Want to Make More Money? Fish in a Bigger Pond!

Want to Make More Money? Fish in a Bigger Pond!

by: Kimberly Stevens

Setting prices is a dilemma most service business owners encounter at one time or another. This week, it was Susan’s turn. ขWhen I first started my business, I felt uncomfortable charging for my services. Since I was doing it to make a living, I finally just picked a price I thought wouldn’t scare too many people away. Now, based on my available work hours, I can’t really take on more clients but at the rate Iกm charging them, Iกm not going to make enough money to keep the business alive. How do I raise my prices without losing my clients?ข she wanted to know.

For whatever reason, it is uncomfortable for many of us to look a person in the face and state our hourly rate or the cost of a project they want us to complete for them. This is usually rooted in our fear of rejection. We think, ‘What if the prospect gasps and falls out of his chair convulsing on the floor?’ or ‘What if he snorts with disdain or launches into uncontrollable laughter?’ At the beginning, we really need the work and generally decide weกd rather start getting some clients to build our reputation and skills, thinking weกll charge a rate we know theyกll accept. Besides, we can always raise our prices later. Well, now is กlaterก, so it’s time to bite the bullet.

First, understand you aren’t asking for their firstborn child you are asking for money in exchange for the service you are offering. Shakti Gawain, author of กCreating True Prosperityก, introduced me to the concept of thinking about money as just another form of energy. Just as you put energy into the service you provide, the client puts energy into their field of interest in order to make money to pay you for your service.

On the businesstobusiness side of things, the clientกs business has clearly made the decision to outsource the service they are discussing with you. They have decided to use their internal staffกs energy to focus on their core business while outsourcing those things they don’t have the skills or time to do. The same is true of individuals they could paint their house, but they’re calling you. Clearly, they don’t want to do it and know itกs going to cost money to get someone else to do it Either way, they are going to hire someone to do it, so why not you?

That said, itกs time to raise your prices. Youกve got two sets of people to deal with here your current clients and your future clients. Future clients are easy simply start quoting the higher hourly rate or basing your flat rate proposals on the new hourly rate with no mention of a recent price increase. Your fear that you will lose out on some bids WILL come true. Youกve been fishing in the pond that attracts the lowerend clients, so you will probably have to start marketing to and networking with prospects on the next higher rung. But, so what? Itกs still your choice – you can stick with the lowend guys and struggle to make your business profitable or you can start charging a respectable rate for the skills and professionalism you bring to the table to create a prosperous business. Itกs up to you.

Now, the current clients are the ones you are likely most afraid of. What will they say? Will they never want to work with you again? The best time to raise prices is at the beginning of the year, either calendar or fiscal, or at the beginning of a new contract with an existing client. Never try to negotiate a price increase in the middle of a project. If a project is taking significantly more hours than you quoted for a reason out of your control or it’s directly within the clientกs control, you can consider discussing it with them. However, if you want to be sure to maintain positive client relationships, you may choose to learn your lesson from this one and protect yourself with a contract that outlines contingencies such as that going forward. But, in most cases, never try to increase your hourly rate on a client in the middle of a project. This sends a message that will likely get you the response you most fear that you are a moneyhungry soandso who only cares about him or her self.

Instead, wait until a natural beginning, ending, or transition period to communicate your price increase. One way to do it is to send your client a beginning of the year letter that expresses your appreciation of their business in the prior year, outlines any policy changes youกve made for the coming year, communicates your price increase, and states your anticipated pleasure of working with them in the coming year. If you are raising prices at the end of one project and are about to bid on another project with the same client, during your discussions tell them you have raised your hourly or project rate and hope they still find it to be competitive and will continue to work with you since youกve really enjoyed collaborating with them.

Notice you did not hear me guarantee you will keep every single one of your current clients. Like you, your clients make purchasing decisions based on a variety of factors, each person weighing each of the factors differently. If youกve been the lowest price available in your field, youกve no doubt attracted clients who make decisions based mainly on price. Increasing your price so you are no longer ‘the lowprice guyก, may send them packing. So be it. Once you raise your prices to a respectable rate you can profit from, that’s competitive and fair, you will begin to attract clients who will pay it. Itกs all about positioning. You can position your company as the lowprice guy, the topoftheline guy, or the value guy (middle of the road price with a quality service).

The lesson here … it’s your business and your revenues are what you make them.

About The Author

Kimberly Stevens is the author of the ebook series, *The Profitable Business Owner: A StepbyStep System for Starting & Running a Successful Service Business*. Download Sample Chapters & get her free MiniCourse, *The 10 Most Common Mistakes Business Owners Make & How To Avoid Them* at: http://www.askthebizcoach.com/ebooks.htm


This article was posted on February 07, 2003

by Kimberly Stevens

Four Tips For Getting More Mileage From Your Artic

Four Tips For Getting More Mileage From Your Articles

by: Bonnie Jo Davis

It has become common knowledge that the smartest and most effective free method of advertising your business and services is to write and submit articles to the over 400,000 ezines currently on the กnet. There are even several ebooks written on the topic, including mine, that will help you take advantage of this effective technique. What do you do next after youกve invested the hours necessary to research, write, proofread, edit and submit your article to thousands of ezine publishers?

I recommend several methods of recycling articles to clients who utilize my article submission services that Iกm going to share with you today:

1. Publish each of your articles on a separate page on your web site. Then take the keywords from that article that you used in the title and text and create a set of meta tags for that page. Use a free meta tag generator like http://www.anybrowser.com/MetaTagGenerator.html to make sure your meta tags are properly formatted and all inclusive. Next, submit the article page to all of the free search engines. Once that page is indexed those keywords will attract searchers to visit your site where you can convert them to loyal customers.

2. Take the article youกve written and customize it for an industry you want to target. For example, I have a client who writes internet promotion articles. After submission she customizes her articles for real estate agents, accountants, ophthalmologists, home health care companies, etc. I then offer the customized articles to the industry associations representing those groups. This tactic has resulted in hundreds of thousands of fresh, new visitors to her web site when an association prints her customized article in their newsletter or magazine.

3. Choose an article youกve written that outlines several key points on a particular topic. Write an in depth, expanded article on each key point. Contact all the publishers on your list and offer them the expanded key point articles and ask them to run them as a series. A series of articles is much more effective than a single article because each potential customer needs to be exposed to you and your business several times before becoming a customer.

4. Take the original article and the expanded key point articles and offer them as an ecourse to people who visit your site and sign up for your ezine. Use a free autoresponder like http://www.sendfree.com to deliver the articles in sequence. This gives you the opportunity to capture email addresses for your ezine and allows you to use a different byline highlighting your services and products with each article delivery.

Use these four tips every time youกve finished submitting an article and you will get thousands of additional targeted visitors to your web site with just a little extra effort!

(c) 2003. Davis Virtual Assistance. All rights reserved.

Permission to publish online or in print is granted so long as the article and byline are printed intact.

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Bonnie Jo Davis is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in inexpensive marketing promotions for herself and her clients. For more information about Bonnieกs article submission package visit http://www.DavisVirtualAssistance.com and lick on the กpackagesก button.

This article was posted on May 30, 2003

by Bonnie Jo Davis

How to Read A Person Like A Book

How to Read A Person Like A Book

by: Oscar Bruce

The human mind is an innovative hybrid that allows us to anticipate the future to think big thoughts. Thatกs the good news.

However, a growing number of psychologists and behavioral scientists are finding evidence that our brains are hardwired for mistakes in today social environment, especially when it comes to assessing the personality and predicting behavior of people we encounter.

Why are we so bad at reading the intentions of others? Built on top of the older กemotionalก parts of our mammalian circuitry, there is a กrationalก cerebral cortex. The two are often at odds, and under the surface, our protective instincts are always lurking. Unfortunately the กemotionalก circuitry frequently overwhelms the กrationalก cortex. When we encounter people we simply give more weight to elements in their personalities that support our beloved preconceptions than to any evidence to the contrary. Thus we frequently completely miss the target and pay a price of our misjudgments.


The frontal lobes have fallen in love with our preconceptions. This hardwired programming undercuts us in a host of sadly familiar ways. The most common is the way our preconceptions and prejudices distort our perception of individuals we wish to assess.


This is our all too natural ability to convince ourselves of whatever it is that we want to believe. How? We simply give more weight to events that support our desired prejudice or preconception than to any evidence to the contrary.


Consider how many great opportunities are lost by what I call กsemantic sabotageก. If youกve ever found yourself stumbling over your words, or simply not knowing what to say next youกve experienced ‘the dialog dilemma.ก Also if youกve uttered a statement, then realized that it wasn’t exactly what you meant to say. These are all curable maladies.

IกLL BET YOURกVE NEVER HAD THIS EXPERIENCE… Someone introduces themselves to you. Then you tell them your name. Suddenly you realize you can not recall their name. Why does this happen so often? Simple, you didn’t forget their name you never really heard it in the first place! You still had yourself in the middle of the picture.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand they listen with the intent to reply or impress. This is never successful because the mind does not have simultaneous capability. Therefore, if you are contemplating your next statement, you are not focusing on his words, tones and actions.

In order to read a person like a book, you must get them to open up, get them talking. Getting people to open up is a skill that you can learn.

A skilled conversationalist uses specific question in three different categories. (1) Conversation starters. (2) Personal questions. (3) Philosophical questions. Once youกve mastered a small inventory of optional questions you can switch categories to control the outcome.

QUESTIONS ARE THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE and source of power. He who does not ask the right questions always hears the wrong answers. An unclear question has an infinite number of answers.

Many say that information is the path to power. The wealthiest people will tell you that itกs their ability to make wise choices in dealing with people is their greatest asset. And that when they did make mistakes, it was often disastrous for them socially and financially.

About The Author

Oscar Bruce is considered the ultimate personal communications guru. His dynamic books are considered field manuals for mastering conversation and confrontations. His website offers several verbal strategies that can add power to your conversations at no cost.

HIS FREE NEWSLETTER is available at http://www.oscarbruce.com

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This article was posted on March 25

by Oscar Bruce

Hey, Client, This Is Me! Sell With Your Writing Vo

Hey, Client, This Is Me! Sell With Your Writing Voice.

by: Cathy Goodwin

In a crowded market, clients will be seeking personality as they read what youกve written theyกll click right past pages that feel กbeen there, read that.ก They’re looking for a voice that says, กHey, client, this is me!ก

They want to know not just what you deliver but how. Will you be funny or serious? A perky cheerleader or a sardonic commentator? Will your view of life be based on กbelieve and it happensก or กwhat you see is what you get?ก

Here are some tips to add your own voice to your writing.

1. Write from the heart.

Too excited, passionate or angry to sit still? Best time to connect with your voice. Grab a pencil and scribble ideas as you jump around the room.

2. Say something new.

After forty articles on time management, your readers know about cutting projects into manageable chunks and setting priorities. Ho hum. Try กbetter than zeroก or ‘turn your life into a time warp.ก

3. Tape yourself talking to a good friend about a product.

Do your words sound different when you speak than when you write? Transcribe the tape into an article for easy reading.

4. Picture your ideal client (you do have one, don’t you?). Imagine that she is gushing about your service to a friend highly recommending you. What words does she use to describe your services? What emotions come through?

5. Cut. Then cut again. When you have to trim your piece to meet a word count requirement, notice that you’re left with the most essential words all yours.

6. Write fast. Get the words down before your inner critic has a chance to participate. Edit later.

7. Reveal yourself: family, mistakes, secret dreams. When you feel just a bit embarrassed, or feel your private persona has become more public, youกve probably just touched your audienceกs heart.

8. Be concrete not abstract.

As writing guru Natalie Goldberg would say, กItกs a geranium, not a flower.ก

9. If youกve had voice training, be especially alert to creating the bland and the blah.

Julia Roberts could hold an audience while she reads the telephone directory. Your copy has to stand alone, without dramatic oratory. Exercise 3 may not work for you.

10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules: use slang and contractions. And itกs okay to begin a sentence with กandก or กbut.ก

Just tread carefully on the rules of grammar and spelling. กYour about to head off for you’re great adventureก can be a credibilitybuster.

About The Author

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, editor, and consultant. She helps clients who want to use writing to sell and sell what they write.

Visit http://www.makewritingpay.com.


This article was posted on December 31, 2003

by Cathy Goodwin

Unique Niche Markets

Unique Niche Markets

by: Dan Brown

1. Your niche could be that you offer free delivery. This may cost a little money, but, you will gain the extra customers to make up for it.

2. Your niche could be that you offer a lower price. If you can’t afford to offer a lower price you could always hold the occasional discount sale.

3. Your niche could be that your product achieves results faster. This niche is very effective because people are becoming more and more impatient and want results fast.

4. Your niche could be youกve been in business for a longer period of time. People think if youกve been in business longer you have more credibility.

5. Your niche could be that your product tastes, smells sounds, looks, or feels better. When you target the the senses you’re triggering basic human attractions.

6. Your niche could be your product is light or compact. People may want to take the product on a trip or don’t have much room where they live.

7. Your niche could be that youกve won a business reward. When you win a reward tell your customers or visitors about it. This increases their trust in your business.

8. Your niche could be that your product lasts longer. People don’t like taking the time and spending more money buying replacement products all the time.

9. Your niche could be that your product is easy to use. People don’t want to buy a product that they have to read a 200 page hardtounderstand instruction manual.

10. You niche could be that your product has better safety features. People want to feel safe when they use your products.

11. Your niche could be that your product was made by hand. Most people believe that products made by hand have better quality.

12. Your niche could be that you stand behind all your products. People want to know that you back up any claims you make about your product with either guarantees, warrantees and free replacements.

About The Author

Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine introducing their new affiliate program which is due out Nov. http://www.zabangaffiliate.com/


This article was posted on August 11

by Dan Brown

Keep Them Coming Back Update Your Site

Keep Them Coming Back Update Your Site

by: Richard Lowe, Jr.

If you are anything like me, your website is a reflection of yourself. It contains your thoughts and communications, exposed to the entire world at all times. Look at virtually any noncommercial web site and you will get a glimpse at the person behind the monitor.
I look at web sites all day long, and I am constantly amazed by the things that people reveal about themselves without saying anything. Is the website well organized or just a jumble of images and text thrown up at a moments notice? Is the site alive with color or just dull and lifeless black and white? Is the site exploding at the seams with content or is it just a collection of ads, banners or links?
All of these and many other clues tell me more about the webmaster than any of those 50 question psychological quizzes.
One clue that tells me more than anything else is whether or not the site is kept uptodate. Sometimes I will see a beautiful web page a work of art that comes from the heart and soul of a human being. I fall in love with the page and want to learn more, then click on a link and bam, page not found. I shrug, as every webmaster has a bad link now and then. Click on another, and another, and more than half of the links are dead. I sigh, then move on.
Or Iกm reading wonderful stories about a personกs life experiences and find, well, these are all years out of date. A little looking around the site and I find that nothing has been updated since 1997. I always feel a little sad when I see this itกs as if something inside the webmaster died. I wonder, did she grow tired of it all? Get married and lose interest? Perhaps even died? Who knows, there is no clue on the site at all. Itกs just … abandoned.
Another clue to a neglected site the person created a webring and got several hundred people to join. The ring is obviously a creation of love as itกs not easy to get so many sites to join up. The ring graphics are wonderful, the join page is beautifully written, and I am actually very impressed. I start to surf the ring and quickly find that over half the sites no longer exist. Another dozen have removed the ring code. How sad. Itกs one thing to lose interest in a webring … but to just abandon it? I wonder what changed in a personกs life caused this work of love and community to just be discarded so easily.
Or it could be that a person and simply doesn’t update their site very often. There is a wonderful comic book site which is simply beautiful, yet sometimes months go by without a single update! Itกs so frustrating as I really am intrigued and want to come back to visit this guyกs private world. I haven’t checked in a long time why bother, since the site is updated so infrequently?
My feeling is simple. Create the best website that you can with the knowledge that you have. You will never be finished, as there will always be more to say and show. You are a living, breathing human and you are learning more every day. Thus, there should always be something of value that you can add to your web site.Presumably, youกve created your web site to communicate something to the rest of the world. It could be that you want to write up your life story, explain about the mythology of the Greeks and Romans, or simply compile a list of the best blonde jokes. Itกs possible that you even want to make a few dollars now and then by selling a nice product. Why settle for just getting someone to read what youกve got to say and move on? Why not continually update your message so that your readers come back time after time to find out what new and wonderful things youกve posted this week.
Think youกve said everything that can be said about your subject? There are many options to this method of continual updates. You could add a message board to start virtual conversations with your visitors. Or perhaps you could add a weekly column (and associated ezine) to get people to come back. Even if youกve said everything there is to say, perhaps you can add pictures, sound and videos or change the layout or presentation.
Be sure and let people know whatกs new by including a "Whatกs New" section right on your front page. This serves to your visitors right to the new content immediately. It also lets them know that you are updating the site all of the time, which means they will want to come back again and again just to see what you have written or changed.
A periodic ezine is another way to stay in contact with your readers, letting them know whatกs going on at your special website. Another great way to get people to come back is to become active in newsgroups or email discussion lists (such as egroups and topica). By posting useful information at these places you will get people wanting to come to your site to find out what else youกve got to say.
Which, of course, leads back to the original premise of this article. If you want people to come back to your site, you had better be keeping it uptodate, accurate and adding new content all of the time. Otherwise, your readers will grow tired and move on to greener pastures.
And thatกs the saddest thing of all … an abandoned creation of love and passion.

About The Author

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.
Web Site Address: http://www.internettips.net
Weekly newsletter: http://www.internettips.net/joinlist.htm
Claudia ArevaloLowe is the webmistress of Internet Tips And Secrets and Surviving Asthma. Visit her site at http://survivingasthma.com

This article was posted on January 17, 2002

by Richard Lowe, Jr.

Why Aren’t They Buying?

Why Aren’t They Buying?

by: Michael Southon

Youกve polished your sales page over and over again until itกs gleaming with benefits. You’re getting plenty of traffic. And still no sales.

Whatกs wrong?

It could be the recession (although thatกs debatable).

With thousands of people losing their jobs each week, consumer confidence (and therefore consumer spending) is down.

But on the other hand, if thousands of people are losing their jobs, there is without doubt a growing army of people out there who are looking to the Internet to make their living.

But letกs leave aside the recession, and look at two other reasons you may not be getting sales:

(1) People very rarely buy the first time.

You must have heard the statistics people have to see your product an average of 7 times before they buy it. When I cast my mind back to the marketing eBooks Iกve purchased, in each case I saw those books advertised for months on websites, in newsletters before I bought them.

So if you want to make a sale, you must find a way to stay in contact with your visitors and bring them back.

The easiest way to do this is to offer your visitors a free subscription to your newsletter.

Another way is to offer your visitors a free autoresponder course that educates them about the product or service you are offering. Create a series of 5 emails about your service or product and put them on an autoresponder that provides automated followup.

Getresponse is a free service that allows you up to 20 followups (you specify the intervals between each message):


The point here is that if your visitors leave your website without taking anything away (a free version of your EBook, an autoresponder course, your Newsletter), youกve probably lost them for good.

(2) Allow people to feel they already own it.

If you give your visitors the feeling of what it would be like to own your product or service, they’re much more likely to buy.

Hereกs a reallife example of this principle (a rather disturbing one).

Itกs a well known fact that if a burglar can see into your house, they are much more likely to rob you than if they can’t. Why?

Because by seeing into your house, the burglar has already กownedก it psychologically.

If a burglar can’t see into your house, you are much less likely to be robbed (you can’t psychologically กownก what you can’t see).

Hereกs another interesting fact. If your house has been burgled, thereกs a very high probability that the same burglar will return 6 or 8 weeks later. Why?

Again, itกs the same principle. The burglar has seen the inside of your house and has psychologically กownedก it.

Itกs because of this same principle that car salesmen try and get potential customers to sit in the new car. Once youกve smelt the inside of that new car, you’re much more likely to buy it. Youกve imagined owning it.

So give your visitors a free download of one or two chapters of your EBook, or a free trial period of your service. Let them imagine what it would be like to own it.

(c) 2000 by Michael Southon

About The Author

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3 years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this simple technique to get massive free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales. Click here to find out more: http://www.ezinewriter.com

This article was posted on August 30, 2002

by Michael Southon

Writing Powerful Effective Solo Ads

Writing Powerful Effective Solo Ads

by: Steven Boaze

Everybody wants to make more money… In fact, most people would like to hit upon something that makes them fabulously rich! And seemingly, one of the easiest roads to the fulfillment of these dreams of wealth is writing effective solo ads and using them correctly

The only thing is, hardly anyone gives much real thought to the basic ingredient of selling by email the writing of profitable solo ads. If your online business is to succeed, then you must acquire the expertise of writing solo ads that sell your product or services!

So what makes a solo ad good or bad? First of all, it must appeal to the reader, and as such, it must say exactly what you want it to say. Secondly, it has to say what it says in the least possible number of words in order to keep your operating costs within your budget. And thirdly, it has to produce the desired results whether inquiries or sales.

Grabbing the readerกs attention is your first objective. You must assume the reader is กscanningก the page on which your ad appears in the company of two or three hundred solo ads. Therefore, there has to be something about your ad that causes them to stop scanning and look at yours! So, the first two or three words of your ad are of the utmost importance and deserve your careful consideration. Most surveys show that words or phrases that quickly involve the reader, tend to be the best attentiongrabbers. Such words as: FREE… WIN… MAKE BIG MONEY…

Whatever words you use as attentiongrabbers, to start your ads, you should bear in mind that theyกll be competing with similar attentiongrabbers of the other ads on the same page. Therefore, in addition to your lead words, your ad must quickly go on to promise or state further benefits to the reader.

In the language of professional copywriters, youกve grabbed the attention of your prospect, and interested them with something that even they can do.

The next rule of good solo ad copywriting has to do with the arousal of the readerกs desire to get in on your offer. In a great many instances, this rule is bypassed, and it appears, this is the real reason that an ad doesn’t pull according to the expectations of the advertiser.

Think about it youกve got your readerกs attention; youกve told them itกs easy and simple; and you’re about to ask them to do something. Unless you take the time to further กwant your offer,ก your ad is going to only half turn them on. theyกll compare your ad with the others that have grabbed their attention and finally decide upon the one that interests them the most.

What Iกm saying is that here is the place for you to insert that magic word กguaranteedก or some other such word or phrase. So now, weกve got an ad that reads: MAKE BIG MONEY! Easy & Simple. Guaranteed!

Now the reader is turned on, and in their mind, can’t lose. You’re ready to ask for their money. This is the กdemand for actionก part of your ad. This is the part where you want to use such words as:

Limited offer Act now! Write today! Only and/or just… Putting it all together, then your ad might read something like this: MAKE BIG MONEY! Easy & Simple. Guaranteed! Limited offer. Send $l to:

These are the ingredients of any good solo ad Attention Interest Desire Action… Without these four ingredients skillfully integrated into your ad, chances are your ad will just กlie thereก and not do anything but cost you money. What i have just shown you is a basic solo ad. Although such an ad could be placed in any leading publication and would pull a good response, itกs known as a กblind adก and would pull inquiries and responses from a whole spectrum of people reading the publication in which it appeared. In other words, from as many ‘timewastersก as from bona fide buyers.

To give you an example of the kind of solo ad you might want to use, say to sell a report such as this one… Using all the rules of basic advertising copywriting, and stating exactly what our product is, our ad reads thusly:

MONEYMAKERกS SECRETS! How To Write winning solo ads. Simple & easy to learn should double or triple your responses. Rush $1 to BC Sales, 10 Main Anytown, va 75001.

The point i am making is that:

Youกve got to grab the readerกs attention…

Youกve got to กinterest themก with something that appeals to them…

Youกve got to กfurther stimulateก him with something (catchphrase) that makes them กdesireก the product or service…

Demand that he act immediately…

Thereกs no point in being tricky or clever. Just adhere to the basics and your profits will increase accordingly. One of the best ways of learning to write good solo ads is to study the other solo ads out there try to figure out exactly what they’re attempting to sell and then practice rewriting them according to the rules Iกve just given you. Whenever you sit down to write a solo ad, always write it all out write down everything you want to say and then go back over it, crossing out words, and refining your phraseology.

Generally speaking, readers respond more often to solo ads that include a name than to those showing just initials or an address only. However, because advertising costs are based upon the number of words, or the amount of space your solo ad uses, the use of some names in solo ads could become quite expensive. If i were to ask our ad respondents to write to or send their money to The Research Writers & Publishers Association, or to Book Business Mart, or even to Money Makerกs Opportunity Digest, my advertising costs would be prohibitive. Thus we shorten our name Researchers or MoneyMakers. The point here is to think relative to the placement costs of your solo ad, and to shorten excessively long names.

The important thing is to know the rules of profitable solo ad writing, and to follow them. Hold your costs in line. once your solo ad is written, now is the time to use it wisely know the basics…grab their attention… the rest is up to you.

About The Author

Steven Boaze (Chairman) is The Owner of The Corporate Headquarters Boaze.com Which houses and controls four companies (Web Development Technology www.webdevelopmenttechnology.com) (Boaze Publishing www.boazepublishing.biz) (Business Marketing Guide www.businessmarketingguide.com) (Ezine Remedy www.ezineremedy.com). Steven is also the author of กHidden Secrets To Business Marketingก Ebook along with numerous articles on Marketing and Advertising published by Boaze Publishing. Copyright © 19982003 Boaze.com


This article was posted on December 23, 2003

by Steven Boaze

1 Seldom Discussed Method Of Web Promotion

1 Seldom Discussed Method Of Web Promotion

by: Mark Terry

So youกve made the perfect web site (in your eyes at least) and that allimportant traffic is out there just waiting to visit you. Youกve done your research and followed the usual methods for making people aware about it, and you’re now sat there twiddling your thumbs, regularly checking your traffic analysis tracker in case you get a sudden surge of visitors. Of course, unless you’re a big business with a mass of promotion behind you, those days of overwhelming traffic are quite a way off. So while you wait for your search engine submissions to reap their reward is there anything else you can do to help yourself?

Simple answer. Yes there is and itกs a method that isn’t discussed much. What is it Iกm talking about?

Forums. No don’t run away just yet. Not only will you develop a small amount of traffic in the first few days of launch (a couple of hundred visits easy) but youกll gain a lot of invaluable feedback about your site that can allow you to make changes before the search engines kick in. What could be better than free reviews?

First things first. If you’re unfamiliar with forums they can best be described as the communal discussion area of a web site. If youกve never used one before don’t be afraid they’re not as scary as they seem. Go have a look at a few to see for yourself, read some of the topics and look at the messages people have posted. Nobody is going to jump out at you and ask what you’re doing there. Honest.

Right, now that you’re confident you can post a message on a forum, you should be aware that you can’t and shouldn’t post a message about your wonderful new web site on every forum you come across. If youกve had a look like I suggested youกll notice that most forums are split into sections that cover different areas related to that particular web site. Therefore, if you want to tell people about your site you need to look for forums that will accept this sort of entry.

It isn’t hard to think about where these magical forums might be. Youกll want to look at computer magazine sites, webmaster sites, web review sites, thatกs just for starters, Iกm sure youกll come across more once you get going. The process is then simple; find one of these sites, have a look to see if they run a forum, then check the forum to see if they have a section that allows for your site to be submitted for review by other members.

If you’re new to this then keep things simple with just a simple post at first. Just ask people to look at your site and give you some feedback. The best things to remember with forums are to be polite and friendly in your posts. Most people will usually have something positive to say about your web site despite all the criticisms they may also give. Even if you get lots of praise youกll often be surprised at the smallest tips that you get that can make your site look that little bit more professional looking. Once youกve done a couple of forums and noted the general response, use your different forums to be more specific. Ask about your navigation, ask about the content, ask about the colours, or whatever else may be bugging you.

Some forums ask that you look first at one or two other members sites and give some feedback of your own before asking for yours to be looked at. This can help you in that it may show you how to critique your own site by looking at whatกs wrong with someone elseกs. Also if you do need to give some feedback look at the list of posts and pick someone whose reply count is low or nonexistent. Theyกll be pleased that youกve responded and may pay you the same compliment by looking at yours.

This brings me to another point regarding the reply/view count. Most people who go to the forums (especially newbies) are more likely to look first at the posts that have a decent reply and/or view count. Itกs a psychological thing, the post looks popular so you want to see whatกs so interesting. With some forums you can use this to your advantage (just don’t abuse it). Be aware of the forums that show an increase in the reply/view count everytime someone (including you) adds a message. If you find one make sure you visit your post to respond to anybodyกs comments and add a message to keep the count going. Itกs a bit sneaky I know but like I said don’t abuse it and youกll gain a slight advantage for getting people looking at your site.

Now don’t expect thousands of visitors from the method detailed in this article (unless your site is so good that everybody starts talking about it) but for every person that responds to your request for feedback youกll get loads more that just visit your site who for whatever reason don’t reply. At the end of the day itกs all about getting the ball rolling and anything you can do to proactively promote your web site has to be considered. So best foot forward and get exploring all those forums.

About The Author

Mark Terry is the webmaster of WorkTheSystem. This site provides a series of simple guides that show the different methods of making some extra money on the internet.


This article was posted on September 12, 2002

by Mark Terry

How to Write Your Way to More Quilting Business

How to Write Your Way to More Quilting Business

by: Chuck Smith

So, youกve opened up your quilting business?

You’re in a good location, provide a superior product and offer compelling prices. Yet, somehow, youกd like to see more people frequenting your quilt shop or signing up for your quilting classes, taking advantage or your machine quilting services, or purchasing your quilts.

One way to achieve your quilting business goals is to write articles.

If youกve never fancied yourself as much of a writer, don’t worry. If youกve got news, thereกs a good chance that someone will want to read it, and therefore, your local paper will want to publish it.

The obvious question is: กHow do I get started?ก Well, itกs a lot easier than you may think. First of all, you need to have a newsy and interesting angle to your potential story the kind of thing editors will be glad to publish.

Are you a brand new quilting business, perhaps the first in town?

Do you provide special workshops on quilt making?

Have you expanded your quilting product or service offerings?

Have you contributed qulits to a noteworthy cause?

Do you use unusual fabrics to make your quilts?

Does your machine quilting business offer special services?

Have you ever sold a quilt to a celebrity?

If you can answer กYes!ก to any or all of these questions, then you can potentially write an article that would be of interest to an editor at one of your local papers.

There are two ways you can go about writing an article for your quilting business. The first option is if you write the article and then ask the editors at your local papers whether or not they would be interested in publishing it. The second option would be to first contact local editors and ask if they would be interested in your article if you write it.

Option two is the better of the options because you can determine if thereกs interest before spending your time writing the article. And, because many local papers are understaffed (and underpaid), they will welcome having some great local news written for them.

You most likely will not be paid for your efforts, but that isn’t as important as getting publicity that will prompt people to visit your quilt shop, call you for machine quilting services, or get people to buy your quilts.

But what if writing isn’t your forte? If this is the case, you have a few options. First, you could ask someone to write the article for you. Many journalism students, for instance, would be happy to add another article to their portfolio. And they might be willing to accept a letter of recommendation over payment.

Second, you could simply call the editor and explain why he or she should assign a writer to do a story about your quilting business. If you’re pitch entices the editor, you just may be featured in an upcoming edition of the paper.

An article in your local paper can certainly generate more traffic and sales for your quilting business. Youกve simply got to make sure you provide an interesting story that the editor of your local paper will want to share with his readers.

About The Author

Chuck Smith is the owner of www.QuiltingBusiness.com, the webกs only site dedicated to helping you make money with your quilting. Visit www.QuiltingBusiness.com today to sign up for the FREE email minicourse: ก7 Unique Ways to Make Money with Your Quilting.ก

This article was posted on December 16, 2004

by Chuck Smith

Captive Marketing What Will They Think of Next?

Captive Marketing What Will They Think of Next?

by: David Badurina

Every once in awhile a light bulb goes off in someoneกs head and a new marketing concept is born. One of the more recent กopportunisticก marketing methods is marketing to you when you have no choice.

Imagine yourself in a very small metal room with 10 other people. The doors close and you have no way of escaping this room for a minute or two. While locked in with these strangers you are exposed to various commercials for different products appearing on a video screen right in front of you. The doors finally open, and you are allowed to leave.

Sound like a nightmare (or Marketing Executiveกs dream, perhaps)? Well, itกs actually reality; itกs your experience if you use an elevator in any one of a few hundred buildings across the United States.

Captivate Network has installed over 3,000 flatpanel video monitors in elevators across the country. Business professionals use these elevators every day and while in that big metal box with nothing to do, a video screen flashes to life and sales pitches fill the room. After all, what are they going to do? Haul up 60 flights of stairs? Likely not.

This mix of กmarketing through a necessityก isn’t restricted to affluent businesspeople inside of office towers, however. The television network Comedy Central has placed over 500 advertisements in bar bathrooms in order to promote one of their new shows. Talk about a captive audience! When nature calls, advertisers listen …

Advertising above urinals might be a rare occurrence, but the trend of advertising and transportation is becoming more evident and technology is playing an everincreasing role. If youกve ever been on a subway or seen a bus, youกve no doubt seen a billboard as well. Cars are often plastered with graphics for any given local company or even a simple bumper sticker with a website. And now, in over 400 taxicabs in New York City, the passengers are treated to a video monitor as the meter runs and they are transported to their destination.

Does the concept of captive marketing frustrate you almost as much as sinking a little white golfball into a tiny hole 400 yards away? Then you should avoid the nearly 25,000 golf carts across the United States outfitted with video monitors touting all sorts of products to help increase your frustration and mock your futility ENHANCE your game.

So how do you escape all of this advertising if you just can’t take it? Next time you’re golfing, just walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride a bike instead of taking a cab.

And if you’re in a bar at 1:00AM and youกve got to go?

Well, they pretty much got you on that one!

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David Badurina is President of http://www.ViralMarketingTool.com and the creator of VMT Viral Marketing Software. VMT is being used by more than 20,000 people in over 160 countries and is the premier RelationshipBuilding Viral Marketing Tool available online.

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This article was posted on March 19

by David Badurina

If You Do Nothing, Youกll Get The Same Results N

If You Do Nothing, Youกll Get The Same Results NOTHING!

by: Denise Hall

We, as Internet marketers, must learn various strategies for getting visitors to our websites and making sales. After all, thatกs the object of this game, right?

Time after time, youกve probably read that writing articles will bring traffic to your site.

Time after time, youกve probably heard that doing Joint Ventures with other marketers will make you more profits.

Time after time, youกve probably been told that the กmoney is in the listก so you must build a bigger list.

Time after… well, I think you get my point. Youกve *repeatedly* learned the tried, true and proven methods used by the topearners.

But do you *use* what youกve learned? Do you *really* take action or do you sit around and say to yourself, ‘thatกs a great idea! Iกll have to try it!ก but then you never quite get around to it?

Uhhuh, thatกs what I thought. Itกs too easy to put it off for another day. Itกs so simple to think up a plan, then never put that plan into effect.

Do you think the sixfigureincome earners work that way? No, they act on their ideas and plans. How do you think they *earn* those six figures? Not by sitting around thinking about it, thatกs for sure.

Maybe you think youกll get lucky someday and things will กjust happen.ก Suddenly lots of money will fall into your lap. Your website will be flooded with buyers, not just browsers. Right?

Wake up and smell the coffee! You have to *make* it happen!

Thatกs right, Iกm telling you to get up off of your duff! Iกm telling you to implement what youกve been taught, use your noggin and come up with a plan. Then put that plan into action because…

…if you do nothing, youกll get the same results NOTHING!

Catchy little phrase, isn’t it? Thanks, I coined it myself. :~) And itกs true.

While some who call themselves Internet marketers are spinning their wheels hoping to กstrike it richก someday, those who really want to กmake things happenก will find a way.

I, for one, am a gogetter. Iกve learned that when I really want something from life, I have to set a goal, then find a way to reach that goal. Otherwise, nothing happens. What else could I possibly expect?

If you want more traffic to your website and more profits in your pocket, กjust do it!ก as Nike would say. But since I like 1980กs movies, I prefer to quote Irene Cara in the themesong from Flashdance ‘take your passion and make it happen!ก

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Denise Hall is the owner of HomeBusinessonaBudget.com, specializing in free and lowcost tools and resources for all your home business needs. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter for informative articles, resources and fun.


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This article was posted on October 26, 2004

by Denise Hall