FFA/Reversed Marketing

FFA/Reversed Marketing

by: Thomas Grodem

Have you ever submitted your ad to an FFA page? most likely you have. Did you get any results from it or did you just get a ton of emails in your inbox?

FFA pages are gaining popularity popping like bombs everywhere!

What is an FFA page? It is a free for all page.

How it works is quite simple: you place a line of text on the FFA site for free…like thousands of other advertisers each day.

The problem with FFA pages is that everybody is submitting their ad to it. So each time a new ad is submitted, all the other ads roll down one rank and the oldest ad is dropped of. What originally gave an exposure of days per submission, today only gives you about 30 minutes. This means you have to submit at least 3 times a day. You can do this automatically by using an auto submitter, which claims to submit your ad to a zillion websites. You must understand that this is not regular websites, but search engines, Directories and FFA pages.Still it is a lot of ads, and someone might see it.

The lack of results from these ads is because:

your ad is mixed in with hundreds of other ads

Have you ever visited an FFA page and looked at the ads? Today most people use automated submission tools, so they never visits the site.

If someone does visit the page, your ad could be gone within a few hours or less.

Fore those of you that has submitted your ads to FFA pages, you must have noticed all the emails you receive back.

How would you like to be the one sending out those emails?

What i am saying is that you shouldn’t POST to FFA pages… You should HOST your own FFA page!

There is several ways to approach hosting your own FFA page.

You could create it yourself if you know how. Or, there is someone willing to help you for free. Go to http://ratesaver.com.au/lp.htm

The next step you have to do is notifying URL submission services.

The manual way: use search engines like google to find URL submission services and notify them of your links page

The automatic way: go to http://ratesaver.com.au/tsalintro.htm

Enter your links page title and address. Press submit and you will notify over 140 URL submission services about your page.

This service costs us$19.95.

Now you are the one sending out all those emails with your info in them. It’s called ‘reversed advertisingก. And it’s the most effective way to market yourself on the internet today!

About The Author

Thomas Grodem publishes Home Business Tips, a fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If you’re looking for the best rated home business opportunities, the latest time saving tools and helpful support from an honest friend in the business come by and grab a FREE subscription today at: http://prosperconnection.com


This article was posted on September 06, 2003

by Thomas Grodem

Do Marketers Really Need RSS?

Do Marketers Really Need RSS?

by: Rok Hrastnik

The recent Forrester Research study, which claims that only 2% of online households in North America use RSS, took the internet marketing world by storm. Does this data really mean that marketers can still afford to ignore this channel?

Soon after the Forrrester study became public, I received a press enquiery asking whether marketers should be interested in RSS now that so few online adults use it.

Is this the correct question to ask? Let’s take a look at the bigger picture …


The Forrester study is just one of those available and cannot be considered as the only relevant study, although it was conducted on a sample of 68,000 households.

Jupiter Research estimates RSS penetration at 12% of the American online population, while the latest report from PEW shows that 9% of the American online population has a good idea of what RSS is. An October 2004 PEW study actually estimated RSS penetration at 5%.

It is also important to understand that Forrester data does not include those that might not even be aware they are using RSS, especially through services such as My.Yahoo, which is actually the most popular RSS reader.

Also, at the same time, Forrester Vice President Henry Harteveldt says that »RSS is critical for any organization that wants to reach out to people under the age of 30«.


Regardless of the numbers we put our faith in, the future growth of RSS is without question. Microsoft just recently announced full RSS support in the next edition of their Internet Explorer browser and full RSS integration in the next edition of their operating system, the Windows Vista.

Once RSS becomes easily available to most internet users outofthebox and becomes as widely spread as bookmarks, its adoption will grow at an incredible rate. Microsoft has now made sure this in fact will happen.

Consequently, the time for marketers to not only become interested in RSS but also master it is now. Those that test and discover the best possible ways of using RSS for marketing will be ahead of their competition once everyone starts using RSS.

Furthermore, since RSS implementation can actually be free of any charge, there’s no reason not to start providing your content in RSS feeds now.


Microsoft and Yahoo! aren’t the only big players to show support for RSS. Google recently launched RSS advertising as part of their Google AdSense program, giving publishers reason to start their own RSS feeds to generate direct revenues.

Those that depend on Google AdSense for part or all of their online revenues actually need to provide RSS feeds, or stand to lose some of those revenues due to their visitors switching to sites and feeds from their competitors.

Face it, today many users are already starting to request publishers provide them with RSS to subscribe to their content. This trend will only continue, with many users selecting RSS as their primary channel of receiving and reading online content.


All marketers today are experiencing email delivery problems, constantly wondering whether their messages are getting through or not. Simply put, email can no longer be relied on.

For one, offering your content via RSS as a supplement to email will help you make certain that at least a portion of your visitors, those that decide for the RSS option, will be receiving all of your content without any doubt.

Lockergnome.com decided to start pushing RSS instead of email some time ago, and as a result saw that their RSS feeds are outperforming email when it comes to clickthrough rates for about 500%. Also an interesting fact, they today have 5 times more RSS subscribers than email subscribers.

And two, for your most important content updates, RSS really is becoming a must, especially if you need to be in contact with your existing customers, partners and other key audiences. If you want to be 100% certain that your messages reach your audience, RSS is the way to go.


But all of the above don’t even touch all the reasons why marketers should start using RSS today …

a) RSS will help you generate additional traffic and reach new audiences. Considering the low cost of RSS implementation, this is reason enough to get started with RSS today.

b) RSS helps you to easily get your content published on other sites, thus generating you more credibility and visitors.

c) As a publisher you can use RSS to display content from other sources, thus making your site more relevant and interesting to your existing visitors.

And the list goes on and on.

RSS may not be mainstream yet, but it provides enough advantages even today to make it a mustchoice for marketers.

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

About The Author

Rok Hrastnik

Find out immediately how you can power your online business with RSS and integrate it in all of your marketing. Request the free 28page Business Case for RSS report, with easytofollow instructions, examples and advice on how to get the most out of RSS in the shortest possible time. Get the free download here: http://rssdiary.marketingstudies.net/case/index.html?src=sa15

This article was posted on August 09

by Rok Hrastnik

Boost Your Selling Power With Your CallToAction

Boost Your Selling Power With Your CallToAction Phrases

by: Vanessa Selene Williams

Look at your marketing material. Now, is there something missing? If you’re missing a phrase or paragraph requesting your customer’s business, your copy is lacking an essential component. You can’t assume that your customers will know why they should act, how they should, or when they should act.
Still unsure of what ขcalltoactionข is. Look at late night infomercials. Notice how they emphasize calling the tollfree number with your check and/or credit card number handy. How they say if you call now, you’ll receive a free gift with your purchase, but only if you call within the next few minutes.
There’s a reason why most infomercials follow this formula – it works of course. It’ll also work for you, whether you’re including it in your web copy or a print ad.
A calltoaction can be as simple as saying ขorder todayข or as elaborate detailing a sevenstep process. A good calltoaction ties in with the goal of your copy. If you’re goal is to sell, don’t ask them to call you for more information, ask them to purchase your product today.
Other essentials elements include:

Tell your customers when and how to contact you. Can they call? Email? Fax?
Explain why they should buy. More money? Easier life? Pride?
Instill a sense of immediacy. Since most customers will likely forget if they wait, the sooner you can get them to respond, the better. What’ll happen if they purchase today? Will they get a free gift? Will they receive the product immediately? Will they save time and money?

Another helpful hint, don’t save your calltoaction phrase for last. Place them throughout your copy. Incorporate phrases like: Purchase our product today and…. Pick up the phone and call and you’ll learn….
Already have a decent calltoaction? Pump it up. Include every possible way customers can contact and buy from you. Give an example of how you’ll make their life better and easier. This could be. Buy this power broom today and it’ll cut your cleaning time by 75%. Imagine what you can with an extra three hours each week.
Want some more examples? Here are some courtesy of my mailbox.
ขHurry! This ขfree sample invitationข & FREE GIFT offer won’t last long. Just mail back the FREESAMPLE certificate today. So you don’t miss it.ข
ขClasses begin throughout the year, so there’s no better time to start than now. Call 1xxxxxxxxxx todayข
ขDo it today. Enroll online. Mail your RiskFree Trial Certificate. Or call 1xxxxxxxxxx nowข See how easy they made it to respond.
Get an unbeatable 0% APR FOR LIFE on transferred balances with the xxxxxxxx Platinum Card. It’s easy – just fill out the Application below and mail it today!
So, what are you waiting for? Go plant those calltoaction phrases in your copy and watch your business grow…right now.

About The Author

Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for businesses and corporations. Visit her online at http://corp.vswilliams.com or email her at info@vswilliams.com to learn more.

This article was posted on July 31, 2004

by Vanessa Selene Williams

Advertising doesn’t cost…it pays!

Advertising doesn’t cost…it pays!

by: Robert Kennedy

Well this has been a busy day. I am truly fatigued. So I may cut my writings today short, but not cheap. We set a sales record today and entered more new printing orders than any other day since our inception in 1989. Today was a banner day…great.

What I want to write about today was advertising…

When should I advertise?

How should I advertise?

How much of a budget should I allow?

These are the three BASIC questions each business needs to answer before listing in any advertising campaign, online or offline. I will address each of these points very briefly in a matter of opinion.

When should I advertise? When you’re busy. Many businesses make the mistake of advertising when they are not busy. This will often lead to the ‘feast or famine’ result. The time to advertise is always. If you need to start somewhere advertise when you are busy and watch the peeks and valleys level out.

How often should I advertise? Repetition is good, it helps create brand awareness. Find the venue that works best for you and stick with it. Keep flow charts running so you can calculate return. Advertising, done properly doesn’t cost…it pays.

How much of a budget should I allow? This answer usually comes from your business plan. Work your plan and plan your work. If you come in under budget and achieved or exceed projected results put the funds into growth of your business.

Here are a few free tips that may help you:

Tip 1

Do me a favor. The next time you are shopping at your local WalMart, Home Depot or Tops, create a third eye for ADVERTISING. Walk the isles you would normally walk and buy the items you would normally buy. At the same time, keep your third eye opened. You will begin to recognize some common factors. Signage colors, placement of merchandise, free sample booths or aroma of baked goods. Allow these corporate giants to show you some advertising psychology that has proven success and apply these concepts in your world.

Helpful Links

Psychology of color http://www.weprintcolor.com/moodofcolour.htm

What do you see? http://www.cs.toronto.edu/%7Emoraes/illusion.html

How does color affect your mood? http://www.weprintcolor.com/usingcolour2.htm

Tip 2

If you are an online business, exposure to search engines is becoming increasing difficult. Search engines are where most websites receive visitors from. Once your website is completed and ready for business submit it to search engines, guides and directories. Especially the more prominent ones such as Google, Yahoo, MSN. You may even want to consider a paid listing at Yahoo. Google offers AdWords and AdSense, great programs. AdSense offers you revenue opportunities fir running text ads on your site. Every time the ads get clicked Google will pay you. On the other side there is AdWords. AdWords offer you an opportunity to advertise your product offerings in the text ads that appear on there search pages. In both cases all you need to do is apply:

AdWords https://adwords.google.com/select/

AdSense https://www.google.com/adsense/

How to make money with AdSense http://www.createonlinebusiness.com/adsense_index.html

Tip 3

Design and print quality marketing material. So many businesses try to cut costs in the wrong areas, when it comes down to your image don’t cheap out. Also do not forget to print your website address all of your company’s printing and marketing material. It would surprise you the amount of times I see this being overlooked. Keep all of your expensive, high quality printing brief in content and more about image. Why, you might ask? Unfortunately, in my business I have seen my share of wasted printed matter because someone didn’t proof read the properly, product information changed or prices changed. Display all of this information on your website, changes are far easier and cheaper to implement.

Helpful links:

Full Color Business Cards with Free Coating http://www.weprintcolor.com/

The importance of Logo Branding http://www.designlogos.net/

Download Business Templates http://www.cardtemplates.com/

Well that’s about it for me today, I’m on my way to Walmart.

About The Author

Robert is the marketing director of a leading online printing and design firm http://www.weprintcolor.com. Robert believes in an educated customer and has created a personal blog, online to help achieve this goal. Learn commercial printing and design tips from the pros http://www.weprintcolors.com.

This article was posted on December 14, 2004

by Robert Kennedy

Use Your Computer For Your Entertainment Needs

Use Your Computer For Your Entertainment Needs

by: Robert Dorrance

By using your computer today you can find a lot of different music and movie programs. From downloading music and movies directly from the internet to buying subscriptions, joining clubs, and even renting, all from the comfort of your home.
Today is a fast paced world and by having the luxury of not having to fight traffic or stand in lines makes getting your entertainment a lot easier.
Some of the more popular programs available include… filesharing programs or also called p2p programs have cropped up all over the Internet, are easily accessible and range from being free to about twenty dollars. Also included in this category are companies such as Napster, Realrhapsody, Emusic, Itunes, Musicmatch, and even WalMart, offer music downloads on a pay per song or album basis, ranging from .79 per song to about ten dollars for an album. You are able to burn these songs to a CD.
Music and movie clubs are still a strong player in the entertainment industry. Columbia House and BMG are still the two biggest music clubs today and offer outstanding bargains to join their respective clubs. Columbia House also offers a DVD club, which also includes a very good initial offer to join. Disney movie club has plenty of titles for the youngsters in your life.
If you don’t care to join any music or movie clubs, you can always rent them. Netflix, WalMart and others give you the opportunity to rent your movies or concerts and have them delivered directly to your front door with all postage paid both to and from the company. These plans are about twenty dollars a month and you can rent as many as you want during that time. You can take up to three titles at a time. If you are a movie lover, this is really a good plan and very convenient.
Take advantage of your computer and the ease at which you can obtain your entertainment needs. All these different companies have safe and secure online ordering. Give it a try and have fun.
Let your computer help you with your entertainment needs.

About The Author

Robert Dorrance has been a music and movie lover for years and has a dedicated website for people to easily find out what some of their entertainment choices are by using a computer to help you make an informed decision.


This article was posted on May 12, 2004

by Robert Dorrance

Tech Buzz Today!

Tech Buzz Today!

by: Greg Richburg

Today’s popculture spouts hiphop, camera phones, 50ข Plasma HDTVs, high speed Internet access, web cams and integrated global espionage right there in your living room, office PC or PDA. I have access to more information today than I could have ever dreamed!! Someone call security! Am I being oppressed?!

I want my instantaneous access to information about bombs, adult media and Viagara without a prescription. I want to download music and not pay a dime, not to mention movies and software. I had ขThe Passion of the Christข on DVD before it was even in the theatres. I want more popcorn Jiffy on the double. I want my MTV!

What is happening? What is happening to us?

I can’t get a thing done these days without first making sure I’m not going to become a slaughtered lamb. And these days, my life is busy helping people fend off advertisers, hackers, and malicious ขmalwareข programmers that live their meager live just for the sake of twisting society. If I could only get my hands on the creator of the Netsky virus…

ขWork smarter not harder.ข

Have you ever heard that before? Of course you have. Today, the smart workers come ready. They are careful, especially in an office environment, but even in the home. There are methods to the madness; there are ways to go about your business prepared.

The first rule in American economics… ขWhy build one when you can build two for twice as much? Huh? Does that make a bit of sense? Actually in a network it does. If one fails, the other takes over. It is that simple.

I walked into a multimillion dollar business the other day as an analyst. I was just there to offer some recommendations, nothing more. A single hard drive failure and their entire operation would be in shambles. I really couldn’t believe it.

With the absurd abilities of a moderately intelligent high school kid, it amazes me that some of our most successful entrepreneurs take unnecessary risks. A simple RAID installation, a hard drive mirror, a backup tape drive, and a professional firewall are all fundamental when planning to secure your future.

If a hard drive crashes in a raid array, one of the other drives in the array can handle the load until the failed drive is replaced. That is the idea! In a hard drive mirror, if the primary drive fails, a simple switch and you are back up and running in no time. Replace the failed drive and recreate the mirror. YES!

What about viruses, file corruption, or accidental deletions?

A tape drive system can quickly backup 40 gigabytes of information on a daily basis. Archive your backups. You lose a file, so what. Restore from backup. Of course, you should always use a solid AntiVirus system as well.

Are there resolutions to the difficulties presented to our future? If we protect ourselves well enough, I guess we can limit our worries. I am not sure. But some things are still for certain. Death and taxes. Everything else is just a handshake. Make sure you keep your hands washed.

A Rule for the road:

If you are running backups on your network, and you have not tested the restore process, how are you sure that your backups are running successfully? Your disaster recovery plan should include a monthly test of your restore process.

By Greg Richburg

Netricks, Inc.


About The Author

Greg Richburg a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and the owner of Netricks, Inc. a network consulting, web design and hosting company in California. Visit Netricks at http://www.netricks.com.

As well, Greg runs a web based distributorship for Ujena swimwear and clothing. Please visit http://www.klickcommerce.com and http://www.webbikinistore.com for details.

All past articles written by Greg Richburg are available at http://www.netricks.com/news. Please address article suggestions to: 1919@netricks.com.

This article was posted on January 26

by Greg Richburg

5 Strategies That Will Boost Your Business Product

5 Strategies That Will Boost Your Business Productivity Today! Part 2

by: Glen Smyth

Growing your own small business can be one of the most exciting journeys you could ever embark upon!

But itกs important that you continuously implement new and fresh ways to generate sales and improve your profitability in order to stay ahead of the market!

Here are the next 5 Strategies to help you propel your business to new heights of success!

1. Develop your own Loyalty Program

If you have a look in my wallet, I have a Jesters Pies Card, a Subway Card and a Video Ezy card – all of which entitle me to something for nothing once I have made enough purchases!

Some people will call me cheap…I just think it makes sense! If I’m going to buy something anyway…why not go somewhere that rewards me for my loyalty?

If people have to buy your type of product or service from somewhere, why not make it more attractive for them to buy from you?

Create your own loyalty program and create regular, satisfied customers who get rewarded for giving you their business!

2. Collect email addresses from your clients (with their permission!)

The most cost effective form of marketing today is via email and if you haven’t already started collecting your client’s email addresses then start today. You may wonder how that could possibly help you grow your business, but let me give you an example.

I recently heard of a Hairdresser who started collecting email addresses from her clients each time they came to have their hair cut – with the promise that she would keep them informed of any specials that she might be offering.

Now, when she looks at the next week’s bookings – if there are lots of spare appointments she fires out an email to all of her clients offering a special for ‘Next Week Only!’ – and bingo! She has a full week of appointments.

She’s happy and her clients are made to feel even more special that they’ve picked up a reward for their loyalty!

3. Create your own monthly newsletter

Every business has something interesting to share with their clients and I’m sure yours is no exception! Once again, by using your email addresses, you can provide a very low cost service to your clients, and give you an excuse to keep in touch with them every month.

If you’re an accountant, then why not provide financial tips relating to the time of year. Eg GST info, Tax Tips etc.

If you are a mechanic, what about some tips for keeping your engine running smoothly. Eg Checking the oil and water, tyre pressure etc.

Maybe you’re a Lawnmowing contractor…what about suggestions for keeping your grass green and lush according to the different seasons.

Of course each month you can also offer ‘specials’ to your loyal clients to bring in extra profits during the quieter times. In the meantime, you’re building a stronger relationship with your existing clients.

4. When was the last time you raised your prices?

Here’s an instant way to increase your profits!

Are you underselling your services? Have you checked what your competitors are charging recently?

By adding some of the value added services that I’ve already addressed in the previous questions, you can probably also add some increases to your pricing without too much drama from your clients.

If you have an excellent product or service, don’t become the discount king or queen…become the Exceptional Service Provider.

People don’t mind paying for good quality service…because there is so little of it around!

If you mow a fifty lawns a week at $16 each, are people really going to mind if you increased your price to $17? Or what about even $20 – but each month you left them with a special report about how to care for some aspect of their lawn or garden for that month of the year or maybe even threw some fertilizer on their grass! (Theyกll need to get you back even sooner if their grass grows better!)

You just added an additional $50 $150 to your weekly profits for very little extra work!

Think creatively!!

5. Develop your own Board of Directors

You probably know of other successful business operators in totally different fields from you, and their ideas could also be of benefit to your business.

Why not create your own Board of Directors. Offer to take them out to lunch as a group every two months and brainstorm for ideas on what they would do if they were running your business.

You may pick up two or three new ideas which is not a bad return on your investment of lunch!

Successful people love to share their ideas, so become a sponge and learn as much as you can!

Start applying these principles to your business today, and watch your profits grow!

About The Author

Glen Smyth is the author of the popular new eBook, ‘The Small Business Success Guide’. Discover how you can build your own profitpulling small business, starting today: http://www.smallbusinesssuccessguide.com. Make sure you also sign up for the WOW! Factor Newsletter which is full of great ideas from other Small Business owners!


This article was posted on September 24, 2003

by Glen Smyth

A Thing of The Past or The Wave of The Future?

A Thing of The Past or The Wave of The Future?

by: Denise Hall

The world of small businesses started crashing down in the recent past and continues to do so. Not long ago many home businesses were thriving, but now they’re caving in to a faltering economy.

Letกs take, for example, handmade crafts. While crafting was a lucrative homebased business as little as two or three years ago, itกs seen nothing but a decline in sales since then. Many crafters have gone completely out of business in the past year alone.

Why? Because the average American has less money to spend on luxuries and unnecessary items. The กdownsizedก world we live in today has caused a snowball effect in many aspects of our lives.

Letกs continue to use the example of handmade crafts. Craft supplies are a necessary expense, of course. And for those who travel each weekend to sell their wares at outoftown craft shows, there are other expenses to take into consideration. The average cost for one craft show can easily run $75$100, not including the cost of the supplies.

And so the crafter starts a vicious circle. S/he spends money trying to make money, but doesn’t make enough to cover the expenses, let alone turn a profit.

On the other hand, many other small businesses are booming. The Internet has given many people the opportunity to start and build successful homebased businesses, with very few overhead costs.

There are plenty of businesses that can be operated from home using little more than a computer and the Internet. While the craft business used to require the กpersonalก approach, it can now become less so.

Crafters who can no longer afford to travel to sell their products, can sell via a website instead. More people are shopping online than ever before. Now they don’t have to wait to attend the local craft show to buy their handmade goodies. They can simply visit their favorite website at their convenience.

I used crafts as one example only. There are many other businesses in the same boat. But with a little effort and knowhow, small business owners can turn their failing businesses into successful Internet businesses.

Business owners who currently rent office space can eliminate that expense by turning a room in their home into an office. Naturally, if clients need to be seen personally for services, that wouldn’t work. But if itกs possible, changing the location of the office will put more profits in the pockets of the business owner.

Small businesses *can* still survive. They just might have to adapt to changing times. So go with the flow!

About The Author

Denise Hall is the owner of Home Business on a Budget which specializes in tools and resources for your home business needs. Visit http://www.homebusinessonabudget.com today. Subscribe to Home Business on a Budget Newsletter for weekly articles, tips, information and resources. Subscribe at http://tinyurl.com/36e5s today.

If you would like to receive her new articles when they are written, please mailto:hbb_newsletter_articles@a1ebiz.com

This article may be reprinted in its entirety with this resource box included.


This article was posted on April 18, 2004

by Denise Hall

Cracking Down on Spyware

Cracking Down on Spyware

by: Adam Short

Do you know what your computer is doing while you are away? You may be amazed at all of the things that your computer can pick up on a daily basis. First came viruses, and that was a huge threat for many years. We heard about such infections as the Love Bug virus, Doomsday virus, and many more. Most of these could do serious damage to your system. Today, one of the biggest threats to your computer is spyware. What began as an advertising gimmick has begun to spiral out of control. Many companies have begun to abuse the technology.

The concept was simple; create a little program that allows marketers’ access to their customers buying habits. Many major media houses began to get greedy and added more to their spyware programs. A typical spyware program today will continually update your habits and activities and send it back to the home base. While they don’t take sensitive information like credit card numbers or bank accounts, they do prove to be a major threat to computer performance. Each spyware program uses your computer as a live server. Imagine the delays you would experience if you had ten or twenty of these programs at the same time. Your computer would slow down considerably!

So where do these spyware programs come from? You can get infected from a variety of sources. Some are downloaded to give you access to different features such as net searches, coupons, or tips online. Some are bundled with legitimate program downloads. Others are installed without your permission. It doesn’t matter where they come from, because most computers will have spyware at one point or another.

The trick is to figure out how to get rid of it. There are many programs on the market today that can help with these pesky little programs. Many antispyware programs are bundled with virus protection for a total solution. Others can be purchased separately. There is also a wide assortment of free antispyware software that you can choose from as well. Some of these are actually spyware in disguise, so it is important to do your homework beforehand. If you are using a windows based system, Microsoft has come out with an antispyware program that is free for download via their website.

There are also many websites online designed to detect spyware programs. It takes only a few minutes to scan your system, and you can then take care of any problems that you come across.

Deciding to crack down on spyware is a personal decision. Some individuals could care less about them, while others find them to be a terrible nuisance. Your own thoughts and feelings will come into play when you decide your course of action. Some will scan their computer once a month to rid themselves of possible infections, while others will scan their systems daily for spyware infections. Whichever you choose, make sure to find a reputable program that will give you the best results possible. Good luck!

About The Author

Adam Short is freelance writer and creator of http://www.adwarecontrol.info a site providing the latest news and facts about adware.


This article was posted on September 09

by Adam Short

7 Tips for Success

7 Tips for Success

by: John Baker

In this article we mention 7 tips for your success. Thatกs not to say these are the only ones, nor will every successful person use all these. But using these tips will help you succeed.
1 Set Goals A set of goals or goal in writing enables you to have a purpose each day to work toward. Without a goal you may feel you have no purpose. You may have short term goals to achieve each day as well as long term (1 or more years). We are all individuals so we all have different goals. With goals you have something to aim for. Once you have developed a goal, keep negative thoughts like failure, fear, anger and envy from your mind.
2 Willing to Learn You must keep an open mind each day to new ideas, as the world is forever changing. What worked yesterday may not always work today, or maybe not the best way today. View your mistakes as opportunities rather than something to avoid at all cost. Willing to learn new things will make your business and life run better.
3 Perseverance and Patience So often the race is lost because itกs not finished. Success is often just around the next corner or over the next hill. So often itกs lost on the one yard line. In success you must persevere. You can’t fail if you don’t quit.
4 A Plan What specific actions or tasks will carry out your strategy or strategies? Create a sequence of actions and corresponding timeframe. Take time to do some initial planning, using your daily, monthly, and quarterly goals as a guide. Without a plan, you dreams will remain your dreams, and not your reality. But at the same time, do not wait for things to be perfect. Just start!
5 Responsible When you fail, you admit it and move on. You get back up and do it right the next time. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead realize that we learn from every mistake we make, and every obstacle in our path serves to make us stronger and better. You let your actions speak louder than your words. You accept responsibility for your actions and learn from them . No excuses, just results.
6 Vision to See If you can see the success of your goals and dreams months or years before you live them, it will help motivate you. The ability to look ahead, see the future, imagine the good that can and will come from your hard work will motivate you.
7 Friends for Success Everyone who achieves much success does it with the help of countless others. People become successful because they help other people, and people like them. Associate with people who will encourage you. Acknowledge that for every step backward, there is one or more forward steps that bring you closer to your goals.
กFar better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs though checkered by failure, then to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.ก Teddy Roosevelt
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This article was posted on June 23, 2004

by John Baker

A Secret To Extraordinary Accomplishments

A Secret To Extraordinary Accomplishments

by: Willie Crawford

I sat watching a documentary on U.S. Navy SEAL Team Training on the local exercise channel. It showed young men, mostly in their early 20กs, enduring grueling ocean swims in nearfreezing water. It showed these same young men forced to swim underwater (holding their breaths) until a major percentage of them passed out and had to be rescued by their instructors. It showed weeks of grueling training in which ordinary men are transformed into incredible machines with wills of steel and unshakable discipline.

Sitting… transfixed, and marveling at what these young men were able to accomplish, I saw the one missing element that most online business people are missing. I saw an ingredient that if more of them harnessed it, they would be able to accomplish things กin their worldก as magnificent. That one secret ingredient is teamwork. It was the group cohesiveness, and the fact that they were all working for a common purpose that allowed the SEAL Team trainees to accomplish what they would not normally be able to do.

Enter the realm of the online entrepreneur. He sits at his computer, researching, writing and testing ads, tweaking his webpages in an effort to achieve greater search engine ranking, and doing a dozen other chores. Many of these online entrepreneurs do this all alone. They attempt the monumental… to build a six or even seven figure income while operating in a vacuum.

Step back and observe the Internet marketer earning several hundred thousand to several million dollars per year. He doesn’t operate in a vacuum. I know! I lived among and studied these people, and in the process became one of them.

Let me emphasize what you may not be noticing on a conscious level:

Successful Internet marketers all have mentors. Actually many of them mentor each other. They don’t fear sharing things theyกve learned through trial and error with those who will share back with them. They all กcooperate and graduate.ก They don’t have the กscarcity mentality.ก They know that through cooperation the pie actually gets bigger so they each get a bigger piece.

Successful Internet marketers often have coaches, or managers. They do this for the same reason that successful athletes, politicians and celebrities all have coaches or managers. They know that others can often step back and observe whatกs happening in their lives more objectively, and then make sure that they’re only doing things that will move them towards an identified goal. These coaches will push them and challenge them to do more than they would probably do on their own.

Successful Internet marketers have formal and informal brainstorming or masterminding networks. Napoleon Hill, in ‘think And Grow Rich,ก pointed out that this was a common trait among the millionaires that he studied too. Put several people together who have a common interest or goal and itกs a natural breeding ground for breakthrough ideas. The masterminding can be long distance, via conference calls, but itกs usually more productive when itกs at an inperson gathering. These gathering can be as infrequent as twice a year, but they have proven very powerful!

When you think about why the above factors of extraordinary accomplishment are so powerful, it seems to boil down to one word. That word is… accountability. When youกve made a commitment to a group to work towards a common goal, thatกs much more effective than if you just made that commitment to yourself. Thereกs the incredible social pressure of not letting the group down. Thereกs knowing that the success… or failure… of someone else hinges upon your actions. Thatกs an amazing force that you can tap into today which will allow you to do things that you had previously not even imagined possible.

Now that you know the secret, if you’re serious about building an incredible online business you only need to harness it. A good place to find people who are ideal for teaming up with is at seminars and conferences. Thatกs why I attend so many. On breaks, at lunch, and after hours, I bounce ideas off of those with perhaps differing points of view, but with similar objectives.

While seminars and conferences offer lots of useful information and provide a motivational lift inandof themselves, my observation has been that the real กmoneyก is made afterhours. Thatกs where small groups of friends, who only became associates through these events, sit around and put together deals and flow out large projects. They do it around the pool or huddled in an individualกs room. They don’t just brainstorm, they make longterm business commitments. These are commitments that muster in them the same type of effort that I witnessed in the Navy SEAL trainees swimming in the freezing ocean water.

I encourage you to stop procrastinating and act upon this obvious but tooseldom acted upon gem today. If you need help locating events where you can look for ideal partners, visit my resource website:

http://InternetMarketingSeminarSchedule.com It lists a variety of events, and might even offer some very convenient to where you live. Break out of your shell of mediocrity and do it today!

As an aside, the next event that Iกll personally be at is Michael Penlandกs Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Super Conference, in Orlando, Florida, December 3rd 5th. There will be a lot of people there looking for proactive potential business partners. Thatกs the whole purpose of the conference. You can register for it today through a special link Iกve arranged for my clients and friends at:


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This article was posted on November 12, 2004

by Willie Crawford

9 Great Reasons To Help An Internet Marketing Newb

9 Great Reasons To Help An Internet Marketing Newbie

by: Jeff Schuman

Zig Ziglar the famous self help guru was once quoted as saying กYou can get everything you want in life if you help enough people get everything they want in life.ก

No where is this more true than on the internet and internet marketing. I remember when I first started looking into making money on the internet. What an overwhelming feeling. The internet is a big….big…big…world.

When you first get you started you are considered a กNewbie.ก A newbie is an affectionate term given to someone who is new to the internet and all of the geek speak that comes with trying to figure out how to use it.

Do your remember when you first ventured out in the online business world? You probably had questions and problems along the way. Wouldn’t it have been easier if you had help? When a newbie asks for your advice, educate them; answer their questions and help them solve their online business problems. If you do not have the knowledge to help them out, point them in the right direction.

I have found forums as a great way to get information myself as I need it as well as a great place to help people who have particular questions.

Another great place to get help and to help others is Joe Robsonกs ‘the Newbie Club.ก The Newbie Club contains free computer and internet technical problem solving, plus free tutorials, free eBooks, free courses, free guestbooks, free autoresponders, free help and advice, a free newsletter, free affiliate program and a free membership.


When you help out a newbie youกll personally get many benefits as well. Here are 8 great reasons to help out a กNewbieก make money online today.

1. You will have a great feeling knowing you had a part in their success.

2. You could end up being business partners in the future. You could regularly do joint venture and cross promotion deals with each other.

3. They may join an affiliate program or mlm business with you and help you build your business. There are many 2 tier affiliate programs and mlm businesses today that pay you a handsome commission to teach people how to promote their products online.

4. They could help you delvelop a new product or service or help you get an exsisting project off the ground.

5. They may become one of your best friends. Most people can use new friends, even business owners. You never know when you will run across someone online that you enjoy working with and talking to.

6. They may help you out with your business. Maybe they will give you some testimonials or endorsements for your products or services.

7. They might offer you some free advertising space on their web site or in their ezine for your help. You could also exchange advertising with them.

8. They may become one of your best customers today as well as purchase back end products from you in the future.

9. You could exchange links with them and build your link popularity ultimately increasing traffic to your own website.

There are many other benefits you could get from helping a new online business owner. Always remember to help them out because itกs the nice thing to do and not just to benefit your own business.

Copyright 2004 Jeff Schuman

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by Jeff Schuman