Your Alexa Rating Is It Really That Important?

Your Alexa Rating Is It Really That Important?

by: Richard Grady

A discussion in my forum has prompted this newsletter as I think it is important for any online entrepreneur to understand how Alexa ratings work in order that they can understand why they may not be that important to the success of their online business. Too many people make the mistake of concentrating entirely on improving their Alexa ratings but at the end of the day, these rankings are just numbers they won’t put money in the bank.

Alexa is a company owned by the Amazon group and it aims to rank every single website on the Internet in terms of how much traffic it is receiving.

Quite simply, the lower your Alexa ranking, the more traffic your website gets. The ideal scenario would be to have an Alexa ranking of ก1ก. This would mean, in theory, that your website receives more traffic than any other website in the world. Currently this position is held by and as you would expect, other top sites include Microsoft, Google and eBay.

It is generally considered that a website with an Alexa rating of 100,000 or less is receiving a reasonable level of traffic but Alexa can be wildly misleading and very easily manipulated.

To understand why the rankings are misleading, you need to understand how Alexa gathers the data that it uses to create the rankings in the first place. This is really very simple Alexa has a free toolbar that you can download and install within your Internet browser and this reports back to Alexa with the details of every single website that you visit.

Alexa can then use this information to see how many users are visiting a particular website. Then, because not every Internet user has the Alexa toolbar installed, Alexa will multiply the number of visitors by a specific margin to estimate the total number of visitors that a site may typically receive. The important word in the last sentence is กestimateก.

Letกs assume that the above multiplication margin is ten that means that for each Alexa toolbar user that visits a specific web page, Alexa assumes that another nine nontoolbar users will also visit the same page. This means that if 100 toolbar users visit a specific web page on a given day, Alexa will take this as meaning that a total of 1000 people visited the same page in that 24 hour period.

This is where the figures can get distorted. If you have a website that attracts a higher than average number of Alexa toolbar users, then you are going to gain a lower Alexa rating because Alexa doesn’t make any allowance for the fact that their toolbar users visit certain types of site more often. A typical example of this is Internet marketing sites. Most Internet entrepreneurs will have the Alexa toolbar installed because they like to see the Alexa rankings for sites as they visit them (the toolbar shows you this information as soon as you visit a site). But this means that if your website attracts a lot of Internet marketingtype visitors, then your Alexa rating will be inflated above what it should be.

Here is a truelife example:

There was a popular Internet marketing site for sale last year and it had an Alexa rating of about 19,000. I figured it must be getting heavy traffic but when I discussed the matter with the owner/seller, I found that it was only receiving 6000 unique visitors a month! The reason that the Alexa rating was so low was because the majority of these visitors had the Alexa toolbar installed and therefore the calculations were being thrown out massively.

It is also possible to purchase software that will generate false hits to your site using the Alexa technology so that Alexa is fooled into believing that more people are visiting your site. This pushes your Alexa ranking down.

At the end of the day though, what is the point of having a low Alexa rating if you are not making any sales? Sure it is nice to be able to say that your site is in the top 20,000 websites in the world but if the site isn’t earning you an income, this ranking means very little (assuming that it was your intention for the site to earn you an income of course). Personally, I would much rather have a high Alexa ranking but a good income than a low ranking and minimal income.

Of course, there are benefits to the Alexa service and it can be worthwhile installing their toolbar. The toolbar will give you an indication of how busy a particular site is and in turn, how popular it is. This can be helpful when making a decision as to whether to make an online purchase for example. It is also handy for checking out your competitors 🙂

Just don’t get too hung up on Alexa as a measure of how well your business is doing. The real statistics that you should be watching are actual traffic numbers, conversion rates (ie. how many visitors actually buy something) and overall sales. These are the figures that will help you put cash in the bank and improve and grow your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about Alexa and if you wish to install their toolbar, you can do so at

Copyright 2004 Richard Grady

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Richard Grady has been helping people earn online since 1998. Find out more about Richard at: Free wholesale search engines: UK and US

This article was posted on September 16, 2004

by Richard Grady

What Makes Your Online Ads Persuasive?

What Makes Your Online Ads Persuasive?

by: Lil Waldner

The first impression that the people get from your ad decides if they click or skip. This shows that writing really persuasive ads is not easy. Writing irrestisible internet ads needs some skills. You can acquire these skills, if you follow some rules.

Simplify your message

Focus on your customers need! What are they looking for? What is special on your website for your customers? Write a simple language with common words. Use verbs more often than nouns. Using verbs makes your texts dynamic. Propagate a positive message and avoid hype.

Follow the AIDA rule:


Your ad needs to catch the attention of the audience. The title has to be determined with caution. Look at the title of this article as example. Why have you clicked to view this article? Does it exactly offer what your are looking for? Your ad title has to meet the people’s need. You can use a question to awake the curiosity of the audience. You can use Overture and Google Adwords in order to find out popular phrases for your ad title.


Your ad text should be convincing. You praise your produce or your website. Why should the people use your produce? What is special? How does your offer differ from others? What is your USP = Unique Selling Proposition? You may describe your produce with strong words, e.g. amazing, ultimate, superior, incredible, guaranteed.


The audience has to be lead to a decision. Some advertisers give the impression of urgency. Here are some examples: ขJoin today and get a free ebook.ข ขSign up and receive a bonus.ข ขBe among the first 500 to join.ข ขLimited time offer!ข All these kind of phrases try to persuade the customers to make up their minds.


Every ad has to call for action. The people should know what to do. Following phrases might help: join now – sign up today – click to view – visit the homepage – etc. It is recommendable to address the audience directly with ขyouข. This makes the readers feel that the message is written to them.

Repeat and repeat

The people usually do not join or buy if they see your ad the first time. Your ad has to be displayed again and again. Some people visit your website several times, study your offers and deliberate before they decide. Look at TV advertisements! Even the famous brands with great marketing budgets have to repeat their ads again and again. The people have to get familiar with your ad, they need to gain confidence. Do not forget: Your ad text should be credible.

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Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked as editor of newspapers and she has written booklets and essays with economic and public issues. Visit her web sites: or

This article was posted on August 29

by Lil Waldner

Add Wow! To Create A Buzz, Online!

Add Wow! To Create A Buzz, Online!

by: Steve Nash

Why is any web site special?

Is it special because the site is unique? Is it because the site loads quickly, has fresh content, and is easy to use? Is it special because the site contains the best content (or range of products)?

Is the site great because of the other people that visit?

Or is the site so useful or so much fun that people SIMPLY CANNOT stop talking about it, cannot stop revisiting it?

You guessed it, itกs all of the above (and more!).

Making any website a กwow!ก takes time, and there really are no quickfix solutions. But it is possible to make your site special a site that visitors bookmark without you asking; one that they willingly tell ALL their friends about.


Use your brain!

Your brain is *the* single best resource you have when trying to create a website with wowappeal. It is vital you use your brain to be creative, to be inventive, to be original!

(I mean just how interested are you in yet another version of (the brilliantly simple) ?)

So, to get your creative juices flowing, take a look at the following websites. (I visit these sites on a regular basis, you might too!) Find out what you like (and what you dislike) about these sites? And see what can you กborrowก?

(Personalisation, product choice and recommendations)

(How does the UK version differ from ?)

A simple, but powerful site

Access to pop3 email accounts. Simple, but effective

Great web developer resource, with informed forums

A nicely designed shopping guide, offering cash back

Guide to free sms text messaging, worldwide

Yes, that last site,, is my site. I built it in a week or so, a couple of years ago, from content I found via Google. I built it, because it was a site I wanted to use (but didn’t exist yet!).

And now the site gets OVER 5000 unique visitors per day, and is very much appreciated by its visitors


The point Iกm trying to make is that anyone can build a site with กwow!กappeal, anyone that uses their brain!

== Aside ==

If you have yet to build your website, then can I politely recommend that you take a look at an allinone suite of tools that goes by the name of Site Build It!

Site Build It! (SBI) lets you use your brain, lets you explore your passion, and provides you with the tools to convert that passion into a profitable website. It allows you to build (and promote) a site that pleases both the search engines AND site visitors. So you concentrate on your business (or passion), and SBI does the rest!

== Aside ==


Intelligent and imaginative use of these excellent services WILL also make your website a compelling place to visit, a website with กwow!ก

Add a web log (blog) to your site

CGI and WebMaster Tools

Create a community

Put other peopleกs content on your site

Offer free SMS on your site

Offer free stuff

Add search to your site

Offer a prize or competition

Let visitors play games


The web is literally brimfull with free website building tools that can really improve your website.

Again, you are only limited by your own imagination (or creative combination of other peopleกs imagination!). I recommend you visit all of these sites, and get thinking… (script called Birdcast)


Think for a while about the sites that *you* really like, and think why it is that you like them. And always be on the lookout for good ideas, both online and offline.

For more กadd wow!ก ideas, why not read my article: 21 Reasons Why The Next Site I Visit Could Be Yours. You can get your free copy here:

Make your site a กwow!ก, and get everyone talking about (and visiting) your site. Sounds simple, doesn’t it! It isn’t, but there are lots of tools and resources on the Internet to help you. Just add your brain… then create a buzz!

Copyright 2004 Steve Nash

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STEVE NASH is the author of the ebook: ก3 SuperTips To Build, Promote And Profit More From Your Website.ก Download your free copy now!

HIS BEST TIP? Use Site Build It!, and use your brain, to develop a profitable business online! Learn more, at my free guide here!

This article was posted on April 05, 2004

by Steve Nash

Transforming A Site From Good To Excellent

Transforming A Site From Good To Excellent

by: Richard Lowe, Jr.

One of the challenges of moving a web site up from good to excellent is transforming it from just a bunch of web pages and graphics to an interactive experience. Another term for this is community a place where people can come to communicate with others. The very best web sites have mastered this transformation, thus attracting return visitors again and again.
The whole point of a web site is to communicate ideas and concepts to other people. If you are just putting up pages and graphics, then you are performing half of a communication. You are telling people what you think, want, desire or need.
The other half of communication is listening. Thatกs why merely adding an email form (or link) and a guestbook go a long way to improve your visitorกs experience with your web site. You are giving them the opportunity to tell you whatกs on their mind. If you also take the time to answer their messages and perhaps even get involved in an online communication then you may very well have a friend for life.
You can add even more value (and get a few more visitors as well) by adding a "tellafriend" capability to your site. This adds a third and very interesting (although seemingly trivial) element to your site: the ability to add others to the communication.
Look at it this way. Someone surfed to your site and actually found something that was interesting. Thatกs actually not an incredibly common occurrence on the internet (consider how many stupid, boring or just plain silly sites youกve visited). Okay, theyกve found something interesting, perhaps very interesting, and they want to tell someone. You would be very wise to give them this capability. This is not just because it gains you another visitor, but it makes people feel better. Why? Because people like to share good experiences with each other.
You want to increase the ante? Include a message board! Now youกve added another form of conversation to your website. People can jump on your board and leave messages for each other, answer questions and generally have discussions about whatever subject appeals to you. Some advice about message boards: be sure and actively moderate the board. Why? Some unscrupulous people have a tendency to leave advertisements, pornography, curses and flames on message boards. Unless thatกs what your board is about, none of this serves your purpose: to get people to talk about your subject and come back to your website.
Another good reason to moderate the board is it puts you in control, which is where you should be. Itกs your board and naturally conversations should be about subjects in which you are interested. The purpose of the board is to improve your site and your visitor experience not ruin their good time.
Another great interactive feature which is not so obvious is running an awards program. What this accomplishes is simple: you are inviting people to submit their sites to you for review. By giving them the opportunity to apply for the award you are increasing the value of your site to them, and improving your chances of getting them back for more.
Perhaps one of the very best interactive features is hosting your own custom made ecards. These are extremely popular and greatly improve your visitors experience on your site. Better yet, they give your visitors an opportunity to communicate (by sending cards) with their friends and their friends may visit your site also.
Other features which increase your siteกs desirability even more is polls and surveys, interactive stories (to see our own interactive story, visit and add your own chapter), ezines and even chat rooms.
By adding these and other features, you are increasing your value to people who visit your site. If there is one thing that people like to do (and must do to survive well) itกs communicate. By giving people many different ways to communicate, you are making it more likely that they will visit your site, stick around, and recommend it to their friends.

About The Author

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.
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Claudia ArevaloLowe is the webmistress of Internet Tips And Secrets and Surviving Asthma. Visit her site at

This article was posted on January 17, 2002

by Richard Lowe, Jr.

An Easy Way to Develop JAVA Enterprise Application

An Easy Way to Develop JAVA Enterprise Applications

by: Qurrat Mahmood

Research bears that less than 70 percent of development projects are actually completed, and more than half come in late and over budget. AlachiSoft TierDeveloper is a Rapid Application Development tool that helps Software Developers do better, more creative, and useful work by reducing redundant hand coding. No run time fees, No serverCPU fees, and no development fees charged by AlachiSoft. Customers only pay for developer licenses.

For a free evaluation please visit:

TierDeveloper quickly designs, generates and deploys the middleTier data objects in hours or days at most. This is the biggest area of saving in a software project when you use TierDeveloper. TierDeveloper 3.0 includes full integration support for Microsoft VS.Net 2003. TierDeveloper map data objects to tables along with custom attribute selection. Specify custom hooks, web services, multiple database connections, and parent/child relationships.

For Java and J2EE developers, TierDeveloper is now tightly integrated with BEA webLogic 7.1/8.1 and Jboss 3.2.x and added database support for MySQL will give Developers working in different environments more flexibility. New Oracle optimization includes the ability to generate .NET components using Oracle Native Data Provider for .NET.

Follow five easy steps to Rapid Development with TierDeveloper 3.0 (for more details, visit

Have your database ready

Identify your Application’s database interaction

Create TierDeveloper Project

Generate and run 50% of your application instantly

Develop remaining 50% of your application

If you want to gain greater productivity, quality and consistency, while cutting costs at the same time then use TierDeveloper, It reduce the time intensive phases of the project development and software testing with a significant cost reduction.

Related links

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For TierDeveloper time saving analysis please visit:

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AlachiSoft TierDeveloper is a Rapid Application Development tool that helps Software Developers do better, more creative, and useful work by reducing redundant hand coding. No run time fees, No serverCPU fees, and no development fees charged by AlachiSoft.

This article was posted on March 30, 2004

by Qurrat Mahmood

About Your Web Design? Panic No More!

About Your Web Design? Panic No More!

by: Maricon Williams

The Net is bombarded with different kinds of websites. When you visit from one website to another, you can’t help but compare. In some instances, you do not even have time to compare, involuntarily, you are clicking away from the site. If you wondered what was lacking in those sites that you disregarded, or what was common with those sites you wellliked, well the answer will be just as easy as clicking away. It’s the web design. It catches the initial attention. If it is successful in doing so, then the visitor can prolong the visit. If it doesn’t, in a matter of 5 seconds your prospective client will easily turn away from you.

The key element in achieving a ‘marketable’ website is planning. Studying what is essential and applying it is indispensable. Working with a power team composed of a skilled web designer and writer is a good initial step. During the planning stage tell them what you envision your website to be then they will advise you on how you as a team will accomplish it. In connection with design, layout, color, logo and the design per se should be taken into consideration. It must complement to the personality of the company or business. Same with the design, the content’s pictures, text and information must be needed by the design and vice versa. Bear in mind that these elements must work as a team. They must not drag the other element down because it also entails the downfall of the whole.

For a web design to be amazing it has to be eyecatching, functional and practical. Flashy websites are useless if they don’t have the information that the visitors want. Visitors will also be easily bored by lousy content. Another instance is when pictures, graphics, and flashy texts are put altogether in a page which results to an overwhelming eyesore! To be guided, the website must exude total equilibrium, so to speak. A balance between all its elements, that way, no overlapping and no lacking will exist and the full advantage will fall to all parties involved.

As a web principle, web sites are intended to be read, if not the message won’t get through. Another, we should maintain the website’s attractive, neat and engrossing environment but it doesn’t mean to say that it should be boring! There are many tools available to create flashing and twirling effects. Whistles and bells are also favorable options. However, overdoing it makes it hard for the visitors to read and to follow. Refinement and sensibility as well as simplicity are still the best standards of web design!

About The Author

Maricon Williams

I love reading. Give me a book and Iกll finish it in one sitting. Reading is the chance to be transported to a different world and so is writing. Iกm more enthusiastic about writing however, since you can relay your ideas to someone else. I can only imagine that feeling when I hear a complete stranger talking about my ideas which read on an article somewhere. To relay my message to as many people is the same as touching people with music. Only mineกs less harmonic. I try to make up for it with the color I bring with words. And most of the time, it’s more than enough.

For additional information about 4 color printing, visit

[email protected]

This article was posted on April 14

by Maricon Williams

7 Warning Signs of an Unprofitable Web Site

7 Warning Signs of an Unprofitable Web Site

by: Ash Kawa

7 general mistakes which you should avoid to make your web business successful and not Unprofitable.

1. Selling To Everyone Means You Sell to No One

If you do not target your offer, it will confuse your customers. People are not patient. In a recent survey, 73% of people claimed to be กinsanely busyก. If you do not develop a target customer profile and appeal directly to them, you will lose customers. And they will never come back to your site again.

2. Web Flea Market: Buy a Web Site or Get a Grocery Coupon

People are selling Web Sites, classified advertising, prepaid legal services, long distance phone cards, and reminder services via affiliate programs…All on the same Web Page!

Think about that the next time you go to your grocery store. Do they offer to sell you a Web Site with your pickles? Flea markets diminish the value of what you are selling. Most people who own these sites tell me they depend on selling a high volume of low price items. How do I know this is a doomed approach? Visit their sites and see if there is any life there

3. Huge graphics that make your site take 30 seconds to open, which is all the time you have to sell your customer on staying.

The worst thing about computers is that they enable us to do things we just should not be doing. Graphic design is a skill; most people get some Paint program and have absolutely no sense of size, or what the graphic makes them look like. If you want to SCREAM AT YOUR AUDIENCE AND BE OBNOXIOUS, then use big graphics.

4. This site has xxxx number of visitors (How many bought?)

Does it really matter to anyone how many people visit your store? The sure sign that a store is visited often is the success and profits of the owner. All the rest is empty bragging.

5. Explaining what technology you use, frames, etc.

To this day it amazes me how people explain the technical design of their Web Page. If you use any reference to technology, you are distracting your customer. Keep it simple.

6. Download the following plugins to get this site working.

No one will spend ten minutes downloading the plugin to see your cutesy message. Avoid plugins, with the possible exception of Real Audio.

7. No place to send an email, or gain a free report.

After spending all this time to create a site, most people forget to ask for inquiries. They just think people will work hard to contact them. Assume that a person will visit your site once, and never return unless you remind them to via email.

About The Author

Ash Kawa has written hundreds of articles specializing in helping people succeed when the competition is tough. President of a successful Website Hosting Company [$0.75/month & Get UnLimit Movies & MP3 Songs on your PC!]

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This article was posted on August 19

by Ash Kawa

What Good Is An AutoResponder?

What Good Is An AutoResponder?

by: Richard Lowe, Jr.

A term that confuses just about everyone is "autoresponder". When I mention that to friends or associates, they almost always reply with a blank stare, a "what the heck is that", or "I don’t like those at all". Even though the concept is very simple, autoresponders are very, very powerful if properly used.
Okay, hereกs the short answer: an autoresponder is an automatic response. More precisely, they are an automatic email sent to someone in response to some action.
Still confused? All right, in their simpliest form an autoresponder is just an email acknowledging a guestbook signing, a comment or something like that. Iกm sure just about everyone who has been on the internet for any amount of time and done anything has received quite a few of these.
You can get more complex with autoresponders. A good autoresponder package will allow you to send more than one email at specific intervals. They will even allow those emails to include custom information such as names, dates, time and so on.
Understand? Now, what the heck are they good for?
Well, every webmaster wants to get people to not only visit his site, but to come back time and again. Repeat visitors are the most valuable visitors. In addition, if you are selling something, the classic wisdom is it takes more than one exposure to an ad to make a purchase usually the number mentioned is seven!
Those simple thank you messages for signing a guestbook are actually critically important. You see, a visitor has stopped by your site and left you a message. Not only are you thanking him, but you are doing so later, after he has left your site. This means he will be reminded of his visit, and perhaps visit again. He may save the email because he wants to remember the URL or some other information. If you advertise something in this thank you message, your visitor gets to see it.
Of course, sending messages later is even better. If you can send, say, a message immediately, one a day later, one a week later and perhaps one a month later, you are doing great. Don’t overwhelm them, just send them something useful and remind them of your site or product or whatever.
Oh yeah, always, always give your recipient a way to optout of the stream of messages (unless you are only sending a single message, of course). Most good autoresponder packages will do this for you.
A final note: this is the important part so listen closely. This is all done AUTOMATICALLY. This means you, the webmaster, are communicating constantly with your visitors without lifting a finger. Whatever message you are attempting to deliver is made a hundred times more powerful by these simple techniques.

About The Author

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.
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Claudia ArevaloLowe is the webmistress of Internet Tips And Secrets and Surviving Asthma. Visit her site at

This article was posted on February 4, 2002

by Richard Lowe, Jr.

Top Ten Web Site AddOns That Can Catapult Traffic

Top Ten Web Site AddOns That Can Catapult Traffic

by: Andrew Cantrell

1. Add a message board to your web site. People will visit your web site to ask questions and answer other peopleกs questions.

2. Add a directory of web site links to your web site. People will visit your web site to find related web site links for the topic they’re interested in.

3. Add an article section to your web site. People will visit your web site to read and learn new info related to their interests.

4. Add an archive of past ezine issues to your web site. People will visit your web site to read past issues of your ezine that theyกve missed.

5. Add a free ebook directory to your web site. People will visit your site to download, study and read new information.

6. Add a free classified ad section. People will visit your web site to place their own free classified ad and to read other offers.

7. Add a free link page to your web site. People will visit your web site to place their own link and to look at other peopleกs links.

8. Add an กabout usก page to your web site. People will visit your web site to read about your business and yourself.

9. Add a guest book to your web site. People will visit your web site to leave their opinions about your business and to list their signature file.

10. Add a f.ree software download page to your web site. People will visit your web site to find new software that will make their life easier.

Warm regards,

Andrew Cantrell

P.S. Try this, Internet Friends:

About The Author

Andrew Cantrell, the owner of has helped thousands of people succeed with their online business. Make sure to visit his website and sign up for the free newsletter on how to earn residual income!

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This article was posted on January 30

by Andrew Cantrell

Common Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How

Common Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them

by: Susan Friedmann

The key to great exhibiting is marketing. But marketing is a very inexact science that leaves room for a multitude of errors to occur. The following are 10 of the most common marketing mistakes that exhibitors often make. Learn to avoid them and you will increase your chances for a successful tradeshow.

1. Have A Proper Exhibit Marketing Plan

Having both a strategic exhibit marketing and tactical plan of action is a critical starting point. In order to make tradeshows a powerful dimension your company’s overall marketing operation, there must be total alignment between the strategic marketing and your exhibit marketing plan. Tradeshows should not be a standalone venture. Know and understand exactly what you wish to achieve increasing market share with existing users; introducing new products/services into existing markets or into new markets; or introducing new products/services into new markets. This is the nucleus on which to build.

2. Have A WellDefined Promotional Plan

A significant part of your marketing includes promotion – preshow, atshow and postshow. Most exhibitors fail to have a plan that encompasses all three areas. Budget is naturally going to play a major role in deciding what and how much promotional activity is possible. Developing a meaningful theme or message that ties into your strategic marketing plan will then help to guide promotional decisions. Know whom you want to target and then consider having different promotional programs aimed at the different groups you are interested in attracting. Include direct mail, broadcast faxes, advertising, PR, sponsorship, and the Internet as possible ways to reach your target audience.

3. Use Direct Mail Effectively

Direct mail is still one of the most popular promotional vehicles exhibitors use. From postcards to multipiece mailings, attendees are deluged with invitations to visit booths. Many of the mailings come from show management’s lists and as a result, everyone gets everything. To target the people you want visit your booth, use your own list of customers and prospectsit’s the best one available. Design a piece that is totally benefitoriented and makes an impact. Mail three pieces at regular intervals prior to the show, starting about four weeks out, to help ensure your invitation is seen. Wherever possible, use firstclass mail. There’s nothing worse than a mailing that arrives after the show is over.

4. Give Visitors An Incentive To Visit Your Booth

Whatever promotional vehicles you use, make sure that you give visitors a reason to come and visit you. With a hall overflowing with fascinating products/services, combined with time constraints, people need an incentive to come and visit your booth. First and foremost their primary interest is in ขwhat’s new!ข They are eager to learn about the latest technologies, new applications, or anything that will help save them time and/or money. Even if you don’t have a new product/service to introduce, think about a new angle to promote your offerings.

5. Have Giveaways That Work

Tied into giving visitors an incentive to visit your booth is the opportunity to offer a premium item that will entice them. Your giveaway items should be designed to increase your memorability, communicate, motivate, promote or increase recognition of your company. Developing a dynamite giveaway takes thought and creativity. Consider what your target audience wants, what will help them do their job better, what they can’t get elsewhere, what is product/service related and educational. Think about having different gifts for different types of visitors. Use your website to make an offer for visitors to collect important information, such as an executive report, when they visit your booth. Giveaways should be used as a reward or token of appreciation for visitors participating in a demonstration, presentation or contest, or as a thankyou for qualifying information about specific needs etc.

6. Use Press Relations Effectively

Public relations is one of the most costeffective and successful methods for generating large volumes of direct inquiries and sales. Before the show ask show management for a comprehensive media list, and find out which publications are planning a special show edition. Send out newsworthy press releases focusing on what’s new about your product/service, or highlighting a new application or market venture. Compile press kits for the press office that include information about industry trends, statistics, new technology or production information. Also include good product photos and key company contacts. Have staff members at the booth who are specifically assigned to interact with the media

7. Differentiate Your Products/Services

Too many exhibitors are happy to use the ขme tooข marketing approach. Examine their marketing plans and there’s an underlying sameness about them. With shows that attract hundreds of exhibitors, there are very few that seem to ขstand out from the crowd.ข Since memorability is an integral part of a visitors’ show experience, you should be looking at what makes you different and why a prospect should buy from you. This is of particular concern with generic products in your industry. Every aspect of your exhibit marketing plan, including your promotions, your booth and your people should be aimed at making an impact and creating curiosity.

8. Use The Booth As An Effective Marketing Tool

On the show floor your exhibit makes a strong statement about who your company is, what you do and how you do it. The purpose of your exhibit is to attract visitors so that you can achieve your marketing objectives. In addition to it being an open, welcoming and friendly space, there needs to be a focal point and a strong key message that communicates a significant benefit to your prospect. Opt for large graphics rather than reams of copy. Pictures paint a thousand words while very few exhibitors will take the time to read. Your presentations or demonstrations are a critical part of your exhibit marketing. Create an experience that allows visitors use as many of their senses as possible. This will help to enhance memorability.

9. Realize That Your People Are Your Marketing Team

Your people are your ambassadors. They represent everything your company stands for, so choose them well. Brief them beforehand and make sure that they know: why you are exhibiting; what you are exhibiting and what you expect from them. Exhibit staff training is essential for a unified and professional image. Make sure that they sell instead of tell; don’t try to do too much; understand visitor needs; don’t spend too much time; and know how to close the interaction with a commitment to followup.

Avoid overcrowding the booth with company representatives. Have strict rules regarding employees visiting the show and insist staffers not scheduled for booth duty stay away until their assigned time. Assign specific tasks for company executives working the show.

10. FollowUp Promptly

The key to your tradeshow success is wrapped up in the leadmanagement process. The best time to plan for followup is before the show. Show leads often take second place to other management activities that occur after being out of the office for several days. The longer leads are left unattended, the colder and more mediocre they become. It is to your advantage to develop an organized, systematic approach to followup. Establish a lead handling system, set time lines for followup, use a computerized database for tracking, make sales representatives accountable for leads given to them, and then measure your results.

About The Author

Written by Susan A. Friedmann, CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, Lake Placid, NY, author: ขMeeting & Event Planning for Dummies,ข working with companies to improve their meeting and event success through coaching, consulting and training. Go to to sign up for a free copy of ExhibitSmart Tips of the Week.

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This article was posted on April 23, 2004

by Susan Friedmann

How To Get A Site Online And Have It Making Money

How To Get A Site Online And Have It Making Money

by: Jonathan White

When building and getting a site online you have to think of a number of things. Some of these include the following:

1. What is your site going to be about

If you want to get a site online to make money then you need to do some good research before you choose what your site is going to be about. This is because there is no point in you choosing a topic for your site where other people have no interest in. If no one has any interest in the topic of your site then you will find it very had to get a good amount of visitors to your site. So the best thing to do is to choose a topic that is likely to interest a large number of people and is also likely to make you some good revenue online.

2. What web hosting provider are you going to choose to host your site with

Choosing the right Web hosting provider is very important when choosing it to host your site. This is because there is no point in choosing a Web hosting provider that is likely to be unreliable just because it is cheap or just because you don’t know enough about it. The article at: gives you a better idea on how to choose a good Web hosting provider to host your site with.

3. How can you add more content to your site

Once you have your site up and running, you will then need to think of ways of making your site bigger and also updating your sites content on a regular basis so that your visitors don’t get bored of your site and so that they will have a reason to keep visiting your site on a regular basis. Some ways of adding content to your site could include the following:

You could add some free reprint able articles to your site that is on the same topic as your site. You can find well over 800 reprint able articles at:

You could add some free to play games on your site so it becomes stickier. You can find a load at:

You could add a forum to your site so people can keep informed of current events and updates on your site and also chat amongst each other. You can find some good forum scripts at: where some of these are free with the GPL.

4. How are you going to earn from your site

Once you have built your site and have found a good web host to host your site with, you will then need to think about how you are going to earn from your site.

If you are selling your own products or offering your own services, you may also want to add a few affiliate programs to your site so that you can produce a little extra income from these programs as well as earning the money from selling your own products or offering your own services. You can find well over 800 affiliate programs at: These include pay per click programs, pay per lead programs, twotiered programs, pay per impression programs, residual income programs and more.

5. How are you going to promote your site to get visitors

Now that you have your site up and running with maybe a few affiliate programs included within your sites content, you will now need to promote your site so that you can start getting noticed on the Web. The article at: gives you some of the best ways of getting visitors to your site.

Once you have done the above five things, you should now have your own site online. The amount of visitors that your site will receive and the amount of money you will make from your site will all depend on the amount of work and effort you put into your site. The more work you do with your site, the more money you are likely to make.

About The Author

Jonathan White has been involved in Web Hosting and other Webmaster activities on the Web for over two years now and is the Webmaster of a categorized Web hosting directory listing a large amount of Web hosting providers.

This article was posted on November 19, 2004

by Jonathan White