Get Personal With Google

Get Personal With Google

by: Jakob Jelling

Anyone whoกs been on the net any time at all knows that Google has been the search engine of choice for many for a while now. Whether that continues remains to be seen, but for now, with MSN still in development and Yahoo going through some growing pains, many still feel that Google is the leader. As such, itกs worth dropping in to the Google Labs every now and then to see whatกs going on there.

For example, Googleกs Personalized search offers a fun and useful way for searchers to interact with part of the mysterious and closelyguarded Google search algorithm. You can set a search profile thatกs stored as a cookie on your computer. The easytouse Google profile interface allows you to pick specific topics that interest you. Once chosen and saved, you can then do a search from the Personalized search page. At first, youกll see normal Google results. But at the top of the page is a slider bar, and by moving this to the right, those same search results will be dynamically altered to narrow in to focus on your personalization settings.

For example, a standard search for ‘restaurantsก (without the quotes), will return several large, wellknown sites among the first 5 results. These include,,, the official Subway corporate site, and the Yahoo restaurants directory. But letกs say youกve selected Texas as a geographic area of interest in your personalization profile. Move the personalization slide all the way to the right on the same search, and now the top 5 results are from,, Houston Citysearch, and Austin360, followed by Each of your personalized results are marked with small spheres of red, blue, and yellow.

There are many personalization topics to choose from, including Arts, Business, Computers, Health, and many other categories which can be further narrowed.

By Jakob Jelling

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This article was posted on September 14, 2004

by Jakob Jelling

300% More Sales With A Simple ZeroCost Script!

300% More Sales With A Simple ZeroCost Script!

by: S. Kumar

Which word in the whole world sounds the most important to you?

Undoubtedly, Its your name!

The moment you see it or hear it any where, your antenna is up. Naturally and instinctively you notice your name wondering กwhat causedก it to pop up!

And you already know that personalizing your email messages is critical for your subscribers to respond. But can we take this same personalization a step further and extend it to even on our WebPages?

กIs it possible to call our subscribers by their name from the web page itself and stand out from the rest of the marketing crowd?

You can very effectively use this กpsychological triggerก on your web page and directly address your subscribers by their name when they hit on the links in your email messages or autoresponder messages.

For e.g. Just replace the กYourNameก from the below URL with your name and see how you are personally addressed on the Web page:

You do not have to be a techie to use this. My sales have tripled after incorporating this simple script to my important pages.

Here is the Magic Script

Please download the Webpage/Sales Page personalization script from here:

4 Applications With The Web Personalization Script

Once you download the script, you can apply it to get triple results in various ways. 4 such suggestions are given below.

*#1. Ezine Campaigns: Before you start the campaign, just request the Ezine owner to place HIS personalization tag to YOUR url. e.g.

Each visitor will be pleasantly surprised and will be inclined to take closer look at your proposition.

*#2. Your Newsletters: Whenever you are sending a special or an issue, make sure that your pages are ready for personalization and insert the personalization tag in the emails. Your subscribers will be knocked out of their socks.

*#3. TellAFriend Page: Just imagine the feeling of the first time visitor to your site on advice and he finds he is being personally addressed. More often than not, he will want to stay and explore your site.

*#4. Autoresponder Sequences: Use the same principle on every email in the autoresponder. Each time when the reader hits on a link in the email, he is addressed personally by his name.

The sweetest word in anyoneกs personal dictionary is his own name. Why not address someone with what he likes most and in the process triple your sales too.

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Copyright 2004: S. Kumar,

Author of eBook: กBecome A Global HomeBiz Pro…ก

DirectDownload Here For ZeroCost. Grab It Now :

This article was posted on February 23, 2004

by S. Kumar

RSS Meets the Needs of Direct Marketers

RSS Meets the Needs of Direct Marketers

by: Rok Hrastnik

Contrary to general opinion, RSS meets the needs of even the most demanding direct marketer, actually providing most of what email marketing does, except for the strong push factor.

Most direct marketing reasons against RSS are in fact the result of inadequate understanding of RSS by most marketers.

a] Scheduled and autoresponder messages

There are already a few services and software packages on the market that allow for scheduled and autoresponder messages via RSS feeds. Once your visitor subscribes to your special RSS feed, he can receive a predetermined set of messages in a specific time frame, determined by you. Use these messages to welcome your new reader to your RSS feed; thank your new customer after the purchase, send him additional information about the ordered product and give him the opportunity to buy an additional product at a lower price tag a couple of days later, and so on.

b] RSS metrics

RSS can in fact be tracked: track anything from the number of your subscribers, their reading habits, their reading frequency to your clickthrough rates and activities after clickingthrough from your feed. This includes tracking which of your RSS feeds are performing better, are more interesting to your readers and drive more sales … and the same for individual content items.

c] Message targeting

Since RSS feeds can be dynamically generated on a peruser basis, you can easily track the interests of your individual subscribers and then target marketing messages directly to them, making each message relevant to their needs and interests in order to increase your sales success.

d] Message personalization

If you generate your RSS feeds for each individual user, you can also personalize these feeds. Basic personalization includes elements such as the readerกs first name, while more advanced personalization might include personalized content and product recommendations and so on.

e] Data capture

Email marketers have already become experts at using optin forms to get as much information from the prospect as possible; the prospectกs name, his interests, the current products he is using, his current position in the purchase cycle and so on. RSS can be used in the same way, giving your visitors access to the RSS feed only after theyกve filled in a simple or complex optin form. This can work with ezine subscriptions, as well as forms you require your visitors to fill in to either register on your website or download your free report or whitepaper.

Good news for direct marketers is that these capabilities are already available in many RSS publishing/marketing solutions, available at very acceptable prices, accessible even to the smallest companies.

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

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Rok Hrastnik is the author of »Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS«, acclaimed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts. The complete guide on RSS for marketers:

This article was posted on April 12

by Rok Hrastnik