really hearing about are stories relating to illegal programs or pyramid schemes. Basically, pyramid schemes have no real, viable and worthy product. Obviously, you do not want to participate in such schemes. You want to be associated with a high quality product that you will readily endorse.

Why participate in a MLM or network marketing company then? The lure of joining a MLM has great appeal: It allows you to work parttime, gives you an opportunity to build residual income and you become a small business owner. MLMs have created many illionaires. Those who are successful testify that it is a result of hard work, continuous prospecting, motivating and training others.

The concept of MLM is simple. Instead of paying huge advertising sales and marketing costs to promote their products, MLM companies convert their loyal customers into a huge sales force. They rely on wordofmouth to do the marketing. The commission from the savings on employing sales staff, advertisement and promotions is paid to you instead. It is a winwin situation for both the company and the MLMer.

If you decide to join one, please note that many MLMs require an initial investment. Before making such an investment, here are 10 tips on how to choose a good MLM program to promote:

1. Choose a program that you like or have some interest in. The best way to know if this is a program you wish to promote is whether you are interested in purchasing the product for your own use. If so, chances will be that there will be others who will be interested in the same program.

2. Look for a program that is of high quality. For instance, choose one that is associated with a top expert or many experts in the particular industry.

3. Participate in ones that offer real, viable products.

4. A program that caters to a growing and target market will ensure that there is demand for your referral. Do your research, participate in discussion forums to get feedback.

5. A compensation plan that pays out a residual income and a payout of more than 3050% will be great. Avoid wasting time with programs that do not reward you substantially for your efforts.

6. Be aware of minimum quotas that you must fulfill or sales target that is hard to achieve. Some MLM companies impose a prerequisite before you get paid.

7. Choose one that gives you plenty of tools and resources to help you grow the business easily.

8. For online MLMs, check whether the company has a proven system that allows you to check your network and compensation. There must be a reliable referral tracking system.

9. A program that offers strong incentives for members to renew their membership each time. Obviously, one that provides continuous help and upgrades for its product and business will tend to retain its members and will ensure growth of your network.

10. If your upline is someone you know or that you can contact easily, you can always ask him/her to spell out if there is any downside risk involved.

With millions of people coming on the internet, an online MLM will be a great business to be in. You can recruit your affiliates from all over the world, stay in touch with them constantly and automate your business online. With the above 10 tips, I have narrowed my search to an exciting online MLM company that I highly recommend. The payout is great at 65%. Check out for more information if you are interested.

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Evelyn Lim is an online entrepreneur and business strategist. This article is extracted from her regular and very popular newsletter. To subscribe or to find out more, please visit

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by Evelyn Lim

How Heavy Hitters Avoid Rejection Working MLM Lead

How Heavy Hitters Avoid Rejection Working MLM Leads

by: Ed Forteau

ขBut, these people are telling me NO and I don’t like the way that feels,ข he told me.

ขThe same rejection, real or imagined, that make some people $10,000 per month in this industry will cause others to abandon their dreams,ข I replied.

In the MLM industry, you see the heavy hitters who know how to work MLM leads flourish no matter if the industry is up, down or flat. Why? What do they know that the masses buying MLM leads don’t know? How are they able to quickly and easily get through enough leads and find the right people to give them a $10,000+ per month lifestyle?

There’s a quote I use in our seminars, ขThe fire that burns one person warms anotherข.

Heavy hitters know how to get warmed and not burned in working MLM leads.

First, a couple of facts.

FACT #1 – MLM lead quality has steadily gone down over the last 10 years.

FACT #2 – The quantity of leads has risen and well the as the number of MLM lead companies.

Fact #3 – MLM lead lists are sold over and over again. The people you call have heard their phone ring many times from these lists!

Being at the junction of these three facts is needlessly hurting tens of thousands of well intentioned MLMr’s.

Our survey of top MLM lead list buyers who make fulltime incomes has revealed three critical points.

Critical point #1 – A manual phone sort after an internet automated sort is no longer enough. You used to be able to ask someone 34 qualifying questions and determine who you should take through your information process. Not anymore. Now the numbers you need take through most systems are three to four times what they were just a few years ago.

Critical point #2 – Heavy hitters tell us rejection never feels like rejection if it’s from someone who truly can be successful in MLM. It the prospect is truly high quality, they’ll take a serious look at your opportunity in a businesslike fashion. That is a good feeling. This is opposite of the millions of tire kickers and wannabees filling out lead inquiry forms as you read this. These low quality prospects drain the life blood out of you. That kind of rejection is blood curdling.

Critical point #3 – Successful heavy hitters look at time management differently. They are using the 80/20 rule to their advantage. How? By getting in a position to only get rejected by capable prospects. Knowing low quality prospects can’t move their business forward, they continually seek ways to only talk to higher probable prospects.

Capable prospects who are also looking are the people you need to build a strong sixfigure income. Capable means they have the ability to build a business. They’ll have a bigger warm circle of influence, better people skills, ability to inspire and lead a group, stay on autoship longer, buy a sufficient number of MLM leads every month, and they’ll enter your opportunity at higher levels. Any MLM lead list contains about 23% of what we call these ขtop tierข prospects.

Looking means they’re ready to take action immediately after they’ve been through your information process. Frustration is talking to or sponsoring someone who is looking but NOT capable.

Here lies the big problem in the industry. MLM lead list brokers only tell you who’s looking. The process of optimizing MLM leads tells you who’s probable of being successful.

We’ve noticed heavy hitters have been the early adopters of MLM lead optimization.

Because they are time conscious and want to only be softly rejected by capable people, they’re only calling 2025% of their MLM lead lists. They’re focusing 80% of their time on capable and looking prospects.

The time they’re saving by not prospecting and working with the wrong prospects is spent with the family, traveling and enjoying their MLM lifestyle.

I think that you need a closer paragraph. Did you address who what where when why and how??

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Ed Forteau is the CoFounder of His is the only company in the MLM lead list industry which optimizes MLM lists to pinpoint the prospects most probable of being capable.

This article was posted on December 07, 2004

by Ed Forteau

The MLM Revolving Door Syndrome

The MLM Revolving Door Syndrome

by: Linda J Bruton

In the 15+ years Iกve been involved with network marketing, the number of people who come and go never cease to amaze me! Sometimes it seems like a revolving door.

On the positive side, thousands of new people discover network marketing all the time. They have always wanted to start their own business and are attracted by the huge income potential of MLM. Or they need a parttime source of income. Or, perhaps theyกve been caught up in the huge, neverending layoffs and corporate downsizing that seem to be a permanent part of the new informationdriven economy. They see network marketing as a way to escape the Rat Race forever!

Whatever the reason, they are entering this industry in droves. And that is good news for you and I!

On the negative side, however, most of these people flounder around for months, or even years, like a fish out of water, and never really discover how to make network marketing work for themselves. They buy into too much of the hype and halftruths that seem to proliferate in MLM advertising, expecting a large income in just a few months without much work or investment.

Unfortunately, some of us continue to promote this image of network marketing, even though we know it is completely untrue!

Perhaps that explains why so many newcomers believe that all they have to do to be successful is just send out a bunch of spammy emails and the money will come rolling in!

Iกve spent a lot of time and effort showing the newcomers in my downline the kind of work that is necessary for success. But all too often, these newcomers pay little attention to it. Theyกve seen all the ads telling them that they don’t have to do any work, that a certain program practically builds itself, or their upline will be giving them massive amounts of spillover.

They don’t seem to understand that this is a business, not a chain letter game. And all too often, this is partly our fault. Some of us are so eager to sign up new distributors that weกll tell them anything.

So our MLM newcomer may run out and send out a few overhyped, anonymous emails to a cheap list and then wait for the money to roll in.

When nothing happens, our unhappy newcomer then decides ‘the program doesn’t work.ก (How many times have you received an MLM mailing with the words ‘this one really worksก in the subject line? I get them all the time).

That starts our newcomer on a frustrating journey from one MLM program to another. They may join 5 or 6 all at once on the theory that at least one must work! They may sign up under a sponsor that promotes the กprogram of the month,ก and jump into everything new that comes out. Never does it enter their mind that กprogramsก neither work nor don’t work!

What does or does not work is their personal success system. A good network marketer can earn a huge income in even the worst of programs, with the poorest compensation plans. But the best program in the world is not going to work for someone who doesn’t understand how to be a successful network marketer and businessperson!

Some of these people finally do learn how to be successful. Usually it is only after wasting a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, most people finally quit in disgust and go out and give network marketing a bad name to their friends and family! And that makes it all the harder for the rest of us.

How many prospects have you talked to who tell you that their best friend กlost his shirtก in one of those กMLM pyramid scams?ก

Contrary to popular belief, it takes training and education and investment to become a successful network marketer. No doctor was born with the knowledge of how to practice medicine. Nor was any successful network marketer born with the knowledge of successful recruiting and downline support.

Network marketing requires knowledge of effective marketing techniques, salesmanship, and basic business skills. If you are doing it online, it also requires computer and Internet skills, too.

On top of that, it requires the ability to work with people, the ability to follow a plan, discipline, and ongoing investment.

Fortunately, with the proper training, none of this is very difficult to learn. We hear a lot about กduplicationก in this industry. And that is really all duplication is: learning effective techniques, using them, and teaching your downline to do exactly the same thing.

As professionals, it is essential that we pass that along to the downline we are building. I am tired of seeing so many newcomers pass through the revolving door. And Iกm tired of hearing people refer to our business as a กpyramid scam.ก

Network marketing is a wonderful business. Almost anyone can learn to do it effectively and profitably if they are taught and if they have the desire.

It offers average people the means to a large income without a large initial investment. (But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require investment). And it offers us the personal freedom and time to pursue other goals in life, unlike most corporate jobs.

This is the real message we should be sharing with prospects, not the hype that abounds online. We may sponsor a few less people. But I suspect that we won’t be sponsoring so many people that are in and out of the revolving door giving our business a bad name.

About The Author

Linda Bruton has been a fulltime network marketer for over 15 years. Be sure to visit her Network Marketing Tips weblog for weekly tips, tricks, secrets and resources for building a fulltime MLM business online.

This article was posted on October 18, 2004

by Linda J Bruton