Spread Your Ideas and Your Reputation Will Follow

Spread Your Ideas and Your Reputation Will Follow

by: Scott Foreman

As we all know, Internet Marketing growth is all about increasing traffic to your website. Time and again, what’s proven to be the best way to dramatically increase traffic to your website?

You already know that answer. In fact, we’ve talked about it in the last few weeks…

Write original articles!

We won’t rehash the importance of creating unique, helpful content for your visitors. I’ll just assume that you are on the wave of massive traffic that is writing articles.

Now that you’ve written the articles what do you do?

Publish them!

Get your articles out on the web at targeted sites where potential customers will read them and publishers of high traffic web sites will reprint them. Not sure where to begin? Check out our starter list of great sites to publish your articles.


When it comes to most consumer products or services there are three aspects: fast, good, and cheap. Usually, you’ll get two out of three. True to form, our resources listed about are good and they’re free, but they are certainly not fast.

In fact, the article publishing process can be very time consuming if you publish an article one website at a time. If you could save time in this valuable process, certainly you would, right?

If you’re willing to pay a little bit, you can find some great services that will take your article and automatically publish it on multiple websites at once.

You can see our favorite ขmass publishข program here:


Whichever program you choose, make sure that you are using your time wisely. You already know the importance of writing and publishing original articles. Now take the next step of automating that process so that you can spend more time discovering even more lucrative business ideas.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

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by Scott Foreman BuildPassiveIncome.com

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This article was posted on January 13

by Scott Foreman

One Home Business with Everything You Need To Succ

One Home Business with Everything You Need To Succeed With You’re Online Business

by: Michel Richer

Are you getting more and more frustrated with the Internet marketing scene…If you’re like most Internet users…your email inbox is bombarded with getrichquick schemes., but nothingกs working …and now you’re wondering if anyone out there will ever really help you, or if they’re all just trying to take money from you!

Letกs face it, we would all like more hours in the day… more time to enjoy with the kids, more time on the golf course… even more time with the spouse!

But at the moment your Internet business seems to be taking up more and more time, without the fabulous rewards you keep hearing about, right?

I know you’re trying to hang in there because people are obviously making fortunes… but you’re getting near the end of your patience, right?

Let me ask you a question…

Which situation makes more sense…

Buying more and more ebooks youกll never read, helping to line the pockets of various Internet marketers without making any money for yourself…


Concentrating on one website where everything is made available to help you go from nowhere to success, and where the owner of the site has a real interest in seeing you do well?

So now you know why you spend more and more money without actually finding out how to MAKE MONEY!

Letกs put an end to this madness right now!

You only need ! One website. One Home Business with everything you need to succeed on the internet. Simple, eh?

Here is a partial list of what you will get…

You can sign up FREE, get a FREE Website, and test drive the program for as long as you want at absolutely no cost or obligation EVER.

A lucrative compensation plan. Tens of thousands of SFIกs members are already receiving monthly commission checks, totaling over $3 MILLION dollars since July 1st.

SFI understands the Internet. SFI itself is totally databasedriven which means that almost everything happens in realtime. From SFIกs powerful central Admin site, thereกs online, realtime genealogies, plus numerous other tools to manage your business such as instant group messages via email.

Perfect for the กlittle guy.ก There are no group volume requirements. In fact, the toughest thing you ever have to do with SFI is give away free stuff.

Refer just three new members to SFI and you can automatically start earning a portion of EVERY sale…EVERY month…made by SFIกs OVER 3.5 MILLION affiliates and members worldwide.

FREE 24Hour Professional Consultation. Each SFI affiliate is assigned three leaders to provide free consultation and support.

The Internet is exploding worldwide. USA TODAY recently reported that over 170,000 new people are getting online every 24 hours. Many smart business people are becoming millionaires on the Internet. And this is just the beginning! With SFI you can grab your share.

Thanks to the Internet and SFIกs smartlydesigned infrastructure, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact thousands on the Internet via email, search engines, directories, free ads, etc. All free! No door to door sales. No postage. No printing. No brochures. No tapes. No videos. No long distance calls. Instant communication worldwide.

Don’t know anything about marketing on the Internet? Included FREE when you sign up with SFI is an ongoing course in making money on the Internet. Itกs emailed to you FREE 12 times per month, plus thereกs also a Website of all the past lessons. EVEN IF YOU END UP DOING NOTHING WITH SFI, GET SIGNED UP AND GET THIS INVALUABLE COURSE!!!

FREE Coop. SFI has provided over 700,000 of its affiliates with free leads. Join SFI now (for FREE) and you may start receiving free leads (leads that can add to your monthly commission check) within hours.

That just a small SAMPLING of the benefits the SFI program delivers. The best way to learn all about SFI is to sign up as an affiliate. Thereกs no cost or obligation.


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PERMISSIONS TO REPUBLISH: This article may be republished in its entirety free of charge, electronically or in print, provided it appears with the included copyright and author’s resource box with live website link.


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Michel Richer is the Business Manager and Webmaster of http://Hombyz.com. He is dedicated to helping you succeed on the Internet. With over 10 years experience in internet business and a solid reputation in the industry. You can take a look at his website at: http://hombyz.com for Your Home Business Success !!!

This article was posted on April 29, 2004

by Michel Richer

Blogs: Why, Where and How

Blogs: Why, Where and How

by: Amitabh Shukla

So you have heard about the blogs or you are sure you are now going through one of the blog. You might have seen blogs in the search results and would not have noticed it. Yes blogs are now making news but still a large number of people consider them as online diaries or a political mouthpiece. What about the business blogs that is lately surfacing on the web sphere? Top companies like GMกs Fastlane blog is there to prove the point that blog works. The problem is that regular media is not accepting it as one of the most promising medium, which could be as powerful as the newspapers, or tv channels in the future. Thanks to RSS, blog contents could be read via email as and when it is published.

Now the point is that why you should opt for a blog if you have a fullfledged website. How a blog will raise the profile of your business or could enhance brand of your organization. Lets look at the broader picture of the business blogs and why Internet marketers are so interested in this.

Search engine is still a mystery to most and blogs are ranking well in search engines without going into intricacies of the search engine optimization. You have a small business and no budget to make your companyกs online presence. No problem, signup for a free blog account at blogger.com without any prior knowledge and you are ready to go. This is the power of blog, inexpensive, fast and simple with minimum efforts on optimization.

You just created a blog and posted your first article. You want to optimize your blog. Just submit it to blog directories, which are very friendly and accept the submission within few days. Just remember to post 23 articles per week to get the search engine spiders to your blog regularly. If you write quality articles then you have to just wait for a month or so and free backlinks will start pouring in.

Major things you should remember for your blog success are:

23 articles per week

Write on only one specific Industry of your interest

Concentrate on one keyword per posting

Remember pinging your RSS feeds to major blog search engines and feed directories

Give quality to your visitors

Once your blog is famous, signup for adsense and earn for the time you spend on bloggging.

About The Author

Amitabh Shukla

Personal blog for the author is at http://seoexpertindia.tblog.com

[email protected]

This article was posted on March 25

by Amitabh Shukla

A Person Of Value

A Person Of Value

by: Sidney Zegna

One of the กsecretsก in Internet Marketing is knowing that you need to be patient enough to develop the kind of business building savvy that people want. It takes time.

Many newcomers put more emphasis on the word Internet and not enough on the word Marketing. The two are going hand in hand and a proper Marketing plan is vital to achieve success. If you do not have a comprehensive Marketing plan with advertising budget, leads, promotions, customers care, after sale service etc, the other word, Internet, is meaningless.

Internet Marketing is not only about having a website, a few products, a couple of ads with you sitting idle in front of your PC with the false hope that now your mail box will be overflowed with order.

Many newcomers chose Internet Marketing to avoid the interaction with other people. They falsely assume that with the Net there is no need to be a ขpeople’s personข; nothing is more far from reality!

If you want to be successful in ANY business you have to master the art of mentoring and leadership. I call it value. Are you valuable enough to be around? Do you have the time and energy to support your downline, do3way calling, and answer questions for your downline partners and their prospects? Are you prepared to spend hours in front of your PC to improve your knowledge of Internet Marketing?

If you don’t, you will suffer the indignity of being a netpreneur creampuff. The more you know, the more your business will grow. Put another way, the more you LEARN, the more you will EARN.

Its a simple formula knowledge = success.

AND…massive action = massive results, MA=MR.

So if you’re new to this business, UNDERSTAND that it takes TIME to develop your skills as a netpreneur. Forget about making big money in your first year with ANY company.

Concentrate on becoming the KIND OF PERSON that others want to be around.

Copyright 2004 Sidney Zegna

After several years in the fashion and textile industry, Sid Zegna has now established a profitable online business. His aim is, primarily, to assist newcomers to start and promote their HomeBased business. http://www.sidzegna.com/

About The Author

After several years in the fashion and textile industry, Sid Zegna has now established a profitable online business. His aim is, primarily, to assist newcomers to start and promote their HomeBased business.


This article was posted on March 10, 2004

by Sidney Zegna

Home Based Business; Quick, Easy Money…And Pigs

Home Based Business; Quick, Easy Money…And Pigs Will Fly

by: Kirk Bannerman

Here come those flying pigs!

Does it ever end? Iกve been involved with Internetbased home businesses for some time and I continue to be exposed to a seemingly endless barrage of offers (all costing me money, of course) claiming to be ‘the secretก for making a fantastic income, in a very short time, and with very little effort involved.

I must admit that I may have a slightly selfserving reason for addressing this topic. My articles are published on my homebased business websites for the purpose of trying to give prospective team members a true sense of what is really involved with starting and developing a successful home based business. The selfserving part, I suppose, is that I want people joining my team to have the straight scoop going in so that we don’t waste each otherกs time. I admit to being selfish in this regard (I don’t want to waste time working with people that have unrealistic expectations), but it is also very efficient for both parties involved, so it is not a totally oneway thing.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Thereกs no magic here, folks. Once you have selected the home business that you are going to pursue, there are no substitutes for time and effort in developing your business. A dream of being an กovernight successก is just that, a dream.

I can tell you from personal experience, that once you กpay your duesก and begin to have real success with a home based business, it is really terrific. Think about Nirvana or Valhalla, take your pick, but in any event itกs really sweet.

When I started developing a home based business, making a good income was obviously an objective, but I also had other subobjectives. One of the most important things was to have nearly total time flexibility (I mean, if I was willing to continue to wear the 95 MonFri collar I could just have just stayed in the previously ‘traditionalก work force).

Time flexibility was (and still is) a กbiggieก for me. Many people working at home have the same need for various reasons. For work at home moms, a home business can be a real godsend to accommodate the hectic time pressures, particularly when the kids are quite young and mom is also spelled ‘transportationก.

In my own particular case, the reason is not quite so noble…I just want (need?) to be able to pick up my fly rod and go fishing at a moments notice (sometimes Iกll be gone for a week or two at a time, but now the business has enough momentum that it keeps on operating just as well as if I were here tending to it on a daily basis).

Bear in mind, I am only able do the breakaway thing now that I have put in all the upfront time and effort and now have developed enough kinetic energy in my homebased Internet business to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

About The Author

Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at http://www.homebasedbusinessteam.com.

This article was posted on March 22

by Kirk Bannerman

How To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Web Page… In

How To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Web Page… In 45 Seconds!

by: Michael Southon

Do you place backissues of your Newsletter on your website?

There are two good reasons why you should:

(1) It shows potential subscribers that you’re serious about your Newsletter

(2) Newsletters are rich in keywords, so itกs a very good idea to turn backissues of your Newsletter into HTML documents and then submit them to the major Search Engines

Hereกs a little trick that will help you format your Newsletter as an HTML document:

Copy the text of your Newsletter into a text editor such as NOTEPAD.

Then copy the text from NOTEPAD into Microsoft Word. Youกll notice that in your Word document, each line ends with a Paragraph Mark.

Now go to EDIT | REPLACE.

Place your cursor in the first field, where it says กLook Forก.

Now click on กMoreก and then on กSpecialก and select the first item in the list (กParagraph Markก). The symbol for a paragraph mark will now appear in the first field (a hat followed by a กpก).

Now place your cursor in the field below, where it says ‘replace Withก and type . Then click on ‘replace Allก.

Youกll find that every single paragraph mark in your Word document has been replaced with .

Now copy the entire Word document into a new NOTEPAD document and save it, using the file extension .html (Note: NOTEPAD doesn’t offer you the option to save as an HTML document, but don’t worry; just type .html after the name you gave the file, and it will be saved as an HTML document).

Close that html document and then open it again and youกll find that your Newsletter is perfectly formatted, with the exact same line breaks that you had in the email version of your Newsletter.

Using this technique it takes me about 45 seconds to turn a backissue of my Newsletter into an HTML document!

(c) 2000, by Michael Southon

About The Author

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3 years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this simple technique to get massive free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales. Click here to find out more: http://www.ezinewriter.com

This article was posted on August 30, 2002

by Michael Southon

Do You Have The Courage To Ignore The Experts?

Do You Have The Courage To Ignore The Experts?

by: Graham and Julie

Do you have the courage to ignore the experts? Do you have the willingness and ability to understand and use the power that is within you? Courage is that state of mind when you do something that you know is right for you and your loved ones and the rest of the world thinks you’re mad. The ability to make the decision and then make it happen. Courage is not progressing through life with gay abandon, ignoring all the fears. Quite the contrary. Courage is an understanding of fear. An understanding of what to fear and what not to fear. Courage is the ability to challenge what is deemed to be common sense.

The world will constantly knock the courageous because they want mediocrity. They want mediocre players and people. People who don’t rock the boat. People who do what they are told. People who willingly stay within the rules even though they know they are causing harm to others.

Pause for a moment. Just think . Does it take courage to make the latest technology go faster, make it bigger, more complex than the last edition? Does it take courage to add to what already exists? For us, courage is shown by those who fight for something new. Follow their dream and see the benefit of going in the opposite direction.

The question is do you have the courage to do what you want? To touch your potential. Do you have the courage to speak out for what you believe in? Do you have the courage to go for it? Remember when you were a child. Were you curious? Were you a risk taker then? No doubt you had lots of courage when you were a child. You did many things based on a focus and no evidence. As a child no doubt you trusted the processes of life. So what’s different now?

If you are now feeling a huge resistance to going forward to naming your aim and objective, to realising your potential. Don’t worry it’s normal. The resistance is a normal way of moving forward. It’s your natural brake that is saying hang on a minute lets have another look at this. Every time you meet resistance within yourself or others it means you are growing because only as you start to think and state something outside your box do you encounter opposition. So don’t be discouraged and write yourself off. Stay with it.

You see, the feeling of fear and not following your beliefs was no doubt planted in your childhood. The time when you were told that you ought to value money. That you ought to save. You need to be careful, you need to have heroes and follow others. Perhaps instead we should have been taught to respect money but to be generous with it rather than be thrifty. Perhaps we should have been taught to go for our dreams rather than settle for security. As Andrea Dworkin, the feminist and civil rights activist, stated in one of her speeches:

By the time we are women, fear is as familiar to us as air. It is our element. We live in it, we inhale it, we exhale it, and most of the time we do not even notice it.

We think it applies to men as well as women. Well at least Graham says it applies to him. Every time he thinks of stepping out of his box, fear is present.

So there isn’t a fearless state. We just have to accept it and carry on. What is that phrase? ขFeel the fear and do it anywayข. Start by looking at your aim and objective. What is your aim? Do you have one? Is it a general I want to earn $50,000 a year or is it more focussed on an activity. For example, I want to tap into, understand and use the power that is within me. I want to assist others to do the same. All you need is an aim and the willingness, the courage to make effort to implement it.

Once you have your aim the hard work really starts. Now it’s time to practice, practice, practice. To read all you can around your subject. To buy all the books that will help you. Go on courses that will help. Meet successful people in the sphere of your chosen aim. Pick everyone’s brain. Whatever needs to be done to reach your aim.

Don’t worry about your capabilities they will come. If you have chosen the aim from your heart, from your subconscious then the capabilities will follow. How do you know your aim is chosen from your subconscious? Because you have no doubts about it. It feels comfortable. More than that it makes you get up in the morning.

As they say, the journey begins with a first step. Now; do you have the courage to take it? Do you have the courage to ignore the experts and do what you really want to do in the world?

It’s up to you.

Courage charms us, because it indicates that a man loves an idea better than all things in the world,

that he is thinking neither of his bed,

nor his dinner, nor his money, but will venture all to

put in action the invisible thought of his mind.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 1882)

Good Luck

Graham and Julie


About The Author

Graham and Julie

To see more of our work please go to: www.desktopmeditation.com

[email protected]

This article was posted on December 21, 2004

by Graham and Julie

New Medium, New Rules

New Medium, New Rules

by: Dave Collins

Life is thought to have begun on Earth somewhere around three billion years ago, and of all the species, only an estimated one in a thousand is still alive today. Academics continue to debate over whether this is a natural part of the evolution process, or a direct result of the changing environment. Whichever opinion is right, one thingกs for sure itกs bad news for the victims. If theyกd have adapted to their changing environment early on, they could very well still be around today.

One of the big mistakes made in understanding what works on the web is to simply assume that itกs a new form of an old medium. From parchment to paper to the web. The fact is that the web is much more than an updated version of paper, and applying the same set of rules to both is a recipe for extinction.

Your Monitor Is Not a Newspaper.

Letกs start with the absolute basics. The common newspaper has to be one of the most popular formats for gathering information in the modern world. Do you read yours at arms length, hold it at eye level, or hold it above your head? Of course not almost everybody holds or places the newspaper lower than eye level, usually around 30 to 40 cm away from their eyes. When is the last time you read data from your monitor like that?

Reading from a screen means staring straight ahead, focusing a little further away than usual, usually accompanied by very little blinking and consequently quite dry and often uncomfortable eyes.

One Click And The Visitor Is Away.

So this is your starting point for your site visitor when they read your site. Aside from the fact that it is relatively uncomfortable, and near impossible to curl up on the couch or read over lunch, thereกs the added threat of the dreaded mouse click. One click, taking around a third of a second, will take your visitor away out of site and out of mind. Itกs a whole lot easier and quicker than turning over a page.

So you have a very short amount of time to convey your message don’t wait for them to scroll down the page, and certainly don’t assume theyกll have the patience to read through a long text.

Use bullets, tables and lots of space these three methods will aid the fight against the click. Once youกve got their interest, then they may well want to read more, but those first two seconds are critical. Grab them.

Once they’re in, you need them to read your information, then decide whether theyกll take it further. The words you choose and how you write them will be the single biggest factor in their making the decision. Make them short, snappy, and easy to read.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

Letกs assume that their quick scan of your front page has whetted their appetite. Now what? Go back to the basics. ORDER NOW should be very visible, or at least GET MORE INFO, BUY etc. The big thing is to force them to act right now, this very second. A magazine can be left on the coffee table for the next week or two, but your page will be off their browser and forgotten faster than you can say กmissed customerก!

If you’re going to wait for them to make the leap from passing interest into action, chances are that youกve already lost them. Grab them, show them your message and help them go for it now. Your call for action should be strong, clear and decisive. กPlease click here to orderก is bland. BUY is better, and I WANT THIS NOW is best of all.

At this stage, there could be any number of worries holding them back from placing their order they may want to know about your refunds policy, they may be worried about ordering online. Help them and make it clear where they can find this information. กWe use secure serverก won’t be noticed as clearly as a bright กWorried about Security?ก button.

Give Them What They Want.

You have to look through the eyes of the consumer imagine that they’re interested in the product but… but what? They may worry about the safety of using a credit card, ordering online, privacy, system compatibility, getting unwanted junk mail and so on. A significant advantage of being online is that unlike the newspaper ad, you have the ability to place all the information they need right in front of them. All they have to do is click on it.

And make sure you put your message across with the right tone. Business users have very different needs and ways of expressing themselves from the average home user. Make sure you don’t throw streetslang at the IT guy, or CPU usage patterns at the young game player.

Another universal technique that works is the use of testimonials. If Iกm visiting a website looking at a product that appeals to me, the testimonials can swing it. But make sure they look genuine, or you’re wasting your time. กCool Dave in Finlandก doesn’t inspire nearly as much confidence as a three sentence praise of features, attributed to a personกs full name and company. Keep them short, to the point, and lots of them!

Once you have the sale, you’re in there. But even then you could be letting further opportunity pass you by. I recently purchased Macromediaกs DreamWeaver online. I wanted the downloadable version, but when it came to the order form, I was offered other additional options such as having the manual mailed, a copy on CD, courses in using the software, additional licences and so on. Once someone has decided they’re going to part with their cash, you already have a significant psychological advantage, and they may well be receptive to getting one or two additional items as well. Make sure the opportunity is there for them.

Impulse Clicking.

Once the sale is in the bag, the offer of a reduced price on further purchases of your other software can’t do any harm, and who knows, you just may end up getting some more sales. Itกs no coincidence that supermarkets have all those impulse items by the checkout. It works.

The use of your website as an online version of a printed ad or press release is worse than a wasted opportunity itกs inappropriate, and it really won’t work very well. The web isn’t a digital newspaper or magazine, itกs a whole new medium with new opportunities, but it requires some new techniques. Don’t let your products or company join the dodo be seen, be sold.

Copyright 2004 Dave Collins

About The Author

Dave Collins is the CEO of SharewarePromotions Ltd., a well established UKbased company working with software and shareware marketing activities, utilising all aspects of the internet. http://www.sharewarepromotions.com and http://www.davetalks.com.

This article was posted on December 05, 2004

by Dave Collins

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

by: Michele Borowsky

So here you are…a business owner. Bravo!

You’ve got a catchy name, you’re equipped with all the right tools, your website is up, and now you’re ready to do business. So you start to network online, join the right groups, check out search engine adwords, subscribe to applicable newsletters for insight, and buy some of the better known marketing gurus books.

Hmmmm, not much is happening.

Okay, so now you begin to check out local networking groups in your community. You may join the Chamber of Commerce, the Elks, the Friars, various business networking groups….. and a little more is happening.

Then you look into trade shows in your area. You need collateral materials to hand out so you create an attractive flyer, perhaps start to mail out some postcards, let all your networking associates know about your trade show booth. Then you work the show…… and a little more begins to happen.

Now you start in earnest a referral program for your existing clientele. You know, if you send me a new client I will give you ____% off your next order.

Hmmm….didn’t get much from that.

So you then conclude that you have to start the process all over again. Work harder. Put in more time. Network more and better.

Okay, all good. But what’s missing? The fact is that regardless of your category of business, you will actually, on average, do business with less than 10% of all those who are aware of your company. That’s it????? Yup.

So what can a business owner do? There’s only so much time in the day. I’m doing all I can.

Yes, you are. But how about using your time to do what it is that you actually do, rather than trying to find people to do it with.

It’s now time to let media start working for you.

The next step for you is to start budgeting all of your resources. Up until now you’ve been using time, the one resource which cannot be created or renewed. Once it’s been used, it’s gone forever.

How about starting to use another resource…..money!

Do you have an advertising budget? Have you ever even thought about it? Invariably an advertising budget is the one thing which new business owners don’t allocate for, don’t consider, and just can’t bring themselves to spend. And I ask, Why Not??!!??!!

One of the reasons is that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that successful marketing is a function of mindset, positive, proactive, enthusiastic, etc. All true. And all marketing. Your results to date have been less than explosive. Coming in dribbles rather than a downpour, and, as previously mentioned, your conclusion is to work harder.

What happened to paid for advertising?

How about working wiser for a change? Start to allocate a percent of each sale that you make to your advertising budget. Just like you have a household budget, you need to have a business budget.

And what will an advertising budget do for you? It will enable you to reach thousands of people with your business message, instead of just dozens. Can you imagine??? Thousands of people being aware of your company, thousands of people considering your products or services, thousands of people that you can market your message to. Wow. What a concept.

About The Author

(c) Michele Borowsky

Michele Borowsky is a 20+ year executive veteran in a Media Exposure Management firm and the author of The Mother of All Marketing for Business Owners.


She can be reached at 6024042657 or by emailing: [email protected]

This article was posted on September 25, 2004

by Michele Borowsky

A Perfect Time To Start Your Home Business

A Perfect Time To Start Your Home Business

by: Arun Pal Singh

It was the day that changed course of my life.

As we walked together on that empty road he asked me, ขWhen are you starting with your venture?ข

He was a close friend. I had revealed him often how I would love to start my own online business from home and work towards financial independence.

He knew nothing about internet business. But he always heard me with attention and encouragement.

ขQuite a time has passed since you first mentioned.ข He smiled as I remembered.

ขNext year. Something has come up. I do not think I will be able to do this year.ข I replied.

What he said was never expected, ขIf you do not have time this year and think you will have next year, you will never have the time. Things are not going to change much tomorrow than they are today. If you want to do it then do it now.

As he parted after a long discussion he gave the final blow, ขThere will be no perfect time any day. If you postpone, it will fizzle out.ข

Often I receive emails of people who ask when they should start their business. I have passed through same kind of phase. I will repeat the advice my friend gave me.


Yes! Now is the right time for anything.

When we dream about a venture, knowingly or subconsciously we attach a state of perfection with that dream. It is a human habit. When mind dreams it does with perfection.

But reality is different. You might already have prior engagements that won’t leave you with perfect state of conditions to pursue your dreams. Shall you wait so that things become better? Well! The conditions did not improve in my case and as I see now they never become perfect.

A dream has to pass through congested reality before it could be realized.

Start now. The chaos which you face today would be present tomorrow also. These are the most frequent questions that trouble the mind of a potential starter.

# Where do I get extra time required?

Squeeze it. You do not need much of a time to work on the net. In case of business on the net, it is pretty manageable with small editing of your time management.

# What if I do not have resources?

Well! You need to search for what you can do. Cut down dispensable expenses like movies or eating out. Borrow if you can. If you are sincere enough you will find a way.

# I do not have a perfect plan.

Okay. Start with imperfect one that you have formulated. You can modify it along the way if you need. Start now. There is plenty to learn in the way. You cannot learn all before you start. And read this carefully. Nobody starts with perfect plan. Things shape up as you walk the path.

Action is what separates achievers from dreamers.

It is very easy to dream. There is no cost involved, no hindrance of any kind to stop the mind. Dreaming is the first step towards any endeavor. But dream must be followed by action to realize that dream.

If it is not followed by action a dream has got no meaning. World is full of wasted ideas and talents. Don’t let that happen to you.

Act now. Do not think tomorrow it will become better.

Tomorrow the things will be same.

Now is perfect time.

Now you have the right finances.

Now you have the right knowledge to start.

Catch a dream. Make a plan and กJust do it.ก

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

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by Arun Pal Singh

The New 5 Pกs!

The New 5 Pกs!

by: Jaruda Boonsuwan

NO! When I say ก5 Pกsก, Iกm not talking about the big 5 Pกs of marketing everyoneกs familiar with.

Here Iกm NOT referring to Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Package!

But Iกm talking about the FRESHEST 5 Pกs I believe will be extra useful for your websites and newsletters.

Are you ready to discover the hottest 5 Pกs?

1. P.S.

This writing technique alone will shoot your sales to the roof!

Count how many times this week you skip reading the whole sales copies and go right for a P.S.

We don’t like reading a long letter. Most of the time, we skip. So, itกs a clever idea to give your prospects a big bang with a P.S. They never skip reading a P.S.

Perhaps they’re too bored or too tired to read กanotherก sales letter. Perhaps they like to cheat and want to see the final punch, if itกs right for them or not.

So, make sure you wrap up all of your ICEMELTING กselling pointsก in here! Shrink your message. Make it precise. Make your prospects feel they can’t live กcomfortablyก without your product or service. After all, itกs your last shot to make a sale!


People love a free pass, even if itกs only temporary!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to let people type in the password to access your restricted area. Itกs not the end of the world. Hereกs where you can get the script for FREE at…


Hereกs a cuttingedge trick: Give them a free password to access your newsletter/ article archives, for example, in exchange for their email addresses. Do not give them the password right at your website. Instead, send them the password by email.

Now, this is important…Set up an autoresponder to do this task. Make sure they get their passwords instantly. They can’t wait another minute longer to access the free section. Itกs a MUST that you have an autoresponder, especially if you publish a newsletter. Get it at…


Now this is important! Do not make this offer sound like a junk! You can say that you’re giving away กfree membershipก. Say it is a กprivilegedก or a กVIPก pass. Or simply say that they’re ‘the chosen oneก. This way, your prospects will be eager to get the free access you’re offering. Itกs human nature. We all want to be a Very Important Person!


Youกve got to promise your prospects something important…like moneyback guarantee.

But don’t just say กoneyear, moneyback guaranteeก!

Do say…กAnd if 365 days from now, you decide you want your money back, Iกll ask you absolutely no questions. And even if itกs just because you’re $27 short and can’t buy some beers, I still won’t ask you why. Youกll get your money back as soon as you say so. I can guarantee you that!ก


When you go to a restaurant, the first thing you always notice is the กMenu of the Dayก! Even if you don’t order it, you’re still curious to see whatกs new for today, right?

The same thing works with your website. Once your prospects leave your site without signing up for your free newsletter, your business depends on pure LUCK.

Too bad people don’t buy the first time they see you. And if you still want to win them back, you might have to spend some more bucks on advertising.

Now, it doesn’t have to be this way…The only one reason thatกll keep people coming back to your site is something NEW every day!

Showcase the กPick of the Dayก. And theyกll come back to your site from time to time to see whatกs new.

See? You don’t even have to pay for the traffic. It can be ‘tip of the Dayก, กSite of the Weekก, กStar of the Monthก, ….anything you can think of!


How many times have you read newsletters chock full of the word กbuy nowก?

This is the mistake that can drive your subscribers away faster than jet speed! Your prospects want to read something useful. They simply don’t want another junk mail. If you don’t stop selling to them just for a second youกll risk losing them forever. Theyกll disappear กout of your sightก.

So, in your newsletter, try to give them little tips that teach them how to make their lives easier.

Suppose you’re selling a beauty product, instead of hard selling, try giving them a short makeup tip of how to make their lips look fuller.

If you’re an affiliate for a used car website and running your own ezine, instead of selling cars all the time, try giving them a reliable tip that teaches them how not to get ripped off buying a used car.

P.S. Give it a try. Iกm sure these freshest 5 Pกs can easily add the punch to your websites or newsletters next time you decide to try something new.

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by Jaruda Boonsuwan

REVEALED! The Secret FUEL That POWERS The Net and

REVEALED! The Secret FUEL That POWERS The Net and Why It Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy.

by: Cory Threlfall

What Iกm about to reveal to you in this article will literally change the Way you do your online marketing for years to come and will add many Benefits to You and your online promotions กEffortlesslyก.

This secret(A.K.A. Secret FUEL) that Iกm going to talk about is so Powerful that it will…

give You and your business กInstant Credibilityก…

Boost your websites กLink Popularityก and กSearch Engineก ranking…

send you FREE กLaser Targetedก traffic with ready to Buy customers…

help you build ‘targetedก optin mailing lists…

…and these are just some of the Benefits youกll receive, But, in my mind, these are the most important.

Now, before I dive right into it I first want to do a little bit of a history lesson about WHY the Internet was born and more importantly, its Sole purpose so youกll have a clear picture inside your head about WHY this กSecret FUELก that Iกm about to reveal to you is so important to your online business.

So… lets get started by finding out when the กInternetก was conceived.

The Internet was born on October 29, 1969. This date is significant because it was the 1st time in history that a computer talked to another computer via a router over a network.

So that roughly makes the Internet about 35 years old.

Now that we know when the Internet was born, what we need to know now is what was its Sole purpose?

The World Wide Web(Internet) is simply a… กWideArea Hypermedia Information Retrieval Systemก aiming to give users(You) universal access to a large universe of Documents and/or Information.

So, with that said, basically the Internet is nothing more than a sophisticated communication device that gives us (You) the ability to Exchange and/or search for…


I guess thats a good reason WHY they call it… ‘the Information Super Highwayก.

So… now that weกve had that little history lesson Iกm sure you probably have a good idea about what the กSecret FUELก is that Iกm about to REVEAL to you.

BUT, if you don’t, don’t cheat and skip to the end.

Now, its pretty obvious that the Internet is merely a tool by which we use to locate related information that we query through the use of Search Engines by using related keywords or keyword phrases that we choose.

The question is, where does the กSecret FUELก fit into this equation?

Youกll be surprised with my answer because the กSecret FUELก that Iกm about to tell you about is everywhere on the Web and people just like you and I are Hunting for IT as we speak.

So, I guess Now would be a good time to reveal to you…

…’the Secret FUEL That POWERS The Internetก.

Are you ready?

The กSecret FUELก that POWERS the Internet is simply…


Just think about it for a minute and ask yourself this question… whatกs the Main reason why You go online?

I can guarantee the majority of you answered… to find Information related to and/or about… whatever your query was.

Information is delivered through กContentก. Content is what FUELกs the Internet, which means, You should be contributing by way of writing Informative articles related to your business.

Now, some of you are probably saying to yourself, I don’t know how to write articles let alone have anything to write about and will writing articles really Benefit my business in the long run?

Well, if you don’t know how to write articles… Start. I didn’t either in the beginning, but I learned and so can you.

Itกs simply a learning process.

Now, how will writing articles benefit You and your business?

I outlined them earlier in my article, but will list the four main Benefitกs and the Whyกs in point form below.


How does it…

give You and your business กInstant Credibilityก?

Answer: By writing about your Product or Service you’re able to convey to your potential customer the Benefits and Solutions your Product and/or Service will solve giving you Instant Credibility and a reason for them to look into what you have to offer further.


How does it…

Boost your websites กLink Popularityก and กSearch Engineก ranking?

Answer: When you write your article you are able to leave a ‘resource Boxก(a brief description about You and/or your business with your URL included at the end). Now, when you submit your article to Article Directories or other websiteกs directories and websiteกs across the web and they add it to there directories youกll get a กLinkก pointing back to your site.

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo! for example use กLink Popularityก to gauge a websiteกs Importance and Ranking.

This is also a great strategy to use to get High PR websites to link back to you without even doing a กLink Exchangeก. This is just what you want.


How does it…

send you FREE กLaser Targetedก traffic with ready to Buy customers?

Answer: When website owners are looking for fresh related content for either their website and/or newsletter and they happen to choose your article, theyกll have to publish your article with your ‘resource Boxก included with all your website and contact information.

Just think how much กLaser Targetedก traffic youกd get if your article is posted on a HIGH traffic website and/or in a newsletter with a HUGE subscriber base thats related to your niche.

Now, do you see where the กLaser Targetedก traffic will come from.


How does it…

help you build ‘targetedก optin mailing lists?

Answer: Again, when website owners are looking for fresh related content for either their website and/or newsletter they will have to publish your article with your ‘resource Boxก included with all your website and contact information.

So, when they visit your website through the information within your ‘resource Boxก youกll then have a chance to capture there Name and Email Address by offering them something of Value for FREE through either a กPopUpก or กExit PopUpก and/or กWeb Formก on your website.

By doing this simple step youกll be able to build your own ‘targetedก optin mailing list that you can hit up with other backend offers anytime you wish at absolutely NO COST to You.

Now, do you see Why กCONTENTก is so Powerful and how it FUELกs the Internet?

Do you honestly think your business could Benefit from what I have revealed to you within this article?

I can almost Guarantee you probably answered… YES.

With that said, writing articles and submitting them to online publications is, in my mind, one of the most Effective ways to get Free Advertising and Publicity for your business for years to come.

(c)Copyright 2004 by Cory Threlfall

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by Cory Threlfall