Marketing Via Messageboards & Email Discussion Li

Marketing Via Messageboards & Email Discussion Lists An Alternative View

by: Sean Burns

One of the most suggested means of getting traffic to a site in the early stages is to get involved in messageboard and email discussions on your topic of choice. The idea is that you can show your expertise and therefore get traffic to your site via your signature file (most discussion lists allow you to include your signature file with your post a few lines with your name, site address and maybe a very brief description). Whilst this is a valid tip, I don’t believe that the real reason for why you should do this has been investigated far enough previously.

Firstly, if you post an ad for your site on a discussion list, your are spamming and will create a bit of a fiasco. This does not make good business sense. So, the way to do it is to look for people asking questions and answer them. The issue here is your reasons for doing this. If your reason is purely to drive traffic to your site, you probably won’t be terribly successful and, sometimes, people will work out what you are up to. Therefore, your goal should be to be seen as an expert in your field, not to get traffic to your site.

Even if you don’t include a signature with your posts, you can still make a name for yourself and, in the long term, this will prove to be a far more profitable approach. I have visited many discussion lists in my time and it is easy to see the people that have gained respect. From a business point of view, they are the ones who will benefit from this approach, not the people who post simple answers to try to get an immediate effect.

Your goal must always be to achieve success in your online venture and your personal credibility will play a major role in this. So, when looking at marketing on messageboards and in Email discussion lists, establishing your credentials as an expert in your field must be your number one priority, not short term traffic generation methods.

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Sean Burns is the author of the Newsletter More than five years of experience in site design, marketing, income generation, search engine optimisation and more is passed on to subscribers hype free. Sign up today to get real information of real value to webmasters.

This article was posted on January 06, 2003

by Sean Burns

Who Is Your Real Competition?

Who Is Your Real Competition?

by: Sean DกSouza

If you design kitchens, is another kitchen designer your competition? Most likely not. And the sooner you can position and modify your marketing strategy against your real competition, the sooner you will start to see more business come through the door. So Who Really Is Your Competition?

The answer to that is alwaysNever the most obvious. So letกs take the example of the kitchen designer. Having decided that another kitchen designer isn’t his competition, he now has to decide who is his real competition.

His Real Competition Could Be A Car Salesman

Is this for real? How can a car salesman be a kitchen designerกs competition? Letกs analyse this more carefully. A kitchen and a car are both fighting for the same thing The householderกs limited budget.

If the kitchen designer, were able to convince a couple that a kitchen is more important than a new car (which he could easily do if there was a foodie around), he now has a better chance of them dropping the car in favour of the kitchen.

The Advantage Of This Method Of Positioning

The most obvious advantage is that you’re not losing any current customers. All your past advertising is bringing in the customers that are looking for kitchens anyway.

What it does do however, is bring in a new lot of customers that would never have thought about kitchens, if you hadn’t implanted it in their minds. Effectively, you have both, customers who are looking for kitchens as well as customers who are forfeiting their new cars in favour of new kitchens.

How Your RePositioning Can Help You Focus

We had a client who ran a laundromat. Her current customers were people who did not have washing machines. Obviously, her business went up and down based on the season and on her customers limited budget. We got her to refocus her marketing strategy on a new target Customers who had washing machines.

These customers had the money, but no time. By deciding that her real competition was time she decided to target people who had limited time instead.

As a result, she was now targeting busy people while other laundromats were targeting people with washing. This positioning actually helped the laundromat stand out from the rest of the competition.

How The Laundromat Did A Full 180

This repositioning did a couple of things for them. One, it helped them focus on their target audience. Consequently, they changed their name from just XYZ Laundromat to Bizzie Buggers.

It was catchy and bang on target. It also now meant that busy customers (with the money), were more likely to stop over and drop their washing. Plus they had the regular customers walking through the door anyway.

What You Need To Do

Sit down and write who your immediate competition could be. Then write down what your business is really up against. Here are some examples.

These aren’t necessarily your right targets but they help you see things in a different light and help you determine who your real competition could possibly be.

Cartoonist= Photographer

Computer Salesman= Filing Cabinet

Car Dealer= Expensive Restaurant Meals

If you would like to learn more about the way the human brain works, and how customers make buying decisions, go to

Thereกs a vast library of free articles and information on topics as varied as copywriting, small business ideas, public speaking, sales conversion, psychological tactics, branding and other marketing related subjects. Go to today. Youกll be amazed at what you find there.

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Sean has developed a system called Psycho Tactics. PsychoTactics unlocks the working of the human brain and radically tweaks the way you think and act about your business. This results in clarity of thought and greater profits.Today, Sean is constantly teaching small business ‘How they too can do the same?’

Thereกs a vast library of free articles and information on topics as varied as copywriting, small business ideas, public speaking, sales conversion, psychological tactics, branding and other marketing related subjects. Go to today. Youกll be amazed at what you find there.

This article was posted on January 13

by Sean DกSouza

How to Determine Good Online Business

How to Determine Good Online Business

by: Mira Marsellia

Many people would like to start an online business, but sometimes get confused by so many offering letter which contained with hoax and seemed like scam things.

If you like to determine whether an online business is reputable one and do will give you potential income that works, you must spot in their website the things hereunder.

Good online business must have YES answer for this following question :

Is there any real address and real people behind the business?

Do you think they have good product not only for you but for MOST of people that will make people buy again and again?

Do they provide a trustworthed payment method for the transactions?

Do they have good marketing kit and representative tools for you ?

Do they have continuous education and training program?

Do they provide you with reasonable pay plan and better comission payment method?

If thereกs any representative sending you offering letter, also note for the alarm sign in this kind of letter:

Look at the title text on email subject. Do you think the email was originally written by the person who sent it to you?

This is NOT SPAM or This is NOT HOAX in title, is a phrases in title which indicated an unsolicited email indeed.

No valid reference or link to outside resource could give you more confirmation

Claims for some business which absurd and much exaggerate, and you never heard before from legitimete sources.

The language in those kind of letter give you less information and most of them geared to persuade you.

Many of them using excessive CAPITALS and EXCLAMATION marks and using extreme phrases.

Good email business letter always provide you with link to stop receive offering letter from them and the link to unsubscribe you from their database.

A representative of real business opprotunity will like to provide you with their real name, phone number, and valid address.

To find more about determining good online business, read here

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Mira Marsellia is an Internet marketer and independent representative for Financial Freedom Society Inc and member of Elite Team. Subscribe here and you can get 30 days Free Training to success in internet business.

This article was posted on December 07, 2004

by Mira Marsellia

Home Business Success: What It Really Takes!

Home Business Success: What It Really Takes!

by: Nathaniel Balcom

These words are heard again and again by people attempting to build a real home business on the internet.

The real question should not be about winning because obviously, ขeveryone wants to winข, but should focus on the question of กHow do I get to where I want to be so that I consider myself a success in my home business?ก

Obviously, there is no roadmap that you can follow to reach the level of financial security that the majority of home business people would consider a success.

It is apparent though that the majority of people that are considered financially secure have some common qualities that they each possess, such as, almost all of the individuals that are financially secure appear to be selfmotivated and willing to commit.

Now, the reason that this is important as it relates to each person attempting to build a home business on the internet is because without a doubt most people join programs to make money, and improve their standing, at least in their own eyes, on the ladder of success.

The problem is that most people are not motivated enough from within to really commit to making the personal sacrafices needed to truly build a real online business and therefore earn the money and live the lifestyle that they desire.

I am of the opinion that there are two real solid reasons why this situation exist.

I shall discuss the first of these reasons in this article since I feel this is the reason that actually prevents most individuals from really going forward and reaching for their dreams.

I think that the majority of us, no matter whether we admit it or not, are limited in our ability to see ourselves at the level in life that we personally would consider successful. In most cases, we see ourselves as not being capable of reaching the level of success that we would truly like to reach because of the mental picture we have of ourselves.

In my opinion, this is the result of our having tried to achieve smaller goals in our lives at some point and having failed to reach those goals, for whatever reason, whether we admit it outwardly or not.

I know that if you talk to most people they will tell you that กI could be this or do that if I could get a breakข or ขif I had just a little luckข or ขif I could just get a helping hand.ก

This is so untrue.

Getting a กbreakก or กa helping handก in business is not about กluck.ก

กBreaksก in business are a matter of persistence and perseverance.

The number of people that actually make a substantial amount of money from home businesses is not large because the majority of people that have the selfmotivation, commitment, and discipline it takes to persevere to the level in which any big money is being made is small.

I can demonstrate this fact just by examining the statistics from a program that I am currently researching:

1. Currently only 17% of the total group has completed the basic requirements for understanding the program.

This program requires no commitment other than reading.

2. Of all the members in the group only 7% are qualified to earn all available means of income from the program.

This 7% represents 100% of the income and activity that is being produced within the group at the time of this article.

As a business owner, you should always set an example of how well your business products or services are by using them yourself.

3. Last month 68% of the income and activity produced by the group was produced by group members that have been members less than two months.

This occurs because these members still believe that they are capable of ขmaking it happen!ข

There are members of this group that have been onboard less than two months and have earned more money than other members that have been members for over a year or more that haven’t earned a cent.

I mentioned these facts only to demonstrate that home business success is a matter of selfmotivation.

Those members that are making money believe in themselves and therefore are motivated to take the initial actions to achieve, and, each achievement provides reinforcement that they can achieve the next step thus creating a perpetual belief that they can achieve whatever their desired goal might be in a stepby step goaloriented manner.

On the other hand for those that are not making money it is because of a deepseated doubt, I think, not of belief in the system, but of a lack of belief in their own abilities.

The failure to take even the first step demonstrates a lack of selfmotivation.

As a result the opposite affect is instilled and the perpetual doubt is reinforced each time that a desire to go forward is not followedup by any action that results in even a small amount of positive reinforcement that leads the individual to believe that they are capable of reaching the desired goal.

Success starts with an individual perception of ones self.

Action is a result of the motivation from within.

Selfmotivation is the key that must be turned in order to start the engine of success.

About The Author

This article was written by Nathaniel Balcom, the director of NVB and Associates, a internetbased home business group that provides assistance to its members as they attempt to build online businesses. He invites you to visit the following site if you are considering starting a business from your home:

This article may be republished provided this resource box is included as a part of the article.

This article was posted on January 01

by Nathaniel Balcom

Virtual Marketing in a Tangible World

Virtual Marketing in a Tangible World

by: André Bell

One of the greatest challenges facing business owners and managers is finding a way to costeffectively communicate frequently and consistently with their target markets.

It is nearly impossible to remain profitable while employing enough people to maintain frequent contact with existing clients, let alone seek new clients.

And even for companies with deep pockets, hiring outside sales reps, trainers, and speakers to communicate monthly, weekly, and in some cases daily with all clients in the organization is just plain ludicrous.

The high cost of humantohuman contact makes it impractical to attempt to implement a steady stream of consistent communications with everyone.

A common solution is to regularly communicate with the companyกs ‘ideal client’ and neglect all others. It becomes agame of economics.

There is a better way.

A better solutions for maintaining regular communication with your clients and prospects while at the same offering a valuable service is to adopt Internet eCourses and eSeminars in place of inperson courses and seminars.

Electronic seminars (eSeminars) are similar to real seminars or real courses that you attend at a local college or meeting facility.

Just like real courses you have a fixed term or time period in which to complete the course, and a fixed subject to discuss.

For example letกs say you sell automobiles and you want to maintain regular communications with your automobile buyers.

What you could do is conduct an electronic seminar every month which discusses a new facet of maintaining the vehicle or informs the course participant of new developments in the industry that may affect them and that they may be concerned with.

The purpose of the eCourse is not only to provide a valuable service by keeping your clients educated, but to insure that they remember you now and into the future when they are ready to buy again or refer business to you.

The more contact you maintain the less likely they are to forget you. The less contact you maintain the more likely they are to forget you 🙁

A side benefit to regular communications is that within your course you can refer to other products or services that you offer, provided the discussion remains within the theme of the electronic course.

If your course drops into hard selling or hucksterism then most people will drop out of your course or add your email address to their spam filters.

That’s bad!

So keep the discussion centered on topics that are of real value to your course participants and they will remain with you for as long as the course continues.

These virtual seminars eliminate most, if not all, costs ordinarily associated with communicating with clients on a regular basis.

You can now afford to reach all clients, not only those considered to be ideal.

This is possible because your electronic messages will be available online 24 hours, seven days a weekwithout the need for any employees to maintain the contact.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the Internet can completely replace people, especially in areas where high personal contact is necessary. I’d forego a virtual handshake for a real one any day.

However the strength of the Internet is such that it can decrease the common costs associated with communicating to large numbers of people on a consistent and regular basis.

This is important because the more frequently you communicate with your target market the greater the chance of their remembering you, and the greater chance of their buying from you again in the future.

Even if they don’t buy from you right away, communicating regularly helps maintain the relationship you worked so hard to build.

You are able to eliminate losing your clients to your competitors as a result of letting even one person slip through the cracks.

To keep things simple communicate your electronic course or electronic seminar via email. Though MS outlook or other email client could do the trick, I don’t recommend that.

The workload of conducting an eCourse with hundreds or thousands of clients via a normal email client would be tremendous. It could easily become a fulltime job to send messages, subscribe members, unsubscribe members, avoid sending duplicate messages, and so on.

All this is completely unnecessary.

There are several standalone programs that are designed specifically for electronic courses. However I do not recommend any of them right now.

This is because you can simply accomplish exactly the same thing by using an inexpensive autoresponder instead of spending several hundred dollars on a customize software program.

Autoresponders are ideal for conducting eCourses because once the autoresponder is setup it requires no daily maintenance from you. Ever.

Software that you run on your computer requires you to start the software daily, import and export contact info of subscribers, process subscribe requests, process unsubscribe requests and other general daily maintenance tasks. Yuck!

A real drag, which is truly unnecessary.

Just keep in mind that you can load a series of sequential lessons or messages into your autoresponder, set the frequency of communication whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly and sit back and let your messages get communicated to your market.

Your autoresponder handles all the tedious tasks for you.

The beauty of this is that whether you are communicating with one person or one million, the daily workload to communicate with the course participants is exactly the same.


Another way that you can implement eCourses or eSeminars is to tie your autoresponder messages in with multimedia formats like MP3 files, flash animation, and even live video.

You simply preload your autoresponder with instructions on where to access the next lesson, set it and forget it.

Each day, week, month, or quarter your course participants will receive instructions and you will maintain regular communications with them. All on autopilot.

This is a win/win for everyone.

The choice to use email, flash, streaming audio or video is best decided upon your circumstances and your technical ability.

I strongly recommend keeping things simple. Stick to email autoresponders. However if you hate typing then instead of typing your course materials you can record the information with an audio recorder such as All Sound Recorder.

That way you communicate the same information with less typing involved. The downside is that all multimedia files will increase your monthly bandwidth far in excess of what will be accomplished through using just email.

So if monthly bandwidth is an issue stay away from multimedia. Especially if your web provider charges a premium.

Stick to simple email eCourses and you will be able to provide valuable information to your market and remain in touch with them, all while keeping your life as simple and stressfree as possible.

For free autoresponders that you can run from your own hosted domain check out

He offers both free and paid versions of his autoresponders. If you use AOL or a web host that prohibits custom CGI scripts your next best bet is to use one of the remotely hosted autoresponders such as provided by and

Each of these solutions allows you to communicate as frequently as you wish and with very little administrative headache to all of your clients, not just those considered to be ideal.

And best of all this can be accomplished without the need to hire a fulltime staff, even if your clients number into the hundreds of thousands.

About The Author

André Bell is principal marketing consultant with André Bell Consulting Group. A free copy of his new book ก101 Marketing Secrets Revealedก is available through his site at

This article was posted on April 07, 2004

by André Bell

Real Estate Marketing for the ขYouข Generation

Real Estate Marketing for the ขYouข Generation

by: Dominick Evans

Are you working in the real estate industry? Are you a real estate agent, mortgage consultant, builder, real estate broker, appraiser, construction worker, etc?

The Internet is the wave of the future. You can no longer sell homes without at least some sort of internet presence.

According to Harris Polls….over 70% of people in the world use the Internet.

The Internet is the most trusted source for purchases and this includes houses.

Chances are…you already have some sort of Internet presence on the web. You may have gone with a real estate web site design company for your design. You may think your design is ok. Is it really?

That is the first thing prospective clients see when they click on a link to your web site. If they don’t like the design then they leave. The web site design company may even make templates that you can use. However, did you know that you aren’t the only one using the same exact template?

I have gone to enough real estate sites to realize that these companies are making a lot of money by cloning your site. People that are buying homes aren’t going to want to see a clone site. In fact, many may not even realize it is a clone site. They click on your link and leave as soon as they see the design, not even realizing that your site is different.

These sites contain the same articles, same look, same design, etc. They are based on image marketing. Image marketing isn’t going to fly on the Internet. It just doesn’t work anymore.

You are probably wondering what image marketing is. In the early 1980กs real estate agents realized how successful image marketing was. Back then they used catchy slogans (such as #1 in sales), told you everything they had that other agents didn’t, and used images (including their faces), to win you over so you’d choose them as your agent.

Since the 1980กs people have gotten wiser. They no longer care what you have, what your credentials are, or that you are ข#1 in salesข. Did you know nearly every agent in your area claims to be #1 in sales? How do you know? You can’t track other agents sales since they all work on commission.

So what can you do? Stop using the words ขME ME MEข and start using the word กYOU!ก

Let them know exactly what you have to offer them. List what you can do for them. There are numerous ways you can do this without compromising your job and your commission.

Offer them FREE informative articles.

Did you know that I went to a real estate agent’s site and they wanted me to put in my phone number and email just so I could read their free article? Doesn’t this seem a little odd to you? I don’t even have to mention the kind of spam I received once I did put in my email. I was contacted daily with statistics (that seemed to be made up), information, and a bunch of updates on the agent’s web site progression. I don’t care how many sales he had in August. I just wanted to read his article on Moving when you Have Pets.

This is the number one way to LOSE clients not gain them. No one wants to be nagged incessantly to buy or sell their home. Buying and selling a home is one of the BIGGEST processes a person will go through. They can lose or gain money in the end, and choosing the wrong agent isn’t something they want to do.

So, don’t let them choose the wrong agent. Offer them buyer, seller, investment, and even FSBO articles. Why FSBO’s? If you are so willing to offer information on how a client can sell a home on their own then you really must care about your clients. You won’t be getting anything in return for FSBO articles…or will you?

Did you know that over 90% of home sellers that start out as FSBO’s end up going with an agent? They do not get results, don’t understand the process well enough, or it simply is too much work for them to handle. They may not have the time to put in to selling the home on their own. When choosing an agent they are going to remember the person who was so willing to help them out, by offering advice and information. They are going to remember you!

Give them indepth information on the area you serve.

Did you know that one of the biggest complaints home buyers have is not enough information on the cities, towns, and communities in your area? You need to do more than just list a link to the URL for each community page. Have a history, demographics (such as income level, number of residents), school information, and businesses listed about each city and town you serve. You may even want to include pictures, small maps, and anything else you can think of to make the page really stand out.

You are offering something very few real estate agents even consider offering. The prospective clients will have a much better understanding of the area, and can decide where they want to move, and what they can afford.

Community pages usually list hospitals, businesses, restaurants, sporting facilities, and recreational opportunities for your area. You may even want to list important community events such as festivals, fairs, and holiday celebrations. This will definitely be helpful to current residents and prospective residents.

Your time and effort will pay off in the end. The buyer is going to want to go with the person that offers the most information on the area they are moving. Why not let this person be you?

Offer free calculators.

If you are a mortgage consultant why not offer free calculators on your site so your clients can see what kind of loan they may be eligible for? The calculators may have different requirements and can give them a basis to go off of before they contact you to assist them through the mortgage process.

Blogs and Forums

You may want to have your own web blog and forums on your site. The search engines place these two things very high if there is content on them that is relevant to your site topic. You can write articles or post other real estate articles on your blog. Forums not only give you a place to post articles, they also give you a visible way to interact with clients (prospective and current) in a public setting. You can answer questions and it is a very humanizing thing. People will see you less and less as the elusive agent they know only enough about through your web site. They will see you as a well informed, caring individual.

Once they realize that you are in fact a human (much like they are!) and not just a concept in their mind they are going to be more willing to trust you with the sale of their home, their mortgage, and/or choose you to build their home.

Team up with a Local Group

People looking to buy a home are more likely to work with a team (or network) then a solitary individual. If you are an agent you probably work with the same inspector, appraiser, or loan specialist. Why not become a team? You can refer clients to one another and create a network of clients. You also get your name out there because you aren’t the only one working for you…your team is promoting your business, as well.

There are many other things you can do to increase your visibility on the Internet and increase your profits. You just need to remember that the client always comes first. When you do this, you are sure to win over clients every time!

For more information on how to promote your real estate web site, the importance of real estate web site design, SEO, linking, and more email me at or go through the contact form at my web site

(This article can be replicated so long as a link back to my site is added, and proper credit is given. Thanks in advance.)

About The Author

Dominick Evans is the Head Designer for DomAsh Designs a web site design company that specializes in web site design, promotion, internet marketing, virtual assistance, and writing services for business professionals. DomAsh Designs specializes in work for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Mortgage Specialists, entertainment web sites, retail, pop culture sites, and the computer industry. A new division of DomAsh Designs is going to start offering family based web design within the new year. All work is copyright to Dominick Evans

This article was posted on December 27, 2004

by Dominick Evans

Planning To Get Rich With Your Internet Business?

Planning To Get Rich With Your Internet Business?

by: Michel Richer

The web is a great opportunities. Imagine millions of customer. Its a huge cybermarket ! Itกs a trillion millions dollars market waiting for you !

Letกs face it everyone wants to succeed with their internet business ? Iv been in business since 1995 ive spend thousand upon thousand of hours on the web searching for the ultimate web business. Not counting the thousand hours spent on reading and experimenting those offer.

Letกs talk face to face there is no easy way to succeed. Talk to people who succeed like George Walton of walmart or other like Donald Trump. They will tell you that it takes determination and a good ideas. You have to be a man of action to really succeed.

Like i said there is no easy road. But of course you can succeed like me. You have to be persistant.

You have to build your business brick by brick. One step at a time. You start at the base of the ladder first. Everyone who as succeeded in life have start at the base. Thats a fact of life. Like the man you are today start as a baby.

Is your business still in its infancy ? Your business is gonna grow day by day. It takes approximatively 5 years to grow a business.

Like an infant you have to learn and experiment every day and be persistent. Don’t do like me and buy every ebbook and books on the web from unknow author who sells you books for 97$ or 47$.Thats creazy. Buy real books in library or at amazon or at my site

Like any business a web business is the same. But of course its a global market you can reach easily millions of people.

To reach those people you have to distinguish yourself.

You have to be professionnal.

1. You need a real domain name. (keep your name as short and simple as possible).

2. You need a real email. give your name or your email have to be the same as you domain name ex: my email is

3.You have to advertise like in google adwords and put yourselk in good position in search engine.

4.Have a good product and affiliate program.

5.Be honest and honest again

6.Become an expert in your field.

7.Have a good business plan.

8.Keep asking yourself everyday how you can do better and better.

9.Think of your sucess and the success of other.

10.Have small goal everyday. The small goal become big goal.

Everyone want to succeed but not everyone will. The difference between your success and you non success is your belief and commitment to truly succeed.

Are you a real business man or just a daydreamer ?


My name is Michel Richer. You can reprint this article freely on your site. You just have to put this link with this article.

Courtesy of

About The Author

Michel Richer is the business manager and webmaster of He is dedicated to helping you succeed on the Internet. With over 10 years experience in internet business and a solid reputation in the industry. You can take a look at his website at:

This article was posted on February 06, 2004

by Michel Richer

3 Easy Step To Locate A Real Bargain On Laptop Bat

3 Easy Step To Locate A Real Bargain On Laptop Batteries

by: Jim Panyavorachart

Looking for a real bargain on laptop batteries? How do I know the batteries are running good as advertised? Which merchants are offering quality rechargeable cells? Where can I get the bargain? Where to buy?
Many of you have some of these questions? Certainly!!. We surely want to saving our hard to earn $$ and only buy quality cells.
Here are the simple 7 ways to to locate the real bargain.
1. Shop online Why?
Most of suppliers/distributors are now targetting retail consumers themselves. The online store overheads are much less than retail stores. No store leasing, No utitlity bills and much less employee payrolls. With all these, they can pass the big savings to customers. Importantly, they have the same guarantee and warranty as retail…itกs convenient!!! Quailty merchants offer FREE shipping!!
2. Find the saving coupons
This is the beauty!!….กsaving couponsก….Online marketting is highly competitive. They are million of stores out there. Merchants want to get noticed, they want sales…they issue saving coupons for marketting…….buying your laptop batteries using กonline saving couponก is double savings.
how to find?…here we go….
go to your favorite search engines กlaptop battery couponก as an example. you will find many coupons from many merchants… what…which one to buy?? ….let move to the next step.
3. Find the quality merchants (ONLY)
Now we found many merchants selling online and offering saving coupons. Let buy…?? Nope…not yet…..please make no mistake buy from the cheapest possible stores is NOT a real bargain. We also want quality. laptop batteries need to meet or exceed the original battery specification. Merchants need to own the following qualities…

Free shipping
Free handling
Free customer support
Well established in battery industry
30 days return policy
Full manufacturer warranty
Guarantee to meet or exceed the original specification
100% fully compatible with your laptops
Online FAQs for yor battery inquiries
Optional express shipping How do we know?…..Let brainstorm!!!!…Let hear from others!!!….Review customer comments….Most quality merchants are listing their customer testimonials, customer ratings from 3rd party rating system such as BizRate, epinion,Pricegrabber or Dealtime.

You can normally locate the Bizrate reviews at the merchantsก homepages. Simply click on the links they provide to review previous customersก comments.
Simply follow these 3 easy steps, you will find the real bargain comparing to local retail stores. Have a pleasant online shopping experience!!

About The Author

Jim publishes the laptop battery resource including tips, knowledge and information on cusomter reviews and merchant raintgs @ Join the newsletter subscribe today

This article was posted on May 10, 2004

by Jim Panyavorachart

Spy Like A Professional

Spy Like A Professional

by: Joe Andrea Gooden

Spies are one of the most popular characters in movies. One of the most famous spies we know of is James Bond, whom we all love to watch. While being a spy is more of a fantasy than a real life job, there are many all around us covertly working for the FBI or CIA. Working as a real life spy is one of the most challenging and intense careers.

The training and work ethic requires only the best of the best.

Working for one of those organizations is about as close as it gets to being a spy. You’re not going to be a flashy, save the girl and save the world type while saving the world in point five seconds before it is destroyed. You will complete missions around the world and may have a large impact in world events. Being a spy is one of the most influential careers out there, as your spy surveillance will help the world leader make some of the most difficult decisions they will face day to day.

While you may not get the laser watches and missile launching cars that you see all of the time in the Bond or other spy movies, the surveillance products are high tech. Much of the equipment in these movies is available in real life such as listening devices like bugs or hidden cameras to record the evidence that our justice system requires. These items and all of the real life spy equipment are available in

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by Joe Andrea Gooden

HighTech Real Estate Marketing

HighTech Real Estate Marketing

by: Dale Ryan Serbousek

A quick glance through the Sunday real estate ads reveals that most homes are sold the old fashioned way. By print ads and word of mouth. Truth be told, placing your home in the Sunday paper does little more than quench the ego of the agent listing your home. Demand more!

Traditional real estate marketing reaches about 70% of the people who want to buy your home. The other 30% are buyers who are outofarea. They are the buyers who surf the web, looking for a home in the town their employer just relocated them to. They are the buyers who are looking for a retirement home, or a second home near their kids. If you are not placing your home in front of these buyers, you could be chopping thousands of dollars off the selling price of your home.

Lets look at eBay for an example. Most sellers tell you the key to getting the highest dollars amount for an item is to have as many potential buyers looking at the item. The final selling price is directly prortional to the number of people watching the auction. The same holds true for selling your house.

In closing, ask your real estate agent how they plan to advertise your home on the internet. Do not let them get away with placing your home in the Sunday paper, and calling it a day. Sure, your home will sell. It may even sell fast in some markets; however, the only successful real estate transaction is the one where you get the most money when selling your home. Now go getกem.

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Dale Serbousek is and ePRO Realtor in Bellingham, Washington. He specializes in hightech real estate marketing, helping sellers realize the full value of their property. He is also a coveted eBay Powerseller, a title owned by less than 1% of all eBay sellers.

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by Dale Ryan Serbousek



by: Steven Battle

What if … could quit your current job and start your own business?

What if … were your own boss?

What if …. you could work from your home or where ever you choose to work from ?

What if ….. you had a realistic plan to retire in 5 years?

What if … could be TOTALLY debt free in less than one year?

What if …. you could change your family legacy?

What if ….. you could earn in excess of $250,000 in less than one year?

What if ….. you could learn a skill that will pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

What if …. you could earn enough money within 3 months to take the rest of the year off?

What if …. you possessed unique and valuable information that some individuals and corporations would be willing to pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

What If …. there is a business opportunity available to you NOW that will offer you all of these benefits?


It sounds too good to be true, Right… Maybe, but WHAT IF it were really true?

What will YOU DO NOW?


1) You can do absolutely nothing…. telling yourself that this business is all hype and is not real. Well, guess what, most people select this option since it is easy to continue doing whatever you have been doing and it doesn’t require you to take any action. It will take time and work to research business opportunities and you must be willing to invest your time to verify to yourself whether or not this business opportunity is fact or fiction, or

2) You can develop the mindset to research and gather all of the information necessary for you to prove to yourself that this is real, and that it’s an opportunity that you are interested in! While there are thousands of business opportunities to choose from, there are likely to be only a few that will fit your interest and needs. Consider the following factors when starting a new business:

Having a working business model to copy from

Special Niche in the Marketplace

Low Startup Costs

Early Stage Market Timing

Having a Competitive edge in the Marketplace

Having a Unique Marketing and Distribution Plan

What if…. There was one business opportunity that encompasses all of these special qualities and benefits?

I know you are eager for me to tell you about this awesome business opportunity, so I will tell you…. WE LOCATE COMMERCIAL FINANCING FOR BUSINESSS, in other words, WE SELL COMMERCIAL MONEY.

Durante Parks, Master Money Broker, has developed a Unique Commercial Financing Home Business System. This system offers you all of the financial tools and information necessary for beginners to learn how to operate a successful VIRTUAL OFFICE MONEYSTORE!

To learn more about this NEW and EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, click below to view an example of the VIRTUAL OFFICE MONEYSTORE!

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