How To Really Profit from Domain Names

How To Really Profit from Domain Names

by: J. Stephen Pope

Have you heard about domain names that sold for over a million dollars? Inspired by this, you imagine registering a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then selling it off to become the next multimillionaire. It could happen, but don`t count on it!

First of all, many of the truly great domain names are already taken. Second, the dot com bust took some of the wind out of inflated domain name prices. (If you sell your domain name for millions of dollars worth of stock in a publicly traded dot com flop, what is the name really worth?)

The cybersquatter buys domain names totally on speculation. Sometimes he will register names of famous brands, companies, or individuals. Time and again, these domain name speculators learn the hard way that they must respect intellectual property rights. They hope that some large corporation will pay big bucks to them for the use of the company`s own (already trademarked) name. Instead, they end up with threatening letters from a law firm for their attempts at extortion.

However, you can still make money from domain names if you are sensible in your approach. Here are some suggestions on ways to profit.

1. Affiliate Programs: Use your domain name to promote an appropriate affiliate program. Either redirect to the affiliate site or write a review that links to them.

2. Informational Sites: Create content and then profit from it by earning advertising revenue through Google AdSense or a similar program.

3. Redirect to Your Own Site: Some reasons you might want to do this include preventing competitors from using a particular domain name and benefiting from searches some users perform by domain name. (For example, if they wanted to order flowers, they might just type กflowers.comก in their web browser. You could get some traffic and sales this way.)

4. Product Sites: Create your own or sell someone else`s product appropriate to your domain name.

5. Park Your Domain Names: You might feel that your name has real potential for resale value. There are companies that will allow you to park your domain on their servers, advertise that your name is for sale, and split advertising revenue with you.

The trick is to generate traffic for your domain name. That traffic in turn will create revenue. Then, when you go to sell your domain name, you will have a few things going for you.

First, you will have a fully developed website. A fully constructed building on a piece of land increases the value of the real estate property. Similarly, the value of your domain name is enhanced by a complete and operating website.

Second, you have traffic. Just as a shopping mall with no traffic results in no sales, so a website must have traffic to generate income.

Third, you have income. An income property, such as an apartment building, can be appraised on the basis of its income (as well as other factors). Similarly, the gross income, net profits and cashflow of a website have value. For example, if someone offered you $1,000 for your domain name and website when it was generating $10,000 per day in profits, you would likely laugh at him.

You really can profit from your domain name investments by adding value and properly developing your web properties.

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J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to earn maximum business profits for over twentyfive years.

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This article was posted on February 28

by J. Stephen Pope

7 Ways To Profit From Other Peoples Products

7 Ways To Profit From Other Peoples Products

by: Stuart Reid

If you don’t possess the time, money or inclination to create your own hot selling product there is plenty of scope for profit by using other peopleกs.

In this quick article Iกll detail the best ways to take a thirdparty product and use it to fill your own bank account.

1. Resell Rights

Resell Rights let you sell a product and keep all of the money. Itกs an ideal way to start. Usually youกll need your own payment system to accept the money and your own webspace to sell it but thatกs very cheap to do these days.

Resell Rights can be free, or cost anywhere up to $1000 and beyond. The free Resell Rights are usually not worth bothering with. You want to sell items that have LIMITED distribution quite simply because youกll have less competition!

2. Master Resell Rights

Unfortunately these are bad news. With the Master Rights you can pass on Resell Rights yourself. This means one thing thousands of competitors in a very short time.

3. Reprint Rights

These are sometimes confused with Resell Rights but they are usually used to describe hardcopy material. For example, printed books, tape sets, CDกs or Videos.

You usually have to handle the duplication yourself but sometimes the company will provide copies, and even ship them for you, for a small fee.

These products usually cost more to acquire the rights but can be very profitable. As the old saying goes, itกs easier to sell 10 copies at $1000 each than it is to sell 1000 at $10.

4. Affiliate Programs

When you enter into an affiliate agreement you are sharing the cost and effort of promoting a product. You will take a percentage of the sales in exchange, so you want at least 50% for it to be worth your while.

With an affiliate program you can usually join at no cost, but will make less money and have more competitors!

One other advantage, the company provides the site and the collection of payments. All you do is promote and cash your check.

5. Drop Shipping

This makes the traditional form of selling easier for the information age. Profit = Cost Selling Price , and with a Drop Shipper you merely take the money from your customer and tell the shipper to send them the product. You then pay the shipper their price. For example, you can buy a Widescreen TV for $1299 but you are selling it for $1499. You make $200 per sale but never get involved in the distribution at all.

This method is used extensively on eBay and in online shopping malls.

6. Joint Ventures

These blur the line between the other processors. Basically, you connect those who make products with those who sell and promote them. You can acquire resell rights, or create your own product, or be part of an affiliate network. You then contact possible sellers, for example Ezine Owners, who may be interested in selling the product for a cut of the profit.

This way you can connect BIG sellers with BIG products and slice of some of the profit for yourself!

7. Branding Rights

These can be combined with Resell Rights but sometimes are offered as an extra. With Branding Rights you can make some or all of the links within a product possible moneyspinners for yourself.

For example, you can take a book on copywriting and give it away, or sell it. But within this book are other links to further services, all that could make extra backend sales for you.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to make money WITHOUT the expense of time of building your own product!

by Stuart Reid

About The Author

Stuart Reid is an ezine publisher and webmaster. Try the new กAny Branderก Software and brand ANY product, old or new, with your own link even if you didn’t create it!

This article was posted on August 11, 2004

by Stuart Reid

The Mathematical Formula For Making Money

The Mathematical Formula For Making Money

by: Angelo Ioanides

No matter what markets you serve; what products you sell; or what marketing tools you use, in business thereกs one truth you cannot escape.

Embrace this truth and profits will flood your business.

Disregard this truth and financialcancer will eat you.

What is this truth?

Quite simply, the size and speed of your entrepreneurial success is directly proportional to your understanding of The Mathematical Formula For Making Money.

Despite serving as the corner stone of every single commercial success since the dawn of commerce most businesses neglect its power. Being so familiar with the diluted version of the formula these businesses overlook the enormous profitpotential held within.

The Formula

Mindful of this blindspot, letกs now take a close look at the Mathematical Formula For Making Money:

Leads x Conversion Rate = Customers

Customers x Average Dollar Sale x Sales Per Customer = Gross Profits

Gross Profits x Profit Margin = Net Profits

Please pay close attention to what I am about to tell you: your number of customers; your gross profits; and your net profits are the least important figures in this formula.


Because they merely represent outcomes. They tell you how good or bad you’re doing without telling you why. And without knowing why you’re doing so well (or so bad) you are in no position to fix the cause with speed and accuracy. All you can do is guess and implement random strategies in the hope that one day your results will improve.

The real power of this formula is stored within the five highlighted variables (a.k.a. levers).

A Demonstration Of Power

Quite literally, when you apply these levers to your business your profits will increase exponentially.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Assume for the moment that your business currently operates under these circumstances:

Leads Per Annum = 10,000

Conversion Rate = 0.1 (10%)

Av. Dollar Sale = $50

Sales / Customer = 2 per annum

Profit Margin = 0.2 (20%)

Plugging these into the formula gives you a net profit of $20,000 per annum.

Letกs now demonstrate the impact of improving progressively more levers without increasing your overall effort:

Case #1: Improve leads by 100%

Net profit = $40,000

Profit to Effort ratio = 1:1

I.e. for every % increase in effort you get the same % increase in profit.

Case #2: Improve leads and conversion rate by 50% each.

Net profit = $45,000

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.25:1

I.e. for every % increase in effort you get a 1.25% increase in profit.

Case #3: Improve your leads, conversion rate and average dollar sale by 33% each.

Net profit = $47,052

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.35:1

I.e. for every % increase in effort you get a 1.35% increase in profit.

Case#4: Improve all levers except profit margin by 25% each.

Net profit = $48,828

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.44:1

I.e. for every % increase in effort you a 1.44% increase in profit.

Case #5: Improve all five levers by 20% each.

Net profit = $49,766

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.49:1

I.e. for every % increase in effort you get a 1.49% increase in profit.

Observation: By simply increasing the number of levers you improve you magnify your leverage. In other words, for the same amount of effort, the more levers you improve the more your profits improve.

In this example we see that by spreading your effort over all five levers you increased your net profits by $29,766. Compared to the $20,000 increase gained from improving only one variable we see that your profit growth is almost 50% greater for doing nothing more than spreading your resources over all five levers. Imagine all the extra money you could be generating right now without any extra effort. All it takes is a simple change in focus.

Conclusion: To leverage your efforts for maximum returns you must focus on improving all five levers in your business.

An Even More Powerful Demonstration

Next, letกs demonstrate the impact of improving all five variables by progressively larger amounts:

Case #1: Improve all 5 levers by 10% each.

Net profit = $32,210

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.22:1

N.B. Hereกs how to work out the Profit to Effort ratio. First of all work out the % increase in profit. This is derived by taking the original profit of $20,000 away from the new Net Profit and dividing the result by $20,000. In this instance our $12,210 increase in profit represents a 61% growth. Next, determine the relative effort by simply adding the % increases in each lever. In this example our relative effort is 50% (i.e. 5 x 10%). Finally, divide the % increase in profit by the % relative effort and youกll have the Profit to Effort ratio.

Case #2: Improve all 5 levers by 25% each.

Net profit = $61,035

Profit to Effort ratio = 1.64:1

Case #3: Improve all five levers by 50% each.

Net profit = $151,875

Profit to Effort ratio = 2.64:1

Case #4: Improve all 5 levers by 100% each.

Net profit = $640,000

Profit to Effort ratio = 6.20:1

Observation: As you continue to improve all five levers the magnification factor on your net profit increases at an exponential rate.

In this example we see that when we doubled our effort from case #2 to case #3 our leverage increased by 61% (i.e. ((2.64 1.64) ÷ 1.64) x 100). But when we doubled our efforts once more from Case #3 to case #4 our leverage increased by 135%

This has to be one of the most magnificent realisations you could ever make in business.

Conclusion: Never stop improving all five levers of your business.

A Tragic Habit And How To Fix It

Clearly these two examples demonstrate the power of leveraging all five variables in your business.

Tragically, most businesses seem to care about only one of these levers the number of leads. To make matters worse, of all the levers this one will cost you the most to improve!

So if you’re stuck in the กdrivemoretraffictomybusinessก trap STOP! Instead, harness the multiplying power of all five levers and youกll find that your profit to effort ratio will skyrocket.

Or to put it another way, by applying all five levers to your business (instead of only one) you will make more money with less effort.

Right about now you may be thinking to yourself, ‘thatกs all well and good in theory but how could I possibly increase all five levers by such large amounts?ก

Although there are over 200 ways to amplify these levers space restrictions preclude me from discussing the howtoกs here. Whatกs important for now is that you understand the magnifying potential stored within this formula. With this understanding achieving a 100%, a 200% or even a 1000% increase in profit is well within your grasp.

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Learn how to systematically amplify all five levers of the Mathematical Formula For Making Money quickly and easily.

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This article was posted on January 24, 2003

by Angelo Ioanides

XRay Specs, Turning 30 and Achieving Website Succ

XRay Specs, Turning 30 and Achieving Website Success

by: Michael Cheney

I was writing the final chapter of my book on website marketing a few weeks ago and was wondering how far Iกd progressed with it in the past nine months so I ran a word count. 44559 words.

And you know what this told me? Precisely nothing. Nothing of the tips and advice contained in the book or its likelihood of becoming the next global Bestseller.

Last week I looked in the mirror at the 30 year old staring back at me and thought:

ก30? What does this number actually mean though?ก

Precisely nothing.

Hey Numb Nuts! Do You Know The Number Of Numbers That Are Numbing Your Thinking?

You do this Numb Nuts Number Obsessing with your website, I know you do. In fact YOU know you do but guess what the numbers tell you precisely nothing! Hereกs some numbers you might be numbing your thinking with:

The number of pages viewed on your website every month

The number of visitors coming to your website every day

The number of your ranking in Google for your most important key phrase

The number of your global traffic ranking according to

The number of people that signed up to your mailing list yesterday

The number of people that visited your website using a Mongolian Internet Service Provider

These numbers mean precisely nothing. On their own they are worthless. Accumulatively they mean slightly more than nothing. Why? Because none of them put cash in your bank account.

Enough Is Enough!

Next time you share war stories with another website owner ask them the question:

กHow is your website performing?ก

I bet you that not one single person will respond with a comment relating to the most important number of all PROFIT! I see this all the time in business:

Michael: กHowกs business going?ก Anon: กYeah, good. Quite good, we’re doing okay.ก

What?! Have these people lost their minds?! Let us consider some better responses:

Michael: กHowกs business going?ก Anon: กBrilliant we are now operating at twice the level of profitability of last yearก


Anon: กLast month we made more profit than we made the whole of the first quarter!ก

Start to do this with your website I dare you. Forget the statistics. Bin the hit counters. Throw out the mailing list numbers.

How much profit has your website made you this year? Scared to answer? Don’t know the answer? Then surely you’re just throwing money away by having one aren’t you? You’re steering your ship blindfolded.

In fact you are running on guesswork the worldกs most ineffective business fuel.

No Matter How Old You Are You Need To Wear Glasses

Have I finally lost my marbles on this one? No siree. Itกs true. You need to wear glasses the whole time you conduct business and when you make any decision relating to your website.

You need to wear PROFITTINTED spectacles that enable you to focus constantly on whether what you are doing will generate profit for your business.

Wearing your profittinted spectacles means that playing the little animated game an associate sent you when you’re supposed to be completing that marketing project will be impossible.

Your profittinted spectacles work just like XRay specs the only difference is that itกs your daily To Do List that gets stripped down to the bare essentials and not the person you look at whilst wearing them.

Pick a number, any number? No, pick profit itกs the best number there is.

Michael Cheney

Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM

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This article was posted on November 26, 2004

by Michael Cheney

How To Increase Your Profits Without Spending A Di

How To Increase Your Profits Without Spending A Dime!

by: John Taylor

Whatever the purpose of your web site you have to pay for certain services. As a bare minimum you will need to pay for hosting, for traffic and for an autoresponder account. The costs of these services are fixed irrespective of the number of sales that you can make.

Letกs say that your total fixed costs for these services are $500 a year and that you sell 50 eBooks a year at $27. That means that your income is $1350 and, after paying your fixed costs you are making $850 profit each year. So your profit represents about 63% of your sales income.

Now, letกs say your current conversion rate of unique visitors to sales is about average at 2%. So to get 50 sales you need 2,500 unique visitors.

To boost their sales income, most people will try to increase the traffic to their web site by spending money on Pay Per Click campaigns, advertising in ezines or by investing in banner adverts. If you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash, then you will need to invest a lot of time on article writing and other กdo it yourselfก promotional activities.

What if you could nearly double your profit in a few easy steps?

It is very easy. You simply have to closely examine your web site and look for ways of improving the impact that you are having on your customer.

Look at your headline, does it really grab the attention of your visitors?

Do the first few paragraphs of your sales copy draw in your visitor and encourage them to read further?

Are your testimonials conveying a strong and powerful endorsement of your product?

Are you making good use of text colour to emphasise the important trigger words in your copy?

Did you know that there are over 21 critical elements within a typical sales letter page?

When I first launched my web site ( my conversion rate was less than 1%. Since then, I have tested and tweaked every key element of the entire sales process and my conversion rate is now over 3.5%. Oh, by the way, I am still working on it!

Letกs look at the bottom line. If you can implement a few simple improvements to your web site and increase your sales conversion rate to just 3%, you will make an additional 25 sales without increasing your costs. 25 sales at $27 will put an additional $675 in your pocket. Your fixed costs are still the same so it is all pure profit!

Can you afford to leave that money on the table?

Copyright 2005 John Taylor

About The Author

John Taylor is the author of กLearn over Twenty ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate and Multiply Your Profitsก A Special Report that contains a wealth of information on professional testing and tracking techniques that can boost your conversion rate and generate increased profits. To learn how testing and tracking can boost your profits click this link now:

This article was posted on January 18

by John Taylor

What should I sell OnLine?

What should I sell OnLine?

by: David Bell

One of the first things you will have to decide when setting up an Internet business is whether you want to sell a product or a service, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.
Advantage: unlimited income potential because you are not constrained by time, the way you are with a service (the more product you sell the more income you make especially when you are automated).
Disadvantage: requires stocking and shipping (or dropshipping from a supplier).
Disadvantage: generally requires you filling large amounts of orders to make a reasonable living, unless you have a product with a very high profit margin.
Advantage: it is easier to make a profit quickly because the entire price of a service is paid to you (except for any overhead).
Advantage: services can generate a great residual income because the client may want to hire your services again and again.
Disadvantage: you are limited to a modest income because you can provide only so many services each day (unless you hire employees to perform services for clients).
In my opinion, selling a product online has, by far seen the biggest profit potential in the long run. Once you get a successful product, you can automate the system and move on to new products that will generate multiple streams of income.
If you need immediate cash flow, providing a service is the fastest way to produce instant income… but it will never pay off as big, in the long run, as selling a product with a high profit margin.
If you sell a service, think about how you can transform it into a product. One of the best examples I can think of is regarding the people who submit websites to search engines. Because the competition got so fierce and their business began to suffer, some wrote and sold reports revealing how search engines work and tricks for getting sites listed higher etc. The reports were priced at $20 $100, and the entrepreneurs in our example found new markets to tap.

About The Author

David Bell
Advertising research and development center

This article was posted on July 20, 2004

by David Bell

Are You Running Your Online Business On Half Empty

Are You Running Your Online Business On Half Empty?

by: Mal Keenan

The idea of paying $1000 for a marketing package to MOST people would be a nonsense.

After all, think of all the other wonderful things you could buy with $1000.

If I was merely spending $1000 then I would find it difficult myself but that it is not the way I think and it DEFINITELY makes all the difference. When I am buying anything online I always weigh up the odds. The question I ask myself is this: Will I be able to profit from this service, strategy or marketing product within a reasonable amount of time?

I have always thought like this, even from my beginnings online……. I would buy into a product or service, join their affiliate program and then put everything into promoting this product/service until the service became free to me and eventually made me a profit.

This my friend is part of the mindset that seperates winners from losers…….

Winnersก predominant thought is How much will I make?

Losersก predominant thought IS How much will it cost me?

Itกs back to the half full, half empty analogy.

Nothing wrong with showing some caution of course and being prudent but if you find yourself always coming up with excuses for not taking measured risks then maybe you are not cut out for running an online business.

Some would be aghast if they looked at the bills I have built up over the years but they don’t see the experience I have gained nor the profits I have made from the very same outgoings. I have profited from at least 90% of the tools I have used.

I make it a point of joining the affiliate program of a purchased product and making a profit. Itกs like I hate the idea of paying for anything, so I don’t…..or at least I don’t remain in the red for long.

Also, when buying a product or service, make sure that you are going to use it.

Now that may seem a daft thing to advise but you would be surprised at the nujmber of marketers who buy buy buy and have shelves and desktops full of all sorts of tools and resources that have never been looked at. When asked how such and suchกs course worked for them, they unsurprisingly respond that it wasn’t worth the money.

You MUST put the tactics and strategies recommended into practice, even if it is a little bit at a time. Sometimes you just need to make a start.

Most marketing services out there are well worth the cost if put to use.

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

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Mal Keenan is publisher and editor of Home Business Tips Newsletter:

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This article was posted on January 26

by Mal Keenan

The Impact of Price Popularity on Profits

The Impact of Price Popularity on Profits

by: Konstantin Goudkov

The goal of almost every business owner is to generate a profit either for themselves or their shareholders. This can be challenging at best. So much thought and effort go into running a business, accounts payable, accounts receivable, dealing with vendors, customers, etc. Because of this people sometimes do not focus on one of the most important factors pricing. Knowing how much you can charge for your product or service is invaluable information. Businesses typically want to increase volume and prices at the same time. In a perfect world that would be easy to accomplish, yet we do not live in a perfect world. So just how do businesses go about deciding how much to charge for a product or service?

One way that businesses do this is through trial and error, by seeing how much they can charge before volume starts to drop off. This is a very ineffective method, but is practiced by more businesses than you may realize. Another method is determining what percentage of profit over cost that you want. Perhaps you sell automobiles and decide that you require a profit of 5% on every car that is sold, and then you price accordingly. While this method is good for determining if you are going to cover overhead and other expenses, it may not be the best way to increase sales. A person can spend weeks trying to determine the correct price for their products and services. Economists have many formulas to determine price elasticity, market demand, and cost shifting. All of these economic formulas can be helpful, but are very time consuming and sometimes require hiring a consultant.

There are some easier ways to go about setting prices. Once you have determined a กballparkก price that covers your costs, you can begin adjusting it up or down to maximize profits. A relatively new concept that is garnering a great deal of attention from businesses big and small is the concept of price popularity. Price popularity is just what the name implies, looking at how popular, or how frequently a price is used. For example, surely you have noticed how many commercials on television sell items for $19.95. This is a very popular price when compared to $19.77. Do you see many products priced at $19.77? The frequency in which consumers see a price has a strong effect on their purchasing decisions.

Knowing about price popularity, and how to apply it, can help turn a slow selling item or service into a highly demanded item or service. Should a business set a price at $19.99 or $19.95? Does a price read differently to a consumer if it appears as $72.00 or $72? Research shows that it does in fact affect a consumerกs decision making. Gaining access to the research that shows the most popular prices, the ones that consumers feel most comfortable with, is a precious resource to a business. This is much easier than spending the numerous hours of financial analysis to make an educated guess at what volume business will drop off if you raise or lower the price by a mere few cents.

The more a business owner knows about pricing strategies the more successful they will be in generating profits. Incorrect pricing can have devastating effects on a business. While many spend time trying to determine a breakeven analysis and price elasticity, how many have really considered the psychological appearance of a price and the popularity of that price.

In todayกs extremely competitive business world a business owner needs every advantage they can get to outwit their competition. Researching the information available on price popularity simply puts a business one step ahead of their competitors.

About The Author

Konstantin Goudkov studies the psychology of pricing, ways to manipulate prices for maximum profit, and tactics to control consumer price perception.

You can find his latest report at:

This article was posted on November 15, 2004

by Konstantin Goudkov

Money Doubler Madness

Money Doubler Madness

by: Elaine Currie, BA (Hons).

After being around in the background for a while, money doublers suddenly became a huge craze on the internet. Forum message boards sported hysterical testimonials like กI Cycled!ก and กI Got Paid!ก

I wonder if they call it a craze because it only crazy people fall for it. Well, I’m certainly not crazy, on the dull side of sensible I’d say if I was pressed on the subject. I am not given to trusting people and you won’t find me accepting a free lunch.

So why did I get involved? I put it down to an unattractive little green mean streak of greed. Once that little green fellah gave me a nudge, there was no stopping me; I went from weakness to weakness.

I thought that it would be safe to join one of the established programmes, so I joined the Easy Chair Club’s My Magic Doubler. I invested $100. Their server crashed and they closed to new members with bewildering suddenness. I wondered if I was their last ever member to sign up.

My natural mistrust of human beings became even deeper and I resolved not to make a similar mistake in future; I would not be tempted to join another money doubler.

Some days later, I received $120 back from Easy Chair Club. I had not doubled my money, but I was in profit. I began to like the human race a little better and to think maybe money doublers were not such a bad idea.

Double Bot caught my attention. People were getting paid out and, best of all, they had what they called a กspamก section on their forum where members could discuss money making opportunities (ie other doublers). I invested $50. After my success (I did not see it as a lucky escape) with My Magic Doubler, I was feeling confident.

At this time Matrix Twisted was about to launch. This was my chance to get in at the very start of a doubler and make some big money, so I funded my account with $50. The difference in time zone meant that I would have to buy shares in the middle of the night. Regrettably, I slept through the excitement of the launch. I also missed the trauma of the instant crash and the first howls of กScam!ก I began to feel less confident and more like a Jinx.

Cycle It Fast had already been relaunched and people were getting their money doubled within hours. Strangely, once I had taken the plunge and invested, things changed and I reckon it would have been better named Cycle It Extremely Slowly. Instead of cycling times being expressed in hours, they rose to days and then weeks. Cycle times are no longer mentioned. I think the wheels fell off the day I joined.

I decided Cycle It Fast would have to be a long term investment. I still had Double Bot for quick profit. I was surprised to note, when I visited the forum, one day that the popular กspamก section had been removed and posts along the lines of ก10 days and I haven’t cycledก and กWhere is my money?ก were appearing. I started to feel a little uneasy. I was disappointed but not surprised when the Bot hit the rocks. How strange, it had been doing so well before I joined. I asked for a refund but I think admin were too busy baling out.

Anxious to recover my losses, I invested $50 with Profit Sharing Hits. Money doubling with advertising hits on top. What could go wrong? I was stunned when the members’ forum disappeared overnight and Admin announced that a relaunch was necessary. I again got that eerie feeling of being the last one in before the doors closed.

After several emails from me, a reply arrived from Double Bot. As admin had not got round to refunding my money before they relaunched, they were offering me a choice of paying them a 35% fee to process the refund or reinvesting in the Bot even though doubling had stopped.

That is the absolute end! Pass me that albatross and call me Jonah. It seems that any doubler that takes me on board will immediately sink. I might as well go and throw my money straight into the sea, at least I’ll get some fresh air at the same time. I have learned my lesson. I’ll concentrate on my Plug In Profit Site and will not waste any more time or money on these stupid doublers.

Wait up! I just got mail and there’s a money tripler about to launch. Now that’s different…

About The Author

This is one of a series of articles published by the author, Elaine Currie, BA(Hons) at

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This article was posted on December 02, 2004

by Elaine Currie, BA (Hons).

Mailing Printing Service A Disappearing Trade?

Mailing Printing Service A Disappearing Trade?

by: Florie Lyn Masarate

Business cards, brochures and catalogs in the mailing service may seem a diminishing craft, considering the electronic systems that technology has to offer. But with the information superhighway not always being a reliable and dependable source, printers have turned back to mailing services and have again started to get serious about using it. The initial start may be too slow in the beginning, but as the momentum takes on, many will find that mailing printing materials about the company can be a good source of profit.

Most of the printers that get into mailing services start at a small scale at first. Then they soon grow to larger fields as the need of their customers also grow. The ones that makes the greatest profit in mailing prints are the ones that take the time and build up resources to go into fullfledged mailing system of their own. As with any other business, having your own resources mean having the profit also to yourself, without sharing and partaking some of it to the mediums that you use.

Mailing service can be a tricky and complicated business to get into. Before going about it, some serious research should be made to not waste the investment made. It is important to evaluate first the status of the market to know the practicality of offering this kind of service. Having ongoing training about the business coupled with dedicated personnel is also a great factor. Another ขmustdoข factor is to upgrade the system every now and then. This is to maintain smooth production while keeping up with the evolving technology. If taking some time off to upgrade your system is not your thing to do once in awhile, then mailing services would not be the thing for you.

When people are asked about the mailing services most replied that it is turning out better when compared before. This may be because of the new strategies that mailing service are now using as ways of reaching out to customers. The fact that printers are offering more quality services and more mailers available in many areas.

Mailing systems have not yet reach the desired volume that it needs but the output has already grown. The system is not yet sophisticated and the databases needed are not fully developed to produce more profit.

It can be said that mailing services for marketing purposes is yet to restore its former important use in the printing industry. If it can marked its place in the advanced system of today, its growth and success is very much possible. And with modern technologies going hand in hand with it, then for sure people would again know its significance in their information and promotion industry.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got the flair for reading and writing when she got her first subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She had her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

This article was posted on September 07

by Florie Lyn Masarate

Why The Plugin Profit Site Is Still Relevant After

Why The Plugin Profit Site Is Still Relevant After 2 Years

by: Jeff Schuman

A little over 2 years ago Stone Evans ‘the Home Biz Guyก started offering free websites as a way to get people to join him in a few select affiliate programs. Out of that became what is now known as ‘the Plugin Profit Siteก Program or กPIPSก for short.

Stone has built thousands of these sites for free in the last 2 years. As with many affiliate programs people join for free and never ever become successful. It is not unusual to see programs lose their steam so to speak and to die out after a period of time. It is interesting to me that not only has the PIPS program not died, but it is actually thriving in the very competitive field of home based businesses and internet marketing. Here are a few reasons for that.

1. Stone Evans walks the walk. He is the number one affiliate in the world for many of the programs that make up the Plugin Profit Site. He does this by spending a great deal of his personal time marketing his program all over the internet. Do a Google search with the phrase กStone Evansก and you will see over 1,600,000 results.

2. Stone has been consistent with his program. SFI, Host4Profit, The Internet Marketing Warriors, GetResponse, and The Internet Marketing Center have been in the Plugin Profit Site program from the start. Stone also added Traffic Swarm and Madison Dynamics at a later date. With new products and programs popping up online, almost by the minute, it would be easy to get off track and go off in all kinds of different directions.

Stone has never done this because the products and programs in the กPIPSก have proven to be the most financially successful for him personally. It is much easier to tell people what works and stick with it when you are speaking from personal experience.

3. The products and programs are free to join. The brillance to me in the กPIPSก program is how you can build a network of affiliates under you in the various programs by promoting the กPlugin Profit Siteก itself. For example Stone is the number one affiliate for SFI every month and he will tell you he has does not advertise SFI directly.

Many of the top 100 sellers for SFI every month are กPIPSก members. Because you can join every program in the กPIPS affiliate program for free it has generated a large amount of new affiliates for the various programs individually in the past 2 years.

4. Anyone can make money right away. This is a key point. Stone builds you a new customized website generally in 24 hours or less. You get to pick your own domain name and he provides a logo at the top of your site promoting that name. You do have to pay for hosting, but can make back your hosting charges as you refer new PIPS members yourself. You are all set up and ready to go in a short period of time. Here is what your website will look like:

5. You are given marketing tips to follow that anyone can use to make money online with their own internet marketing website. Because there are different ability levels of people joining the กPIPSก progam ongoing training is provided that anyone can use regardless of their marketing experience. This includes a special forum in the famous Internet Marketing Warriors forum just for Plugin Profit Site members.

6. Valuable bonuses are offered to help you get started. These bonuses include free pay per click advertising credits, marketing software, ad tracking, additional marketing products and more. Perhaps the most valuable bonus of all is Stoneกs book ก30 Days To Success.ก This is a guide you can follow on a day to day basis to become successful with your own internet marketing career.

All of the basics are covered in this book including how and where to advertise online, how to write articles to promote your business for free, how to use forum marketing to make more sales, how to get thousands of websites to link to you, and more. You can view a complete list of the bonuses here:

7. You get your own 400 day email marketing newsletter set up for you for free. For years now top internet marketing gurus have been saying ‘the Money Is In Your List.ก Even with more strict email marketing guidelines on spamming this still is an important aspect of your overall marketing efforts. Stone gives you a prewritten, customized newsletter for over one year. There is no charge for this. He uses GetResponse for the autoresponder to deliver your newsletter to your subscribers. You are taught how to add subscribers to your newsletter.

One drawback is that GetResponse places ads on the top of your messages as they are delivered when you are a free member. For less than $18 a month you can upgrade the pro version and all advertising is removed and many Plugin Profit Site affiliates take advantage of this offer. You can see message one of this newsletter by email here:

8. The whole program can be changed at anytime by you. This is an important feature that allows you to add and remove products and programs from your website and newsletter at anytime. Since this is yours you control everything about it. How you promote, what you promote, when you promote, etc. is determined by you. This allows you to get started and then as you learn more over time you can develop your website and newsletter around your personality and any new favorite products and programs.

9. There is not to many bad things about the Plugin Profit Site. One thing I have found is that because this program attracts so many new people to internet marketing they do not have the skill level to be successful right away. Because the sales letter on the website promoting this program is written to attract new members people sometimes they feel this is an easy way to make money right away. That is not always true.

Internet marketing is hard work and this progam is no different. You have to master the different aspects of making money online and that will take more time for some and less time for others. The nice thing is everything is already put together for you. You just have to master all of the different marketing methods nd you will make more money as you do this.

The Plugin Profit Site is a tremendous program that gives you all of the products and tools to be successful. What you do with it from there is 100% up to you. With this program you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. If you will take the time to learn then this gives you a leg up on your competition and can be a very important income stream for many years to come. Thousands are making money with it and Stone Evans ‘the Home Biz Guyก is committed to helping thousands more in the years to come.

Copyright 2004 Jeff Schuman

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Jeff Schuman is the creator of TeamSchuman.Com. His make money online website contains everything you need to make money on the internet. One of his top income sources is the Plugin Profit Site. You can learn more and get started for free here.

This article was posted on December 13, 2004

by Jeff Schuman

The Struggling Internet Marketer

The Struggling Internet Marketer

by: Bobby Walker

Instead of giving you advice on how to make a million bucks, and pretending to be famous and wealthy, I would like to talk about all the netprenuers who aren’t making a living on the information superhighway.

Everytime you turn around, someone is trying to sell you the next sliced bread, or the answer to your prayers. Whoกs buying these dreams? Iกll tell you who, people like me, people that still have a fulltime job and are getting griped out by their spouses for spending to much time on the net when they get home! People who are hoping one day they can make a better life for themselves. But the sad truth is that most of the people who are buying these products never see any residual income at all. Meanwhile, the big dogs are getting richer and richer. No need to prove my point on this, just look at all the WalMart stores in the United States.

But there is hope for struggling net warriors, in the form of Stone Evans! Yes, this guy is everywhere. Itกs hard to do any type of home business search and not see his face. Stone has almost blasted through the stratosphere with his Plugin Profit website, while helping net newbies develop some type of structure and business plan for lifetime residual income. Like thousands of other people, I to have a Plugin Profit website that has been a breeze to setup. With only minor stumbles here and there, I have navigated my way through the site to itกs completion. If you can read the directions on a box of Hamburger Helper, you can start an online business with Stoneกs website. (All your work is in the promotion.)

I hope to make some type of profit at the end of my first full month, while it will probably be trivial, itกs a start! Giving me and thousands of others enough inspiration to not give up on their dreams. From what Iกve experienced so far, Itกs definitely worth the time and effort to promote one yourself. Go to and sign up for your free newsletter, and see if Plugin Profits is right for you.

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3 Easy Steps to Make Money Online!

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Bobby Walker

35 year old parttime netpreneur from the Dallas Texas area.

This article was posted on January 02

by Bobby Walker