Your Condensed Guide for Working a Room

Your Condensed Guide for Working a Room

by: Oscar Bruce

Working a room…if only it could be fun…or at least guaranteed productive. I am referring to that mandatory event that requires us to mix and mingle, to meet and greet.

Command performance events like a cocktail party, a business dinner, or a charity event can feel stiff and uncomfortable. Very few people actually enjoy walking into a room full of strangers.

So why put yourself through that torture? Well for one thing, Nathan Keyfitz, professor of sociology at Harvard observes, กSocial skills will be of even greater importance for economic success in the future. The most successful people will be those who can communicate and connect best.ก

Put another way, itกs free advertising, and you control the entire message. Is it sometimes uncomfortable? Absolutely, but the upside is huge. The more you put yourself in networking situations, the easier it becomes and the greater the professional, social, and personal benefits.

Here is a condensed guide for working a room:

Approach every networking opportunity with the attitude that it is going to be fun. While no single event is guaranteed to change your life, any single event could. Remember, success is measured by percentages, not perfection. Who isn’t attracted to someone who is smiling, laughing, and enjoying him or herself!

Be Prepared. Be clear about your objectives. Keep focus on your purpose in being there. Don’t be easily distracted from the outcome you have in mind.

Next, don’t wait for others to approach you. Yes, I know it is a bit uncomfortable for some, perhaps you. So think about how great you feel when someone takes the initiative to walk up to you and introduces themselves. Then you do the same.

Acquire and practice several good conversation openers. The best technique is art of asking intelligent questions that convey the impression there is depth and style to your personality. Show them that they could benefit by getting spending more time with you.

When you make an interesting contact, focus all your attention on that single person. Don’t let your eyes wander around the room. Keep eye contact and actively listen. Give that person the sense that you have been waiting all evening just to meet them. In other words, make them feel important.

Learn the art of small talk. Call it chit chat or even foreplay if you like. Its purpose is to put people at east. It starts with finding an area of common interest. This means knowing just the right questions to ask, and at precisely the right moment. Always remember, small talk doesn’t teach, preach, or try to impress. It is just light and easy conversation.

Do your homework. If possible review the names of the people attending, their spouses or partners, their affiliations. If you can recall any prior contacts, refer to that to open the conversation. That will appreciate the fact that you remember.

Finally, common sense tells us not arrive late, drink too much, dress too casually, or push your agenda excessively. Don’t glue yourself to one person the whole night just because they are fascinating, mingle.

Few things personally or professionally happen by accident. Consider going to your next command performance (thatกs what it is) totally prepared. Then watch how much fun you can have when you know why you are there, and can tell your story with style and humor, persuasively.

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Oscar Bruce is considered the ultimate personal communications guru. His dynamic books are considered field manuals for mastering conversation and confrontations. His website offers several verbal strategies that can add power to your conversations at no cost.

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This article was posted on March 25

by Oscar Bruce

Making Money Online: What You Really Want To Know

Making Money Online: What You Really Want To Know

by: Sopan Greene

So youกve been thinking of doing some internet marketing or youกve done some and you’re not making money yet. What does it really take? Even more importantly, how long does it take and how much does it cost? Isn’t that what you really want to know?

The problem with this question is that there isn’t a black and white answer. Itกs not like you can spend $500 and you will definitely get a specific result. For some reason though thatกs how people think it works.

A lot of folks buy this or that กhow toก product and think itกs going to magically make them money. The key ingredient to making money from these products you buy is to take action and do what they tell you to do.

Just like buying a piece of excercise equipment won’t make you lose weight, buying the greatest กhow to make money on the internetก product won’t make you money if you don’t use it.

But if you buy proven products and do what they tell you, then itกs simple to build a great business. It can happen for you though it probably won’t happen overnight.

We all know the internet is full of hype and also has a lot of genuine success stories. The biggest truth or lie, depending on how you see it, is that you can make good money fast. Whether this is true or false depends on what you’re willing to do and what you think กfastก is.

Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Itกs a business which means there is time, money and work involved. If you think becoming rich in 3 to 5 years is quick then I guess this can be a get rich vehicle for you. If you don’t think 5 or even 10 years is quick for getting rich, then think about how many people you know who have done it in 5 years. Or in 20? Or in their lifetimes?

The only people I know who have done this have done it through internet marketing, direct marketing, network marketing or through owning their own company. None of them are just employees. The cheapest and fastest way to get there is through internet marketing.

FACT: 74% of the wealthiest people in America own their own business. If thereกs one thing they have that maybe you don’t, itกs their own business.

Even the internet marketing gurus will tell you that itกs never been easier to make good money online. If you listen to the folks who are the biggest successes today most of them started at least 3 years ago. Some of them started back before the internet was called the internet. It was a lot rougher then. Even 3 years ago they didn’t have the advantages we have today.

You can buy subscribers to build your ezine lists. You can use payperclick search engines. You can read hundreds of ezines for great free tips. You can make money through free affiliate programs. You can swap for free ads that reach over 10,000 people at a time. You can make a lot of money from ebay and online auctions. You have a lot more potential partners for joint ventures than they ever had.

Most importantly, you can buy กhow toก products from the people who are internet marketing millionaires. You can follow their directions to get where they are. They had to make it up from scratch when times were harder and now you can do it faster with fewer mistakes.

So if you really want to make good money online what do you do? Research the big dogs. Do whatกs been proven to work. And treat your business like a business or youกll end up with an expensive hobby. If you’re just kicking the tires to see whatกll happen, nothing will. This is true with anything you do in life, not just internet marketing.

Internet marketing is a tremendous vehicle for making great money. Like any vehicle, it won’t go down the road if you don’t gas it up, turn the key and push on the accelerator.

How long it takes to get to the top of the hill at the end of the road depends on how much gas you put in, how hard you press the accelerator, how well you steer and how good your map is.

The first year you drove a car did you drive as well as you do now? No. Youกve gotten better with experience. So don’t expect money to fall out of the sky the first year you do internet marketing. Can you make good money the first year? Sure. But it depends on how much work you do to pay your dues and get some experience.

Like driving a car, the longer you do it the better you get (which means the more money you make).

If you’re a tire kicker I suggest you put your money in your pocket, walk away now and spend your time on something you love to do. If you’re driven to build your own business I suggest you invest your time, energy and money into internet marketing. The payoff can be priceless. See you at the top of the hill at the end of the road.

About The Author

Sopan Greene, M.A. is a marketing & life coach & editor of the Net Profits newsletter. Get 2 FREE eBooks & a FREE report: กMillion Dollar Emailsก,กHow To Start Your Own Traffic Virusก & ‘the 13 Deadly Internet Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Business Is Making…ก

This article was posted on December 05, 2003

by Sopan Greene

Do You Have a Wealthy Attitude?

Do You Have a Wealthy Attitude?

by: Rosalind Gardner

Wealthy people are conniving, selfish, lazy monsters who will steal your last penny if you let them, or so thatกs what I was raised to believe.

Fortunately, through my work and various associations, Iกve spent time with many of these กmonstersก, and discovered that nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, over the years Iกve learned that wealthy people are the hardest working, most generous people one could ever meet.

Obviously, the fearbased attitudes about money that were instilled during my childhood were not only incorrect, they didn’t produce more for me than a steady job.

And no job, no paycheck. No matter how wellpaid you are, thatกs not wealth, thatกs a dangerous rut.

To me, wealth means income that is generated on a continuous and ongoing basis, whether or not Iกm working specifically on that project or investment at any given time.

I knew that if I wanted to live a richer, fuller life, Iกd have to let go of my old beliefs and adopt healthier, more productive attitudes to acquiring wealth.

So I set out to learn about the commonly held beliefs and values shared by wealthy people.

The first commonality was obvious. Wealthy people all value their time too highly to exchange it for a paycheck, and therefore they work for themselves. The exception to this is made when theyกll work for a company in their chosen industry to gain experience or be mentored.

Truly wealthy folks know that there is no such thing as กget r*ch quickก and understand that businesses are built, and wealth is acquired, through being of service to others. They find a need and fill it with excellent products and highly quality customer service. Having their customersก trust and support, their businesses stand the test of time.

All, without fail, regularly give a portion of their time and money to help those less fortunate.

The wealthy also place great emphasis on healthy nutrition and regular exercise. After their work day is over, rather than flop on the couch to watch a rerun of กFriendsก (and West Wing, and Coronation Street, and Frasier…) theyกll opt for a run or a friendly game of squash. They understand that exercise is an activity that creates energy, whereas succumbing to the temptation to กflakeoutก leaves you feeling even more exhausted.

While out on that run, they put the increased oxygen flow to good use by thinking, thinking and thinking some more. They forumulate business plans and strategies for the short, medium and longterm. They know that their vision for a happy, solid future for themselves and their familes is built on goals and the specific plans to achieve them.

Family is their top priority. Everything they do is for the purpose of helping to improve the lives of their family members.

Above all, they approach life with gratitude. They know in their hearts that there is more than enough wealth on the planet for everyone to share. They know that whatever effort they make, whatever they choose to give, will be returned to them many times over.

>From that perspective, they have no fear, and itกs fear, not money, that is the root of all evil. Fear causes people to hold on tight and act in greedy, selfish ways. Give to receive.. itกs really that simple.

The กgood lifeก may seem like a lot of hard work, and it is! But if you truly want to enjoy the good life, then do the กworkก of setting goals, staying healthy, and being of service to others with joy and an open heart. Youกll be delighted by the rewards work can bring when you approach life with a wealthy attitude.

About The Author

Article by Rosalind Gardner, author of the bestselling กSuper Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other Peopleกs Stuff Onlineก. To learn how you too can suceed in Internet and affiliate marketing, go to:

This article was posted on March 30

by Rosalind Gardner

Your Book Not in Book Stores? Don’t Worry

Your Book Not in Book Stores? Don’t Worry

by: Dr. Jamie Fettig

Trying to figure out how to get your self published books into book stores? Don’t worry about it because you can get more book sales easier and with less effort elsewhere. Some useful tips for you and your book from Mark Victor Hansen, who has sold more than 100 million books so far.

Sure, we all want to look on the shelves at Barnes and Noble and see our books there. Itกs thrilling. But itกs really not necessary. I see so many authors waste their time and money paying distributors and driving from store to store, delivering books when they should be selling directly to the public. The Internet makes it possible.

In fact, there are many good reasons NOT to be in bookstores:

You don’t have to pay a distributor, who will take a cut of your profits.

You don’t have to worry about shipping and returns.

You don’t have to fight for shelf space.

In most cases, selling direct to the public, or through bulk sales to institutions, is a much better way to turn your book into a revenue stream. With the Internet, tradeshows and other events, and seminars, you have multiple ways to sell direct, pocket 100% of the profits, and save yourself the hassle of trying to get into Borders.

I also recommend selling on They do take a substantial chunk of your sales price, but itกs a wonderful way to generate buzz about your book. Otherwise, unless you can truly benefit from the prestige of being on the bookshelves, leave the bookstores to John Grisham and Stephen King.

Pursue bulk sales.

Ninety percent of new authors are only focused with getting people into bookstores to buy their book. And itกs great if you can do that, but I give them all the same advice: do not overlook bulk sales. They can turn your book from a moneyloser into a profit center in a few months. Bulk sales are a gold mine.

What do I mean by bulk sales? I mean selling your books in large quantities to an organization, which could mean anything from a corporation to a school district to a nonprofit group to a church. Youกll have to give the organization a price break for buying in bulk, but youกll get dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your books into peopleกs hands, which dramatically increases your wordofmouth and viral marketing.

Promoting bulk sales is a pretty straightforward deal. Simply look at your book and ask yourself what companies, organizations or affinity groups would be interested in the book for their employees or members. If youกve written a book on corporate team building, make a list of corporations where you have personal contacts. If your book is about exercise for seniors, try contacting AARP. And so on. Marketing bulk sales is usually about personal contact, either by letter or direct mail.

When you’re going after bulk sales, try to get to the กgatekeepers,ก the people who can make the decisions for a large organization. It makes much more sense to talk to 20 people who have the potential between them to order 10,000 books than to sell them one at a time. Even if you only get orders from three of those gatekeepers, youกll sell a few thousand books.

Be sure to offer a good bulk rate discount for your bulk buyers. The more books they buy, the bigger the price break. If they buy over 1,000, give them 50% off. Youกll still make money and youกll start winning readers.

Always build your mailing and email lists.

There are two kinds of lists: physical mailing address lists and email lists, and you should always be building both. They are your promotional lifelines to your potential readers and customers, and everything you do to market your book should have some component that gathers contact information of prospective buyers.

The best way to build your list is quite simple: get people to come to your Website, offer them something of value, and require them to give you (at a minimum) their name and email address to get it. The kinds of things you can offer:

Downloadable excerpts from your book.

A subscription to your enewsletter.

An advance discount on your book.

An audio CD or other ancillary product.

Be creative. Is there something that pushes your target audienceกs buttons? Offer it to them. This kind of กoptinก list, where people consent to receiving future information from you, is the gold standard of marketing.

Some other reputable ways you can build your list:

Take names or business cards at a tradeshow or conference.

Membership lists from organizations of which you are a member

Get respected colleagues to email their lists asking their contacts to go to your site to find something of value to them.

But always, always be building your list. And make sure that your database software is solid, proven, regularly maintained, and backed up weekly.

About The Author

Dr. Jamie Fettig

Are you interested in the one seminar that has created more BestSelling authors than any other seminar? A seminar put on by the guy who has sold more books than every other book in the history of the world except the bible? Then get yourself to the Mega Book Marketing Seminar and train yourself to be a megasuccessful author and become a sought after speaker. Make the difference with your book that you want to make. To Register and for more information go to

This article was posted on March 18

by Dr. Jamie Fettig

To Camcorder Enthusiastกs: What Does ‘Reality TV’

To Camcorder Enthusiastกs: What Does ‘Reality TV’ Really Mean? Great News for the camcorder user!

by: Mark Sturge

Reality TV is experiencing an upsurge in popularity and its presence has conditioned the publicกs acceptance of a number of things:

That lead actors being trained and polished กperformersก is no longer a necessity.

Camcorder movement. As the use of กdolliesก, กjibsก and even กsteadycamsก to obtain smooth motion/tracking shots are often at odds with site and time constraints.

Reduction in production values of video, lighting and audio.

Whilst a ‘reduction in production valuesก may not inspire confidence, it bodes as a positive to the small time camcorder operator in reduced production costs. And the savvy camcorder operator can make up any shortfall with a little imagination and a lot of ingenuity.

กAnyone can be a video producerก, says Mark Sturge, of KMS Productions ‘technology has delivered the tools and there is an emerging group of people who know that (don’t tell anyone this) video and even television production is easy, if you have the right plan.

กDesktop video is a huge opportunity.ก Mark goes on to explain กEveryday people are looking for special memories to be preserved on video tape or DVD. That family occasion/party/wedding or their childrenกs sports events filmed with a camcorder. And now getting their favourite sport or hobby on TV is possible. Yes… possible. And you can be the video producer that does it for them!ก

Most people think that it takes big bucks to produce video for television or commercial release. The inside secret is that you can produce quality video productions with a relatively small investment and having the right plan that can take you stepbystep through the process is a crucial component. Here are the steps Mark suggests you should follow:

Get yourself a high resolution camcorder.

Learn how to use your camcorder to produce กcompellingก video (this sounds obvious, but it can be where the majority of operators กdrop the ballก).

Engineer cost effective solutions to produce professional production values (in particular the areas of lighting and audio).

Polish your production with your desktop editing system.

Submit your production to program managers that accept public submissions, create a professional looking DVD series to sell etc..

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that camcorder, boot up your pc and กSay It With Videoก!

About The Author

Mark Sturge

Mark Sturge is the owner of KMS Productions and webmaster at A site where visitors can find information, training videos and manuals that help people to better their video techniques or discover ways to earn an income from their video taking hobby.

This article was posted on September 05

by Mark Sturge

Coaching: Communicating What Service You Provide

Coaching: Communicating What Service You Provide

by: Catherine Franz

Coaching is unique because it makes a special promise: transformation. At the root of any desire for personal development is the expectation that, every time they have an encounter with their coach, they have some how changed from the person they were into the person they more prefer to be.

Instead of focusing your communications, this includes all marketing materials as well, on subject areas or benefits, concentrate on lives the kind of person you help create. This isn’t merely an issue of who they can become; it includes values, ethics, the sense of personal mission, and what people want to accomplish within their life times. In this way, you can reach beyond the practical considerations within the decision making process to speak to the individual underlying core: a person’s dreams.

Here are a few ways to make your communications more personal, and directed towards their dreams, thus, making it more appealing and attractive:

1. Speak and Write to Their Values

In any coaching communications, two of the most important words you can use are กwe believe.ก Even the most practical personal development desiring person believes in something. Tell prospective clients what your coaching stands for so that they can evaluate whether they share your coaching values, which is the same as your personal values if you are solo.

This step helps filter that would most likely not be a match anyway.

After all, in a country crowded with coaches, your values can be your greatest distinction. Maybe your coaching encourages an entrepreneurial spirit through projects or creative approaches to familiar problems or challenges. Some people prefer the word challenge, so I included both. Put your coaching values front and center.

2. Connect Benefits to Ambitions

Describing what people are going to learn, such as living their lives by their values or building a strong personal foundation isn’t enough; you want to show how coaching helps them reach their goals. Instead of writing mere descriptions, write stories with the prospective coachee as the potential hero.

Tell readers how your fieldwork prepares them for realworld experiences, how your group coaching hosts relationship opportunities, how your teleclass sharpens them, changes their criticalthinking, or decisionmaking skills.

3. Use Endorsements and Case Studies

Selecting a coach can be intimidating and overwhelming even for the most courageous people. An endorsement, in an ad or printed material created for sales, shows how your coaching welcomes and works with people just like them.

Case studies is a step up from endorsements by actually describing in some detail the transformation story how a person from one kind of background acted on her ambition and was able to move forward through your program or by working with you.


These techniques also work well for service or products communications if you also offer teleclasses, workshops, or group coaching programs. Actually, not that I think of it, it works in all personal development communications.

© Copyright 2004, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

About The Author

Catherine Franz

To learn more about how to turn your life into a fabulous success, visit the Abundance Center for techniques, tips, and programs to support your goal. While you are there, check out the three enewsletters Catherine writes monthly.


This article was posted on November 07, 2004

by Catherine Franz

How to Read A Person Like A Book

How to Read A Person Like A Book

by: Oscar Bruce

The human mind is an innovative hybrid that allows us to anticipate the future to think big thoughts. Thatกs the good news.

However, a growing number of psychologists and behavioral scientists are finding evidence that our brains are hardwired for mistakes in today social environment, especially when it comes to assessing the personality and predicting behavior of people we encounter.

Why are we so bad at reading the intentions of others? Built on top of the older กemotionalก parts of our mammalian circuitry, there is a กrationalก cerebral cortex. The two are often at odds, and under the surface, our protective instincts are always lurking. Unfortunately the กemotionalก circuitry frequently overwhelms the กrationalก cortex. When we encounter people we simply give more weight to elements in their personalities that support our beloved preconceptions than to any evidence to the contrary. Thus we frequently completely miss the target and pay a price of our misjudgments.


The frontal lobes have fallen in love with our preconceptions. This hardwired programming undercuts us in a host of sadly familiar ways. The most common is the way our preconceptions and prejudices distort our perception of individuals we wish to assess.


This is our all too natural ability to convince ourselves of whatever it is that we want to believe. How? We simply give more weight to events that support our desired prejudice or preconception than to any evidence to the contrary.


Consider how many great opportunities are lost by what I call กsemantic sabotageก. If youกve ever found yourself stumbling over your words, or simply not knowing what to say next youกve experienced ‘the dialog dilemma.ก Also if youกve uttered a statement, then realized that it wasn’t exactly what you meant to say. These are all curable maladies.

IกLL BET YOURกVE NEVER HAD THIS EXPERIENCE… Someone introduces themselves to you. Then you tell them your name. Suddenly you realize you can not recall their name. Why does this happen so often? Simple, you didn’t forget their name you never really heard it in the first place! You still had yourself in the middle of the picture.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand they listen with the intent to reply or impress. This is never successful because the mind does not have simultaneous capability. Therefore, if you are contemplating your next statement, you are not focusing on his words, tones and actions.

In order to read a person like a book, you must get them to open up, get them talking. Getting people to open up is a skill that you can learn.

A skilled conversationalist uses specific question in three different categories. (1) Conversation starters. (2) Personal questions. (3) Philosophical questions. Once youกve mastered a small inventory of optional questions you can switch categories to control the outcome.

QUESTIONS ARE THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE and source of power. He who does not ask the right questions always hears the wrong answers. An unclear question has an infinite number of answers.

Many say that information is the path to power. The wealthiest people will tell you that itกs their ability to make wise choices in dealing with people is their greatest asset. And that when they did make mistakes, it was often disastrous for them socially and financially.

About The Author

Oscar Bruce is considered the ultimate personal communications guru. His dynamic books are considered field manuals for mastering conversation and confrontations. His website offers several verbal strategies that can add power to your conversations at no cost.

HIS FREE NEWSLETTER is available at

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This article was posted on March 25

by Oscar Bruce

Five Step To A Successful Online Shopping Business

Five Step To A Successful Online Shopping Business

by: Linda Quinones

Before you set out to explore the online shopping market you should do some planning, take a piece of paper and pen and write down the steps that will help to bring in traffic to your website.

And once they have visited you must have something to entice them to remain and do some shopping, in our website: We try to mix our affiliate, we have some highly recognizable name and some not so well known.

One frequent complain we get is the cost of shipping, people are willing to pay for convenience but they do not want to pay for shipping, so we use the free shipping banners when available.

And the great savings the affiliates are offering, this is a lure to catch their attention, after all when people are saving money and are provided with theconvenience of shopping from the comfort of their home they are happy.

Step (1). Mix your affiliates you want some well known names, but remember the well known retailer pay the lowest commissions and are the most demanding.

Don’t settle for the first affiliates that accepts you, you may start with a few, but if you build your site right some of the affiliates that turn you down will revisit your site and approve you.

Make sure to keep good records, and stay on top of the affiliate emails to be able to use the incentives they provide to induce people into buying the products your affiliates are offering.

Develop a program where shoppers will provide their email address so that you can inform them of future promotions and savings available to them.

(2). Links are a way to have search engines give your site a high ranking, reciprocal link exchange are a good way to get started , many businesses are in the same position you are in and are looking to link to somebody.

The more links you have leading to your site the better the search engine will rank you. You may choose to pay for links and here again make sure they are giving you good companies to link with.

If you a have a family oriented business you don’t want to be link to an adult site. You want sites that related your business or are complimentary.

A example would be if you have a site that sells only clothing you would like to link with a site that sells jewelry or footwear.

(3). Keywords: key words play a crucial role in your internet business, people must be able to find you. Keywords are what people search for on search engines.

People who have never heard of your company are not going to look for youby name but they go on the search engine and type in keywords to be let to a site that matches the keywords provided.

If the keywords type in relate to the keywords on your site then you will getcustomer to come and visit your site, and hopefully buy something.

You will want to have as many combination of keywords as possible in order to drive web traffic to your site, Make sure you have the most popular search terms and use as many as possible.

Keywords is the key to traffic and traffic the key to sales, when your web page comes up near the top ten in response to a searches on searche engines , your traffic will increase and so will your sales.

(4). Contacts: everybody knows somebody so start using the those contacts to promote your business, but do so in a tactful manner so that people are not turn off by your aggressiveness.

Giving somebody a business card and asking them to checkout your website might be a very soft sell that might lead to conversation about your business and help you gain a potential customer.

Just think of all the people that you come in contact with on a daily basis, by themselves it will not be enough to make a fortune but added to the other marketing results it could make your business venture a profitable one.

(5). Incentives: Offer businesses incentives to continuously use your site for their purchases, businesses expend thousands of dollars every month on office products and other essential items for their businesses but get nothing in return, so offer them some kind of rebate or free items for purchasing through your site.

Offering a free gift for individual is also a good policy but make sure that it is contingent on purchases being made so that you don’t attract all the freeloaders.

Everybody shops the question is where? Your job is to make sure they do it on your site. Or preferably at

About The Author

Linda Quinones has been active in promoting her own site while helping others to succeed in the Internet marketing field. Previously she was involved the financial sector for several years. Her website is:

This article was posted on August 12

by Linda Quinones

Could there be a new way of hearing the stories we

Could there be a new way of hearing the stories we feel are relevant in our lives?

by: Jesse S. Somer

If you’re anything like me you are really getting tired of the mainstream media’s onevoicetomany analysis of life on Earth. First of all, it’s just too negative! I read a survey recently that stated that fourteen out of fifteen newspaper and TV News stories had negative fearbased stories. I don’t know about you, but if I look at my everyday life, the amount of good and bad I experience seems to be much more balanced. Why does the ‘big’ media think we all love hearing the dark side of things so much?

If you look at what news stories truly are in historical terms, it is a person sitting around the tribal campfire at night telling a tale to inform the people both in wisdom and knowledge. In any tribe there were many storytellers, so different perspectives were always available to the masses. Well, if you think today’s media sources are too monopolized in their power of authority over the stories we are told, there’s a new option for humanity. The answers and views we are seeking in our daily lives could lie in the Internet. This Internet thing really could be the key for humanity to evolving into a species that thinks independently, leaving this age of fear behind.

It’s time to bypass the main media sources. On the Web we can access nonprofit news organizations, we can hear personal views of individuals in news forums and blogs, we can even express our own views on world issues as well as sharing our own personal experiences! With this newly accepted technology called RSS Readers we can start to get the type of information that we feel is most relevant to ourselves as individuals. It comes straight to us and then we can sort through it and decide which people and sources we want to hear from on a regular basis. This is awesome as it means we don’t have to search through a bunch of stories that have little interest to us. It also means if we want to hear more positivism, we can push the negative views out of our perceptions.

Although this idea is in its infancy, the repercussions once realized could have a mammoth impact on how individual humans see and live their lives on Earth. Imagine a society that stretches across the globe where a collective consciousness speaks to itself in an informative manytomany communicative process. There are a lot of happy, positive, intelligent people in this world who are interested in similar things to you. Wouldn’t you like to hear their stories and share their knowledge as a way of constructing your view of reality?

Let’s leave behind this era of negative perspectives and singular authorities telling us how life on Earth should be viewed. It is interesting that some of the most overwealthy, greedy individuals media moguls who tell us what is important. Don’t you want to have a say in how you look at your life while you are here? Positivism and wisdom surrounds us at all times. Would the Universe exist otherwise? Lets reconnect with that source of energy that makes us smile so many times each day. If life were meant to have so bleak an outlook, would there even be stars in the sky?

About The Author

Jesse S. Somer


Jesse S. Somer is a writer thinking about how all this new technology could one day be utilized by the masses of technologically challenged people like him. If it could be incorporated into everyday life in a positive way, life itself could evolve to a higher plane. Please visit to see Jesse’s personal blog.

This article was posted on September 03, 2004

by Jesse S. Somer

Ten Awesome Ways To Incease Your Sales In Holidays

Ten Awesome Ways To Incease Your Sales In Holidays

by: Radhika Venkata

Everybody thinks that the businesses will slow down a bit in holiday seasons. Ofcourse everybody thinks that people don’t want to start new ventures in holidays too.

But that is not true. People do spend money… a lot in holidays. On gift items, special discount goods, coupons etc.

The only thing is to know how to do business in the holiday season using this attitude.

Here are 10 tips to maintain or maximize your sales in Holidays:

1. Put a paragraph on your webpage that related to the particular holiday. Like chrismas greetings for Chrismas, Happy mothers day greetings for Motherกs day etc.

Then put a picture of your product under it with a discount price for that particular day.

Advertise about this discount product on your home page from a month before the actual selling day.

2. Send discount coupons to your old customers and subscribers and tell them the offer lasts for one or two days.

3. If you use pay per click engines, change your ads a little bit to give the essence of holiday season.

If your ad is like

กGarden tools for gardenersก

Change this to

กGarden tools for Gardeners.Price reduced to half for the first fifty people. Limited for Thanks giving.ก

OK…OK…You get the idea. Right?

4. Install some greeting card cgi scripts on your site. Use them at holiday seasons. So with every greeting card your website link goes to other people. This is very cheap and affordable advertising.

5. Tell your affiliates that they will receive more commission on their sales through their affiliate links in this holiday season.

6. Always submit two or three pages of your website to search engines with holiday discount prices. So if anybody search in the search engines about discount products, your pages will show up.

7. Offer free shipping and handling to your customers.

8. Put a special pop up window that closes with in a particular time. So you can encourage your visitors to buy the product at discount price or with special bonuses through the link in that pop up.

9. Use your Autoresponder to offer special courses or tutorials for holiday seasons. Send the links to your discount products, samples of your product as a special holiday delivery. Encourage them to buy with a holiday discount.

10. Holidays means parties, get togethers and massive sales. You can do offline advertising about your product and website by keeping banners or free brochures at the reception tables, sales centers etc.

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Radhika Venkata Subscribe to กEbookBiz Magazineก which is completely focused on ebook business and Internet Marketing. Receive FREE Ebooks with Resale rights every month!

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This article was posted on November 14, 2003

by Radhika Venkata

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

by: Michele Borowsky

So here you are…a business owner. Bravo!

You’ve got a catchy name, you’re equipped with all the right tools, your website is up, and now you’re ready to do business. So you start to network online, join the right groups, check out search engine adwords, subscribe to applicable newsletters for insight, and buy some of the better known marketing gurus books.

Hmmmm, not much is happening.

Okay, so now you begin to check out local networking groups in your community. You may join the Chamber of Commerce, the Elks, the Friars, various business networking groups….. and a little more is happening.

Then you look into trade shows in your area. You need collateral materials to hand out so you create an attractive flyer, perhaps start to mail out some postcards, let all your networking associates know about your trade show booth. Then you work the show…… and a little more begins to happen.

Now you start in earnest a referral program for your existing clientele. You know, if you send me a new client I will give you ____% off your next order.

Hmmm….didn’t get much from that.

So you then conclude that you have to start the process all over again. Work harder. Put in more time. Network more and better.

Okay, all good. But what’s missing? The fact is that regardless of your category of business, you will actually, on average, do business with less than 10% of all those who are aware of your company. That’s it????? Yup.

So what can a business owner do? There’s only so much time in the day. I’m doing all I can.

Yes, you are. But how about using your time to do what it is that you actually do, rather than trying to find people to do it with.

It’s now time to let media start working for you.

The next step for you is to start budgeting all of your resources. Up until now you’ve been using time, the one resource which cannot be created or renewed. Once it’s been used, it’s gone forever.

How about starting to use another resource…!

Do you have an advertising budget? Have you ever even thought about it? Invariably an advertising budget is the one thing which new business owners don’t allocate for, don’t consider, and just can’t bring themselves to spend. And I ask, Why Not??!!??!!

One of the reasons is that you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that successful marketing is a function of mindset, positive, proactive, enthusiastic, etc. All true. And all marketing. Your results to date have been less than explosive. Coming in dribbles rather than a downpour, and, as previously mentioned, your conclusion is to work harder.

What happened to paid for advertising?

How about working wiser for a change? Start to allocate a percent of each sale that you make to your advertising budget. Just like you have a household budget, you need to have a business budget.

And what will an advertising budget do for you? It will enable you to reach thousands of people with your business message, instead of just dozens. Can you imagine??? Thousands of people being aware of your company, thousands of people considering your products or services, thousands of people that you can market your message to. Wow. What a concept.

About The Author

(c) Michele Borowsky

Michele Borowsky is a 20+ year executive veteran in a Media Exposure Management firm and the author of The Mother of All Marketing for Business Owners.

She can be reached at 6024042657 or by emailing:

This article was posted on September 25, 2004

by Michele Borowsky

Short Live Telecomsก Monopoly

Short Live Telecomsก Monopoly

by: Patrizia Demaria

กFree will cannot be debated, but only experienced like a colour or the taste of potatoes.ก

My question: can we really experience it?

In a world in which everybody talks of nothing else than Democracy, is our wolrd slightly democratic?

Have we really come a long way through History?

Or are we just repeating the same mistakes all over, just changing the pattern of them?

ก We go on discovering that we are this, that and other things and sometimes we have astounding experiences. We are unfinished, we are growing and changing.

Yet that future personality which we are to be in a yearกs timeis already there, only it is in the shadow.

These potentialities naturally belong to the dark side of the ego.

We are all aware of what we have been, but we are not aware of what we are going to be.ก

But do we really change and improve or we are just the same all over?

ก In point of fact what is interesting about people is the mask that each one of them wears, not the reality that lies behind the mask.

It is a humiliating confession, but we are all of us made out of the same stuff.

Where we differ from each other is purely accidental:in dress, manner, tone of voice, religious opinions, personal appearance, tucks of the habit and the like.

The more one analyses people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear.

Sooner or later one comes to the dreadful unioversal thing called Human Nature.ก

For two thousand years or more man has been subjected to a systematic effort to transform him into an ascetic animal.

He remains a pleasure seeking animal.

And some are pleasure seeking animals at any cost.

Cheating, robbing, killing is nothing that a mean to achieve it.

The biggest the Corporation, the more polithically involved, the more cheating and crooking.

Look at the Politicians of today, at the big Monopoly corporations…

When will we wake up?

They try to shut our mouths and minds with any kind of stupid fullfilling devices, but still keeping the hand ( and the profit) in it.

Once they said man built his own pleasures, now they say he has to pay for them.

They also say it takes gut to be a dreamer and a visionary, I think on the contrary it comes naturally, either you are or you are not.

Either you see reality or you see what they want you to see.

The economy of means is founded on the richness of thought.

I have just started my personal peaceful war and I am looking for people who can share my dreams.

Short live the Telecom monopoly!

About The Author

Patrizia is an ebook publisher, her website has more than 700 free ebooks for the TK3 reader

This article was posted on November 28, 2003

by Patrizia Demaria