The Only Way To Succeed In MLM

The Only Way To Succeed In MLM

by: Gino Harteel

Let assume you found the perfect mlm business, you did your homework of course, you contacted the head office and the local support, if available, asked some innocent questions and checked how fast and professional they responded.

You also tested your sponsor, finding out, how committed he or she is with the business of your life.

And if everybody passed the test, you finally join the opportunity of lifetime.

Thatกs what I did in 1997. As I am a good talker, I had no problem finding and introducing people to this wonderful opportunity.

I searched around and asked my upline for the perfect way to organize my downline.

To make a long story short, I have come a long way, but let me explain, what IS working very well.

Please review It is a site of my own that I dedicate to new Euro Millions and UK Lotto players, they can become an affiliate and if they find 5 people who join the syndicate lotto, they play for free.

Well, I could register as many people as I could directly under me and receive 20 % commission, this is the first level rewards.

But instead, I transfer the new member to my second level, third level and what do I notice ?

People realize the potential that finally they will play for free and in the second phase, earn a monthly income.

In my own experience, this is the way to conduct your mlm business and youกll succeed !

It is working for me, take my advice and apply it to your own group.

Good luck.

About The Author

Gino Harteel has been involved with mlm since 1997 and has been building downlines in different ways. On you can find out how he has been building his downline with success.

This article was posted on October 19, 2004

by Gino Harteel

MultiLevelMarketing: The Real Estate of the 21st

MultiLevelMarketing: The Real Estate of the 21st Century

by: Sarah King

A single event, or series of events, leads many people to the depressing conclusion that they’re not where they want to be in life. They’ve been stressed out and tired, their health has suffered, they’ve worked countless hours away from their family, yet they find themselves in mundane jobs with no scope, no recognition, living payday to payday with no further desire to succeed and no seemingly possible way out.

This realisation often leads to a period of uncertainty, frustration and fear as one searches for an opportunity that will satisfy their goals and desires, free up their time, secure their financial future and make them proud of who they are and where they’re at in life.

This article is geared towards those of you who’ve reached that point and find yourselves at a loss in terms of the next step. Perhaps you’ve already invested in a few opportunities that haven’t worked out but your determination keeps you going. If you have some long term financial goals and an unshakeable will to succeed then this article is for YOU.

Ever wish you’d had the foresight to recognise an opportunity that would set you up for a stressfree future, abundant in time and money?

Do you know that the bigger the (calculated) risk the bigger the reward yet find yourself justifying why not to take a risk?

Want more out of life but emotionally and/or financially cannot leave your 9 to 5 job?

Always thought you were meant for bigger things but never been able to find ‘that thing’?

Ever found yourself in a job and wondered quite how you got there because it ‘just wasn’t you’?

Want your own business but feel you lack the skills to get started on your own and don’t have time to study for a new career?

First thing’s first….YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are tens of millions of people out there who are dissatisfied with their job, their financial situation and the path their life has taken. In fact, 80% of people employed in fulltime work, hate their jobs!

Whether you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, consider for a moment that MultiLevelMarketing is for you. Let’s look at the potential:

Foresight: Perhaps you lack the foresight to identify an opportunity. Many of us do. But what if someone told you that a business in MultiLevelMarketing was the way of the future, with unlimited earning potential, freedom to choose your own working hours and a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed about. Would you have the faith to believe them…or would you continue to rely on your own foresight even though it’s yet to come up with anything worthwhile, if at all? (Recommended reading: The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, Robert Kyosaki)

Risk: Many people fear risk because they lack the ability to see the potential of taking a risk. Others are fully aware that taking a risk can lead to success, yet they set limits on the level of risk they’re prepared to take, so they risk nothing at all. Whether your concern is taking a risk in the area of finances, time or your ability to succeed, MultiLevelMarketing allows you to choose your level of commitment whilst providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that whatever risk you take, brings you the rewards you seek. MLM allows you to take calculated risks yet the RisktoReward ratio can be HUGE, so long as you have vision and determination to succeed.

Can’t leave your 9 to 5 job? The great news is, you don’t have to! Whether it’s because you can’t afford it due to finances or fear of failure, you can start your own MLM business working from home around your current schedule and not only does this allow you to maintain a level of income to which you’ve become accustomed whilst building your second income, but it also allows you to build your emotional strength and your skillset before you consider moving into your MLM business fulltime.

Meant for bigger things: Perhaps you’ve felt you were worth more than a fulltime corporate job where recognition for your hard work was passed on to those above but maybe you doubted your ability to start up your own business. Or maybe you wanted to start up your own business but didn’t quite know what you wanted to do or if you did, you lacked the capital to invest. The beauty of MLM is that it’s a marketing system used by many different types of businesses so, if MLM’s where you want to go, you need only choose a business and an industry that excites you and the potential for your future suddenly explodes!

Your current job just isn’t you: Whatever it is you dislike about your current job, whether it’s lack of people contact, too much people contact, lack of support and scope for the future, guaranteed there will be a MLM business out there to suit you that is going to give you exactly what you want

Lacking in skill and don’t want to study: The truly amazing thing about MLM, and what makes it perfect for so many people, is that you have your own Personal Mentor. This is a person who started just where you did so they’ve been there before and will have understanding and compassion for how you feel as you embark on this exciting journey. Their role is to teach you the skills necessary to run your own MLM business – skills you can acquire around your fulltime job so there’s no need to leave work in order to pursue study. Your mentor offers invaluable experience and expertise, they provide support and inspiration through both the difficult and exciting times and they ensure that you are justly rewarded for your achievements. Ultimately they can become a close and trusted friend and a business relationship built on this is destined to success.

So, if this leaves you feeling inspired and interested in looking into MLM, here are a few important things for you to remember in your search for a business:

The difference between MLM and pyramid schemes of old is that pyramid schemes are illegal and multilevelmarketing is NOT. It is important to know this when people challenge your decision to pursue a MLM business.

When investigating a MLM business, look for one that allows you to advertise. Many people won’t even consider a MLM business because they don’t want to ‘sell to their friends’ and unfortunately many MLM businesses require you to do just that, and only that, because they don’t allow business owners to advertise. Being unable to advertise also means your scope for business growth is limited.

Make sure the business resides in an industry which has massive growth potential. Whether you’re looking for a small supplemental income or a lifestyle change, investing in a growing industry means you’ll have the choice, either way.

Make sure the company is reputable and stable. Do your research and know the history of the company you’re signing into.

Be open to investigating a MLM business in much the same way you would any business opportunity. Don’t expect it to be explained to you in a 5 minute phone conversation and be willing to view an information package before you make a decision on the viability of the business.

Make sure the business system is simple and duplicable – if you want to build your business, you need to be able to teach it to others.

About The Author

Sarah King has a career history with large corporate organisations working in New Zealand, London and Sydney. She is currently running her own successful internet based 60 Minute Money Home business around a fulltime job with IBM with a goal to move fulltime into her 60mm business in order to secure her familyกs financial independence and work in an industry in which she is passionate.

Sarah is a business mentor to others who have a burning desire to work from home in their own 60 Minute Money Home business. For anyone who is seriously searching for a homebased business opportunity, please visit her 60 Minute Money Home Business System website:

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This article was posted on March 07, 2005

by Sarah King